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The year is 2014.
In a small town in America, odd things are happening. Despite the insanity already brewing everywhere and people killing, people going just hysterical over all these different things in the world, this is much weirder.

The town has a dark presence about it. Time has seemed to stop around the children and the people of the town. Another world full of darkness erupts during this un-time and stands as a turning point for these who will face it.

Now, those chosen will stand above all else and fight off the shadows that come from that world. They will stop the strange occurrences and discover the truth!

Choose your path and set forth onto the world.

Use this site to create your character. Be sure to have all things filled out; First, middle, and last name.
*Note* You don't have to list your middle or last name in skelly
*note* Be sure to read on each of your cards, they help out a lot on understanding

Core Cards:
Power Cards:
Desire Cards:
Growth Cards:
Luck Cards:
Persona Name:


Name: Ethan A. H.
Age: 19
Birthday: May 17
Core Cards: Hanged Man, Empress
Power Cards: Wheel of fortune, The Magician
Desire Cards: High Priestess, The Fool
Growth Cards: Strength, The Fool
Luck Cards: The World, Empress
Weapon: Longsword
Persona Name: Gehangen
Bio: Now a freshman in college, Ethan is striving to become a major in Criminal Justice. He's lived a good life so far, never really doing much, but always trying to be a hero when he can. Dad always gave him that strength to move forward in life.

Name: Seras V.
Age: 18
Birthday: July, 3
Core Cards: The Hanged Man, The Empress
Power Cards: The Chariot, The Empress
Desire Cards: The Hierophant, The Magician
Luck Cards: The Star, Strength
Persona Name: Ariadne
Bio: Seras is at the end of her high school days with graduation coming up. However she has yet to decide what she is going to do with her life which surprises her friends considering she is often times their collected, knowledgeable, and peace making leader. While Seras has many choices she is unsure of her morals due to some recent bad decisions.

Name: Cheryl T. G.
Age: 17
Birthday: June 14, 1995
Core Cards: Judgement, The High Priestess
Power Cards: Strength, The Fool
Desire Cards: The Hanged Man, The Emperess
Growth Cards: The Lovers, The Fool
Luck Cards: Strength, The Fool
Weapon: Katana
Persona Name: Belle Mort

Name: Kaichi Tsuji
Age: 17
Birthday: October 5th
Core: The Moon and The Hermit
Power: The Empress and The Lovers
Desire: The Devil and The Lovers
Growth: Wheel of Fortune and The Magus
Luck: The Heirophant and The Lovers
Persona: Rakkiwan
Bio: Kaichi heard about the recent murders lately, and he's wanted to do something to help, but he's never been the one to do much. He is usually the quiet kid in class who never really talks or does anything to stand out. Now, obtaining this new power, he feels a bit happier, knowing he can try to make a difference in the world and help people like he's always wanted.

Name: Monica J. Suzuki
Age: 17
Birthday: October 4th
Core Cards: Temperance and The Hierophant
Power Cards: Justice and High Priestess
Desire Cards: The Empress and The Lovers
Growth Cards: The Hermit and The High Priestess
Luck Cards: The Wheel of Fortune and The Magus
Weapon: Spears/Lances
Persona Name: Kikuri-Hime
Bio: Monica has a normal life with her mother, father, and baby brother, Kyo. She is mostly quiet and reserved but always looks happy; greeting everyone with a warm smile. Students at her high school tend to come to her if they need help or simply need a listening ear. With the most recent events, she tries her best to keep everyone calm but knows that it won't last long and that something needs to be done. She wishes that there was a way she could help everyone feel safe once again.

Name: Kennedy B. D.
Age: 15
Birthday: 6/30/1998
Core Cards: The Hierophant, The Magus
Power Cards: The Hermit, The High Priestess
Desire Cards: Temperance, The Hierophant
Growth Cards: Death, The Emperor
Luck Cards: The Lovers, The Fool
Weapon: Damascus Sword
Persona Name: Mot
Bio: Kennedy is in his Sophomore year of High School. He plans on taking his life far and is taking courses in Photography, Writing, and Broadcast journalism. He wants to star his own nature show and magazine one day, like National Geographic. He considers himself to be a Geographer. He has also spent quite a bit of time traveling as his parents are Archaeologist. He�s seen a lot and even the death of his best friend due to a a tomb collapsing on a trip to Egypt.

Name: Fai Kun Y.
Age: 16
Birthday: Oct. 23
Core Cards: The Star, Strength
Power Cards: The Hierophant and The Magus
Desire Cards: The Hanged Man and The Empress
Growth Cards: Wheel of Fortune and The Magus
Luck Cards: The Tower and The Chariot
Weapon: Needles
Persona Name: Niu
Bio: Fai had to quit high school this year to help run the family clinic full time in place of her mother, one of the recently murdered. Numb is a good description for her state ever since; on the surface it just shows up as cold apathy. She has tried to move past it and focus on learning how to take care of others, but something keeps drawing her to all the occurrences, unable to ignore them. But what is there to solve? What is someone like her capable of doing in this situation? Will this numb feeling ever fade?

