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Perfected Frame

Life has never been more perfect for the past seven years for him. Each day there was something he was grateful for. Why? During his high school years he framed his girlfriend, Muisa for the murder he committed. Thus, he feels guilty and so does good deeds and also very grateful that he isn't the one in jail. He wanted to dump her during high school but everyone in the school knows that guys that dump Muisa will get embarrassed worldwide on YouTube. He takes the opportunity with the murder he committed to rid of her. Sadly, she found out that he pointed the finger at her for the murder. So, in this perfect morning, he woke up to a not so perfect phone call.

"Muisa Casilita, a female involved in the murder seven years ago broke out of prison last night-"

Muisa is a clinically proved to be a compulsive liar and adding on to having a bi-polar disorder. Although, considering he killed, he isn't so sane himself either. Muisa will hunt him down, and there will come the threats but she doesn't plan on killing him, she plans to torment him and ruin his life until he proves her innocence.


  1. Post within 3 days. The limit is 7. If you can't be consistence than don't bother.
  2. No ditching. Join with the actual mind set that you're going to finish.
  3. 1500 characters & up but expecting more. If it's lower than that I usually get big writers block and have no motivation.
  4. Creativity. Able to find a way out of things in a tight spot or be able to turn dull parts interesting. Just because my post sucks on a really bad day does not mean you give me a crappy post in return or else we'll end up nowhere. Help the story develop and add ideas-just ask me about it in case they're crazy ideas.
  5. I'd like this to be mature-although following ES rules.
  6. Characters: I prefer if you don't make your character kind, sweet, or perfectly sane. There's no fun in that.
  7. No instant romance! I want this to be a romance/comedy/action/mystery :)
  8. I am picky with pictures! It has be real, and matches the character. That said, no goth, scene & such.

Extra info?

The person that was murdered name is Alex Sinclair, their old classmate. You can make up why he killed this person. Muisa had a love and hate best friend relationship with Alex and was seen arguing with Alex the day before Alex died. Muisa being a compulsive lair, it was easier to frame her for it. Feel free to decide how she was framed.


  • Name: Muisa Casilita (Isa)
  • Age: 22
  • Status: Single
  • Occupation: Convict
  • Bio: Muisa lived in a household with her two older brothers and a single father. She was taught from young how to fend for herself because of her two brothers. Her father was always out at work and she lacked attention. They weren't extremely wealthy, but wealthy enough. Because of being a compulsive liar, she lacked friends as she grew up but had became top notch at conning people. During high school she was pressured to appear normal in front of others even though she slipped. She then made a youtube channel and became pretty poplar thinking her persoanlity was just an act, she also loved to sing.
  • Disorders/Addictions: Compulsive Liar, Bipolar

  • Name: Keller Roth
  • Nickname: Kell, Kellie
  • Age: 23
  • Status: Girlfriend
  • Occupation: Sales
  • Bio: Keller was brought up in a troubled household. His father walked out on he and his mom when he was still a child. His relationship with his mother is a tumultuous one. He has no siblings that he is aware of. Since he was young, he's been troublesome and quick-witted. He constantly mocks others. He is incredibly cunning and manipulative. Charming, when he knows it's for his benefit. Susceptible to drug use. Disorders/Addictions: Histrionic Personality Disorder, a myriad of bad habits such as binge drinking, drug taking and excessive sexual activity


  • Name:
  • Age: (21-25)
  • Status:
  • Occupation:
  • Bio:
  • Any disorders/Addictions?:
  • Extra:
  • Sample post:


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“It would have never been the other way around Kell; I wouldn’t cross the line of murder. But you’re right; anyone who points a finger at me is going to fucking get it. As much as I care about Alex, I mainly care more about people who backstab me,” She stated and listened to him laugh, “Killing someone is hilarious isn’t it? I’m not going to ask you why, I don’t really care. I want to know why you couldn’t frame someone else. I would have probably ended up in jail trying to get back at you for Alex anyway.” Her head leaned against the window as she pondered to herself and listen go on being the same person he was years ago. She half expected him to be one of those people that at least fixed some part of themselves. She hadn’t but in her defense years of her life was wasted.

