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Sinner nodded and then put his Reaver mask on and with a blink of an eye he was in the shadows "You look for your father, but, what if he's not here?"
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 313d 20h 57m 10s
OK he's all yours he jest turn right up there

zake: dad where are you
  shadow-storm / 4y 313d 20h 59m 26s
"I'm on my way." Sinner said then locked onto Zane's spiritual pressure and instantly teleported right beside him. "Alright where is he at?"
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 313d 21h 30s
Yes your the only one that can stop him from moving
  shadow-storm / 4y 313d 21h 2m 21s
"Do you need any assistance?" Sinner asked sliding the vial into a safe area in his bag.
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 313d 21h 3m 53s
Zane* I'm right be hind him he's in the demon world looking for me and his dad
  shadow-storm / 4y 313d 21h 11m 31s
"Likewise." Sinner said then he walked through a portal to turn around before it closed and gave a wave. Sinner pulled out the other bug to Zane. "Zane I have Zeek's blood and the crystal, where is your other brother located?"
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 313d 21h 13m 4s
Zake: *walks around the demon world* I wonder where dad is
  shadow-storm / 4y 313d 21h 13m 27s
Good luck with zake and I hop to see you and shadow againbe safe
  shadow-storm / 4y 313d 21h 15m 24s
"I understand, now I'm off to find Zak, I wish you well on your endeavors, may our paths cross again." He says accepting the crystal.
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 313d 21h 16m 32s
Here's your pice of crastel and tell shadow I send hi I can't leave here I got to gard this
  shadow-storm / 4y 313d 21h 20m 18s
"Thank you very much" he says putting the blood in the vial then heals the wound like it never even happened.
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 313d 21h 21m 15s
* I bit my self and I start bleeding* there you go sir
  shadow-storm / 4y 313d 21h 24m 42s
"Of course sir, a good observer never leaves without being prepared" He says pulling out a vial and take the stopper out.
  [OOC] / Sinner / 4y 313d 21h 25m 38s
You have a veil so you can put my blood in * I brake a pice off for you*
  shadow-storm / 4y 313d 21h 28m 0s

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