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The signless stayed on the ground for a good few minutes, waiting for his lungs to quit hurting, letting the oversized cat lap at his cheek with a mildly annoyed look on his face. At least the creature meant well, though it was taking a lot out of him to not let himself get crabby at the creature. He was just really glad that he wasn't allergic to cats.

He noticed that she'd extended her had for him to get up to his feet again, which he gladly accepted, pulling himself back up into a sitting position.

"Thank you Cheshire." he said, brushing the dust off his cloak and rolling his shoulders before finally getting back up to his feet. "I'm fine, just a little shaken up is all." He glanced over at the cat, leaning over and giving it a gentle scratch behind the ear. He couldn't hurt a fly, no matter how much he would have wanted to. He really didn't belong in a place like Alternia. "She's very pretty." he said with an abesentminded smile. "Shall we go then?" he asked, turning to face Cheshire fully, giving her another charming smile.

  The Sufferer (Signless) / WhimsicalMuffinman / 6y 245d 21h 42m 58s
Cheshire couldn't help the chuckle which has escaped from her. It was easy to see that the male was clearly uncomfortable. Once seeing the white four eyed creature run out, she let a small giggle escape from her lips. It took quite a bit of time for the white animal to pin the lower blooded troll, but it happened. Cheshire soon strolled over and then crouched by him. The girl had a small snicker escape from her as she nodded just the slightest,

"Yes, she is!" Cheshire said with a small giggle. The four eyed cat looked down at the male. Soon taking note that it actually harmed the male. The lusus immediately got off. If anything, the lusus just wanted to 'play' for a small amount of time. As well as see what the mutant appeared to look like. The four eyed lusus soon leaned in and licked the males cheek, the feline's sand papery tongue trailing against his cheek. That's when the lusus whimpered just the slightest, clearly in apology.

"Aw... poor girl." Cheshire said as she gently ran her fingers through the soft white fur of her lusus. Now, since the lusus is now in the light, it could be seen that the lusus was long furred feline. It's most possibly due to the fact that it's getting colder on Alternia. It held very sharp fangs, yet if anyone gave a nice squeeze to one of the animals paws, anyone could notice the sharp claws which were practically built for ripping flesh. Luckily though, those claws weren't out at the current time and only a look of worry was on the the felines facial features.

Cheshire loves her custodian 'furry' much. That's when the teal blood decided to stand up once more, a small grin on her face as she held her hand out. "You're fine, yes?" Cheshire asked, clearly offering to help the man stand back up. If he didn't take her hand, then the lusus would attempt to help the male up. Either way, he's going to get an assistance up.
  XxMooxX / 6y 248d 4h 3m 16s
The signless looked between Cheshire and the bushes, realizing that this must have been her Lusus. He swallowed hard at the thought of being pounced on, he didn't really know if the creature would come at him claws first or not. Hell, he'd never had a Lusus, so the whole concept was kind of leery to him. She seemed confident that it wouldn't hurt him, but he knew better, if it was a protective lusus, he was going to wind up with claw marks all over his body.

He was a little creeped out that the creature followed him with one set of eyes but not the other, and he was very tempted to just run, but he tried to keep relaxed. The creature pounced towards him, missing a few times before hitting him square in the chest and sending him toppling over backwards. He let out a pained sound as the creature landed on him and knocked the wind out of him.

He groaned in pain at his aching solar plexus, slowly opening his eyes and looking up at the large feline.

All he knew was that the creature could throw it's weight around and seemed to be quite content with making him an area rug at the moment.

"Is this your--" he paused to cough as he tried to inhale. "Lusus?"
  The Sufferer (Signless) / WhimsicalMuffinman / 6y 250d 1h 46m 40s
A small little snicker came from the woman, she had to be very careful not to move. Assassin slowly delinked her arm from the lower blooded troll. Her eyes still watching the quartet eyed being. "She doesn't know you, so she may or may not pounce on you. Just a heads up. She's very kind, don't worry." The ebony haired female said as she slowly took a step away from the signless.

The oddest thing has occurred, the top row of eyes appeared to follow the small tiny movement while the lower pair squinted and stared at the mutant blood. Which one should the feline go for? There may be the possibility that the white lusus would just go after it's custodian due to the fact that the woman said it may 'go after you'. Therefore, the feline kept its lower pair on the male. It was quite difficult to see the male with the lower pair of eyes in all honesty.

