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Shilo was heading for the door when it opened right in front of her. She let out a small gasp, as she stepped back. She took in the site of the man that was in front of her. He was young and say the least. She could see why the town thought this mansion was supposedly haunted. His eyes were yellow and between his hands and feet were more claw like, almost like an animals. He also had wings. This was new, she had never seen someone like this at all, this was something you only saw in the movies.

Shilo took another step backwards out of instinct. He had a bunch of boxes in his arms which she realized were medical supplies. He awkwardly started speaking and saying that they were for her. So, he saw her injuries. That creeped her out slightly, not that she showed that. In all honesty, she was terrified of what she saw in front of her but she knew she could not show him that, who knew what he was capable of. "Uh...thanks." She said, not knowing exactly what to say him, other then the millions of questions running through her mind at that very moment and time.

"Who....." She started to speak and then stopped for a minute and looked around the room awkwardly and then back to him. "What are you...exactly?" She asked, hoping that she didn't offend him, not knowing what he was capable of. She moved back as she watched him set the boxes down and waited until there was a little distance between them and him. She walked over and looked around in them until she found some disinfectant ointment and a gauze that she could wrap around her leg, it would be more effective then a band-aid. She also found some tweezers and went back to the bed and brought her injured leg up and started picking out the little pieces of wood that had gotten stuck in her wound when she fell through the step.

Shilo pulled her jean legging up so that she could apply the ointment and wrap the gauze around it. Once she finished she pulled the pant leg down and cleared her throat. "Thanks again...I should probably be going now..." She said, slowly. She wasn't sure what time it was but she was sure that it was probably way past her curfew her father had made her promise she would hold up to. Shilo still had an awful headache and when she stood up, she felt a little dizzy and swooned just a bit.
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After the female had successfully faceplanted into the bottom of his basement, Caleb swooped down the stairs. Tilting her head towards him, he checked to see if she was still breathing, and alive. Nodding, he smiled a bit and trailed a nail over her jawline. She was a pretty little thing, obviously new to town. The usual scent of piss and shit that filled the rotten kids of the town hadn't even licked this girl yet. Without any effort, he hoisted the girl up onto his shoulder and glided up the stairs and through the halls. He pondered momentarily of where to put her. He could bring her to one of the many bedroom in the mansion, but he figured that she would wake up, wander somewhere, and get hurt again.

After quick decision, Caleb entered his room and swiftly layed her against his sheets. He folded her body against the bed to best look at her wound on her leg. It wasn't life threatening, but the wood had taken a good shred of her skin off her leg. Moving his hands up to her head, he examined the part of her skull that had collided with the end of the stairs. It hadn't broken the bone, nor the skin. Smiling softly, he petted her hair against the bump that had formed. She would have such a massive headache when she awoke.

Turning on his bare heel, Caleb moved towards his dresser. He tugged open the first drawer and tossed many of the innards around. None of his clothes would suffice as a bandage - or at least, he didn't feel the need to tear up any of them. Sighing, he closed the drawer and moved into his personal bathroom. It was empty, besides usual hygiene supplies. He had no use for human medicinal supplies. Tapping his chiseled chin, he scoped out the mansion in his head. Of the many bathrooms, he wondered how many others might contain items to aid her wounds. With that thought, he set off to find medicinal supplies.


Returning up the stairs to the second floor, Caleb juggled many different boxes of medical pads, bandages, and ointments. He managed to open his bedroom door with his clawed feet, kicking open the door. Stepping through the frame, he noticed the girl awake and standing before him. Blinking a bit, he rolled his shoulders to better fold his wings against his back. "Uh, hey. Got you, these," he said awkwardly, his voice low and coarse.
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Shilo flinched as she tried to pull her leg back up from the broken stair she had fallen through. She felt a sharp pain go through her leg, it was a little more painful then when she was in the car accident. She fell through again and she let out a frustrated grunt as her dirty blonde hair fell into her face. She brushed them back from her face but it was no use, it just kept falling back into her face as soon as she put her face back down. Shilo pushed down on the floorboard to make a little more room for her to pull herself out. Once she felt the hole was wide enough, she looked up and found the railing and pulled herself up, stepping down to the next step for balance. She looked down at her leg, examining it, finding that her jeans were ripped and she had a long scratch going up to her leg.

Shilo let out another grunt, she had been an idiot to listen to Christine, she should have just got up from the lunch table and moved to a different one instead of trying to fit in with them. This was stupid thing to do to be friends with them, this house was nothing but a death trap. She turned to go back up the stairs and leave he way she came when there was a form in the doorway. The man had a smile on his face and he said a simple word, 'Boo'. She gasped as she tripped, loosing her balance on the stairs and fell backwards, tumbling down them and landing on the hard concrete below. She blacked out.

