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Sophie sighed and nodded. There had to be a reason behind the treats even if Grant wasn’t responsible. It actually reassured her to her that Marilyn believed it wasn’t her loves doing. It made better sense that way. It could have been the King of Severijain who had sent the treats to make sure his son was given a chance to wed Marilyn. Sophie let her thoughts wander for a moment before returning to enjoying their tea. She giggled softly for a second. “Oh, I’ve also been learning sword fighting, combat, and archery. Not very lady like, I know.” She tri


The king chuckled at the boys. He could read the slight agitation Zander had with Grant. The king turned his attention back to the thick foliage. He scanned the area. Quickly the king found a suitable target, a large buck. The King drew an arrow and fired. It missed by a foot, alerting the deer to their presence. It took off at full speed. Grant urged his horse into a gallop after the buck. If this deer was to be the prize of the hunting trip then it would be a chase to make sure they brought it back.
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Marilyn was extremely grateful that Sophie was willing to try to accept Grant. She hoped that once Sophie began to, then Zander would as well. As long as the hunting trip went well, and no fights break out between the two princes then Marilyn hoped everything would be fine. She knew that if the hunting trip went wrong, Zander and Grant could become enemies. Marilyn didn't want that, because then she would have a duty to Grant and Sophie would be in the same position, breaking the two girls apart.

Marilyn froze at Sophie's question about the threats of war. She didn't know how to answer at first, but she gathered herself and said, "I don't think that was completely Grant's doing. He didn't know Lirakin for what it really was yet." Marilyn looked slightly nervous, "Grant really is quite sweet. I promise."


Zander listened to Grant speak about how green it was. Small talk... Zander had never been fond of small talk. He considered it almost petty. He didn't wish to be rude, so he kept his opinion to himself. Zander was good at being in nature, he loved it the most. He remembered playing with Will in the woods when they were little. He listened to the sounds of the forest as he waited for the king to make the first shot.
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Sophie bowed her head in shame. “I know he probably is Marilyn and I’m trying my best not to be scared but… I’ve always been a bit unsettled by Severijan. With everything that has gone on for us in Cadeweth, I’ve just been on edge.” She looked up and smiled at her friend. “I will try my best. I’m so happy for you.” Sophie sipped her tea, surprised that it was her favorite flavor.

Sophie set her tea cup down. Her facial expression held mild confusion. “Marilyn, if…if Grant is really that sweet as you say, then…then what was with the threats of war? It just doesn’t make sense to me.” The girl admitted. As much as she wanted to be happy for her friend and believe that the prince was kind but she didn’t want Marilyn to run the risk of being tricked.


Grant nodded his thanks to Zander. “You’re quite skilled yourself. We should have a great bounty to bring home in no time with our combined skills.” Grant let out a hearty laugh. His amber eyes seemed bright as if he was in his element. He pulled his horse to the edge to the path. Grant nudges the horse forward and he races off and over a fallen log that was practically on the path. Grant laughs again waiting for the king and Zander to catch up. “Lirakin’s beautiful; so much greener than Severijain.” The fresh air was doing him good. Grant was alert to all sounds too, as he waited for the hunt to begin.
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Marilyn looked beyond excited to hear how happy Sophie was happy with Zander. He sounded so brave, and she could tell that Zander and Sophie were completely in love. She looked around for a minute before telling about Grant. "He's amazing," Marilyn began. "He's so kind and so sweet, despite his scary appearance. Honestly, I was worried that you would reject him because he's kind of scary. He's really very nice and kind, I promise. He wants you to like him, and he's doing his best not to frighten you or Zander," she told Sophie.

"I know he probably seems cold-hearted or uncaring, but he's not and I... I love him a lot. I was so happy to find out how kind he is. I hope Zander finds that out on their hunt, he seems suspicious of Grant," Marilyn told her friend. She hoped what she said about Zander at the end didn't offend Sophie, she was just trying to be honest.