Matsuro Itachi
Age: 17
Birthday: September 21, 1996
Core Cards: Temperance, Hierophant
Power Cards: The Lovers, The Fool
Desire Cards: Strength, The Fool
Growth Cards: The Chariot, The Empress
Luck Cards: Strength, The Fool
Weapon: Dual Tomahawks
Persona Name: Seiryu
Bio: Matsuro has always been interested in different cultures and religions, and is always trying to achieve some state of spiritual enlightenment. However he is always changing religions and can never seem to achieve the inner strength and spirituality that dreams of so much. His older sister has always cheered him on even though he also sees her as a rival because of her many achievements in life. Matsuro often goes off into grassy areas or any solemn part of nature to think alone. He can usually be seen on park benches reading books on philosophy.

Name: Damien Michael Grubb
Age: 18
Birthday: March 24 1995
Core Cards: The hanged man, and the empress
Power Cards: The lovers, and the Fool
Desire Cards: The lovers, and the Fool
Growth Cards: The Emperor, and the Fool
Luck Cards: The Wheel Of Fortune, and The Magician
Weapon: Scythe
Persona Name: Damien Rose
Bio: He has a strong passion in everything he does and has the power to accomplish even some of the impossible things that he comes up with. He is selfless in everything he does and acts out of the best for others rather than himself. Pushing himself past whatever limits are set and surpasses all around him to accomplish the goals.

Name: Ravinci M. A.
Age: 17
Birthday: Oct. 22nd
Core Cards: The Hanged man - The Empress
Power Cards: Strength - The Fool
Desire Cards: The Emperor - The Fool
Growth Cards: The Hermit- The High Priestess
Luck Cards: The Emperor - The Fool
Weapon: Shuriken
Persona Name: Raveness
Bio: Raveness grew up belonging to a wealthy, regal family. She had always quietly played by the rules. Keeping up with the status quo, acting not only how everyone expected her to, but how she believed would be most beneficial for herself. She never spoke unless spoken too, she never needed to voice her opinion as her actions spoke for her. Always, she would read the situation, the atmosphere. Collecting the smallest details and filing them together to create the most appropriate and orderly response. This us the way she had been raised and the way she is to this day. Though there was always one thing about her that significantly separated her from her family. In a situation where the end result could not be determined, it was agreed upon her family members that its probably best to step down, or surrender. This was not how Raveness thought it to be. Had there been a situation when she couldn't determine a definite outcome, she would leave it to chance. With her silver dice she would roll. Placing her options into numbers from 1 to 6. Her family shunned her for this. It wasn't level headed or Regal in any way. Common sense and power is what ruled her family. And they believed leaving something to chance was a fools method. They eventually payed for an apartment for her to live in alone, away from the family that rejected her. Raveness shrugged it off. She was content with living alone. She was content with being alone. In her opinion, the best kind of loving relationship is the kind you share with your inner self.

Birthday: May 10
Core Cards: The Emperor and The Fool
Power Cards: The Emperor and The Fool
Desire Cards: The moon and the Hermit
Growth Cards: The Wheel of Fortune and The Magus
Luck Cards: The Chariot and The Magus
Weapon: Multi-Weapon user
Persona Name: Exsulem Bellator
Bio: Kevin has always been a bit of a loner. It was never really by choice as it was more so by sheer luck of the draw. He enjoys other people's company, but feels that it can, at time, be a direct impediment to his overall goals. He enjoys reading and thought provoking games. Kevin is often the unknowing leader of a group. He is, in some ways, the big brother in the group even to those who are significantly older then he is.
Kevin seems to almost always have his head in the clouds and tends to think about the impossible. His ambitions have gotten him in trouble and even in fights, but he sees every failure as a way to strengthen his chances of winning at anything and everything. When he is after something he doesn't stop until he gets it or sees a logical reason behind his inability to obtain what he wants.
Kevin doesn't exactly like talking about his past, but he isn't exactly a closed book. Just ask him a question or two. You might get an answer.

Name: Hiroshi Sasaki
Age: 17
Birthday June, 9
Core Cards: Hermit, Hanged Man
Power Cards: Hermit, Chariot
Desire Cards: Magician, Strength
Growth Cards: Temperance, High Priestess
Luck Cards: Star, Empress
Weapon: Bare Handed
Persona Name: Orobanos
Bio: Hiroshi is a quiet and shy young man and tends to keep to himself. Though he has few friends, the ones he does have are close. He usually spends his time reading, daydreaming, listening to music, or sleeping at school. Even though he is shy, when others approach him he is usually calm and collected, it is only hard for him to approach others. Although he may seem distant at first he opens up pretty quickly to others. While he is only physically average, he posses an above average analytical ability. While he tends to look at things as an average person he also tries to see it from another person's point of view, seeing if the way they are acting logical or not.
Hiroshi is an only child, this means he has little social interaction at home. His mother is a teacher at a middle school and his father is an artist. His family is fairly well off but he would even consider them to be rich. At home he either spends his time on the internet, watching TV, or sleeping.
The recent murders have caused him to become more nervous than usual and he avoids staying out at all costs. While he understands the likelihood of being attacked he gets extremely nervous about them nonetheless.