The lower eyes could see as clear as day with a step in front of it. But from afar now, the male appeared to be a blotch. The feline soon averted its top pair of eyes on the male now. Perhaps it should pounce on the unknown being. A small feline like grin formed on the feline. This feline is actually very old, but that doesn't mean that it can't move. The feline then finally made a pounce, it was very swift and quick. Perhaps it would be able to land on the male, perhaps not. If the ladder, then she could always pounce once more!

Now in the light as it moved, it could be seen that the feline is large. Its height appeared to be about half the size of a full grown troll. Its claws weren't out either, but it did want to just sit atop of the male it now lunged at for a better view.

Closer and closer the feline got to the male. The closer it got, the better it would be able to see the male fully.
  XxMooxX / 6y 248d 4h 16m 4s
On second thought, the signless commended himself a thousand times over for thinking of flirting. It seemed to be helping his chances after all. He kept up that sort of graceful charm as she looped arms with him.

"Only if you insist, Cheshire." He said, managing to keep him calm demeanor. He was smooth as hell, he kind of had to be if he didn't want to turn cherry red when he flirted with someone.

He was about to lead her on towards the town, but he too heard the rustling, and looked over to the bushes. He tried not to get tense, but he could feel his muscles contract slightly anyway. He noticed a set... errr... two sets of eyes on them, but the didn't seem to belong to a troll. The placement seemed off. He wondered if a lusus naturae had managed to sneak up on them.

Cheshire then shushed him, which only added to his confusion.
  The Sufferer (Signless) / WhimsicalMuffinman / 6y 251d 6h 35m 12s
Cheshire almost gave the most disapproving look in history. But then it has lightened up due to hearing her name being said. The woman's smile widened once more as she adjusted her thick rimmed glasses once more. It was such a bother to constantly shift the lenses up so that she could see.

Once seeing an arm being held out, she hesitated slightly. It isn't often that someone does this. It's mainly due to the fact that the feline doesn't have many acquaintances nor friends. The only friends -- if that's what she'd call them -- were mainly female and are mainly silly. Therefore, the look of hesitation is clearly evident on her facial features.

After a moment, Assassin looped her arm within his, a small smile on her face as she soon heard his comment. It has caused a small barely noticeable tinge of teal to form on the woman's face. The tinge of teal darkened just the slightest due to that smile. Oh dear, is this possibly the reason why he has gotten away with his preaching as well? To be honest, Assassin never gets asked out mainly due to the fact people were either intimidated by her or never knew her. The small offer of being asked to lunch would of course result in the girl getting a small blush on her face.

"U-um, no thank you~!" Assassin cooed, a small chuckle coming out of the feline's lips. "Perhaps some other time~!" If the male could hear close enough, he could possibly hear the girl slur her 'r's just the slightest in the sounding of a purr.

Cheshire STILL had a slight blush on her face. She prayed that it couldn't really be noticed; but it's highly unlikely because she tends to have terrible bad luck. Assassin soon made a small tugging motion, a small smile on her face,

"Shall we?" the teal blooded woman asked, a small smile on her face. That's when a small startled look formed on her face as she heard a small rustle in the tall grass.

Cheshire soon paused, then dared not look at the tall grass. A small grin formed on her face as Cheshire soon put her index finger up to her dark lips.

A simple 'shh' gesture, her teal eyes soon glancing back to her right. In that direction, four teal eyes appeared to be peering at the duo. A look of nothing but pure patience and mischief in those quartet eyes. If looking long enough, a tail could be seen swaying just the slightest.
  XxMooxX / 6y 251d 6h 43s
The signless noticed that she was smiling quite beautifully, and that helped to ease his fears just a little bit. He visibly relaxed, and cleared his throat softly.

"Well then, H-- Cheshire, I would be more than happy to escort you into town." he said. She didn't seem to mean him any harm, so he would have to just trust that she meant well. He offered her his arm, if she should like to be lead in that way, he wouldn't expect it of her. Most highbloods would want to have been seen with someone who looked like they were on the lower half of the hemospectrum, but then again, she didn't seem to be a normal highblood. He guessed he was going to have to pick his battles on the fly.

She was certainly odd, though he couldn't say that any of the teal blooded trolls that he'd ever had the pleasure of meeting had been normal.

"No miss, I wouldn't dream of having you spend a single penny on me. That would be impolite of me, though perhaps I could offer you lunch though?" He asked, shooting her a charming smile.

