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12 February 2018

Some days I just want to be torn. Some days I deserve to have each and every atom unravel like a ball of yarn or Mardi Gras beads. This unspeakable kink needs to be ripped away. My tongue should be torn from my mouth with pliers. Let me bleed out. Undo what I have done in the worst ways possible. Here I am, with Catholic guilt stained on these hands.

The worst thing? I have no one to speak to. No one to trust. No one to get me. Of course, that could be the irrational teenage spirit jumping to and fro and up and down in my ribcage.

Defeat. That is what I face at the end of this road. I’m scared, terrified. I told them that they couldn’t argue their way out of a paper bag, but now I’m in the hot seat. Just admit defeat, admit that I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 340d 11h 56m 17s
[ghost boyfriend]
27 January 2018

First post of the new year and here I am feeling like my life is already at a downward spiral. Sleeping in the car tonight and living like a nomad on the weekends. Is this what I incisioned what life will be like? Not really. I sometimes wonder why I make certain decisions.

Ambitious I am yet nothing really goes the way I want it to go. I’ll live through it all the same. We got one life to live, why not enjoy all the good parts and all the god awful parts while we’re at it. Honestly, I feel more alive than I did when I lived in Boulder.

Maybe I’m emotional, maybe I’m irrational. Maybe I did everything wrong and maybe that’s why I’m here. These vague statements aren’t entertaining for anyone.

I should probably sleep with a hammer if I’m gonna be out here. Maybe I’m just a little bit of crazy. I wish I had a ghost boyfriend to keep me safe.

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 356d 12h 48m 51s
[something tells me that I'm ready]
3 November 2017

I think I'm ready to go back home. That would be awesome...if I knew which place I could call home.

Colorado, I'll reunite with you soon enough.

I'll have posts up every few days or so just to keep myself entertained.

I need my car. I'm needy. I need.

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 1y 76d 13h 51m 42s
[happy Halloween]
31 October 2017

I wish I was back to celebrate my favorite holiday. Hopefully I'll be around next year to do so. Today also inspired me to write something scary, but then I realized that being here is terrifying, but then I realized that what happened in NYC is more terrifying than my situation.

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 1y 79d 14h 28m 48s
[they probably shouldn't hand me the mic]
28 October 2017

Hey now, you're an all star, get your game on, go play.

Never let me sing on karaoke night.

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 1y 82d 12h 25m 1s
[A POEM: S.A.L.A.D. ]
21 October 2017

Cool as a cucumber
You never miss a beet
Your suave style is a bit radish
But you're still not as rad as me

If god was a chef, you'd be a salad

Where do I start?
Let's talk about that bulk
That bod's not basic by any means
Calling it iceberg would be an injustice So listen to just this:
That's straight up romaine,
On your best days your frisee

Best in late summer
Ripe robust tomatoes
Are the main squeeze to any bowl
Any size, any shape, it doesn't matter
Don’t be bummer
Cherry, roma, beefsteak, heirloom
Flavor is a virtue
Which you seem to never lose

When I'm in that mood
You bring that cold crisp crunch:
Cabbage, carrot
Cauliflower, crouton
The fun doesn't stop
When you accessorize
So accessorize baby
And let that color run wild

Dress up
Dress down
A savory salad like your fine self
Could do no wrong
Cool ranch, thousand island
French, caesar, ginger soy
Oh boy!
Add in some ahi tuna,
My big kahuna,
I'll jump for joy

Bacon, this salad lover guilty pleasure, Is just quite fine Please keep me out of trouble Please keep me in line Silky avocado?
That's a gift from the divine

Corn and cheese?
Just a smidgen for me
A little goes a long way
A lot makes for a casserole entrée

But before I digress too far
In the digestion of my profession
Let me share some food for thought:
A poet I am not
A gourmand of refined taste I am so

So let it be known as I switch up this tone:
Be fresh, be dope, be green
Be a salad, my lad
Tasty, tasty

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 1y 89d 12h 15m 46s
20 October 2017

Poetry Slam tomorrow. I'll probably post my poem on here afterwards, wish me good luck and that I'm a hit with the crowd.

I've completed:
1 Noir Fabula Post
Working on another Noir Fabula Post as much as I can
6 Seas Beyond Infinity Posts
Working on episode 7 of SBI post
Working on details to future arcs of SBI
Sixth Ward has taken the backburner until I can find a direction
Now thinking about writing a slice of life to get me through my own


  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 1y 90d 14h 21m 7s
[uber tired]
14 October 2017

I haven't seen the light of day in days now and I don't know when I'll return. Who knows what will happen from here on out. Things are looking okay, but it's whatever.