Name: Eury L. K.
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Febuary
Core Cards: World, Empress
Power Cards: Strength, Fool
Desire Cards: Emperor, Death
Growth Cards: Lovers, Fool
Luck Cards: Chariot, Magician
Weapon: Dual chain lances
Persona Name: Signguard
Bio: Eury has had quite an unfortunate life, he was born in a war torn area of the world and his birth parents were both killed, he was found as just a baby and luckily was able to become an Orphan in a country that had free school and orphanages. During the day he studies at a local highschool to pass his GED, during the night he sleeps in a homeless shelter, due to his life he's always desired to become something great, to have a true endgame, to be important.

no god mod, of course.
be who your character will most reflect.
let the cards guide your past
there are no wild cards
the police won't believe you
SEES may be involved
Don't ditch
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have fun


“Welcome to the Velvet room.”
A figure spoke to me as the windows in a limousine lit and dimmed as though we drove down a road full of cars.
“It seems quite a few guests have seen me tonight,” his long beaked nose rested on his hands and his large beady eyes stared up at me, “My name is Igor.”
The clamor of the road outside became louder and much more visible.
“It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.”
A woman sat beside him and turned to me, “My name is Margaret, from here out, we will be watching you all on your journey you have ahead.”
Igor spoke again, “This room lies between dreams and reality. Between mind and matter.” A deck of cards appeared on the table before him, “It can only be found by those bound to sign a certain contract.” He flipped a couple cards before him, the top two corners, “It is most likely that you too will sign such a contract, but so many at once has been unheard of.” He paused and gave a sigh, “With none of you as special, I begin to question what might arise from this contract and how it would be formed? With so many in such a little time, this would be the first.” He looked to the cards and stopped.
Margaret took over talking, “You must all have destinies intertwined to be the focus of such power.” She paused as the cards disappeared, “Fare thee well, until we meet again.”

Now as things seemed to be growing, the dark feelings that draw the shadows in grow to a greater size. The greater feeling in the town, in this school drew them like moths to a flame.

"Now, evoke, a dark hour..."

And like that, time.... stopped.

Only the few visited can still wake from this slumber. Only those who wield a powerful ego can withstand the force of this blow. Either that, or they are the beacons of dark energy, and so will be hunted by their hidden ego.

"Let the hunt.... begin."

And the shadows swarmed the school.
The story begins, how will the children fare?

In the velvet room, Igor silently watches their fate.

The dark is lerching out to the students, it is taking form and then setting its sights on these children of strong will. When they fall, it will soothe the hunger for a time.

Now from all sides, the underling shadows decide to take action and lunge at the students from surpise.

The creatures look like pulsating blobs, but as suddenly take an all too familiar form. Since gossip spreads so easily, and it is relevant that bullying has taken place, it is only for certain that these creatures look as so. Large mouths and long pushy arms, and an attack that'll get your panties in a bunch, the atomic weggy.

Now the halls are darkening, the world around the children warping around them. The odd sense of evil loomed down toward the end of the hall, down to the gym.

The children were being lead there.

A voice echoes to them as they make their way down the hall. "Soon, a contract will be bound to you, and soon your journey will truly begin."

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"Beat a boss and the world goes back to normal, sounds like some video game." Hiroshi said to Ethan. The only thing that seemed close to this situation was a game or movie. Usually he would have dismissed that thought entirely but this wasn't your standard situation.

"Hiroshi Sasaki, seventeen, Junior." He introduced himself as quickly as he could after sighing. Since one of the group had done so he followed but even after this mess he still wasn't a people person. He supposed he should be more thankful they were around though, helping defeat the big monster and all.

"As for the dark haired person you're talking about the guy that screamed about a white tiger or something right? I saw him during the fight but that was it." He informed the girl that was questioning about the person. He would have referred to him as the idiot but he didn't want to make himself look bad. "Hes probably somewhere around, cant really go very far in so little time." he thought out loud.
  Hiroshi Sasaki / Akudo / 7y 53d 7h 40m 8s
Just after a few moments of relaxing against the wall, Monica hears movement not too far away. She glances ahead to see that some of the students have started to gather in the center of the gym. A few words were being spoken by them, which she could barely hear. Deciding to join them, she pulls up the hood of her jacket to conceal her pale face and walks over. The broken push broom is used as a sort of cane to help keep her up. When close enough and yet distant enough from everyone else, she stops in order to listen.

Looking around, she realizes that one person in particular is missing. 'Where did that comic-book-hero guy go?' she wonders. The girl tries to locate him but to no avail. A sort of uneasiness builds in the pit of her stomach. Even seeing Fai only relieved her somewhat. It went silent so she found that the perfect time to speak up.