He mentally scolded himself, because yes Signless, it was simply the GREATEST idea to flirt with someone higher on the hemospectrum. That was a great reason to be put in front of a firing squad, because he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

"I'm sorry, what I mean is, it would be the chivalrous thing for me to offer a beautiful lady such as yourself out to a meal." he chuckled.
  The Sufferer (Signless) / WhimsicalMuffinman / 6y 252d 18h 55m 33s
Assassin smiled just the slightest, perhaps it was a small glint of amusement. Oh how she enjoyed watching the male have a small frown on his face, she found it highly amusing to see how he looked. Though the small glint disappeared as soon as it appeared. Assassin soon chuckled just the slightest, her head tilted downward to have her beautiful smile to be seen. That's when the woman tilted her head back up to look at the male,
"I would be happy if you didn't call me 'High blood' either," the feline said, a small snicker coming from her. "I would like you to call me 'Cheshire' instead." Assassin concluded, a small smirk on her face. The look on his face would most likely be priceless! Which High blood didn't want to be called that? To be labeled as something far more superior and far higher than someone. Cheshire soon snickered a bit after he requested to lead the way. It made a small little amused giggle escape from the woman as she gently covered the male’s mouth with a finger after hearing the start of an 'h'.
"No, no, no! ‘Cheshire' not 'High blood'!" It was quite a cheerful tone the woman had on too, perhaps she's just a benevolent being as she took her finger away from the male’s lips. She giggled once more with clear amusement on her face. It was then that the teal blood remembered that he made a request to lead. Cheshire soon snickered a bit, a grin formed on her face once more. "If you would like to lead the way though, be my guest!" The ebony haired woman said as she soon hopped a bit in place.
"Though, town is quite a ways off. I mean I could go get food for us too!" The feline said, a small smirk on her face. Perhaps she should make something that looks absolutely horrible, but in the end it's the most delicious thing anyone could ever want. Cheshire recalls now once when she had made such an odd consumable. It was equivalent to earth which is known as 'Sushi'. She recalls two other feline like trolls fighting over it and she couldn't ever stop the small laugh which has just escaped her own lips at the memory.
The girl soon sighed a bit, a full look of nostalgia on her face. She loves hanging out with her other odd acquaintances, if that's what she would call them.
Though Cheshire soon had the look quickly disappear as she smiled quite warmly once more,"Sorry, I was thinking of an incident which happened a couple days back." The teal blood said with a small little laugh coming out, "But point is, if you're hungry then I'll be able to get us food~!" The woman said, a small sing song like voice as she chuckled a bit at the memory once more.
What a quirky feline.
  XxMooxX / 6y 255d 8h 25m 44s
The signless' sensibilities were thrown so far out of their normal range that he wasn't sure immediately how to react. She didn't want to have him bow it seemed, but he kept himself a little lower than her none the less, sensing a sort of risk about her that he couldn't quite put his finger on. He may have been being overly cautious, but then again, it didn't seem unlikely that even though it was asked of him from someone higher on the hemospectrum that it wouldn't get him culled for being uncourteous. Some trolls were cruel in that way. Judging by the fact that he hadn't been culled yet, she probably hadn't been able to distinguish his mutation over that of a burgundy blood.

It made him uneasy to hear that she recognized his face, he knew that tales of his sermon had spread somewhat, but he'd certainly hoped that he'd have more time than this. He hesitated just a moment longer after her insistance that he stop bowing before straightening his back at last. He remained as cool as possible, if he wanted to keep up with this, he would need to stay as unassuming as possible.

"It would be an honor to accompany you, highblood." he said. He couldn't believe that he'd just let the words fall from his mouth, they left a bitter taste. He resented them with his whole being and yet in order to keep himself alive he'd played along with the same social order that he was trying so hard to abolish. He was disgusted with himself, and it was hard to keep the frown completely off his face, though he managed to keep himself from pulling a tone on her.

His mind rushed, this wasn't the first time that a wrench had been thrown into his plans for a sermon, but this was definately the worst to date. His mind rushed to remember the layout of the area around where he gave his sermon for a shop or a lowblooded followers hive that he could make an excuse for going to town for. It was hard to think with the tealblood breathing down his neck though.

"Shall I lead the way, highblood?"

