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“You actually do your job as a prince? That's surprising. From what Fionna said, you're stuck up here in this dump all of the time.” The lab was a bit of a mess; it was apparent that this was where Gumball spent most of his time. He really needed to find the boy another hobby; this couldn't be healthy for him. Well, this could prove to be the entertainment that the vampire male was lacking for quite a while. He knew so little about the Candy Prince and the same could be said in reverse as well. The vampire was quite a reclusive creature, and tended not to socialize well with people like Gumball.

Marshall suppressed a grin at the sarcastic words of the prince. He had never heard the prince speak to anyone like that. To say that it was a surprise was an understatement. Though, if he was going to be around Marshall, he would notice that those kind of words came from him quite often. “Me? A wad? Gummy, I think you need to rephrase your statement. I am not a wad.” He had never been called a wad before. Perhaps he was one to Gumball who didn't know anything outside of his lab or his people. That was going to change tonight. He would show the pink skinned male that there was more to life than experiments and test subjects.

Seeing Gumball all fired up made the vampire king laugh quietly to himself. He was worried because of these princesses? Surely, there was no need for that. Though, it was true that he didn't quite know what it was like to have overbearing parents. Marshall had always done what he wanted with no thought of repercussions. “Are you complaining because your suitors are girls? Well, then, what about men? Surely, there's someone you'd like enough to court you, Gummy.” He was only slightly serious; the rest of it was teasing. He knew that the kingdom would never stand to see their beloved prince in the arms of another man. It was simply unheard of. The vampire said no more as the prince dozed off into a quiet sleep.


Marshall waited patiently for the sun to go down before he gently shook awake the prince. “The sun went down. Let's go. I made a promise to Fionna and I don't intend to break it.” He really didn't want to think about the repercussions of breaking that promise either. Fionna could be just a tad bit scary when someone had wronged her in anyway. Even the vampire king was afraid of her; that should tell a person something.

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(center "It's called working on experiments, Marshall, though you probably have never even heard of the word. It's what I do every single day after I do my princely duties." Bubba said, he was already getting annoyed with Marshall. He wanted the vampire around, but he proved to be a nuisance and a pain in the rear. Sometimes Bubba wished he could just look through Marshall's head just to see what in the world goes on in there. But sadly Fionna would get all mad at him, and he rather not have a fired up girl with a sword after him.

He was already regretting asking the vampire to take him out of the castle, but the words had already left his lips. No thought process had went on to confirm the words he really wanted to say. "I should say the same to you, your highness." He said just as sarcastically. He rubbed his eyes, he knew he probably would not be saying all these words had it not been for the lack of sleep over the past few days. But he needed to know of that of which he seeked. An unknown thing at the moment but still something to be uncovered.

He rolled his eyes stretching a bit afterwards, "Whatever you wad, but I'm going to need a nap first." He said, yawning soon after the words left his mouth. It was tough being the prince and a scientist. He was always so close to figuring something out and then... duties called. And he could never get his experiments out of his mind, what would be the outcome of this or that? It would effect his performance as prince.

Hearing the other speak of what happened this morning his eyes shot open as he stood up and marched to Marshall, "Look okay? I don't want suitors, they are nothing but a nuisance to me. And they're girls too, always begging for stupid things. Well... unless they are like Fionna that go out and get what they want. But these are princesses from across the world, and they are all whinny and needy. I hate that." He told the other. "And I don't even need anybody to cook for me, I have myself for that." Oh how Gumball had a passion for cooking among all his other hobbies. "And obviously you don't know my parents, one date might as well be marriage." He said sighing, finally calming down as he walked back to his chair and slumped in it.

"I just want to get away from it sometimes..." He thought aloud as he closed his eyes again and started to just blank out.)
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Marshall laughed when the prince jumped. He was so obviously amused at the Prince's expense. The male was angry at him, and he expected that. The two of them hadn't really had the best experiences with one another when they had last met. Of course, the vampire saw it as friendly, and that there was no harm in it. “Calm down, Gummy. She just thinks you're a wad because all you do is sit in here all day and work on Glob knows what.” The pink haired male tried to convince him that he wasn't a wad, but Marshall knew better than that. He wasn't that stupid- despite his indifference of the Prince's science experiments and gadgets.

Hearing that PG wished that he could see what was outside of the room, he grinned and moved to stand on his feet. The grey skinned vampire brushed his hands against his black and red plaid shirt and looked over at the prince. “Your wish is my command, Your Highness.” Marshall gave a curt bow with a chuckle as the sarcastic words rolled from his tongue. He had an idea that might not be what PG was expecting, but it would definitely get him out of the lab for a little while. That was all that Fionna wanted; she hadn't specified exactly where to take the prince.