"H-Has anyone seen... Um... A guy with dark hair?" Monica asks meekly, keeping her head low. "He was with me and Fai," she says while motioning towards the girl with brunette hair, "not too long ago."
  Monica / nomey1 / 7y 53d 14h 3m 45s
<<>And so it seems all have posted<>><<>Awesome<>>

I slowly give a retreating feel and step back. The feeling is lost and I walk forward to the group of people. A deeper understanding overwhelmed me. Genga was not yet at full power, I felt.

Although at the moment, that really didn't matter. The others were talking, I was a bit taller than some of them and even looked to have a bit of age on me. Of course, I didn't know any of these other kids, but they might recognize me from last year or even this year when I was walking the halls. I step toward Hiroshi and nod slightly, "Well ain't this a kick in the head?" I give a quirky look and then turn to the others, "We all have some sort of powers and just beat off a giant weird monster?" the most obvious and redundant thing of all to say, we all saw what just happened didn't we? "Well, I guess things will go back to normal soon, just figured."
  Alum / 7y 65d 49m 11s
While Ravinci was feeling horribly dizzy, she had still found this need to mime Ravenesses movements. As though she were guiding him. The battle ended as quickly as it had began, at least through her blurred vision, blurred mind. Kevin was quick to move to the group of people. Good, the plan was in motion. As she went to stand up, her movements were haulted. Not by touch but perhaps by mind. As Raveness was looming over her. "The battle is over, I need you no longer." she stated rather simply, dismissively. Though, Raveness didn't take her words in any way shape or form.

Carefully, Raveness began to fish a limb from under his cloak. She quickly realized it was a hand. He had human hands, odd. She somehow imagined a little skeleton under there. Though his hand was surely human, surely man. As the wide palm rested on her cheek. "My, you are a diamond among copper." His hand was warm, she had taken notice oddly. "Be sure not to get too close to these.. swine." He cocked his beak in the direction of the others subtly. Ravinci did believe she was higher quality than the rest of them. But this Raveness man was taking matters a bit to seriously. As though she would become ill at the touch of one of them. Her attention was again taken in the skip of a heart beat as he moved his hand slowly from her cheek to her wounded forehead. He smiled, with his other hand he pulled a small leaf from his beak, crushing it in his hand and rubbing it between both palms. When he touched her again, it wasn't only her heart that skipped a beat. She felt a horribly violent thrash of cold, it rushed down from her forehead to her toes. Training prevails, as she kept her expression nearly unmoving. Just a small groan, and several eye lid flutters. But as the last flinch of her eye lid recovered, he was gone. Though, she was seeing much more clearly now. It seemed she might have been seeing better than she did before the wound. Ravinci wiped the crusts of leaf stuck to her now clean forehead. Then made her way over to Kevin.

Ravinci, as stated before, was no good with speaking to others. Kevin seemed to have picked up on that concept rather quickly. Which is why she could easily stand behind him with her arms crossed as she did, allowing him to introduce her to the group, or not involve her at all. Whatever he saw fit, for her thoughts were focusing on Raveness, Her thoughts were returning to his hand, as her own casually touched her face.


  R a v i n c i / Bhaskys / 7y 65d 9h 45m 6s
Exsulem Bellator was quite the character, to say the least. He seemed to relish the fight which was weird considering Kevin didn't care too much for fighting. He just encouraged Exsulem to do his best in the fight.

During the fray Kevin had noticed that Ravinci had also gained a Persona, known as Pestartz. The man seemed to be a support based Persona that could relieve people of their ailments. Kevin would have been surprised, but considering their current situation it didn't faze him too much.

The blob of shadows wrapped itself around Bellator's lance and tried to pull him in. "Oh you want to get to know me? Why didn't you just say so?" Exsulem let himself be dragged closer and then sliced off the part that was holding him with his Maroon blade. The blob seemed to show signs of pain and Bellator laughed at it. "Did that hurt?" His laughter became dark and manic. "Good!" The large knight like Persona launched itself at the monster while Kevin mirrored its movements and decided to run around the gym to find the blobs weakness. While doing so He saw a boy being dragged into the blob's body. "Bell!" He yelled as he shoved his hand in after the boy.

Exsulem stopped fighting the monster and looked at Kevin. "What is it you require, boy?" He asked hopping over and landing next to him.

"There's a kid trapped inside give me ha- woah!" Kevin was being sucked in at a rapid rate and soon only his hand was outside of the blob.

"I can see that." Exsulem said in a lax tone as he lazily pulled Kevin back out and kicked the blob into a wall.

Soon after Kevin's near death experience the beast was defeated and everyone was being accounted for. Well almost everyone. The boy in the black coat was nowhere to be found. Kevin was almost sure that when the blob was destroyed that he's come flying out, but he didn't. "This is not good." He sighed.

"There is nothing we can do about it for the time being. For now we shall tend to our present compatriots." Exsulem stated with little emotion.

