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Do you know how vampires and werewolves came to be in the human world?

It all actually started in a different world, the world of Aleasia. This is where all of the mythical creatures started, the Sorcerers/Sorceresses as the top dog, the werewolves as their bodyguards and the vampires as one of the lowest creatures in this world. One day they decided that they were going to take control of this world by force. After about a year with planning they finally made their intentions known. However, it was too late for the Queen to do anything for her world. Knowing that she would not be able to save this world, she sent her only daughter, Fallon, away to the human world in hopes that she would return one day and take control back to their world.

The only thing that her mother didn't think would happen was when she sent her daughter to the human world that there would be a problem with getting there. Fallon entered the human world but landed in the sea and washed up on a beach. When she was found she was taken to a hospital and all she could remember was her name. So, she was put into social services for the time being.

A couple years later:

-Insert your character here- is a young werewolf from the world of Aleasia, he escapes from the vampires, finding the gate to the human world. He remembered there being talk of the princess and what had happened to her from the other werewolves. He is determined to prove himself to his elders in bringing her back. He opened the gate and went through to the human world, however he never closed the gate, allowing the vampires to go into the human world as well. Now he has to protect the princess and help her regain her past in order for her to save their home world. Will he be able to do it? Will the forbidden love between the two of them?


Fallon: Filled

Young Werewolf: Filled


1) You must follow ALL of ES rules, no exceptions.

2) If any cybering comes about in this role play, it will be time skipped.

3) We will be using real pictures, not anime.

4) NO one liners, if I have to, I will put a character limit on here.

5) I am a bit of a grammar freak but I will let somethings slide but please try to do your best.

6) PLEASE follow the plot and what I post, I cannot stress this enough.

7) Please allow me to know if you will be off for longer then a couple of days, I know, I have a life too!

8) Well, if you have gotten this far, please send me a PM with a picture, name, description, etc. about your character and title of your PM as the title of this role play.

Hope to see you soon :]


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Fallon leaned back against the wall of the building when she suddenly heard someone. She looked to her right to see a guy telling the man in front of her to get away from her. He attacked the man and they started fighting. She watched as they fought and she grabbed the wolf necklace that was hanging around her neck. She started to get a headache suddenly, although it wasn't like any headache she had gotten before, it was painful and she grabbed her head as she fell to her knees, not realizing she ripped her necklace off in the process.

There was a blurry image in her head, the pain excruciating at this point, a man and a woman, the man giving shoving a necklace into her hands and then the woman shoving her away. Their faces not clear at all. Just like that, the images disappeared and she was suddenly back at the sidewalk. Her head was spinning and she looked over to see the guy was pinned down by the man. She used the wall for support to stand up. She looked over again and saw that the guy was trying to hit the man, finally the man gave up and said a few words. He gave her one last look and told her they would meet again.

Fallon flinched a little, she would have to make a police report about this later. The man disappeared pretty quickly. She looked up and saw the guy and shook her head. She took a look at him and could tell that he had been hurt during the fight. "Uh....thanks...for helping me...and all." She hesitated. She was still rattled just a bit. "You look hurt, are you alright? I can call an ambulance if you'd like." She said, clearly he should go. She walked up to him and grabbed his hand. "Your knuckles are broken." She stated and looked up at his face. He had a busted lip that was bleeding and she pulled him to where her bag was laying and opened it and dug through it until she found her towel. "Sorry this is all I have at the moment." She said as she dabbed it against his lip.

She allowed him to hold the towel and she looked around in her bag until she found her phone and pulled it out. She was about to call for help when she realized that her necklace was missing. She gasped as she started to look around the ground to find her necklace. "Crap...." She mumbled as she tried finding it, using her phone as the light. She realized at that moment that the guy was still there and she turned back to him. "Ah, sorry! I lost my necklace, it's the only thing I have connected to my past. I'll call that ambulance for you!" She said as she turned back to her phone to type in the number.
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The world was filled with chaos. Nothing remained of what the past had been, and to most it seemed like the past could never return. The vampires had taken over with their strength in numbers, and what was left of the werewolves still not caught were in hiding. However this young werewolf was caught. Stuck with the rest of the guards and waiting to be either slaves or killed, or at least that was what the older told them. Even in danger the older guards had always taken to scaring the young ones.

Laying on his back, with his hands joined behind his head, the second youngest and by far the most ill tempered of them all, was trying to sleep. This did not go well, as the older guards were talking about horrid tales of the vampires, trying to hide that they too were quite afraid of death in this very moment. The years of capture had made most of them hostile, and more so this one.

Will you shut up? he sat up, narrow eyes scanning the two telling the tale. They looked at each other, and one reached out his hand to ruffle the younger ones hair and leaned close enough to whisper in his ear.

