May I mop under your feet principal?<3

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Hishschool life...

The age of stepping into the most exciting part of your life, choosing your path and these stuffs my -God bless him- dad told me when I was a brat. I wish I had some brain in my skull and studied a bit harder to at least get accepted as a secretary.

Or if I had listen to my dad, I didn't have to live with a poor man who at last died because of cancer.

I spent my whole saving for his medicines.

But life is like this.

Well, well...let's think to the present time...

I'm working in a highschool...

A teacher? Nope.

The director? Nope.

The principal? Are you crazy?!

I'm...something more important~

I keep the whole building clean, serve tea...

I'm the only who can visit the principal whenever I want!

I'm only one who can beat a brat who throws his god damned trash on the floor!

Oh...talking of the principal...his wife has left him...poor depressed man.

I do anything to cheer him up...That's why he's never alone.

Even in restroom.Because...I've to clean it, right?

I spend wonderful days with him, his office and talking about how miserable he is. He's too silent...Often twitching and nervous if I don't have anything else to do....what a shy guy! He never wants to be a bother to me...


Maybe....Maybe he's fallen in love?...

Ohohohoho...I shouldn't disappoint him...



So everything's clear I guess...This woman in stalking the principal everywhere and who can fire such a lonely girl?
See? Not only students fall in love in highschool!

500 characters limit~
Pm me to join~
Have fun~

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