"I get that, but I just don't like the idea of not knowing if someone's alright when I could've helped." Kevin stood up and went around to check on the rest of the group. He decided to get in the middle of the gym and tend to his wounds while he introduced himself. "well I guess we should all introduce ourselves, huh? I'm Kevin Billingsley, seventeen years old, and a Senior. Is everyone alright?"

  Kevin Genaroe Billingsley / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 72d 14h 12m 31s
Finally getting into the gym, Eury was surprised to see more people, but there was also a huge monster there. As "I am Thou, Thou art I." rang out amongst the room and cards began appearing in front of everyone, Eury couldn't understand exactly what was happening. No card had appeared in front of him, and the others were beginning to summon kick-ass looking figures that followed their commands. Eury clenched his fists, everyone was fighting that big creature but he was useless. He screamed out “Prepare to get your ass kicked!” Eury was pissed and he charged off into the unknown, his leg was still hurting but he didn’t care.

While everyone was having a hard time of it he closed in on the huge shadow creature and he made this threat to it “Listen up, you’re messing with THE WHITE TIGER!” He screamed this at the shadow as he pounded his fists into the shadowy mass. As he punched fumes of vapor poured off the creature, it seemed he was doing some pretty good damage to it. After punching for a few moments Eury realized that there was just too much of this thing to take down with a punch.

After myriad of punches Eury was wearing out and he decided to go ahead and try some kicking. He kicked with his bad leg and that was a bad decision. Eury’s leg got stuck and the creature began pulling him in. “W-what, no no no no!” He said as he was completely pulled into the creature. He floated around for a few moments feeling the shakes and rocks of the others attack on the creature, but soon all went silent. Unannounced to Eury he had been teleported to the realm of the Shadows while in this creature –no longer was he in Kansas anymore.

Eury awoke in complete darkness, but his eyes had adjusted. He stood up on nothingness and noted his leg no longer hurt –or perhaps he was too focused on being nowhere. As Eury looked around seeing nothing he screamed “Where the hell am I!”
  Eury L. Kaze / ChiefEditorLandry / 7y 75d 22h 34m 17s
With the others fighting as hard as they were, Monica gained the strength to fight alongside her persona. Even though her weapon is a simple push broom, it beat standing along the sidelines. She was just getting into the rhythm of things when a certain blow caused 1/4 of the broom to break off. The shock of it had her hesitate for a second. That was long enough for the shadow to find an opening and hit her.

“Kyaa!” she screamed as she was thrown towards the gymnasium wall.

She would have hit it directly if it weren’t for Kikuri-Hime jumping into her path and cushioning the blow. The persona, though hurt, caught the brunette and carefully placed her on the ground so that she could stand. Though in pain, she knew it would have been a lot worse if it weren’t for her persona being there. She looked down at her now broken weapon and sighed. Though it was expected, it was still disheartening. Meanwhile, her persona recovered from the blow and continued to attack the shadow. Soon enough, it was defeated thanks to the combined effort of those that fought.

“We… We did it…” Monica says softly to herself in disbelief. A huge sigh of relief is let out as she suddenly drops to her knees and bows her head. “Thank goodness…”

Kikuri-Hime spots this and becomes concerned. She kneels in front of her and asks, “Are you alright?”

The girl looks up at her and smiles lightly along with a nod of the head. “Thank you very much. I couldn’t have fought it alone.”

“I am always with you, Monica.” she replies with a smile. “I am the goddess of negotiation and mediation. Whenever you need me, just call upon me and I will be at your side.”

The brunette nods once more. Kikuri-Hime takes Monica’s right hand and turns it so the palm is facing upward. She then places one of her own hands on top of it. Right before her eyes, the woman vanishes from site. The only thing that remains is the chrysanthemum left in the outstretched hand. Though she was no longer visible, she knew that the persona wasn’t truly gone. She was just hidden deep inside her soul.

Monica tries to stand up but quickly crumbles back to the ground. Her vision was starting to become blurry. ‘No…. No, no, no! I need to stay awake!’ Though she blinks several times her vision doesn’t improve. She grips the handle of the broom so tightly that her knuckles turn white. After placing the flower carefully in one of her jacket pockets, sheer willpower has her standing but not before having to lean her back against the nearest wall for support.
  Monica / nomey1 / 7y 76d 12h 43m 24s
Fai stood with the others, amazed as she observed how each person commanded the.... warriors, that had come from them. One of them had finished fighting a shadow and promptly disappeared into thin air, just as it had appeared. Odd. But at least the situation in the gymnasium was steadily improving; compared to the chaos going on when Monica, Gege and she had opened the doors, the scene occurring now was.... far from normal, but definitely better than the nightmare that happened before now.

The warrior Monica had summoned appeared almost, mechalike. The creature she was fighting disappeared with little effort; these creatures had been strong, but what the others had each summoned, somehow, were even stronger. None of them looked the same, either. One of them seemed as though it were made of rocks was clearly capable of packing one hell of a punch when it had hit another of the creatures. Before Fai could even think of responding to the encouragement its owner had shouted out, two more people summoned fighters of their own. The ones who had been in the room longer, if their injuries were anything to go by.