Zander felt a slight competitive air from Grant and smirked slightly. He had been feeling slightly competitive towards the other male as well. Zander was glad to see that Grant wasn't trying to be rude or snobby around him. When the King took off Zander followed, pulling up beside Grant. He didn't know if he should say anything, so he offered a compliment. "You seem like a very skilled warrior," Zander said, sincerity in his tone.
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Sophie jumped to her feet so she could give her friend a hug. “Marilyn, I can’t wait to tell you but shouldn’t we wait for Mom?” She guided her friend to sit down next to her. The former lady-in-waiting couldn’t stop smiling. “I don’t know where to start,” admitted Sophie with a blush. The queen came in and took her seat as Sophie’s mother began pouring the tea and serving the treats. Sophie took a deep breath and began to tell here story.

“I was so nervous too meet him and with everything else I didn’t know what to do. It was a lovely time and I could already tell that he was kind and had a good heart. But then I got so worried that I sort of revealed that I wasn’t the princess. Zander didn’t care. He wanted to help Lirakin and get to know me better…” Sophie continued to tell her story of her time in Cadeweth. When she finished Sophie let out a sigh, happy she could share her stories with those closest to her that she had missed dearly. “So Marilyn…It’s your turn. Tell us about Grant?”


Grant smirked as Zander repeated the arrow splitting accuracy tricks. It brought out Grant’s competitive side and reminded him of all times his two older brothers had competed and won their father’s approval. He knew it wasn’t a competition with Zander and that they would someday be brother-in-laws but he could help it. The King mounted his large bay stallion. “Come now, we have quite the ride to the hunting grounds. Let’s hope we bring home enough for a feast,” chimed the king. They rode of towards a distant forest. The King was already impressed by the princes but he still wanted to see if they could be protectors and providers for his daughters.
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Zander looked relatively impressed as he saw Grant's skills. He didn't applaud like the king did, but only because he was busy choosing a horse. It made him miss Frost only slightly. The horses Zander was looking at were much tamer than Frost, though frost was a stallion and most stallions were noted for being a bit wild.

The elf prince picked a buckskin and mounted gracefully as he heard Grant mention his skills. The prince didn't know what to say, he didn't want to come off as rude but he knew what Grant said was true. He offered only a smile. He started his horse, drawing his bow. He raced by one of the targets and fired, completing the same task that Grant had.


Marilyn was excited for tea with Sophie, it had been so long since they had gotten to spend time together and she missed her best friend. She was so excited to here all about Prince Zander and Cadeweth. Plus she wanted to tell Sophie how great Prince Grant was. She had been extremely nervous since she didn't know him, and his appearance was slightly shocking but Marilyn had gotten to know him for the kind man he was. She was worried Sophie didn't like him though.

When it was time she made her way to the tea parlor and found Sophie. "Sophie," she said excitedly, quickly going over to the other girl. She hugged Sophie, a smile lighting on her face. "You have to tell me all about Prince Zander. I want to hear everything. And I'll tell you all about Grant."
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Sophie shook of her embarrassment to give Zander another kiss. She wasn’t sure what he said exactly; she only knew how to read elfish not speak it, but the emotion Zander put behind his was clear. Sophie waved and watched him leave before heading into the Tea parlor. She watched her mom setting up the table and sighed. “Honey, what’s wrong?”

Sophie shook her head. “I just can’t stand that you and dad have to act like servants around me. It doesn’t feel right.” The mother smiled at her daughter. “I know but that’s the way things have to be now. But don’t worry with Grant out of the castle there is nothing to hide. I’ll go fetch the Queen and Marilyn then the four of us shall enjoy some tea.” Sophie smiled and nodded taking her seat at the table.


Meanwhile, the King stood waiting for Zander as Grant got in some target practice and got use to his mount. When the King saw Zander approaching he walked up to meet him. “Zander, glad you could join us. I had some of our best horses brought out. Take all the time you need to find the most suitable mount.” He turned his attention away as Grant raced by.

