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"Sire, I won't kill you, but, I will have to stop you." Sinner puts on the mask and draws forth his blade.
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 228d 16h 11m 1s
kyoki: *he grins as he crouches down using a hand to support him a bit* I wont have any control so you better win *he said grinning with insanity as he slits his own throat with his thumb nail as the blood flows out and starts to form over his skin turning it black*
  Kyoki / toxiczone / 4y 228d 16h 13m 43s
"Sire, if we battle, I will only go so far, if it gets out of hand I will have to ask you to stop the spar." Sinner said materializing his mask.
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 228d 16h 19m 33s
*shadow skills and looks at him * let's do this sin we can win
  shadow-storm / 4y 228d 16h 21m 43s
"Shadow, again I have male genitals, I'm a guy, please stop calling me a her." He says laughing then looks up to his master "I have no idea what I am capable of now, as far as fusing goes, sire, I need to do my research, otherwise I would go into battle not knowing." Sinner slowly gets to his feet "I guess I have to try."
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 228d 16h 24m 45s
Sin you want to test are new powers as one * I look down at him
  shadow-storm / 4y 228d 16h 25m 50s
ah well what a drag

kyoki: god dammit fuse already or what ever I just want to kill! *grins wide* I want to see this form for myself!
  Kyoki / toxiczone / 4y 228d 16h 27m 7s
I can't fight with out sin she is apart of me now her powers are my powers we work as one now I'm sorry sin i did not want to tell you
  shadow-storm / 4y 228d 16h 28m 16s
ah I see *snaps and raises kyoki from hell* then you ready to have ur shadow fight kyoki?

ah I see sinner
  Kyoki / toxiczone / 4y 228d 16h 29m 51s
"What? Me?" Sinner looks down "I undid the seal to free you, you didn't tell me that I was-" He cut himself off and could start feeling the power grow exponentially inside of him.
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 228d 16h 30m 5s
I am your pet now sin you draw your powers off me now
  shadow-storm / 4y 228d 16h 33m 12s
"I have to bow to my master don't I? I am a little tired my liege, the Cockatrice Petrification took a lot out of me sire."
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 228d 16h 34m 11s
*shadow walks up be sued him* she now has her full power she was the one that broke the seal she get her full power unlocked
  shadow-storm / 4y 228d 16h 34m 46s
*looks to sinner* whats wrong with you? tired or something?
  Kyoki / toxiczone / 4y 228d 16h 39m 7s
Sinner drops to his knee "master, my task is complete."
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 228d 16h 40m 10s

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