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Ok my life is completely fucked up now. I just smoked a dubie with my dad
  | Christie | / Suicide / 4y 73d 26m 30s
I miss the days where we could chat with this, and we didn't need this fucking limit.
  | Sphyxi | / Suicide / 4y 75d 4h 7m 32s
Hi everyone! I'm not necessarily back, but I am here for today. if you want to keep in touch, PM me please <3 I miss quite a few of you here and I would love to talk again. ES just isn't a site I go on anymore really. Anyways, I hope some of you remember me! Take care~!
  gun [savvy] / karl-savvy / 4y 121d 6h 58m 32s
Hey everyone sorry I've been gone. I dont get on too much anymore.
  The Sexuals / LittleTacoNinja / 4y 130d 17h 32m 27s
Congrats, nothing much is going on with me, may be having fun every once in awhile, but it's boring here
  Jacksain H / Hal0 / 4y 141d 20h 32m 3s
I'm doing great actually! On my last year of High school, had amazing memories with family and friends, and got a boyfriend! ^u^ You?
  ILoveMeSomePussy / InsertEpicNameHere / 4y 142d 17h 41m 58s
Oh, hello epic. Long time no see. How'r you? '
  Ulrich / Hal0 / 4y 142d 19h 47m 42s
Oh my goodness! Hello~ It's been such a long time!
  ILoveMeSomePussy / InsertEpicNameHere / 4y 143d 44m 58s
Yep, they fixed the space thing, so i cant post one word anymore
  Ulrich / Hal0 / 4y 147d 20h 40m 26s
yo everybody hows everyone been? fucking limit bullshit
  Kyoki / Toxiczone / 4y 147d 21h 44m 21s
Hi guys what you guys up to I'm bord as hell* looks around
  Kiba human / shadow-storm / 4y 187d 5h 25m 25s
I have a really bad ebay addiction. Will anyone help me get out of it?
  Renekton / Suicide / 4y 247d 6h 34m 59s
got to love kids ill probl not be a dad but all will ill be single for ever maby
  ammy / shadow-storm / 4y 275d 4h 32m 5s
Bleh.... I am here! Just busy with rl and children... and ew
  {Nicknames} / Silverwood / 4y 275d 5h 50m 14s
Hello everyone. I've been pretty busy with work, that is why I haven't been on too often.
  Katarina Du Couteau / SenpaiOrAFK / 4y 282d 6h 22m 31s

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