The boy had summoned a dark knight type of character, who seemed more than enthusiastic about fighting, while the girl called forth a man with a.... bird-mask? Or, at least it looked like a bird. He joined the battle as well, while the girl was sitting down on the floor in a formal fashion. The injuries must have been worse than they looked. Another of the shadows were effortlessly defeated by something a boy with glasses had summoned.

For the most part, as each character stepped forth, the ones who called them showed surprise, as if they weren't expecting something like this to happen. Well, anyone would be shocked to experience a portion of what happened today. Up till now was pure chaos; the appearance of these supernatural beings was no less strange than anything else, but at least they had hope for living to see another day now that they weren't completely alone in the fight against the shadows. Fai looked down at the tarot card in her hand that had appeared a while ago, remembering it was still there.

"P--" Patience. Did I not tell you the first time? "So you still aren't going to come out like the others did," she mumbled. I remember making it quite clear, kid. I art thou, thou art I. And right now we are not joining in the battle. It is not necessary. Not yet. She stayed quiet, absently playing with her hair as she continued to watch the scene before those on the side who weren't fighting. "If you say so. Something bad might happen anyway." Always the pessimist.

((Hopefully a recap to sum up the Persona fight so far is a good idea. I tried very hard to stay accurate and avoid godmod, but if it has been committed anyway, you may kick me.
  Fai / HowPosh / 7y 75d 22h 7m 45s
Hiroshi could only watch on amazed as his "persona" fought on with such power behind it. Orobanos towered could easily match the height of the monster it was fighting and with the help of the others he couldn't help but get cocky. In almost all respects there was no way the creature could win except by getting a massive power boost somehow, this however did not occur. The mighty swings of Orobanos reminded him of a truck ramming into something at high speeds, needless to say it hurt. His mountainous friend felt like it would be some monster form a rpg but at the moment anything happening could make sense in this world.

The blob put up a good fight considering the circumstances, outnumbered and outmatched. Hiroshi took the time that he had to look over the other members of the group that he could currently see, with all the fighting going on it was a bit hard. Everyone in general seemed normal in every way except for one aspect; they had personas of their own also. It seemed like there were two warrior types as well as a priestess looking one. The final one however was very odd looking, it seemed to be another humanoid type except for that it was wearing a giant bird mask. He wasn't quite sure why his persona was more monster looking than the others but decided to ignore it for now.

After examining who he could see Hiroshi then turned his attention back to the fight and started helping again. Given some time the creature was finally vanquished by one Ethan's own persona and it vanished just like the others. With that finished Ethan quickly made his persona disappear. Hiroshi however wasn't as eager to make his new giant of a friend disappear, wondering where in the world he had come from in the first place. The world however was going back to normal and he doubted that people would appreciate a rock monster randomly appearing in school so he dismissed Orobanos.

After given a moment to let the situation process Hiroshi realized they needed to figure out what was going on. "We need to talk to figure out whats going on." He said quieter than he needed to, even after that his shyness was still affecting him. No matter how he looked at it this situation was not normal. While he doubted this could be explained with any logic, the idea of having a group to think of more ideas seemed more appealing than coming up with unlikely theories on his own.
  Hiroshi Sasaki / Akudo / 7y 79d 3h 33m 12s
Kaichi ran through the halls, avoiding the creature following him. But at an intersection in the hallway, he hadn't seen another one coming, as it slammed into him, throwing him to the ground. He slid across the ground, as the muscles in his body throbbed. Get up... He thought to himself. Get up, run! As he tried to rise, a voice can into his head. "I am thou." W-wait...what? "Thou art I." that..?! Slowly turning over, he looked toward the blob creature. But right in front of him, something began to glow, as something fell from out of no where. A...tarot card...?

Reaching to see what it said, the card seemed to jump away from his hand. A bit irritated, he reached and grasped it as it shattered, summoning his Persona. Frozen in shock at the mystical figure in front of him, it pulled out a sword and lunged at the blob creature, stabbing it in the center killing it easily. Though others attracted, as one by one went down. Kaichi sat there in amazement. This...has to be a dream...
  Kaichi (Purple) / Megane-kun / 7y 81d 20h 54m 30s
The creature from my heart fought with ferocity as though willing to sacrifice or die in battle. It was an outstanding feat to behold with my own eyes. The others joined in the fight and brought forth large and powerful creatures as well, some bigger and stronger than mine seemed.

Genga was obviously more for speed and finesse as he darted from back to front of the creature, knocking it off balance and sending it to the ground. The others proceeded to pile atop the creature and unrelentingly defeat it.

Now as the others died before, it burst into a misty form and I gave a breath of relief. "Finally, that's taken care of." the world seemed to be unwinding back to its original state, but we still had a little time to mingle before it all warped back.