Severijan’s prince took aim at a target and shot three arrows consecutively. Each hit the center of the target, splitting the last arrow before. The King applauded. “Grant, you never mentioned you had such skills.” The grey skinned young man slowed his horse down and guided it over to where the King and Zander. “Yes, well I often forget that others did not go through the same training I have. Father demanded perfection of our battle skills.” Grant seemed to stiffen as his mind drifted but he regained his composure and smiled. “I am sure Zander has amazing skills. I hear that Cadeweth’s warriors are revered in their skills.”
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"What kind of gentleman would I be if I didn't escort you to tea," he said. His hand pressed to her back as he guided her towards the tea parlor. "I find myself valuing the chance to get to know the king, you're father," he said. He really wanted to get a chance to know her real father, but he wouldn't ever tell her that. He didn't want to bring her sadness, in any form.

"I've heard of Lirakin's games," Zander told her. "They have a reputation in Cadeweth. My fathers predecessor, my grandfather, was not fond of the games. My father however, enjoys them quite a bit. They sound quite entertaining."

Zander smiled at Sophie's reaction to her mother. He kissed her gently. "I'll come back to you," he promised, but he said it in elvish. He squeezed her hand before turning to find the King and Prince Grant.
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Sophie beamed and nodded. “That would be lovely. So, are you escorting me to tea or would you like me to be there to send you off on your hunt. The king wishes to see your skills along with getting to know you. Going on a hunt is an important bonding ritual among father’s and future sons in Lirakin, especially among the nobles. Don’t worry about not catching anything. ‘Father’ is a terrible shot at least when it comes to hunting. If it was a stationary target or moving towards him, he could probably do it. It doesn’t keep him from entering the games each summer, though.”

Sophie giggled. The games were an exclusive tournament held at the castle each summer. Nobility from across the kingdom came to watch and the guards and noble men competed in a friendly completion of jousting, sword fighting and jousting. Sophie enjoyed watching the competition as eligible nobles trying to catch the eye of Marilyn. For a moment the princess wondered how Zander and Grant would react to the completion. Sophie shook of her thoughts to flash Zander another smile.

The couple was drawing closer to tea parlor. Sophie turned to Zander. “Don’t worry. I will be fine here with Marilyn. Go enjoy yourself and stay safe. I’ll be waiting for you by the time you get back.” Sophie squeezed Zander’s hand and gave him a kiss. “You two are simply adorable.” The girl turned and blushed, seeing her mother standing there. The neko woman smiled. “I’m just checking on the preparations for tea. Don’t mind me.” Sophie’s mother smirked at them before going into the parlor.
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Zander smiled at her, "I suppose you're right. You are so amazing Sophie." He stated into her eyes before kissing her. He watched Fern with a smile and the leaf fox bounced around. He stroked the small animals head, "I can already feel his good mood rubbing off on me."

The prince looked up at Sophie. "Would you like to go for a walk with me when you are done with tea?" he asked. "I think it's be nice to take another walk through the gardens." He kissed her forehead. He did want to take a walk with her, but he had another motive here.

When it was time for them to leave he slipped his jacket back on, buttoning it up. He felt the small box he had put in the pocket while she was changing press against his abdomen. He smiled slightly and went out the door with her.
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Sophie cracked a smile and nodded while blushing. “That is where we will be so you might find me there when you return from the hunt. Try to get to know Grant. It might ease your mind. I know you wonder if he is one of the threats from the warning and the sooner we find out if he is, the sooner we can all relax.” Sophie watched his eyes before giving Zander a kiss. “We are here for vacation. I’m sure Will and his lieutenants can handle themselves in Cadeweth so there is nothing for you to worry about. The ball will be here and over before we know it so let’s just enjoy our time.” Sophie stroked his cheek and flashed him a loving smile.

Meanwhile, the door to Sophie’s room cracked open and out ran Fern dragging Sophie’s wet shoe. The mint green fox dropped the shoe and ran over to the couple before climbing up on the sofa beside them. Fern barked tilting the oversize ears to the side. The Leaf Fox kit persuaded to jump on Sophie’s lap and lay between the couple. Sophie laughed and stroked the soft fur of her pet. “See Zander, even Fern is enjoying himself.”
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Zander did his best to help keep her warm as they went back to the castle. He let Sophie talk to the servants, staying quiet himself. He took her into the castle and into their suite. Zandet sat on the couch as she was changing, "You're not wrong, when you say I'm distracted. But it really isn't anything you should worry about my love. I just have a lot on my mind is all." He didn't want to bring up his worries, not yet at least.