Having to use the term of respect didn't help to keep his thoughts straight either.
  The Sufferer (Signless) / WhimsicalMuffinman / 6y 255d 23h 46m 51s
Assassin paused for a moment as she took note of the small bow. To be honest, Assassin was quite the ‘quirky’ type of being to be around. Instead of gaining an ecstatic grin which possibly should have been expected, Assassin shook her head. “I would prefer it if you didn’t lower your head.” She said with a small chuckle. To be honest, she prefers to be anonymous or incognito, a shadow. But whenever she does feel like conversing with someone, then she’s a very ‘furrendly’ being. Even though this is the person whom she possibly should be culling, she could still pull of a dense, kind façade.
The feline woman soon let a small purr escape her, as if she were now content. “Its fine, I just wasn’t suspecting anyone to come by.” She said rather softly with a small little chuckle come out of her. “But I’m almost certain I have seen you before.” The teal blood concluded with a small shrug, “May have just been my imagination.” The woman said with a small little snicker. Though once getting the information that he were heading to town, she knew what he was possibly going to do. The great almighty Signless gathering more followers for his cause.
Assassin soon took note of the small tiny shifting of weight. Therefore, the woman soon chuckled slightly, “Would it be too much to ask if I could accompany you for a bit? I planned on going there in the first place.” The woman said with a rather kind smile forming upon her face once more. The ebony haired woman soon took note of the male is still bent over in a submission like stance. That’s when Assassin crouched down and frowned slightly, “You know, you can stand if you ever so desired. I mean unless if you enjoy looking at me all the way down here.” The woman said, a small little teasing tone, clearly she is just making a joke. Assassin soon stood once more, “Well, I may actually follow after you anyways.”
Assassin said as she chuckled slightly at her own remark. She may find it interesting to hear exactly what he lectures about, from afar, of course.

I’m so sorry it’s so short .-.
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The signless glanced at her, startled by her. He paused a moment, processing what he saw before bowing to her in the respectful way that was expected of him. He looked up at her through his shaggy ebony bangs, his crimson eyes tracing her face and her figure. She was beautiful, but she was also considerably higher on the hemospectrum than he was, a teal blood it seemed, she would have worked under the grand highblood undoubtedly, most tealbloods did.

He felt a small ping of fear, he'd grown used to it, knowing that he'd long since had a trained himself to not have a sense of self preservation, a sense of self preservation would only get him killed.

"Hello Ma'am." he said, his voice sounded meek and unfamiliar to him, he didn't like it. He hated it, he'd had to force himself to be silent and quiet for as long as he could while he preached and gathered followers. He missed the day before the crimson had tinted his eyes, when he could hide behind his grey eyes and pretend that he didn't have this mutation, when he wasn't forced to keep himself in line. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to trespass near your hive and worry you, I was on my way to town and I passed through this area.

He relaxed his stance slightly, not wanting to seem tense, and smiling at her warmly, trying to seem friendly. As much as he hated it, if you were friendly and smiled and let them push you around, you wouldn't get hurt. He didn't plan on letting himself be pushed around much longer.

"No, I don't think that you have seen me before, though I can't say for sure. I don't remember ever meeting you." He admitted. He noticed that her smile widened, and he didn't like that. He didn't like that at all, having a highblood smile at you so widely was never a good sign, particularly a tealblood. Most of them held higher positions, important servants and officials in their unstable government. He shifted slighlty, doubting that it would be enough to give away how uncomfortable he was, though it was possible, if she was keen.
  The Sufferer (Signless) / WhimsicalMuffinman / 7y 64d 20h 38m 33s
The teal eyes trailed over the being that was near her hive. Assassin knew that she has seen this face before at least a couple times, but from where?

“Hello~” Her voice chimed out with nothing but genuine friendliness, you see, the assassin follows the blood caste system to a certain extent. This being would treat others of lower caste the same way she would like to be treated. Though, if they are of higher blood, then this feline would then refer to them as ‘high blood’, so then that she could be polite.

A small curious face appeared on her face as she spoke once more,
“Not to be rude, but what are you doing near my hive? It’s not often I see a passerby.” She stated with a small little smile.

“Though, it’s not that I particularly care, I’m just a bit curious to say the very least.” She stated as she shifted her weight from one of her heels to the other. Assassin soon folded her arms over her chest as she quirked one of her brows slightly. Though, the woman soon adjusted her glasses; they always slid down from her face. Which always led to the teal blooded troll to get slightly frustrated due to her absolutely needing the glasses, she was terribly near sighted.

In other words, this woman wouldn’t be able to do anything because if she were to hold her hand away from her body, it would just be blurry.
The teal eyes would trail over the one of lower caste. Her eyes would narrow slightly, it wasn’t in a threatening way, and it wasn’t in a threatening way at all.
“….. I probably shouldn’t be bombarding you with questions, either. But, have I seen you around before?” Assassin asked, a curious face was on her. Well, what can I say? Curiosity did indeed kill the cat. And this feline was no exception in the slightest.
Though it hit her, it hit her so hard. It almost hit her like a ton of bricks falling atop of her. It caused a small little smile to form on her face. Ah, yes, the assassin knows who this particular troll is now. The one who ran around and spoke of peace; the Signless.

