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Claudia was finding this man quite intriguing. She was not about to back down from this situation. She was already having a bit too much fun. She could see beneath his calm, dumb face, he was shocked. She had him. The girl leaned in quite closely, grinning. "Aww, babes. Don't hide from me... I don't care...." Claudia then pulled away quickly, letting her arms drop back down to her sides. She smoothed out her dress before proceeding with her voice.

Claudia gave a very slight shrug then giggled. She was having just way too much fun. It could considered criminal almost... Almost. What this guy, he was a criminal. Claudia wanted to know for sure if he was though. Having secret affairs with a Russian. Oh my! What fun. Claudia wanted this... So much. She just had to get him to confess. After a few more moments of thinking, she grinned. She reached forward, pulling the Russian back into her arms, tangling her hands back into his hair, tugging at it rough. "Mister Russia, don't be shy. Come and play with me.... I don't bite," Claudia winked, smiling brillantly.

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The young woman lead him into another room, and Alexi became a little concerned. Surely, this woman didn't already see through his disguise? Why, every German solider he came into contact with believed his made up story.

The door was closed and locked behind them and he placed his hands behind his back. What did Claudia want with him? He watched her curiously as she seemed to be lost in thought for a moment. She leaned against the desk, and he took a step toward her before she spoke. "Damn, she is very intelligent." He thought to himself, trying his best to hide the hint of shock on his face.

Her hands reached up and stroked his cheek and fingers danced in his hair. If he didn't know any better, he would think that this lady was indeed flirting with him. A slight smile appeared on his face. She leaned forward then, and he hesitantly wrapped an arm around her waist. "What is it that you are thinking then, Claudia? Do I honestly seem like a Russian spy?" Better to play it dumb than to give it all away at once, after all.
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Claudia looked back at Alexie, noting the name he had given. Thomas.... She thought quietly then shook her head. "Well, Thomas. I was, but I must pull you into another room and speak with you for a moment..." Claudia stepped into the office, pulling Alexie with him. She shut and locked the door, sighing softly. Claudia, honestly, did not know how to bring this up. It was a bit frustrating. Quietly, she exhaled softly. She was torn. Completely torn between exposing this Russian scum or just playing along. Maybe she could gain something in this situation. She just stared at him for a moment, thinking quietly to herself. She had to find the right words to say to him, so she did not freak him out or cause him to completely reject her.

Claudia leaned against the office desk with a frown. "Private, I have a sinking suspicion that you might be a Russian Spy. You're eyes and hair, they aren't a beautiful shade of blue or blonde.... It kind of...." Claudia did not finish her sentence. Her hands slowly stroked his cheeks right under his eyes then she ran her fingers through his hair softly. Yeah, Claudia was flirting. She purposely doing that. No one could turn down a beautiful German woman, who could beat a man up. When Claudia got mad, all hell broke loose. She leaned into him, her fingers tangled just so in his hair to show somewhat dominance in her posture and the way she stared at him was a soft innocence that no one had ever seen with Claudia. She just smiled at him slight.

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Alexei was a little surprised to see such a woman asking for a handshake. Surely he had missed something about not being so formal around those who were in equal or lower ranking than himself? He offered her a kind smile, and grasped her small hand with his larger one. "A pleasure, Claudia. I'm Thomas."

Okay, so that really wasn't his name, but he was here under the disguise of being a German solider, not that of the Russians. If only the German's knew that his name was Alexei Korjev. They would have his head on a silver platter. He was much higher in ranking in his homeland, and was looked upon with respect and awe. He sort of liked the fact that while he was here in Germany, most didn't bother to give him a second glance.

Claudia then tugged the young man away from Herr Schwarz, and he glanced back to the older man. "Oh, thank you for your help, sir. I do appreciate it." He said, and then looked to the woman who was leading him away.

"Are you giving me the rest of my tour then?" He asked innocently enough, wondering where she was planning on taking him.
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Claudia immediately rejected the bow and shook her head. "Nein. No bowing, I might bena woman, but I would like a handshake. I'm not of high power like the Fuhrer's wife or Goebble's wife," Claudia shook her head once more then offered a faint smile. She meant no harm or to be mean. "And call me, Claudia," she murmured, smiling. Though, Claudia was receiving a bad vibe from this male, Alexie, was his name, she decided to ignore it. What fun would it be to have a secret affair with this man. The other girl's could see the mischievousness behind Claudia's innocent expression. Most of them were giggling, tslking amoungst themselves.

Without much hesitation, Claudia turned on her heels. She had begun shouting commands to get back to work in German. Most of the girls yelped in fear. Most could tell, Claudia was not to be fucked with. "Herr Schwarz, I have this. I'll take real gut care of our Private here...." Claudia locked arms with Alexie, tugging him away from Herr Schwarz.

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Alexei and Herr Schwarz stopped just before a young woman. She was beautiful, and Alexei couldn't help but to stare. After a few moments, the woman's attention turned towards him. He glanced away, and cleared his throat.

"This is Private Engel. He is here to tour the facility and to report whether or not we are meeting the Fuhrer's expectations." The older man said, before turning to look at Alexei. "Sir, this is Claudia. She is one of our hardest workers here, as you can see. She is also quite the catch." He teased, nudging the young man.

Alexei looked a little flustered, and bowed slightly at the young woman. It was good manners to bow towards a lady, no matter what the culture. "A pleasure to meet you Fraulein." He spoke, his voice deep and comforting. His mother used to tell him that he was the only one who could get his younger brother to sleep when they were younger...

He straightened back up, and let his eyes wander around the factory. So far, nothing seemed out of place. Although, he was sure that things were more than meets the eye. He just had to be patient.
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Claudia was a hardworking, bomb making bombshell. Everyone liked her. She was a sweetheart, never would hurt a fly, and tended to be very quiet. Her hands, dirty hands, working with the equipment that she was in charge of. She carefully assembled the last of the bomb then handed it off to the last woman, who sent the finished bomb off. Claudia looked up when she saw a new man with Herr Schwarz enter into the factory. She stared for a moment then frowned. Just by the look of the unknown, unfamiliar male, she could tell he was bad news. Claudia carefully made her way around the equipment to meet with the two men.

Quietly, she stuck out her arm at a 45 degree angle and clicked her heels together. "Heil Hitler...." Claudia murmured then was told at ease. "Herr Schwarz, may I ask, who this young man is?" Claudia asked, wipping her hands off on her dirty apron, doing her hands no real good. It was obvious that the woman all worked hard and didn't stop of anything. Claudia had a strange beautiful about her. Sweet blue eyes, blonde hair with a white flower resting behind her pale features. She was kind looking.

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"Ah, Herr Schwarz, this is Thomas Engel. Pleasure to have to with us today. I see that you are wanting to take a tour of our facility, for "special" matters I see, hm?" The shorter man smiled at the young Russian lad as he stood there in full Nazi uniform.

He had trained diligently for a day like this to come. He was fluent in German, and even so that he knew the slang, and developed an accent that sounded very much like Bavarian. He was given the name of Thomas Engel, and for almost three months now, he had been acting like he was this young strapping German lad, instead of the Russian Spy that was sent here to infiltrate the near by Nazi head quarters.

The older man then lead him through the double doors that separated the lobby from the rest of the factory. To say it was noisy would be an understatement. The noise was so loud that Alexei could barely hear himself think!

The man seemed to not notice the noise, and was busy flapping his mouth, and pointing this way and that. Alexei nodded his head as if he understood what the man was saying. How was he supposed to gather information if he couldn't hear the damned man?
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