“No that’s not my best, I wouldn’t tell you my best,” She rolled her eyes feeling disgusted. She didn’t want to get anywhere near him at the thought of that. Then smirked at her new idea, “Well then, you better be careful that I don’t put your hand into poison ivy or itching powder. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m sure that’ll be a pleasurable experience.” That actually might work. She told him but she could still make it work somehow. She frowned at the next couple of sentences and wanted to bash him in the head with something.

“Who said I didn’t?” She doubly blinked and brought up a whole entire lie, “You weren’t the only one going behind my back during high school.” Hearing about the girlfriend she had wondered why couldn’t he just dump her.

“If you don’t fucking like her than dump her. Are you seriously still a coward or are you turning into a serial killer?” She questioned.
“Of course they wouldn’t... People aren’t surprised when they hear a person like us getting into dept or murdered-even if I didn’t,” She sighed and just thought about how no one would believe her, and she couldn’t fully blame them but it wasn’t like they bothered to really look either. She started to grow frustrated, “You drive like an old man, step on it.” Then she had finally come into notice of the mall outside of the window. She felt pleased to be spending load of money that wasn’t hers. Then the car was finally parked and she pulled out handcuffs behind her jean pocket that she kept and very quickly grabbed his wrist and handcuffed him to the steering wheel. She then pulled out the key out of the car and put into her pocket to keep for herself.

“I saw someone do this in a movie. I doubt you’d be able to actually break the steering wheel off, so I think I’m good. I just want to make sure you don’t go off anywhere and leave me. Don’t worry, I have the key and I’ll come back for you,” She assured. She did it this way since the other TV shows of handcuffing herself to him seemed like the worst idea possible because they somehow always lost the keys.
  Muisa Casilita / Ravenity / 7y 6d 10h 13m 39s
"Bullshit," Keller called her out on her sarcasm. "If it were the other way around, you'd do the same to me… And I'm not trying to convince anybody," he said before rolling his eyes and laughing- as if he felt guilt.

"That's your best?" he asked, "Not having sex for a month? Look, I don't need some skank's twat when I have hands soft as a baby's arse," he said, holding up his hands for her to see. He then smirked when she told him he was special, "You know, I've always felt that way, now I know it to be true," he said with a shit-eating tone.

"Oh what, you didn't get your cherry popped? You should thank me. I probably saved you from getting knocked up. But hey, if you're really that upset over it, I could always fix that little problem for you," he said to her.

"Yeah I have a girlfriend but you'd be doing us both a favor if you killed her," he muttered, "Thought about it myself honestly," he joked- though, then again, he'd killed once before. He shook his head when she answered his phone like that, "The hell kind of organization is this?" he muttered.

"Like they'd be surprised," Keller shrugged. Keller hadn't made the best of choices in life. It wasn't like he had lucrative job offers knocking at his door or stable relationships- not just with girls. Sure, he had a girlfriend presently, but she was a proper slut.
  Keller Roth / dope / 7y 7d 52m 30s

"I'm so very pro justice," She sarcastically spoke with the edge of her lips twitching at the thought. Muisa was filled with selfishness and even if she was the murder and Keller pointed the finger at her, she would have come right back to set him up. She was not a good person and she never desired to be because she never believed in a thing such as 'good' existing.

"I know you're not trying to convince me, so who are you trying to convince? The spy camera's in the TV or is it the ghost of Alex?" She asked, but knowing why. People like him, or her would deny it to the end. Although, more her since people said she had a problem with lying which she didn't think was true.

"Well, this is just the starting Kell. I haven't made you miserable just yet. But what if I made sure you don't have sex for a month? I remember you being a very horny teen, and I don't think that has changed. I could also rid of you of your job, relationships, leave you hideous...I can go on forever," She sighed "I mean, I spent seven years thinking about plenty of ways to torment you. I really can't rid my the hatred for you; you're really special you know that?" She watched him grab those keys and saw that same grin she loved that she now hated to see. She had escaped his place and then led into the car, and took the passenger seat.

She rolled her eyes at not missing anything "When you waste seven years of your life, and stuck in a prison filled with woman-you'll understand how much I miss." She rested back and just waited to get to the mall, meanwhile still holding his phone.

