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1. No Drama
2. If you dont like me or anyone in this chat then get the fuck out
3. Cussing is fucking fine i mean holy god damn shit everyone cusses you damn bitches XD
4. Any pic is fine Anime, RL, Ecchi , Furry, Fairytale, anything
5. Drinking & Smoking are fine with me infact i support fellow Stoners/Drunkies just dont drive drunk

Words of wisdom

You are not the shit, you will never be the shit, i dont give a fuck if you are famous, you waste your time on this website you'll never be the shit, Get it, Got it, Good


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Roleplay Responses

[size10 Kleanza here I come ! Toxic get ready for a picture bomb.]
  Storage / Suicide / 1y 343d 5h 41m 27s
Toxic, I got a rp for you hehehe.....n.. No? Ok im not good at this, fuck
  Halo / Hal0 / 1y 344d 23h 11m 18s
[size10 That took me a whole minute to read... Lmao.]
  Storage / Suicide / 1y 345d 11h 27m 9s
[b yawns and wakes up stretching] morning everyone who decides to hop on today
  Morning Coffee / Toxiczone / 1y 356d 9h 40m 57s
[b finnished and sets crappy made wooden spoon down] wooo fun
  Toxic [Tired] / Toxiczone / 1y 356d 17h 54m 34s
[b picks up knife and a block of wood and starts carving into it]
  Toxic [Tired] / Toxiczone / 1y 356d 18h 9m 16s
Hm... What should i do .... [b stares at a knife on the ground] hm
  Toxic [Tired] / Toxiczone / 1y 356d 18h 13m 21s
[b walks back in] wooo so many options to pick from
  Toxic [Tired] / Toxiczone / 1y 356d 18h 21m 48s
Fuck it i guess i could go look for other roleplays to join since i aint doin anything here [b walks out to look at other roleplays]
  Toxic [Tired] / Toxiczone / 1y 356d 18h 27m 37s
Wooo finally done with that bullshit now then what to do
  Toxic [Tired] / Toxiczone / 1y 356d 18h 29m 4s
Fuck it i read how to edit again. Now then fuck this time zone bullshit [b shoots up the 1970's]
  Toxic [Smoke] / Toxiczone / 1y 356d 18h 56m 39s
Son of a bitch i need to go through my charecters and get rid of hmmmm 2/3 of them
  Toxic [Smoke] / Toxiczone / 1y 356d 18h 58m 35s
Fuck it imma just post in here dont feel like finding a new chat right now .... Fuck i forgot the thingys to make my thing go thing
  Toxic [Smoke] / Toxiczone / 1y 356d 19h 49s
I miss everyone in this chat! Like for real! *Squee*
  Alp / Suicide / 2y 135d 11h 9m 55s
[Youtube] Funniest tour vid I've seen
  Zak / Askredsamurai / 2y 160d 20h 31m 19s

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