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rp based on ginga nagareboshi gin and ginga densetsu weed. Generation after ginga densetsu weed:Orion. The rp will focus around Orion and his siblings, Ohu and his three pups.

Kane, the youngest in his litter wandered off at the age of two months and fell into a river and was washed away. He is now a part of the pack that wants to take down Orion and the Ohu soilders. The leader's breed is unknown but he is brutal and even is called Bloodcur Demon by other packs. Razor is more evil and cold hearted than Genba, Hougen, Akakabuto and Shogun.

Orion's pups are now nine months and Kane is believed to be Dead. Kane eventually makes friends with _____r and figures out that he was found in a river. Since he knows his family would be out there somewhere, he and ______ deserted the pack to go search for the family.....but Razor has had a long time grudge on Orion and noticed the similarities of Kane and Orion and decided to spy on them when they left in hopes he could stop Kane from reuniting with Ohu.

More join Kane and Akane along the way, creating a small pack of their own as they continue their journey.

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4: No cybering.
5: swearing is fine, even wanted; but don't go posting sentences full of vulgar
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9: normal ES rules also apply

Rank: leave blank if pet or stray


Username: Everdream
Name: Razor
Breed: Unknown
Pack: Razor's pack
Rank: Leader
Mate: None

Username: Everdream
Name: Kane
Breed: Akita/Kishu mix
Pack: Before-Ohu Now-Razor's pack
Rank: Platoon leader
Mate: None

Username: SuzumebachiAngst
Name: Akane
Breed: Kai
Pack: Razor's Pack
Rank: Fighter
Mate: None


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