"So, are you dating someone, have a girlfriend? Because let's face it, there is no hell in way you're married." She asked and debating of what do with that person if he had one. She had kept her eyes on the road in case that he drove to the police station-in that case, she'd chock him until he turned around.

She heard his phone ring and didn't know who it was but picked it up "Sorry whoever the fuck you are, Kell's busy until he pays to our organization," She spoke and then hung up. She turned to Kell, "Hey, and any chance you're in dept? Because I told someone that you are."
  Muisa Casilita / Ravenity / 7y 14d 23h 43m 39s
"Make magic," he repeated, an unamused chortle laced between his words, his eyes rolling. He would make magic, alright. A disappearing act. She'd step onto his stage, he'd pull his cape over her and she'd disappear. Right back to the jailhouse she'd come from. No need to prove anything when he could play that hand.

"Alright," Keller agreed, "Easy enough. I work better alone anyway," he said. He watched her as she seemed to reflect upon something. There was something fucked up about both of them. Maybe he could land her in a psych ward- where she'd become a vegetable.

He smirked when she raised a brow at his suggestion. "Then you're fucking dumber than I thought," he said when she told him she believed in justice, "A lot of good it did you too, hmm?" he practically spat the words as if they were venom. "Well, like I said girly, I didn't do shit," he said. Of course, he wouldn't ever admit he'd done it. Even if he knew they both knew he did. But he'd never let himself be pinned for it by a stupid action like saying he'd done it.

"I think I make you more miserable than you do me," he shrugged. Grabbing his car keys he looked up when she said that, giving her another one of his trademark grins, "Yeah, yeah…"

He led her to his car, opening the door for her. "After you sweetheart," he said in a sickly sweet tone. "Aww, chin up babe, you haven't missed anything. Everything's shit. Just as it's always been," he assured her, "Just how I like it."
  Keller Roth / dope / 7y 15d 54m 28s

"Make magic," She bluntly replied. She had no care of he managed to prove her innocence as long she could live with the results. She was hoping to turn it all around and get him in prison. She was planning to sit back and let him do all the work. All he had to do is go confess that he did the murder and bring up the murder weapon out to prove he did it.

"Us?" She scoffed "I'm done with this shit, I'm going to do whatever pleases me and you can give me an update on how you're going to prove my innocence." She recalled why she did bother getting close to him, because she thought he was just as screwed up as her. She took the advice of her second oldest brother with his insults of she'd only be able to get with someone if they were messed up. Worst advice she ever took.

'' She repeated mentally. She raised a brow and narrowed her eyes at him. What made him think that she wanted someone else in prison that wasn't him? Sure, they'd probably be able to do it somehow although... "I prefer it to be you. I believe in Justice," She spoke with a serious face although felt like the need to laugh, "I have a dream and like any other person I want to follow my dream. I want to see you head off into prison for the rest of your pathetic life for what you did." He really knew how to irritate her at times, if he kept his teasing she will claw his eyes off.

"Until I feel like I made you miserable enough," She corrected and smiled as she took his money, "Thanks. I thought I actually had to steal it this time." But then the smile faded and flicked his forehead, "Don't be stupid. I don't fall for anyone. Oh and grab your car keys, you’re driving." She was currently only wearing a t-shirt and jeans that her brother quickly bought for her. She was specific so it wasn't anything crazy. She then headed to open the door and waited for him to get out first in case she was tricked.

"Well lead the way to the car, and drive us to a mall or something. I don't exactly remember where things are anymore," She frowned thinking about the years she missed. She missed half of high school, yet got to do a bit of schooling in jail-big disappointment.
  Muisa Casilita / Ravenity / 7y 15d 1h 36m 17s
It was clear that he had struck a nerve with her after telling her she was guilty. "Yeah? And how exactly am I supposed to do that?" he asked. Prove she was innocent? Then somebody else would have to be framed, or worse they would look back to him. And he certainly wasn't going to be incarcerated for killing that fucking-

His thoughts were cut off when she told him what would happen if it would be an impossible feat. Clenching his jaw, he took a hard drag off his cigarette, thinking it over, "Well, I guess if anybody could pull it off, it'd be us." He didn't have to go into the meaning of that- they were both bad people. Even before he'd murdered Alex. Rotten to their core. "Somebody else is going to have to take the fall…" he said, looking over her face to see her thoughts. He licked his lips as he read her- he'd always been good at reading others, it's why the two got along so well when they were together. He could always tell when she was bullshitting him.