I dispelled Genga and returned to Hiroshi. "Now that that's taken care of." I started but didn't finish as the others took into account to group up right here, and some to my eyes didn't seem to eager to dispel their creatures.

<<>I just didn't have much detail for battle here... you guys can still have more to fight, Genga is just quickly to finish his attacks<>>
  The Hanged Man XII / Alum / 7y 81d 20h 49m 11s

Ravinci glanced at Kevin in mild distaste. Sure she had a minor wound and certainly lacked an exotic monster but that would not stop her from fighting this thing. An Awenskoff never sits out on a life or death battle. However when she looked back at Kevin he had released a monster of his own. Just like that. "I would find it greatly convenient if I could produce one of those as well.." She muttered to him, her vision was still blurred, but that didn't stop her from seeing the looming black knight running off to battle. Ravinci placed her left hand on her chin, lightly tapping at it, her right arm layed under the left elbow as support. Eyes to the ground, she entrusted her safety to chance- as she thought. I heard persona, so.. persona? She felt no different. Tasting the lingering iron in her mouth she sighed. persona. Per-so-na. Tch, what the hell am I doing. Miss. She heard a voice. One soft yet demanding. A brilliant sound. Ravinci blinked and looked over at Kevin. "What?" Miss, I art Thou, Thou art I.. Ravinci blinked yet again, this voice wasn't coming from kevin. But before she had a chance to react, she realized the words, and uttered them smoothly. "Persona.." Her vision still blurry, the experience only caused her to stumble back into the wall. As he.. appeared. Even such a fumbly movement was graceful when Ravinci acted it out so. She tried to focus her vision on the figure before her, after a moment, she saw it.

He was tall.. very tall. He towered easily over Ravinci and even Kevin. "... Pestarzt?"* The masked man laughed, a rich sound. "Indeed, though I am much more than a common doctor. Here I have come, to serve and protect you. From the plague that are these.. filthy monsters." Ravinci simply stared, suppressing her shock, and her interest. The man cleared his throat, an odd mist escaping the beak. It was a light green and it was scented something.. comforting. Ravinci felt the pain of her forehead ease up ever so slightly. "My name, is Doktor Schnabel von Rom. Though you may just call me Raveness. Ravinci raised a brow. The name was oddly feminine.

"You are here as my protector then, yes?" Raveness nodded once. Ravinci cocked her hand up in the direction of the chaotic blob of filth. "Then remove this Plague, Raveness!"

Ravinci could almost feel the smile growing from under the beak.

And just like that, he had sprung into the air. His long cloak, which hung far past his legs, seemed to somewhat adjust as though he had wings. From up there, he looked almost like a crow. A very big crow. Ravinci glanced at Kevin, blinking several times in hopes it would vanquish the blur. "I need to sit.." she said finally, gracefully adjusting her kimono before lowering herself to the ground, sitting up on her knees as though she were in a castle rather than a stinky gymnasium.

* Pestartz: German for 'Plague Doctor' . A doctor which helped sick people during the black plague. They wore the long beaks and stuffed them with aromatic herbs to treat sick people without a chance of catching said illness.
  R a v i n c i / Bhaskys / 7y 82d 23h 29m 59s

Kevin had noticed Raveness next to him after a few moments of mental processing. He was racking his brain for plans. Schematics. Equations. The new variables entering his mind, known as human beings, threw off his concentration. 'Dammit all. Kevin, think.' He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "We have a wounded girl and new students that just entered the gym. we can't take this shadow no matter how hard we'd try, so we should try running." That thought was immediately scrapped as soon as he saw a huge beast come from a boy. "What in the-!?" And then there was another being, but this one was a beautiful woman.

Kevin moved himself and Raveness back when he felt the gust of wind envelope the room. After the burst of wind a boy summoned a giant rock monster. "Oh you can't be serious!" He then heard the boy's comment about taking out the monster. "Yeah that'd be easy if I had one as well." He looked over to Raveness and shrugged with a stupid grin. "It looks like we'll have to sit this one out."

"I do not shy from battle. I am not one to let others fight for me. I seek my own decisive end. I seek redemption." A voice from within his mind spoke. "How dare you even think to make me sit in the background!? This is an insult to not only me, but to yourself!"

"Who in the hell?"

"You are unbelievably thick for someone so smart. Allow me to elaborate, boy. I art Thou, Thou art I!"

When those words were roared within him Kevin found a card floating in front of him. It burned with blue flames surrounding it, but when he shattered it in his hands it didn't burn him. It merely enveloped his entire being. "Persona!" Kevin bellowed, letting a large knight with a dark aura overflowing from him.

"I am Exsulem Bellator! I am that of a shattered soul and hollow shell. I am a warrior who seeks his redemption! I am your sword and Shield!"

"Alright then Exsulem! If you are as you say then take out that big bastard." Kevin yelled pointing at the Shadow.