The smile on the felines face widened, it’s realization soon shimmering more as her eyes shine in admiration. Though what her eyes didn’t show was betrayal. The assassin had a plan, a plan that which would cause him to get caught. Then what? Perhaps the Grand high blood would praise her? Pf, of course not; but it was quite the plan that which she is forming at the current time.
A particular plan which she most probably will not be able to follow through within the end. The feline soon let her smile of kindness widen. Allowing the Signless to introduce himself to her, it’s at least nice to get a start over the one she will back stab.
  XxMooxX / 7y 69d 9h 56m 26s
The Sufferer was out and about, preparing for another speech which would hopefully inspire the lower blooded on their caste system to rise up against the oppressive highbloods. To unite them in order to uproot the highbloods from their posts, putting an end to their tyranny.

He had grown weary of seeing neighbors and friends culled for each and every little thing that they did, no, not that they did, culled for each and every little thing that they were. Not to mention that he was plagued with incessant visions of another life, a life that he had never know yet somehow recognized as his own.

A place seemingly so magical that the Caste system seemed to lack in it's support, it wasn't ingrained in that society as it was so very much so his own. Trolls lived among and with one another, the higher your blood color was on the caste system, the more responsibilities you had. A highblood and a lowblood could converse without fear of ridicule, even his mutation seemed insignificant. Things seemed better, they seemed happier.

This world, his world, his home, his prison, Alternia, paled in comparison to it. It was the ill younger sibling, the unwanted one, while that place was the revered and admired elder. The peaceful and kinder world that only he seemed to know.

This was a place cursed to survive in turmoil and hatred. It was as if this was some sort of supreme punishment, the unexpected recoil to some major cosmic flaw done by the counter-world that he so loved. He yearned so badly for another life that it cause him physical heartache, and inspired him to try to make the change happen himself.

He let his reddish eyes fall shut as he psyched himself up for it, he had less than a minute to grab their attention and make an impact. A moment, no more and no less.

And that was if he didn't get caught by a highblood and culled. That was worst case scenario, though, right? He let his eyes reopen, only to notice that he was being approached by a female troll who was about his age, and obviously of higher rank than he, everyone was due to his mutation.
Teal eyes would trail up and glance around, the owner of the eyes held a lot of emotions in them. Long locks of flowing black hair appeared to be out, horns were placed upon this figure. The woman was in her house at the current time, she was known as 'the assassin', a pet of the grand highbloods to murder people without question. This teal blooded troll held a small smile on her face, her façade in place as she started putting two braids in her hair. The woman was wearing some sort of collar, as if showing she were some sort of submissive being. Though, what tips this off is that there’s a bell on it which made a rather soft chime whenever she moved. The woman soon reached forward, pulling on some old time glasses as her smile widened slightly.

At the current time, she was looking a bit odd, shin high boots along with a pair of skin tight pants on. The woman was also wearing a simple blouse which was a long sleeve. The blouse appeared to flow a bit; these particles of clothing appeared to cling onto her being, giving herself an hourglass frame. The girl soon adjusted her glasses; her hair flowed down thick, curly locks. The small little fangs which came out of her mouth were similar to cat teeth.

The woman soon opened her door slowly, her soft teal eyes glancing around before she slowly walked out fully. She was a rather gentle being, if you weren’t on her ‘list’. But at the current time, nothing was ever assigned to her, therefore, she could look as she does right now. The assassin soon pushed up her thick-rimmed glasses, a small warm smile on her face. The woman strolled along calmly, her eyes trained on nothing in particular. This feline was one whom would zone out and just walk; it’s not that much of a smart idea. Though, her reflexes tend to always save her from things.

This troll lived in a wide open area with tall grass, the plains. Her cave was quite well hidden due to it being on a lower elevated area which she thought was quite clever; despite the fact that she has to climb up a slope. Her soft gray hands trailed up to gently adjust her glasses, once more giving her a better look around. Her eyes squinted slightly; perhaps it is that she has caught sight of someone? Or maybe it’s just her imagination. A few have called her ‘crazy’, though Assassin never cared in the slightest of the comments.

The woman soon decided that it was best to go over to the figure, besides; she was quite curious why someone was so close to her hive.
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