"Easy kitten," he purred with a smirk, before grinning a bit more, his eyes on her. He didn't have to even say it. He knew that despite those words, that he had had her strung and could pull so deep from that well hidden hunger she harbored. Maybe she was disgusted with him for having framed her. And sure, he'd been a dick for doing so but if he hadn't…

"Anytime sugar, just lookin' out for ya," he flatly said. "So how long are you planning on stickin' around then, eh? Until your name is cleared?" He grabbed his wallet. She could have his money. He'd never really cared much of money anyways. "Should we find you something more comfortable to slip into when you're trying not to fall for my devilish charm?" he asked.
  Keller Roth / dope / 7y 15d 2h 19m 17s

"Then keep your eyes open darling, a lot can happen when your unconscious. My 'skank' name will be on your forehead, I'm sure you'll grow to love it." Her blood boiled at the sound of word 'guilty.' It was a nightmare to even hear that they blamed her for her best friend’s death, let go it was this dick. She had thought of plotting his death before but that wasn't enough for her. She snapped her eyes back on him.

"Call me guilty again and I'll also cut your dick off while you’re sleeping. And you better fucking know that I ain't fucking around with my threats. Don't take me lightly, the worst thing that could happen to me is going back to prison and I'd rather take you down with me to death rather then get caught. So it's up to you now Kell not to make sure I don't get caught and prove me innocent. If its impossible then we're dying until death does us apart, got it?" She spoke through her teeth. She had to start picking out that his relatives were or anyone else he was close to use them as threats.

Her mood had lightened slightly hearing the cockiness pop right out. "Don't flatter yourself. Ladies don't love cocky ass holes that frame their girlfriends for murder, especially if their face has the name of that girlfriend and they lose the material to even have sex. I heard love isn't so simple after all. I'm starting to feel sick that I even touched you," She imitated a throw up and smirked. She had refused to deny that she had liked it at that time. But once a person did a terrible thing, they were ugly in the outside as much as they were the inside even if they happened to be attractive. She was not going to let him get to her-not yet. Although he was really hitting it.

"People are looking for a blonde female with longer hair and no bangs. You may be able to recognize me but others won't and I'm getting a fake ID. Thanks for your concern though," She sighed and nodded "Let's head out shopping then. Grab all your money because I want expensive shit." Muisa had to have it her way, it's always been her way and when people refused to listen, she would take extreme measures. She doubted Kell had the guts to actually hurt a girl-although he did murder Alex. She'll take her chances, especially since she knew plenty of painful spots in the body.
  Muisa Casilita / Ravenity / 7y 15d 2h 52m 30s
"Jealous?" he shot back at her, licking his lips as she brushed past him, letting herself in. His eyes followed her, running over the body that had ripened quite nicely. 'Course even at a time like this, Keller couldn't help his hormones. "Not the best but I can think of worse," he answered her when she informed him that they'd be living together. She started to lean in close to him, as if about to kiss him and Keller waited with baited breath before she jammed her knee into his groin. "Fuck!" he hissed, his head lowered, bowing over her shoulder as he cradled his damaged goods, "Still a bitch," he croaked out.

He grabbed hold of her wrist before the blade could break the skin, "I'm not getting a tattoo with your skank ass name on it," he assured her. Glaring after her he kept careful watch as she moved to the couch, starting to go through his phone. "Yeah, well you're not innocent. Guilty as charged, girly. Sorry, I can't help ya," he shrugged.

"Why would I have to do something like that with this face?" he said, being cocky, "Ladies love me. In fact, I remembera certain somebody being rather smitten with me…" he gave her that cocky grin.

"Yeah well good luck with that," he told her with a bit of a laugh in his voice, "You're all over the fuckin' news. People are lookin' for you and the first place you come? Back here? Not your smartest move, love. But go ahead, do a bit of shopping, don't let that stop ya."
  Keller Roth / dope / 7y 15d 4h 57m 52s

She waited years and now she couldn't bear another second for that door to open and reveal the bastard she's been obsessing over to get her vengeance. She was about sixteen when she got arrested-seven years of her life wasted because of this dick and she had all attention to make him pay his due. The door had swung open and she pulled out that smile of hers on. No one could ever tell whether her smiles meant a threat or she was actually smiling.

