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"To those of you who are sick of their lives, of their family, of their situation, of the crap you deal with everyday. I sympathise. I know how you feel, but theres a very large difference between you people, and I. While you live everyday of your life, unhappy, in a place you dont belong or deserve. I got out.
and I Never Looked Back"

She was looking for home.

No one really knows where it is but, Josaline was sick of those days when she felt terrible, and just wanted to curl up and cry. You remember when you were a kid? and you were really upset about somthing or another? You'd cry and cry saying "i want to go home" even though you were sitting on your bed in your room?

Home, that place, that place that in the back of our soul we know where supposed to be. Thats what Josaline was looking for. and she was going to find it.

Josaline Mandrake, is a 17 year old girl, who was sick of her life. Nothing worth staying around for. So she didnt. With a bag of simple necessities over her shoulder she boarded a buss to a new town, she didnt know what, or where, or if she would even like it there. But, if she didnt she could just get on another bus. GO to another place. Never look back.

Now in a new town, with new people, Josaline finds more people like her. Displeased with their lives with their situations. and she offers them one option.
"Come with me, Never look back"
And they do. A group is formed, a brigade, Runaways, Drifters, Loners, come one come all.

Lit-to semi lit = PARAGRAPH POSTS if you please
Real pics
Romance, Violence, Drama = Encouraged
Cyber, Godmodding, bad grammer = Discouraged
Well, thos are all the rules i have for now. Join up peeps! this could be fun!

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Come on! No one finds this to be a good idea? JOIN!
  Josaline Mandrake / torinchan / 10y 70d 2h 19m 54s
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Josaline stepped out of the train station, a smile graced her face and she tightend the grip on the shoulder strap of her messenger bag. Her skullcandy headphones filtered in Crazyloop by...oh who ever remembers his name anyway? Taking a deep breath she let out a long soft sigh, the air smelled like late spring, still bloomeing flowers, lawn mower shaveings, and the very feint scent of chlorine from a nearby public pool. She looked at the map she'd gotten in the station and tilted her head to the side. "Wakegan Illinoise huh? interesting" she mummbled and pocketed the map happily pulling her hair out of her face she started walking, not sure where she was going, but she was going somewhere, the town had a nice feel to it but she wasnt sure if she wanted to stay here long. she'd been hoppeing train after train to town after town trying to find home.

Walking down the road Josaline stared up at the sky, seeing the skyline of Chicago in the distance she wondered if somewhere busy and exciteing would be her home. Maybe. she kept walking, turning a random corner simply because she felt like turning she kept on wondering what would happen in this town.
  Josaline Mandrake / torinchan / 10y 75d 10h 1m 53s

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