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*cuts the wall down and walks through the hole as I step to my throne to take a seat*
  Kyoki / toxiczone / 4y 311d 18h 18m 23s
I'm ready to try out this new firm of mine it's been so long I have no idea want I can do in it
  shadow-storm / 4y 312d 3h 28m 15s
Shadow : * the mark gos away and she starts turning into her master for *
  shadow-storm / 4y 312d 3h 31m 30s
Sinner pulled out the vials and drew the same type of mark on her left ankle where the mark was and then pulled out the crystal. "Number 013 Ice Master Seal Release."
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 312d 16h 11m 56s
kyoki: *grins* yea by trying to kill you

*snaps as a sword stabs through his chest* calm down kyoki *stands up* so shadow do you want to fight kyoki in his demon release?
  Kyoki / Toxiczone / 4y 312d 16h 12m 1s
Shadow: OK I'm ready for it when ever you are I want to see my master form
  shadow-storm / 4y 312d 16h 15m 36s
"Yeah, forgive me, I had to use the petrification seal, it took a lot out of me, I will get to it in just a second."
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 312d 16h 17m 4s
Shadow: hi guys did you find out how to get read of the seal
  shadow-storm / 4y 312d 16h 19m 57s
*sits in his throne and yawns resting my head on the back of the throne*
  Kyoki / Toxiczone / 4y 312d 16h 20m 50s
Sinner nodded "well, here we go Zane." Sinner clenched his chest because of the Petrification's cost, nearly draining him. Sinner opened a portal to the human world and he walks out holding the portal open.
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 312d 16h 25m 3s
Shadow : I'll be back in the human world *I port back to the world
  shadow-storm / 4y 312d 16h 26m 39s
Sinner takes a moment before getting to his feet, he slowly takes his mask off and opens a portal into the Shadow Realm. "Shadow. It's time."
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 312d 16h 27m 28s
* I get the blood from zake* OK I got it let's get shadow
  shadow-storm / 4y 312d 16h 28m 39s
Holy mosses snorting cocaine with willy nelsson!!!
  Pappilon / Askredsamurai / 4y 312d 16h 28m 40s
Sinner pants and drops to his knee and holds up his blade and then shoves his hand deep into one of his pockets and tosses him a vial "I already did when I cut him open. There should be enough blood."
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 312d 16h 29m 23s

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