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Wooo finally done with that bullshit now then what to do
  Toxic [Tired] / Toxiczone / 3y 138d 12h 31m 27s
Fuck it i read how to edit again. Now then fuck this time zone bullshit [b shoots up the 1970's]
  Toxic [Smoke] / Toxiczone / 3y 138d 12h 59m 2s
Son of a bitch i need to go through my charecters and get rid of hmmmm 2/3 of them
  Toxic [Smoke] / Toxiczone / 3y 138d 13h 58s
Fuck it imma just post in here dont feel like finding a new chat right now .... Fuck i forgot the thingys to make my thing go thing
  Toxic [Smoke] / Toxiczone / 3y 138d 13h 3m 12s
I miss everyone in this chat! Like for real! *Squee*
  Alp / Suicide / 3y 282d 5h 12m 18s
[Youtube] Funniest tour vid I've seen
  Zak / Askredsamurai / 3y 307d 14h 33m 42s
Yeah, i try with my brother on the computer, but lan doesn't work on jis computers for some reason
  Gin / Hal0 / 3y 307d 14h 35m 6s
Nice man I'd be playing Mc with my brother but it is having lan issues
  Toxic [Smoke] / Toxiczone / 3y 307d 14h 51m 56s
Hey, maste, i'm good. Not been on es much, and i'm building a survival map for me and my friends on mc pe.
  Gin / Hal0 / 3y 307d 15h 1m 19s
Yo everyone how's it been sry it's been so long hope everyone is doing good
  Toxic [Smoke] / Toxiczone / 3y 307d 15h 6m 24s
What about yourself? You've been alright, I presume?
  Gazing Into The Abyss / Anarchist_Zeta / 3y 353d 1h 45m 54s
Kinda bummed out, working too much as it is, but the OT is getting me out on my own, so close, but so far
  Gazing Into The Abyss / Anarchist_Zeta / 3y 353d 1h 52m 53s
Its been soooo fucking long man...I dont remember that much tbh haha

How you been?
  Fang&Ali :not giving you up: / Xchick / 3y 353d 1h 53m 43s
It's changed a lot, honestly, also hi, howzzit? Long time no see
  Gazing Into The Abyss / Anarchist_Zeta / 3y 353d 1h 55m 16s
This is so old guys. I actually just wanted to see how Es changed and omfg fuck.

Hia :3
  ice cream / Xchick / 3y 353d 2h 11m 38s

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