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*poofs in smiling* Hey everyone, long time no see!
  gun [savvy] / karl-savvy / 4y 206d 20h 33m 4s
Hey guys.
Did you draw that Toxic? It's really cool.
  Thacia McAlester / KadenLaden / 4y 212d 19h 41m 37s
OK nice what's it about and can I use shadow and can I join
  Shadow master form / shadow-storm / 4y 212d 20h 15m 39s
yea same here i just decided to hop on cause i had a dream last night that would be a good rp so i put the info here before i forgot it
  Kyoki / Toxiczone / 4y 212d 23h 33m 39s
Nothing much you toxt * looks at him and smills* I'm jest borb
  Shadow master form / shadow-storm / 4y 212d 23h 54m 9s
*yawns walking in scratching head* yo people whats everyone up to?
  Toxic [Tired] / Toxiczone / 4y 213d 2h 18m 32s
K* I give you all my powers to you to end this battle * it's all you my master
  shadow-storm / 4y 226d 15h 12m 13s
"You think you're going to win, I must admit, it was an honor serving you, soon your soul will disintegrate into nothingness and memory of you will be thin. Its over. Number 102: Purgatory." Sinner said getting up and touching Kyoki's forehead. " lord." White light started to surround Kyoki.

  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 226d 15h 53m 1s
* I get up and I grab him with my mouth and bit down hard * sin if you die I die with you
  shadow-storm / 4y 228d 15h 29m 46s
*kyoki slams into the ground as the blood splatters out from the clawing then he grabs her wrists as he knees her gut not letting go of her wrists then tosses her into the air as he leaps at her and elbows her to the ground then lands on the ground as his tail regenerates from the blood leaking from it* fools *he said grinning as he reappears next to sinner grabbing his face and slamming it into the gorund holding him there as a light appears between his hand and sinners face* perish scum!
  Kyoki / toxiczone / 4y 228d 15h 31m 4s
Shadow: thank you for sharing every thing you know now I know every thing about him * I use my tail to slam him to the ground and starts clawing at him
  shadow-storm / 4y 228d 15h 43m 20s
"Number 109: White Light Prison." Sinner said using the attack to surround Kyoki in a veil of White Light. Then Sinner leaped into action mustering up all of his strength and cut Kyoki's tail off, then he grabbed the cut off tail and ingested the blood. "You have been analyzed, your attacks are now only mere sixteenth of what they use to be. Number 555: Divine Absolution. This seal is meant to stop your power completely."
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 228d 15h 46m 16s
Sin above me fast * I look down at him and give him more power
  shadow-storm / 4y 228d 15h 52m 18s
*after being fully transformed her couldn't help but grin his tail swaying as he vanished into thin air leaving nothing but crushed ground and a dust cloud only to reappear above the shadow throwing its fist down onto it*
  Kyoki / toxiczone / 4y 228d 15h 53m 4s
*sins blade starts to glow pink and purple b/c of my powers going throw him* I'm ready
  shadow-storm / 4y 228d 16h 19m 28s

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