Shilo let out a groan as she opened her eyes, her head was spinning and everything was foggy for a minute until she was staring at a ceiling. She tried thinking back, regardless of it hurting, she was trying to remember where she was. She sat up and saw she was on a bed, not hers, that was for sure. She thought back for a few minutes until she remembered that she had been told to go to the mansion and bring back an object from the basement. That's when everything flooded back to her, she must have blacked out after she fell. She ran her fingers through her now tangled hair and felt a bump on the back of her head. She then looked down at her leg and examined her leg. It was not as bad as she had originally had thought, it hurt but she would still be able to walk.

Shilo looked around the room and noticed there was no windows in the room, however, there was a lot of updated technology in the room, not matching what she had seen when she first entered the mansion. She moved so that her feet were placed on the floor and she stood up from the bed and made her way to the door.
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Wind swept angrily though a recently opened window, pushing dust and debris that had strung out around the floor even farther into the confines of the house. Everything was coated in a white tarp, the only visible furniture covered in a nearly white layer of dust. Most of the windows were cracked, and the floorboards were loose. The electricity was shot and the heating and cooling systems would have appeared to be set on "muggy and humid". Once vibrant royal blue and red curtains were now greyed and tarnished in a horribly macabre way, and this large mansion of a scene did indeed have an inhabitant.

There was a room on the second of five floors with no windows, and two doors. Inside was a very modernized room, almost like a small apartment. There was a small kitchen, a large computer system with office space, a small sitting area, and cut-off wall surrounding a small bedroom of sorts, and a door leading outward into the mansion and another to a fully working bathroom. This was where the owner technically lived. He rarely ever left to explore other areas of the house, minus a few rooms. He ordered groceries from a local store and only the bravest dared to deliver them. This man was rarely seen, rarely heard of - the town did not know his name.

There were many different theories of this man, though. They said that he was covered head to toe in fur and feathers with long sharp claws. There was once a theory that he was a beautiful man, rich beyond anyone's dreams, and that he hid in his tower of a home because of his fear of women's prosecution; it was obvious this theory made up by hopeless, romantic teenage girls. No one ever actually assumed it was actually inhabited by this man, but haunted almost, only ever hearing about the house when an order was made or a shadow was seen in the windows.

The theories weren't entirely wrong.

Caleb Portavski eased his legs out of bed, his back aching and rippling with burning sensations. Lifting his arms, he stretched out. Feathers dusted the edges of the half-walls as he moved, and before long, nestled again against his back. Standing, he rubbed his bared chest and stomach, moving towards the only current light source of the room - his laptop. Touching the space bar, his fingers glided over the Russian lettered keyboard. The time popped up on the screen: 11:23. Hissing out a low breath, he rubbed his hands in his eyes. Caleb had literally slept the day and most of the night away. Trailing his sharp black nails down his face, he looked around a bit more. 'Perhaps getting a window or an alarm clock would be smart,' he thought. That way he would be conscious of when he went to bed.

Pulling up his pajama pants, a soft cotton with black and grey stripes, he retied the strings, securing the pants at his hips. Fluffing up his hair, he moved past the door to the rest of the house and reached for the minifridge that contained a large supply of his favorite drink - hard strawberry lemonade. However, a sound from the lower ends of his house made him jump. His deep, onyx feathered wings rustled against his back, and his hand moved easily from the door of the minifridge to the door out of his room. As quick as a flash of lighting, Caleb was outside of a curiously opened door to his basement, staring down at a rather amusing sight.

Being slightly uncaring and sadistic, he silently looked down at this girl that was trapped upon his stairs. He leaned against the doorframe, listening to her shout help to other people, who he had no run into on the way down. Whomever she had called out for had obviously left her to deal with his death trap of a mansion herself. Grinning widely, his canine and bicuspid teeth sharper than the average human, he reached out and touched the back of her head to alert her of his half naked, winged, and yellow-eyed presence.

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Moving to a new place is hard, it is even harder when you are going there by yourself, meeting family you never thought you actually had. That was Shilo, she had just recently lost her parents in an accident. They had been on their way to a much needed family vacation, something that would bring her and her parents much closer together. Shilo's father had been driving the car when a person came out of no where, making her father quickly turn the wheel a sharp right, doing his best to avoid hitting the person and sending their car off the road and tumbling down this steep hill and nose first into a pond. Someone, maybe the person that had come out of no where, had pulled Shilo out, her parents as well, however it had been too late for them. Her mother had drowned and her father hadn't been wearing his seat belt and was killed on impact.