"I have missed you more," She frowned and just ignored that she's been giving more into whatever relationship they had before. She was starting to wonder how in the world did she started dating him in the first place. She knew his games, and she wasn't going to let whatever was said get to her. She'd never fully got into having full on sex with him before and she wouldn't sleep with him now even if it brought Alex from the dead. Another reason to be furious at him, she couldn't get another relationship and lose her virginity thanks to him since she was in a prison full of women and she never became that desperate.

"Oh, so you play it safe now, don't you? Haven't you gotten ten sluts pregnant by now? How many kids, huh Kell?" She smirked and then she had invited herself into the room and closed the door behind her. She leaned into him and wrapped her arms around his neck, "Thanks for letting me come in and I think you should know that I'm living with you from now on. Don't you love that idea?" She leaned in almost close to his lips and then stabbed her knee into his crotch without any mercy and then watched him get consumed by pain. She then pulled out the blade, leaning in again and then attempted to make a cut on his cheek, "So, I think you should get a tattoo of my name somewhere on your body-in big bold letters. Shall we go down to the tattoo parlor or should I personally do it? I'll give you five minutes to decide." She then found his couch and sat herself down. She needed to find his phone and check what connections he had; it seemed like a good way to destroy his life.

"I'll make a deal. I won't torment you until your last breath-if you prove that I'm innocent," She set out. Then she rose up again and went around the place and found the voice messages, she hit play and listened to the first one of someone yelling and she made a face “Who the hell was that? You hired a personal prostitute didn’t you?” She didn’t really care much but it had caught her attention. She thought about really redecorating this place to if she was going to live in it.

“Reminds me, I’m going to need your credit card. I need to do some shopping now that I can’t go back to my house,” She stated and planned on wasting every penny-well of course leaving enough for food and such because it wasn’t like she was going to work.
  Muisa Casilita / Ravenity / 7y 16d 52m 20s
Tangled in sheets, Keller groaned, the obnoxious ringtone of his phone blaring at… He lifted his head to glance at the blurry alarm clock- 3 in the morning? You've got to be fucking me, he sleepily groaned, ignoring the call by haphazardly throwing the phone to the floor. He settled back into the comfort of his blankets, sleep again pulling at the edges of his consciousness.

Few hours later and he shot up, "For fuck's sake," he growled as he searched for the phone so he could give whoever was calling a good idea of how he felt about these early morning wakeup calls. However, he happened to miss the call by a mere second, grunting in annoyance before reading that there'd been three voicemails left.

You have three new messages. First message, the automated bitch read as Keller rubbed at an eye, "Kellllllerrrr," the voice crooned- his best friend being a prick, "Kell- The fuck are you? You better get your ass outta that house because your bitch is looking proper fuckable and I'm hungry for that-" The message got caught off short. He sighed, collapsing back on the bed, "Prick." Next message, the automated woman declared. "Hey Kell, I hope you didn't suffer too much missing me but no need to worry love, because we'll be reunited again. I'll see you in the morning," the voice was syrupy sweet. Keller's brows furrowed as he tried to identify the voice. It wasn't his girlfriend, that was for sure. So who was this? Oh shit.

Next message. "Do you know who I am? In case you forget, let me refresh. I'm the crazy girlfriend you framed for murder. I'm on my may Hun, I hope you're not trying to leave the country like the coward you are. I've got many special plans for us-oh and if you tell anyone about this phone call, I'll get my new criminal friends to murder anyone around in your life. It's all fair right? You murder my best friend I murder someone close and frame you this time? Understand? Are you home by the way? You may want to open the door soon if so."