There's no need for you to be strong, K... We understand that this can be hard- though the younger interrupted.

The only thing that is hard is trying to sleep through all your terrible stories! he huffed and stood up,

I'd get more luck hanging out with the vamps than with you. he spat, and ran a hand through his hair. It was almost down to his shoulders now, he hated it. Being without any weapons made it hard to tame the hairs on ones head, especially when the vampires clearly did not care at all for the hygiene of their prisoners. Walking towards the barred door, K looked out and tried to see if he saw anyone around, tugging at the door lightly.

I'm getting out of here. he stated, which made two of the oldest rise, one of them the one who had ruffled his hair. Knowing the words before they were spoken, K shook his head.

'I don't care how much of a suicide it is, I am not going to die in here while listening to your stupid stories.' He kicked the door, and called out.

Hey! Can we get some vamps over here! Or are you too scared of a bunch of werewolves telling fairy tales? the werewolf who had ruffled his hair came up to him and tugged at his arm angrily, hissing a 'what are you doing?' in his ear.

I'm getting out of here. You're free to come with me if you want. he saw the pain in the other's eyes, but the man nodded.

...Be careful. K saw in the older's eyes that he did not believe K would succeed. Most of them in this room probably thought the same, he could already see tears in their youngest's eyes. He gave a small laugh, empty and just a bit sad. Before kicking the door again.

Oi! Can you hear me out there you stinky vampires!

He was pulled and dragged out of his sell by the vampire who had come to get him. This one looked young, with curly hair and lean frame. The vampire pressed him against a wall once they were out of sight. Knuckles pressed into the side of K's throat. The vampire said nothing, simply glaring at K and waiting for an explanation. A chuckle came from K, and he started to move his hand towards the vampire's hip, were he had seen a blade.

Thanks for saving me. I couldn't stand the stench in there. he whispered as he slowly slid the blade out of it's scabbard, the vampire he could see was calm. As though it did not care about his words at all. It seemed pretty stupid to K, as the blade finally dropped from the scabbard. This the vampire noticed and looked down. Idiot.

K hit head forehead against the vampire's, and stuck the knife in it's abdomen, before moving a step back and pulling it out, sweeping it across the vampires throat. He did not care if the vampire died or not, all he needed was time to run. So he did. He ran as fast as he could towards where he knew the gates were. When he reached the lair of the vampires he quickly shifted, gaining more strength and speed as he hurried past the caves they had built in the ground. It was not long now, he had seen the portal long ago, and he knew how to get there, and how to open it. He would be free and he could bring back the lost princess. Looking back briefly, he saw four vampires on his tail, and he sneered.

He had been running for half a day when he found and hit the portal. He quickly opened it, not caring to look if the vampires were still after him. Surely he had lost them in the woods. Shifting back to human form he stepped inside the portal, and held his breath. It was warm and suddenly he was blinded by light.

His head emerged from the sea, and in that second he felt the water all around him. Momentarily shocked, K began to sink before he finally gained control of himself and started to swim towards the shore he saw up ahead. Briefly wondering why the portal was in the middle of the ocean. He swam as quickly as he could towards the beach, and after a good ten minutes swim he finally managed to wash ashore. He crawled up and laid himself down on his back. Breathing and trying to regain his calm, as his limbs were slightly sore from all the swimming and the running back at home. I deserve a break. he thought, and closed his eyes.

He woke up to a scream, and looked around. There was a woman staring at him. Looking down he realised why. He tried to shift quickly and run away, but realised he could not. Trying again he felt a lock on his bones, as thought they just did not want to change.

Are you all right? asked the lady, and K scratched the back of his head. When he did not say anything, the lady sighed and walked up to him, thinking he was homeless.

Let's get you some clothes. she gave him her trench coat, and lead him away to her home.

This was one month ago, and by now K had slowly grown to know the new world around him. The lady, Susan, had given him the name 'Kevin' after her son when she realised he only said that his name was K. She had given him shelter, and her husband let him work in the garage he owned. K had also come to realise that he could only turn on the full moon, which had been last week - It had not been a good day for him. He had woken up in the woods, not remembering anything that had happened.

Today the moon was slim, as K was on his way home from work. All day he had felt uneasy, a smell had carried around town and he couldn't place his finger on what it was. He had walked a few blocks when he heard a terrified scream. He froze and turned the direction of the scream, running as fast as he could when he regained his limbs. The stench became stronger as he neared the place, and when he saw the two people in the distance he knew it. Vampire. He snarled and ran towards them as silently as he could, waiting until he was a few feet away before yelling.