Marshall looked thoughtful- as if mulling it over of where he wanted to go even though he knew exactly where he was going. “Why don't we wait until the sun goes down a bit, hm? It was a little hard to get here while the sun was still up. Though, if you're that curious, Lumpy Space Prince is throwing a party, and I thought that it would be interesting to take you. I took Fionna and we had an awesome time.” He remembered that time quite vividly; she had called him a 'bad little boy'. He didn't deny her words at all. Though, he was being nice now and helping her out when she was apparently busy.

“I can see that you had a busy morning, though.” He snickered quietly as he referred to the girls that he'd seen walking from the candy kingdom as he'd entered. “Some of them are pretty, you know? Why didn't you pick any of them? One date won't hurt, Gummy. It's not like you're marrying them after one go.” Marshall guessed that he would never understand the candy prince's behavior; he never had to worry that much about anything because he'd always done what he wanted from the very beginning, and anyone who tried to tie him down was pushed to the side.

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The prince jumped so high he was sure that he would never come back down. But when he did he was as white as a ghost before he recognized the voice and it's owner, and then he turned a bright red. "Goo Glob Marshall, what is your problem?!" He asked angrily. Not even noticing the words being said until a moment after they registered, "And I am not a wad." He said pouting now. How could anyone think that of him. He did lots of interesting things... like... work on experiments.... and other stuff. Sighing he knew he was wrong.

"Fine so what if I am a wad? Those are the people that can make it in life the best!" He said smiling and nodding his head trying to convince himself more than Marshall Lee. "Though I do wonder what it is like being outside this room." Sure he was outside daily but not in the same form as Fionna or Marshall. "And don't call me Gummy! It's Gumball or Prince Gumball." He said correcting the other. He would only permit Fionna to call him by that nickname.

Finally agreeing with the other there was only one more question that came to his mind, "Where would we go?" He asked strolling to his window to look out of it. There was still some sunlight, so how did Marshall get here? Why would he even do this for him, because Fionna asked him? Nah, Marshall tended to brush things off... Didn't he?
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“Marshall, do me a favor,”

“Sure, Fionna. What is it?”

“Show Prince Gumball how to live a little. He's such a wad.”

Needless to say, Marshall Lee had accepted the chance to do what she had asked of him. Gumball needed to learn that life was more than his laboratory and experiments. He had decided to visit the candy prince in the day time. It would be a risky decision on his part, but he was willing to brave the sun if it meant helping out a friend. Fionna obviously wanted Gumball to stop being so lame with his missions. Marshall had hardly spent much time around the stuck up prince, but he knew this would not be an easy task since the two of them obviously didn't get along very well.

The vampire covered himself in a heavy cloak, and began the trek to the candy kingdom. As he was entering, there were many disheartened candy girls walking throughout the kingdom. Gumball probably rejecting his many suitors again. That honestly didn't surprise Marshall; Gumball never did seem like the type to want to take a lover or even get married for that matter. Maybe the Vampire King could change that about him too. Honestly, the thought made him a bit jealous. As much as he knew he shouldn't feel this way towards the other male, he did. It wasn't well advertised, and it was kept under wraps. He had even dated Ashley to combat them; that was probably the worst decision that he'd made, but it worked.

He floated to the window of the candy prince's bedroom, and was able to slip inside while the male was on the way downstairs. Inside the room, Marshall was able to shed the heavy clothing that protected him from the sunlight of the outside. Red eyes caught the prince leaning over his experiment at the time. “Boo,” He chuckled as he floated in front of the table. “Y'know, Fionna is worried about you, Gummy. She said that you're a wad and asked me to help you. Who am I to deny the hero that's saved us more times than we can count.” He knew that there would be arguments, but Marshall wasn't going to hear it. He knew that he could out argue Gumball if he needed to.

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Bubba was just sitting in his room working on an experiment when his mother stormed in, "Bubba~" She called sweetly causing him to turn to see what his mother wanted. "Yes?" he answered. "I have some suitors here to see you!" She said smiling sickening sweet. Bubba sighed, "Mother... you know I don't wish to marry." He told her but the disappointed look on her face had him convinced. "Fine, but there is no promise that I will choose one." He told her, his mother coming up squealing and hugging him. Sighing as he made his way downstairs to meet everyone there was one girl that already had hearts in her eyes and Bubba could already tell this was going to be a long day.

After meeting everyone he had already chosen none of them. None were really all that interesting, not like Fionna, or Glob forbid the vampire. And that one girl had been following him around all day and looked menacing when the others approached him. Sitting down at his research table he started working though not long after he heard a tapping at his window. Looking over he at first saw nothing, but then someone had come behind him. Surprised he had kicked the person and seeing it as the girl that had hearts in her eyes he became scared and pushed her out the window. "Stop bothering me!" He yelled. After that he shut the curtains and went back to his research, not aware that he would be getting another visitor soon.
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