Shit. Fuck. He was no sooner on his feet, racing to the door and looking out the little peep hole to see her standing there. His fingers tangled in his hair as he tugged at it, trying to quickly figure out what to do. He moved away from the door, went back and got dressed, throwing on a pair of jeans and a shirt before grabbing a pack of cigarettes. He lit one, taking a deep hit off it before sighing an exhale, opening the door to the chaos that was about to unfold, greeting it with a lopsided, boyish grin, "I bet you've missed me more. You always were the more giving one in the relationship," he said, licking his lips, "I know you've not been released, so I guess you broke out, yeah? Just to see me? Would've gone to the corner store to get a box of condoms make it worth your while if you'd of given me some warning in advance," he said. Same smartass prick as always.
  Keller Roth / dope / 7y 16d 1h 38m 24s

Enduring the seven years of hell wasn't difficult when her thoughts attached to Keller. She grew to have a sick obsession with him over the years filled with plenty of other murders and people that never had a thing called 'sanity.' The intense emotion for her ex had pushed her day by day. She loved to think about him, about what she'd do to him-about how many ways she could do it. The seventh year, they always said that the number seven was lucky. And lucky she was-or more so that she found a way to tempt a guard inside-knock them out silently just as the way her neighbor taught her and let them rest in her bed, switched clothes and left. She should have done it years ago, except none of the guards were stupid enough to step in-except this one.

With no one to prove her innocence, she was left with no choice but to escape. It was a far distance walk until she caught sight of a car and they easily had given her a ride back into the city she dearly missed. She thanked them and stole some cash while they weren't looking while at it too. She had found a motel to stay, paying in cash with no security cams what so ever. She had put down a fake name and when she hit the motel room grabbed a sharp blade and cut her hair into bangs, and cut it shorter than usual. Then she had went out to find something else, she got brown hair dye, extensions and sunglasses and hats to cover up. Her hair was originally bright blonde; she looked much different with darker hair, bangs. She headed back into the motel and then grabbed the old phone beside her. The first call she made was the eldest brother that has done multiple wrong things in his life and she knew wouldn't bail her.

"Hey Hiro, its Isa. I broke out; I'm going to need you to pick me up, a bit of cash and...Find out my ex's phone number for me," She dryly demanded.
"You broke out of prison?" His voice rose.
"I missed you too. Now, quick, phone number-oh and his address. I think I should give him a fair warning that I'm coming to fucking cut his fingers off and feed it to pigs before I come," She sighed while falling back into the small bed. The motel was awful but compared to the cell, it was a blessing.
"Muisa, I thought we agreed that you lied when you said you didn't murder Alex," Hiro sharply spoke.
"Thanks for believing in me. Just give me the information," She repeated. She eventually had grabbed hold of the information over thirty minutes of Hiro using his connections. Then she quickly hung up on him. Then she had quickly dialed up Kell-in three o'clock in the morning and was planning to leave a voicemail.
"Hey Kell, I hope you didn't suffer too much missing me but no need to worry love, because we'll be reunited again. I'll see you in the morning," She spoke sweetly and hung up not planning to say who she was. She then had put the phone back and fell back into the bed to rest for an at least two hours before she left again. That bastard had two decisions. He can face a nightmare daily by her sticking around or he could claim he's guilty and go to prison. She soon fell asleep in the bed with a smile at her face at the freedom she received. Being prison taught her many things, one is how to use any object to torture someone or-sometimes kill them.

Muisa woke up early morning, just as when the sun raised into the sky. She didn't have much trouble rolling out of bed and checking the TV. Apparently, they noticed she was missing. She shrugged it off and left the hotel noticed to get her Hiro to pick her up. She then drove to his place and he went on insulting her. Once she arrived at his place, she had took a quick shower and got dressed into comfortable clothes. She thanked him and then headed out into the streets where no one recognized her as Muisa. She took her time to go over Kell's place. She had pulled out the new phone Hiro provided her in the meantime and dialed him up again hoping he'd pick up while she headed over.

"Do you know who I am?" She asked and sighed "In case you forget, let me refresh. I'm the crazy girlfriend you framed for murder. I'm on my may Hun, I hope you're not trying to leave the country like the coward you are. I've got many special plans for us-oh and if you tell anyone about this phone call, I'll get my new criminal friends to murder anyone around in your life. It's all fair right? You murder my best friend I murder someone close and frame you this time? Understand? Are you home by the way? You may want to open the door soon if so." She was smiling to herself and just thought that she had to make some criminal friends outside of prison. She could just ask Hiro though. She had managed to find the building and using the stairs to get to the floor and arrive at the door.
  Muisa Casilita / Ravenity / 7y 16d 2h 4m 28s

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