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Ruby gets glomped by him and pretty much everyone in the hallway stops and stares before continuing to walk, she couldn't help but to blush alittle. Letting him pull away she looks at him smiling "I missed you to death also!" continuing to smile she says "I haven't changed that much." she then looks up and down the hallway seeing people staring at them and she looks back at him with a smile on her face.
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Letting out a small yawn, Miles skipped through most of his music, Turning on a song from a artist by the name of JJ Demon, the song OMG! The blood as he soon received a text from his girlfriend, Skye.
From: My Baby girl<3: Goodmorning! How was your flight?[:
Smiling a bit, Miles Replied.
It was a bit boring, but all out good. I'm glad to be back walking in my old school. Feels great. I really missed everyone here, but I still miss you of course. You are coming out for graduation, correct?
He sent, biting his pierced lip some, hoping she'd be able to make it. His parents had gotten one of the twos favorite bands to come out and play for the after party, and he wanted her there to enjoy it. She didn't have that great of a life where she lived, and he wanted to give her the whole world, even if it means paying her flight down to L.A.
From: My baby girl<3: I hope..I'm saving up money! I have 200 right now, Hopefully I can get enough in 3 months. I'll be really upset if not. :,[
Well, Just get as much as possible, I'll pay the rest on whatever how much you need if you don't get enough, alright? I'll make sure of it. You're coming down here to be with me. I promise. [:
As soon as he sent the message, he felt his one earbud get pulled out, looking up quickly to see who it was, he was looking at a familiar face.

"Miles is that you?"

Holy shit. It was Ruby. Smiling wide, showing is bright, straight ivories, he pretty much glomped the girl. "RUBY!" He chimed "Gah, I've missed you to death!!" He spoke Laughing, and hugging the girl tight. "Man, have you changed a lot." He said, soon pulling away.
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Ruby sighed shaking her head "My mind must be tricking me.." she thought to herself, Ruby was somewhat popular around Los Angeles. She was lost in thought when her friends came up to her, her best friend Andy looks at her with a worried look on her face "Hey..Ruby..are you okay?" Ruby snaps out of it once she hears her friends voice and a smile was soon on her face "Yeah I'm fine, why do you ask?" she kept the smile on her face while Andy kept looking at her with a worried expression "Oh nothing.." Ruby sighs walking into the girls bathroom with Andy following close behind her.

Once they where in the bathroom Ruby began to fix her makeup while Andy took a seat on the counter while watching Ruby "So..Are you going to the end of year party?" Ruby looks at Andy with a big smile on her face "Of course I am going, why wouldn't I go?" Andy shrugs and once Ruby is done they walk out of the bathroom and ruby turns towards Andy "Hey I'll see you later." still worried Andy nods "Yeah I'll see you later.." she turns around again and began walking down the hallway.

Ruby only stops when she sees him again 'That has to be him..I'm sure of it..' she thought to herself, sighing she walks over to him taking one of his ear buds out and she looks down at him "Miles is that you?" she asked while looking at him.
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Groaning awoke a very grouchy 18 year old boy by he name of Miles Corbin. Senior year, Back to his old hometown highschool to graduate after moving out of California to go to North Carolina because of an offer at a pricey school that was way out of his way, but he went for 5 years, coming back for his senior year. Everyone was a bit confused why he left, Miles was a rather..Popular peer at this school, and around town. Of course, his coming back home was very well known after the first hour he stepped off the plane. He had even left his girlfriend of 3 years back to come graduate. They were still together of course. The two were very faithful to each other, so Miles wasn't weary of anything.

About 15 minutes later, Miles jumped into his nice truck, and headed to school. It was about 7. The moment The boy walked in, a few old friends tackled him AHHHH!! MILES! You little faggot! Took you 5 years to come back! Spoke D.J his old Marching band friend. "Haha, Yeah, But hey, i'm here now!" He spoke with a smile. Very true~ It's good to have you back Bro. Now I can actually look forward to graduation! Hell! The after party is going to be the best! He chimed laughing, Miles shook his head, and fixed his beanie. "You're gonna get wasted, aren't you?" He asked with a chuckle. Of course, and i'll be sleeping on that water bed in the guest room. D.j Laughed, and spotted his lady friend walking down the hall. Well hey, I'll catch you in a bit. He said, then jogged off.

Stuffing his hands into his pocket, Miles talked to a few other fellow seniors, since he didn't have his first 3 periods since he had gotten most of his credits. He then popped in his earbuds, and started playing on his phone while sitting in the hall out of boredom.
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"Ruby get your ass out of that bed right now!!" her mother shouted upstairs, Ruby sighs getting out of bed slowly and doing her daily morning routine before going downstairs but before she went down stairs she grabbed her bag along with her car keys. She looks at her mother "I'm up!" she grabbed an apple off of the counter before walking out the front door. Ruby sighs getting into her jeep and she puts the top down since it was such a nice morning, she puts the key in starting her jeep up before backing out of her driveway.

She drives towards the school not really knowing what to expect for today, Once in the school parking lot she finds her spot before turning the jeep off and grabbing the key along with her bag out of the back and she sighs walking into the school, she looks around and her eyes stop on a guy "It can't be..' the guy looks like her bestfriend that she has known since 1st grade but he had moved to another state.
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