"As you command, My Lord! I shall make a proper Conqueror out of you yet!" Exsulem spawned a giant ebony blade with a scarlet hilt and then a Maroon spear. "I'll dispose of this beast!" He then leaped into the fray.

  Kevin Genaroe Billingsley / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 83d 13h 1m 56s
"I wouldn't exactly call it a great disaster, but sure." Hiroshi nodded ready for whatever was to come. The situation wasn't normal but it wasn't bad enough to consider it a disaster. Generally a disaster involved death or something bad happening. While what was happening wasn't considered good it also lacked anything terrible happening either. It was just as if they entered a world where these creatures called home, obviously not happy with their presences.

Hiroshi followed close behind Ethan as the two made their way into the room. It was even darker than outside but it was still visible to see what was happening due to his eyes adjusting due to the time he had spent in this time- frozen place. The room seemed to be screaming get out just from the aura of it and that thought was reinforced by it causing him to have a hard time breathing due to it.

Hiroshi heard Ethan's voice questioning something a turned to follow his gaze, something giant was somehow hanging onto the ceiling. Hiroshi's response was the same as Ethan's but he didn't say it out loud and could only stare at it with with his mouth hanging open. Whatever it was, it made a loud noise, which Hiroshi could only think of was a roar at that moment.

The next couple of moments went by so quickly that Hiroshi could only watch idly by as they happened, his brain confused by what he was seeing. A person being thrown, Ethan attacking whatever the thing was and Hiroshi getting caught in the crossfire. Any attacks that were attempted on the creature didn't seem to phase it as the others were.


Hiroshi's head was starting pound from the beating he was getting. "Damn, why does my head hurt so much?" He wondered. He hadn't been hit in the head many times it was just getting worse.

"I art Thou, Thou art I" The words echoed inside his head. It seemed as if whoever they were, they were speaking from inside his mind. The pounding soon turned to tingling sensation and his minds only thought was on the word Ethan had just said. As if on cue a blue card floated in front of his face. The voice repeated the same phrase over and over again until he grasped the card.

"Persona!" Hiroshi called out and crushed the card. It did not crumple, rather it shattered into a million pieces of glowing blue material as if it had been made of glass. As if a ghost a creature seemingly made of rock appeared behind him. The creature would have frightened him in any other circumstance but right now he was calm, collected, and ready to kick some ass. "I am Orobanos, I emerge from the sea of thy soul. Through hardships my form has been eroded to this shape and I have been given this power." It announced. "Right, I'm pretty sure i'm not a giant rock thing, but i'll work with it." Hiroshi commented, obviously referring to its earlier statements inside his head. "Lets hope you can take that thing out big fella." Without any further instruction Orobanos leaped at its opponent, giving it a good hit, the jagged rocks where its fists were helped make the blow that much worse. It seemed The two weren't the only ones as another group had arrived and a girl had summoned a persona herself.

"Looks like its a persona party in here, lets take this creep out!" He called out to everyone in the room. In hindsight it was a rather stupid thing to say but he had been trying to boost morale of himself and the others. Though it probably decided on the person that had been listening. It seemed that they would actually have a chance now with these "personas" that they had.
  Hiroshi Sasaki / Akudo / 7y 83d 13h 52m 43s
It wasn't until after the shadows were defeated and things were quiet once more was Monica able to learn the stranger's name. Well, if you call a superhero-like title a name. While the three were headed to the gym she and Fai were able to introduce themselves. At the gym doors, they could easily hear commotion from the other side of the large doors which were currently closed.

"What's happening?" the brunette asks worriedly.

They could either stand there and wonder all day, or go through the doors and find out themselves. All three looked at each other and knew exactly what they had to do. Bursting through the doors, Monica looked at the scene before her with wide, horrified eyes.

"Wh-What... is th-that?" she asks shakily.

The large shadow before her had a cold chill running down her spine. It was bigger and more threatening looking than the blobs of shadows they had faced up to this point. The others were still fighting their hardest against it. Even some strange looking creatures were joining in the battle. Her feet, however, were glued to the floor as her body trembled. 'What do I do?' she asks herself. 'I'm not strong enough. There is just no way...' Purple eyes shut tightly. 'I need help! I can't do this alone!'

Monica's eyes snapped open. "Wh-What?"

"I am Thou, Thou art I."

The next thing she knew, a card was imagined in her mind and a word unknowingly spilled past her lips. "Persona..."

A beautiful woman appeared before her on her knees, looked up at her, and smiled. "I am Kikuri-Hime. I am here to serve and protect you, mistress."

The girl's eyes were wide with awe, yet her being was filled with a sudden sense of peace and tranquility. With this new calmness, her mind was clear and no longer bound by fear. She nods her head before looking back towards the large shadow. She points at it.

"Go, Kikuri-Hime!" She orders.

The persona nods before rising from the ground and facing the shadow. He waves her red fans and a strong gust of wind launches as the enemy. It does some damage for the shadow screeches out in pain.
  Monica / nomey1 / 7y 76d 16h 54m 46s

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