He turned and looked when she came out, in a new dress. He smiled, "You're beautiful," he said as watched her come towards him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her onto his lap. "Where are you going to have tea with Marilyn?" he asked. "In that tea parlor you showed me earlier?" He was trying to keep himself distracted from the odd boy's riddle.
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Sophie stared at Zander with utter shock. She pulled the coat closer around her. “I’m fine…I just…slipped and fell.” Sophie brushed her hair over her cheek so he couldn’t see the red spot where she had been slapped. She didn’t want Veronica to get in trouble. In fact she was glad he didn’t see what had happened. Then again, having him not notice what actually happened was disconcerting as well. “It’s not your fault. I just had a clumsy moment. I’m fine I promise.” The neko girl cracked a smile though her cheek still stung a bit.

Sophie nodded and rose to her feet. They walked back to the castle. The princess shivered a bit as the cold from being wet started to bug her. Every servant they passed offered their help and voiced their concern. Sophie politely refused the aid and waved of the concern by reassuring she was fine. Finally they arrived at their suite. Sophie gave Zander a kiss. “You seem to be distracted lately, Zander. Do you want to talk about it?” she asked as she closed the door of her room leaving Zander in the common area. Sophie wrestled out of her wet dress and slipped into a light and airy dress that would be perfect for tea.

She exited and took a seat on the couch. She was still shaken up but was calming down. Sophie smiled at Zander. “We still have some time before you go on your hunt so let’s just relax.”
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Zander smiled when Sophie saw her friend. He wanted her to get to spend time with the people she had moved away from. He stayed where he was when Sophie went to talk to the maid and narrowed his eyes. He got worried that she wouldn't want to come back to Cadeweth with him when it was their time to leave. He would never force her to come with him, but it would break his heart if she chose to stay here. He thought about the message the strange boy had given him... could that be the riddle? Zander just couldn't keep this off his mind.

He was so distracted in his thoughts until he saw Sophie fall into the pond. His eyes widened and he didn't know what had happened. He ran over, the water not phasing him in the slightest as he helped her to her feet. "Are you okay?" he asked, helping her out of the water.

He had wrapped his dry coat around her and was sitting down near the pond, trying to talk to her before going inside to change. "I apologize, I was not even watching. What happened?" he said, shame showed on his face. He had let himself get distracted with all that was on his mind, something that almost never happened. "Let's go inside and get you out of that dress and into something dry," he spoke.
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Sophie smiled at Zander turning to face him when he took her hands. She blushed deeply. She felt like she was dreaming; standing in her favorite place in the world with the man she loved telling her how much he loved her. Sophie returned the kiss and pulled away beaming. Her maroon eyes lovingly rest on Zander’s face as she admired how handsome he was along with how strong and kind. “I love you too, silly.” She giggled as she tapped him on the nose. Every time he complemented her it made her feel embarrassed but happy enough to burst.

Sophie kneelt down by the pond and reached out to gently touch the petals of the closest lily. It bent down, opening up the pink white flower more. She hummed a little tune. Sophie scanned the view before turning towards the sound of rushed footsteps. It was a maid who stopped a couple yards off. Sophie smiled rising to her feet. “Veronica, it’s great to see you. How have you been?” She walked over to the maid that seemed a bit angry.

Instead of politely greeting the princess the maid slapped her sharply across the check. Sophie stumbled back a step in, her hand instinctively reaching for the red spot on her sore cheek. “How dare you come back here! You think you can come back and boss us around! You think you’re so much better than the rest of us now. Don’t forget you were one of us. A nobody!” Veronica yelled as she pushed Sophie into the pond. Sophie yelped landing in the cold water. She sat there staring at Veronica in disbelief. The anger in the maid’s eyes blinked out into shock, shame and fear. She took a couple steps back watching Zander and Sophie. Veronica turned and ran off as quickly as she could. Sophie turned her attention down to her sopping wet dress and shivered for a second before attempting to rise to her feet. She didn’t say a word. Her mind replayed the last minute over and over. The neko girl never would have expected that from the other and now she was at a loss of words.
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