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We will make one once someone joins


4 sentences or higher
Fighting and violence needed
Romance is a must
Cussing is a yes

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Wow this is an old role play! It shall go down as a legend on this site e.e
  PastArsenicCatnip / 6y 25d 22h 59m 9s
OOC: no problem, see ya

he smiled warmly as he laid on his side and laid his head against her belly and fell asleep gently
  White Fang / Saynot / 9y 166d 21h 41m 53s
Aesleha smiled and softly petted him, "Go to sleep little one." She said softly.

sorry I have to leave... dunno how long this will be.
  Aesleha / DancingAngel / 9y 166d 21h 43m 25s
He smiled warmly and nuzzled her unclothed belly and looked up at her "Hello Aseleha..... thank you again for helping me kill my old pack...." he laid his head back down and yawned lightly and closed his eyes gently
  White Fang / Saynot / 9y 166d 21h 44m 35s
Aesleha giggled softly when he licked her cheek. She softly petted him as he laid his head on her lap. "Hi White Fang, I'll just call you Fang. I'm Aseleha" She replied and smiled at him.
  Aesleha / DancingAngel / 9y 166d 21h 52m 21s
he smiled warmly and lapped up the cold milk, he was still use to his mothers tit and was a little confused with this plainer milk, once he was done licking the bowl clean, he jumped up on the couch and licked the Vampires cheek and put his small, furry head on her lap -My name is white fang.....-
  White Fang / Saynot / 9y 166d 21h 54m 1s
Aesleha thought to herself as she pulled milk out of her fridge, she moved to his bowl and filled it. "Good thing that milk helps me." She said softly as she walked back to her fridge, putting the milk away. "As for raw meat, I won't be able to help you with that." She said and walked to the couch, sitting on it and watching him.
  Aesleha / DancingAngel / 9y 166d 22h 18m 59s
OOC: okay good

he smiled warmly -any kind of meat, raw if you can.... i also drink milk.....- he smiled warmly at her and curled up again and waited to see what she says
  White Fang / Saynot / 9y 166d 22h 24m 7s
[-]Yea I've kind of gotten that idea.[-]

Aesleha looked back at him when she thought it sounded like he was done with the water. "What do you eat?" She asked him, a confused look on her face. She liked not having to worry about food and water, all she needed was blood and it was good.
  Aesleha / DancingAngel / 9y 166d 22h 30m 34s
he leaned up and smiled at her as she brought him the water to him, he leaned up gently and drank the water, he was very thirsty and was thankful for the water, once he was done, he licked his lips and smiled brightly as he got a little bit of strength, he sat there like a puppy as she walked away

OOC: you do know he is a wolf puppy until he transforms right?
  White Fang / Saynot / 9y 166d 22h 45m 58s
Aesleha nodded once and filled a bowl with water. Since she was so close to spring water she had the best water for you. It was fresh, cold, and was nothing but water. No one was able to clean it, it didn't need to be, and there was no added minerals. She smiled at him and put the bowl beside him. "You're welcome." She said softly as she walked away again, seeing if she had anything that he would eat.
  Aesleha / DancingAngel / 9y 167d 49m 30s
he looked up and smiled -bowl please..... thank you for letting me stay here....- he curled up again and licked his wounds clean and waited for her to be close
  White Fang / Saynot / 9y 167d 52m 29s
Aesleha smiled at him, "Sleep, it will do you good." She told him as she went to get him some water. "Uh... weird question, but would you rather have a bowl or a cup?" She asked him and looked back at him, she never was with his kind, so of course she didn't know how they drank.
  Aesleha / DancingAngel / 9y 167d 55m 33s
he smiled lightly and walked in and curled up next to the couch, he was very tired and weak and did not know what to do in her, he smiled lightly at her and looked at her with tired eyes
  White Fang / Saynot / 9y 167d 58m 23s
Aesleha nodded once and opened the door, "Make yourself at home." she told him before she walked into her house, turning on the lights. The lights didn't really do much, the light from outside was what lit the house during the day time.
  Aesleha / DancingAngel / 9y 167d 1h 46s

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