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* stops cold in my stops jest looking at you *

zane: you get the blood
  shadow-storm / 4y 221d 2h 39m 31s
"Ah, ah, ahh!" Sinner said the snaps his fingers and white light surrounds Zake. "Number 100, Cockatrice Petrification." Sinner opened his eyes and stared right into Zake's thus petrifying him.
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 221d 2h 40m 45s
* I look at you and * brakes free from your seal* I'll kill you
  shadow-storm / 4y 221d 2h 42m 19s
"Shame, I have to actually cut open a demon. Oh well. Here's a little something I've been working on. Number 106: Hell's Gate!" Sinner's Masamune appears and then slices Zake open and blood comes out as it dirties the blade with it.
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 221d 2h 43m 43s
I'll never give you my blood you can for get it * try to fight it
  shadow-storm / 4y 221d 2h 46m 39s
"Oh a little something that makes your power absolutely rendered to zero, plus I had time to analyze everything about you Zake, so either you co operate with me, or I will literally cut you open and take the blood from you."
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 221d 2h 48m 13s
* is not Abel to move* what the he'll did you do to me
  shadow-storm / 4y 221d 2h 49m 22s
Sinner stepped to the side "Seal, Number 104, Heaven's light."
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 221d 2h 50m 29s
What the he'll it's you again * he throes a Iice sick at you
  shadow-storm / 4y 221d 2h 51m 27s
Sinner walks out in his released state "oh my, I'm afraid he's not here."
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 221d 2h 52m 21s
Zake: I need to tell you something ply show you sealf
  shadow-storm / 4y 221d 2h 53m 43s
"I'm everywhere my dear Zake, everywhere." Sinner hissed in the darkness.
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 221d 2h 54m 27s
Zake: dad you here * turns around and looks around* where he go
  shadow-storm / 4y 221d 2h 55m 23s
"I'm messing with your brothers thoughts, the only way this would work is if you keep silent, please." Sinner says gently. "I'm a master at what I do."
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 221d 2h 56m 20s
Zane : he's never here jest get zake

zake: dad you here
  shadow-storm / 4y 221d 2h 57m 51s

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