Shilo had been taken to the hospital, only experiencing a possible concussion, bruises and scratches. The doctors told her that she must have had a guardian angel looking out for her, for she was lucky to have survived. Yeah, lucky. She didn't feel that way at all, she had just lost the two most important people in her life. Or so she had thought. When the social worker showed up, since she was still a minor it was protocol for them to put her in a stable environment until she was eighteen. The social worker introduced herself and explained to her that they were going to send her to live with her father twent-five hundred miles away. Her father? Her father had been killed in the accident, there must have been some kind of mix up.

The social worker explained that her mother had never married her real father, they had broken off due to the fact that her mother had gotten pregnant. Her mother had met who she had thought had been her real father, who even raised her as if she had been his own and he had legally adopted her, her mother however kept her biological fathers name on her will in case anything had ever happened to her. All this information was very difficult for Shilo, a normal person probably would have lost it by that point but Shilo kept quiet, probably the shock of this new information, learning her father actually wasn't dead. The social worker assured Shilo she would be with her until they arrived at her biological fathers house, which was a little comforting but not by much.

Shilo, now leaving the only life she knew had made her way to this small little town, something she wasn't used to at all, she was from the big city and town wasn't even half of what she had come from. Her fathers house was nothing amazing to look at either, it was one of those older houses that obviously needed a lot of work on it. Shilo entered the small house, meeting her father for the first time and learning that he had started a family of his own, with a wife and two children of his own. He expressed how sorry he was for her loss and that she was to make herself at home, they had moved both of the girls, who were seven and eight, into the same room so that she could have her privacy with her own room. She thanked him and proceeded to her room to unpack her belongings.

Within a few days of moving to this new town, she was enrolled to the local high school and that was even more of a blast then the awkward silences there was at her new home. Everyone stared at her, she heard them talking. They knew her story, how she would never know, except that this was a small town and no doubt the gossip had probably spread throughout it already. She walked to her assigned locker, opening it up to grab her books for her next class. The school was very warm, due to it being spring time and the weather being very warm with no air conditioning in the school at all. Shilo wore flannel shirts though, regardless of the heat, she still had some bruises and scratches from the accident that she didn't really want the others to see.

Once lunch had rolled around, Shilo was relieved, it was something she was able to blend in....sort of, instead of her teachers forcing her to introduce herself and tell them about herself. She had sat down at an empty table and looked at her phone, trying to keep herself preoccupied. There was a text from her dad asking her how her day was going so far, which she ignored, he was hovering, which she didn't like at all. While she closed her phone, she noticed a group of people heading her way, by the way they acted she could tell they were the ones that ran the school, she used to be one of them. They approached her table. "Um, what do you think you are doing? This is our table, get lost, new girl!" The red head who was smacking her gum said, obviously annoyed that Shilo had even thought about sitting at their table.

"Awe, lay of, Christine." The brunette male said to the red head. "You can't blame her for wanting to sit here, I mean who wouldn't?" He said. It almost sounded as if he were defending Shilo, almost. He introduced himself as Tommy and told her the other members of his group, Taylor, Mike, Christine and Luke. He told her that she could sit with them if she wanted and that is when Christine chirped in, saying she would have to prove herself if she was going to be sitting with them, they could not be seen just allowing anyone sitting with them.

Tommy was obviously annoyed with Christine and tried to stop her but it was no use. She told her that she would have to go into the abandoned mansion that was supposed to be cursed and bring an object from the basement back in order to be seen with them. Shilo agreed.

That night, Shilo followed Christine and the rest of them to the mansion that was just outside of town and sat at the top of the hill. They stopped at the fence and Christine, who was almost too thrilled about this, told her this is where she went on alone. Shilo hopped the fence and made her way to the mansion. She walked around a little, looking for a window she could hop through, when she finally found one, she had to jump some and pull her body up and into the dark building. It looked as if it had been vacant for several years, there was furniture with sheets over them and cobwebs everywhere. Shilo looked around for a little bit until she found a door and when she opened it, saw a stair case leading downstairs.

Shilo had taken a step down when she saw a movement flash from the corner from her eye. She gasped as she turned quickly and the step gave in, trapping her foot in the wood. Shilo had let out a yelp as the pain caught on. She tried pulling herself out but due to the awkward angle, she couldn't. She was stuck, not good at all. She had to figure out a way of getting out before she found herself more trouble then she originally had planned on looking for.

"Hello? Tommy? Christine? Luke, Taylor? Mike? Anybody...? I need help!" She called out, only hearing her own voice echoing throughout the house. Perfect.
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