I've completed:
1 Noir Fabula Post
5 Seas Beyond Infinity Posts
Working on 2 SBI posts simultaneously
Sixth Ward has taken the backburner until I can find a direction

Thinking about the future and what I want to learn. Definitely looking at becoming a teacher. Hopefully I will make it to my goals one day. Until then, I'll continue to scream into a cup my frustrations.

As far as Seas Beyond Infinity, I hope you're ready for...

[size24 [b WHEN SHE-BEARS FLY]]

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 1y 96d 13h 2m 52s
[update while I can]
27 September 2017

I can't wait to get back . I've completed:

1 Noir Fabula Post
2 Seas Beyond Infinity Post
Working on the next episode to The Sixth Ward
Working on the third episode to SBI.

Also, I'm probably drafting myself a tattoo idea.

Meanwhile in the real world, I'm hoping that we're out here doing our best and supplying as much aid as we can. I still loathe the job sometimes but it's making me appreciate the free time that I have.

If I could give the people on this site one tip for today it's to go outside and enjoy what freedoms you have. Doesn't matter what country you live in or if you support your military or not, just enjoy what you can and don't take it for granted. I'm going to be missing my favorite month coming up and I probably won't have a home in Virginia until next year so it's kinda a bummer. I long to have what I did back then and I certainly don't regret getting myself into this situation. Being here makes me realize that I have a lot more potential helping others.

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 1y 113d 12h 50m 31s
[when I can]
22 September 2019

when I can, I write. I write, write, write. I write to those that I love and I write to those that will listen.

Expect more posts for:

Noir Fabula
Sixth Ward
Seas Beyond Infinity

Sometimes I'm braindead, other days I'm just brewing up a wicked storm. During my watches, I think of where I can bring the story and where it will go.

I love myself so much that I won't let this job destroy me

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 1y 118d 15h 17m 52s
[BM Finnigan]
28 July 2017

Given my new circumstances, I'm not gonna post as much as I thought I would. Synopsis: I hate my job. I'm stuck with it for at least a year. I'm gonna do my time and then get the heck as soon as I can. I'm not at liberty to talk about politics, and well, with the recent stuff that's been happening, I have my doubts in this field.

I'll get to writing...when I find wifi around here. I promise. Until then, be safe out there and wish me good luck out on the seas.

Further note, once I'm done with writing Seas Beyond Infinity, I'm definitely going back to rewrite it. Had a dream about it the other night.

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 1y 174d 14h 50m 36s
[donkey work]
30 June 2017

Honestly, I apologize for not putting out as much work as I wanted to, especially now that I'm switching programs. I thought I would have enough time to do more writing but I find myself submitting to video games and as of lately, more art. Honestly, I think I might be ready to write again with all this latest inspiration.

With the latest post in Noir Fabula, I've been evaluating all my ideas. Don't worry, Sixth Ward will continue as I resume posting in Noir. As far as Sixth Ward, I wanted to map out the next few posts or so and run them once or twice in my head. I can definitely say that the Calibur arc is coming to a close soon which will ultimately lead to expanding the Sixth Ward universe.

As far as Noir, I've decided to omit characters I would later on introduce in the story for plenty of reasons. First, I've always have bitten off more than I could chew and adding more characters would only add to the large plate I've already been served. Specifically, I have decided against adding characters such as Aen and Ibrahm . That's not to say that they won't show up, but it's more likely that they'll be part of a side story or "the forgotten years". Their time is not now.

Secondly, Erika and Uol'we have some timeskip trauma that needs to be addressed, namely Xyianthis and Isthir . With a sudden revival in Noir, these two characters need to shine . It is a mission of mine to prep these characters for the future battles they'll encounter.

Third, I'm ever changing. With my personal growth comes the growth of these characters. What message do I want to convey with Nagini and Uol? Is there symbolism in Yolanda's existence? Heck, the story might pan out differently than what I had originally planned. That excites me. Anything could happen, but i need time, space, and the thought power to figure it all out.

Now I'm inspired to work. I feel this energy brimming! Expect more in the near future.

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 1y 202d 12h 35m 42s
[oh gosh, too much coffee]
24 April 2017

I guess I have a few minutes before I have to go back ton"solitary confinement." I think I've gone bland; I feel like my passion has quickly escaped me and the thoughts are just non-existent. One of these days it'll come back. Hopefully. Yesterday was an opportune time to do some writing, but I ended up calling my family instead. Sorry

Just three or so more weeks and I'll have the freedoms that I've been looking for. It's gonna be a nice 10 day vacation of doing everything and nothing. What's grand is that I'll have a car by then. I can go do things without relying on others.

