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Years ago legend tells of a great warrior, this warrior who slayed countless demons, and saved even more humans. A warrior of true power and legend, the one which brought down the great archdemon Balor, and defeated an all powerful dragon goddess known as Tiamat, this great being was tainted by the blood of the very demons he slaughtered, however was blessed by the blood of the humans he risked his life to save. Though after defeating his greaest foe, the Devil Lord of the Abyss, Amionitus, he vanished without a trace, some say he has returned to his home in the ancient forest of the first born wolf demon, others say he must be bound somewhere by the blood of the demon he slew, and others say he never exsisted, however, little does everyone know that Herdio did return to his home, but not by his choice, in the furthest reaches of the world the ancient forest houses this powerful half-demon, where he has been bound to the largest tree in the forest, by the blood of the most powerful and evil demon he had ever fought against, leaving the world at peace. Soon his heroic tale become a myth, and his myth became a legend, told to many even centuries after he vanished. Though a young girl had stumbled upon a very special medallion, Herdio's medallion of power, if this girl can find where his power has been sealed away and return it to him the savior will return, but first she must free him of his prison, by placing his medallion around his neck, and to do so she must find him.
Now an even greater demon has appeared, one who threatens to turn the world into a place of chaos, destruction and blood, and plunge humanity into extinction, and so once again the world needs its savior, the world needs a hero, but with noone knowing exactly where he has gone, and noone who would even begin to look for him, how will humanity be saved, what can stop this all mighty demon of darkness?
One brave girl has set out to seek out the location of this champion they so strongly need, and free him. But can she find him? Or did he ever even exsist to begin with?

Ok guys first off, DO NOT chat in this rp, if you guys wish we can set up a chat for this or chat through PM, anyway, this is just another rp to help me rebuild my character Herdio, some of you may rememeber him, some of you may not know nor have heard anything about him, but if you wanna play this is what you need to know...

Characters needed...
Young women who tries to find Herdio- adella / adella911

The young women's compaions-

The all mighty demon-lord trying to destroy humanity- Mnementh / Dragoncita

and any other characters that you can think of may join...

Character skelly... Please PM me this information









Short back story:

And rememeber be fair to the other players, and I will allow very small amounts of GM when it is needed, if you have any questions on if something would be too strong, powerful, or the like you can PM me to make sure... and I would appreciate atleast 100-300 minimum posts but it is not required, as I understand writers block, and remember to be as detailed as you possibly can ok?

other than that, JUST HAVE FUN =^_^=


adella / adella911- Main Female Role
Rexutk / Dragoncita- Companion Role
Mnementh / Dragoncita- Demon Lord Role

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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He smiled, thinking to himself. "What if she is the one? She seems strong, caring, trustworthy, and reliable." His eyes glazed over remembering the past people whom he thought were worthy, the wars he fought and carnage he brought. He fades back into reality to notice the fish laying next to him, he reaches out and grabs one and puts it in his mouth. Smiling gently as he chewed his meal. "This is delicious I havent had food in centuries. I forgot what fresh food was like." He mumbled with a mouth full of fish.
  Herdio / Herdio / 160d 23h 20m 5s
Revoke sighed as she finally came to where the two were. Looking back, She cursed once more and walked up. Eventually, she came to watch the two, curiosity high.
  Revoke / Lunerwolf12 / 5y 364d 5h 6m 15s
She gave a small laugh, "Fine but if you get sick I can say I told you so!" She turned her attention to the stream, her vision finally almost completely back to normal. She stuck her tongue out before her hand swiped into the water and back out, sending water and a small fish flying behind her. She paid no real attention to where it went as she poised herself for another swipe to get a red backed fish.
  adella / adella911 / 6y 101d 22h 25m 33s
He smiled, "No I must stand and feel the world, it's energy and life force will help." He replied. "That and some food." He laughed happily looking up at her a slight blush came over his face.
  Herdio / Herdio / 6y 102d 21h 43m 8s
"The one?...The one what? Hey don't get up!" she put her hand on his shoulder and gently pushed him back down. "You could end up getting dizzy or sick! Just rest a bit mr. over extend your power," she offered a small smile to him as she turned back to the stream, maybe some water will help?"
  adella / adella911 / 6y 102d 22h 46m 25s
Revoke cursed left and right as every vulgar insult she could think of left into the empty air; Slade had dissipated. And she had missed her mark. She never missed her mark. So, as she made her way to where she could sense Hiro and Adella, she let her displeasure turn to curiosity. 'I wonder just what this Hiro is going to be like'
  Revoke / LunerWolf12 / 6y 103d 53s
He look up at her and smiled, "so you carried me away? Your strength is impressive, maybe you are the one." He replied as he struggled to stand,
  Herdio / Herdio / 6y 103d 9h 17m 10s
Adella looked back at him before laying him down, "You passed out and we needed to move. Revokes out looking for Shade right now." Her vision was starting to clear up though her eyes were still unfocused. The small stream was close by, deep enough for people to bathe in.
  adella / adella911 / 6y 103d 9h 28m 39s
Shade vanished into ruin air, about the same time Herdio awoke, " what happens?" He asked holding his head.
  Shade / Herdio / 6y 103d 9h 38m 21s
The Mantids, having recieved the message from Gaia, started to move once again. The creatures moved slowly through the forest, Rexutk occasionally stopping and glancing around. He sniffed the air, his bladed arms twitching a bit. The Mantid looked back to the rest of his glieph, chirruping.
The others looked amongst each other, then clicked or rubbed their arms together. The only way they could communicate was through clicks, chirps, screeches, and body language. Though a few have been taught Morse Code.
Rexutk led is glieph onwards, deeper into the forest. He soon came to a small stream. Here, the Mantid stopped. He gave a few clicks followed by a chirrup. As if on cue, the others in the group walked forward, leaning down, drinking their fill while Rexutk remained alert for danger.
  Rexutk / Dragoncita / 6y 232d 19h 20m 21s
Revoke flowed from shadow to shadow as she slowly stalked Slade. She knew that he was powerful and that she was going to have to canalize the situation perfectly before she was to act. Using small ruins, she left a small trail of them in every place she could hid; mainly in shadowed corners and hidden areas. After finishing her task, she started to shift herself into a comfortable striking distance from Slade. With Dragonbane in her hand, she watched as Slade danced quite dramatically in the streets; his act proving how sane this demonic being was.
  Revoke / LunerWolf12 / 6y 235d 19h 42m 32s
Adella nodded, "Da." She followed her instructions without question, slowing only slightly as she followed the trail she had to keep an ear on Herdio. Not knowing how he would act when he re awoke, she didn't want him on her back. Slowing to a crawl as the sound of water alerted her she moved swiftly towards the river.
  adella / adella911 / 6y 235d 20h 41m 55s
Shade smiled more and more at the though of having Herdio's powers. As he danced through the city.
  Shade / herdio / 6y 237d 17h 4m 54s
Revoke's voice could be herd in Adelle's ears as she whispered her next directions. "Adelle, my target is located and I must attack. Continue going seven tail forward before turning onto the forest path. I will meet you at the river. Good luck and don't get your legs or arms ripped off, Da?"
  Revoke / LunerWolf12 / 6y 237d 17h 14m 16s
Shade continued in his pursit, "I will find you Herdio, and I will take your powers." he called out happily as he danced in the street with each step, a wicked smile on his face.
  Shade / herdio / 6y 237d 17h 18m 57s

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