Get the fuck away from her, you bloodsucking creep! tackling the vampire to the ground, K delivered a punch to his jaw. He felt the vampire trying to sneak away with his speed, but K answered quickly with another punch. The vampire must have felt his weight, cause he stopped moving and instead started to kick with his legs, aiming for K's head. K continued to deliver punches until he felt the jaw crack under his hand, and by the time that happened his knuckles were already bleeding, and he was sure at least two were broken. He felt the toe of the vampires shoe in the back of his head and winced in pain, his head was throbbing and his vision blurry.

Fuck. he muttered, and tried to hit the vampire again, but the bastard managed to slink out of his grip by kicking him in the stomach. Causing K to let out another profanity. Licking his lip, K tried to stand up, although his stomach hurt and his legs were shaking. Taking a deep breath, and summoning what adrenaline he had left to dull the pain and give him some strength, he kicked at the vampire, who ducked and took a step back. Smirk in place. K snarled, and the vampire let out a tsk, like the werewolf was too much of a bother. K rolled his eyes as he watched the vampire look at the girl and said a few choice words before disappearing.

Bastard. muttered K, before turning to the girl and giving a sheepish grin. Rubbing the back of his head, still aching like hell.
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Fallon's life has never been very clear to her, she doesn't even remember most of it to be quite honest. When she was fourteen she was found washed up on the beach. Some people found her and she was taken to the hospital. She was given multiple tests and asked so many questions, none that she could answer. Her whole life up until that day had become a big mystery to her and she wanted to know who she really was. All she remembered was her name and how old she was. She was told back then that she was going into social services until they were able to find someone or even something about her or where she came from. Their conclusion was that she had been in a boating accident and that it had been too traumatic for her to remember.

This went on for three years, now almost eighteen, Fallon had fallen into the usual routine of the humans. She had a lot of friends, she naturally clicked with people from when she met them. Of course there was your average person that was jealous of you or who just didn't like you and she had stumbled upon a few of them but it wasn't something she spent too much of her time on, she focused on finally being able to be more independent and move out of the latest foster home that she had been in. These people like a lot were only in for helping out kids for the money they got from the state. She, her foster sister, and her two foster brothers were usually ignored and if they did something wrong, it was as if it were the end of the world.

Fallon was able to start her life over again but it was hard at times because between her foster families and her friends, they all had so many memories of fun times and bad times and when they were little, in a way she felt left out. Fallon still hadn't regained her memories or even started remembering anything from her past. She had no idea who her mother was or what she was even like or her father. She wondered at times if they were still alive or even looking for her. These were the things she thought about when she was alone and she just couldn't let it go with not knowing about herself or the people that were in her life before she had Amnesia.

That morning when Fallon woke up, she felt really awful. It wasn't that kind of awful like feeling sick or anything like that but she felt like it was the kind of day you just don't leave your bed because something bad would probably happen. Regardless of this feeling, she still pulled herself from her bed and went through her daily routine. By the end of the school day, she had forgotten about the bad feeling she had gotten. She was leaving school and on her way to her ballet class, she had a feeling like she was being followed, however, whenever she looked behind her, there was only people going about on their usual business. She passed it off as being paranoid and went to her class.

After her ballet class, Fallon sighed as she looked at her cell phone and saw that her foster mom wouldn't be picking her up, which meant that she was going to walk home and it was already after eight. Perfect. She grabbed her bag and left the dance studio and started walking home, she was about halfway there when she started getting that paranoia and she kept looking around. She began walking faster to try and get home faster but she started losing focus of her surroundings and then she was suddenly knocked to the ground, her bag flying from her hand and leaving her cell phone out of reach, this was not good.

Fallon groaned as she moved to get up from the ground but she was in a lot of pain and she hugged herself to try and sooth the pain. She suddenly looked up when she heard laughter from right in front her. There was a man standing there now. She wasn't sure what was going on at the moment, all she had in mind was that she needed to get away from him as soon as possible. She tried getting up and running a different direction but the man was already in front of her. She stopped and backed up, shocked with his speed. 'What is going on?' She thought to herself. "Well, well, Princess, it's been a while. How come you ran away and didn't stay to share the same fate as your dear mother?" The man asked mockingly. That stopped her in her tracks.

The questions began racing through her mind. Who was this man? How did he know her? He knew her mother? Why was he calling her 'Princess'? "Who are you? I-I think you have me confused with someone else..." She asked him with a shaky voice. "Don't play games with me, Princess, I am in no mood. You're lucky Alucard wants you alive or I wouldn't even hesitate to kill you right now." He said, in an annoyed voice. This was not good, this man had just admitted to wanting to kill her and that she was to share a fate with her mother. So many things she wanted to ask but this was clearly not the person that she should be asking, nor was it the time. "Time to go, Princess, you have kept Alucard waiting for far too long." He said as he stepped forward.

Fallon stepped back until her back was against the building they had been in front of and let out a scream as she closed her eyes.
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