Even now I seem like a bore, but this entry is much needed. It allows me to vent when needed. It doesn't bother me if people aren't reading this; i have to get this off my chest, off my shoulders, outta my head. Essentially,
where I'm at is currently smothering my flames, and dammit, I gotta burn. I gotta burn brightly like a bonfire; I ain't no ember.

Honestly, I've been thinking about another project outside of the normal, but I think it's more of a drawing concept than anything. The story is essentially my rendition of Journey to the West but more western elements weaved into the story and a lot of details shifted around.

Anyways, lemme ramble a bit about other things pertaining to The Sixth Ward. Perhaps new ideas will pop up.

1) There are many truths, but let's face it, all but one are alternative facts.

2) The Lucavi play an essential role on Nocht and in someone's background story.

3) Certain goddesses are significantly weaker in this universe compared to others.

4) Reiterating: still no Nagini/Erika.

5) No Kenji either. I thought about his character today and thought about his fate in about Fabula. If mainstream Noir gets revived anytime in the near future, his fate will be revealed towards the end.

6) Taina and Makoto need a rogue gallery. Maybe it'll be acquired in a later arc.

7) Would Sixth Ward Jack ever encounter/be aware of Noir Fabula Jack? I'd entertain the idea, and maybe toy around with inner thoughts.

8) Taina and Makoto are the focus for right now but I plan on expanding the world of Nocht.

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 1y 269d 22h 23m 42s
11 April 2017

Sorry I haven't been writing lately, life catches up with me and like to keep me away from the Internet. I promise that these stories will continue. In fact, in a month and a week, we will be seeing a lot more posts coming soon, I solemnly promise, ya know. I write to you on my break because really, it's the only time I can actually think. Can't go too much into detail about my whereabouts, but just know that the story continues.

Some ideas I have been throwing around concerning the Sixth Ward:

1) There will be a moment in the story where things cool down. It's not all hard work for Detective Del Norte and Makoto.

2) Someone might be getting a boyfriend really soon.

3) I feel like I'm still working on the tone of the overall story. Maybe I've just lost my bearing while being away for so long.

4) Makoto is scared to try real food. What's that green stuff? It's a salad.

5) Will we venture outside of the city? Not this arc.

6) He's closer than you think.

Yeah, it's all vague. I haven't had time to come up with much. Bummer...I might do some drawings this weekend. I have t decided on what yet. Looking a several different projects.

Until later on, take care and farewell.

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 1y 283d 22h 26m 46s
[more than you could ever know]
4 January 2017

None of that "new year, new me" bullshit, but I do feel a lot different already than I used to be. A lot has happened within the last four months or so and I'm glad it's all happened. All these events, emotions, adventures surround me, just like I wanted. I'm rather fortunate to be where I am right now, yet I can't find the right words to describe it.

It'll get hard; it already has been, but I'm ready for it. I'm ready to put in the hard work that needs to be done. Is this me growing up? I'm 24 going on 25, and I'm still around here. I guess some things just don't die off.

Anyways, I hope all those who read this are having a good start to 2017. Today is just like every other day except that you're a little bit wiser .

Anyways, I've been coming up with more Sixth Ward ideas that I wanted to share. I hope to have a post up sometime within the near future

I've revealed, on other media, that two of the main characters are Taina Del Norte and Makoto Kojima. Detective Del Norte works with the Sixth Ward. I'd describe her character as serious yet has some awkward moments. She loves Nexus Nocht and sees it as a city she wants to die in. She goes through great bounds and leaps for her city.

On the other hand, we have Makoto who has seemingly made her way to Nexus Nocht by unconventional means. She doesn't start off on a good foot and has to go through a few obstacles before she start a new life. Her character gains a sense of duty with all the interactions she has with Del Norte and the Sixth Ward Precinct.

With the Sixth Ward, I wanted to stray away from the whole good vs. evil dichotomy and lean towards having more morally gray moments for all the characters. That's what I kinda missed about Noir Fabula. No one was really good and in order to get through life, they had to use others.

Some other tidbits:

1) Dr. Yang and Mr. Last are divorced.

2) Haruno Siblings, but not the ones we're accustomed to.

3) Androids, androids hiding.

4) Family drama.

5) Makoto still likes banana nut muffins, but she thinks that these banana nut muffins aren't as good as back home.

6) Calibur will be going through more changes. For the better? Probably not.

7) Joe Spigette works at the Sixth Ward Precinct, but he's not as entirely useful as he was before.

8) A lot of the Silent 17 have been shuffled around, but expect some neat cases because of them.

9) People will die. In fact, there will be an unfortunate death in the first post.

10) There are a group of people who hunt Lucavi. It's quite brutal, and perhaps we'll see the queen of the Lucavi once more.

  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 2y 14d 12h 57m 16s

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