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Nathan's story, his legacy of being the Repo-Man, is well known. When the world fell apart, and GeneCo took away the worries of the people, the company had spread far and wide around the world. Years after Nathan's story, Amber Sweet's grandson now run's GeneCo, having killed his cousins to get to the top. Deciding that a single Repo-man a city was much too slow for business, and 90 days was much too long to go without pay, he made some changes. Now each city had a head Repo-man, along with three underlings who found people just 45 days after a missed payment.

In the main city of GeneCo's headquarters, where its current owner lives, holds the number one Repo-man in the world. He is so well at his profession; he gives no time to other Repo-men in his area. Because of his superior skills, he is even judged to be close to Nathan’s legacy. Because of this, in the company at least, he is much loved, making the owner of GeneCo somewhat jealous. However, like Nathan, the top Repo-man holds his identity away from those who know him. Not even his boss and he have meant face to face, though GeneCo's Chairman has seen his file. And because of this, the Chairman came up with a plan.

One day the top Repo-man gets two letters in the same day. One if from the company, informing him that he will be taking on an apprentice to train and the other is to inform him that a Repo-man in another city has taken out his older adopted sister, and because of this, his close in age niece will be moving in with him. Upon these two letters arrival, he must get his house and affairs in order to house and take care of two other people.


Username: Yourusername

Character name: First and Last Name

Age: Between the ages of 22-26

Genetic/Mental Flaw: Pick one flaw you character carries.

Role: Top Repo-man/Apprentice(chairman)


Username: MakiOnyx

Character name: Kax Locke

Age: 22

Genetic/Mental Flaw: She was born deaf, however her grandfather left her a nice trust fund only she can use, and she was given special top of the line ear implants from GeneCo. She has a few payments left, but she is able to make them for now.

Username: CreativeRed

Character name: Adrian Russel

Age: 26

Genetic/Mental Flaw:Random body dysphoria. Never happy with his looks, so he's always getting something changed. Over time he'll just end up completely different from his previous look. He pays for his operation addiction by working for GeneCo, and almost all of his pay goes towards new surgeries.

Role: Apprentice

Username: Cobalt-

Character Name: Christopher Murdoch

Age: 23

Genetic/Mental Flaw:Colour blind



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4. This is a horror/romance.

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[left [pic]] Christopher woke up grudgingly, he didn't want to wake up because it was only 6 am, but he had work to do.
Standing from his bed, he got changed and walked out of the second floor, seeing his butler along the way, he asked him if there is any work to be done.
"Yes sir, there are two letters for you on the table."
So without further ado, he walked downstairs and opened the double doors to his office. The office was big, but it only held one desk and a computer screen.
He picked the letters up, and it said:

Dear Christopher,
I am writing to inform you that you wil be taking on an apprentice to train. She will be arriving at eleven am.

The second letter said.

A Repo-man in another city has taken out your older adopted sister, and because of this, your close in age niece will be moving in with you.

He sat there for a moment, refusing to cry, he couldn't believe that his older adopted sister had gone. Should he contact his family?
He decided to do so. But not yet. He had to prepare an extra room.

Christopher rose from his chair, then walked out of the office, he decided to find the butler on the second floor, he found the butler cleaning the room.
"Butler, can you organise two rooms? My niece and apprentice is coming." He supposed he should lay out some rules too.
"Of course Master."
"Thank you." He then walked off and decided to lay out some rules.
1) Do not step foot into my office.
2) Ask the Butler if you need anything.
3) See me if you see anyone suspicious.
4) Do not speak to anyone who steps foot in this house. Unless it's an emergency.

He knew it was probably a bit over the top to be laying out rules. But he was a Repo-Man. And so he needed to take precautions to make sure that everyone is safe.

He put the paper in his pocket and walked back to his office. He decided to buy some food as well. Just in case.

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  [ cнrιѕтopнer ] / Cobalt- / 3y 57d 17h 29m 5s
Adrian had been curious to know who this top ranking Repo Man was. How could someone so skilled and popular be so secretive?

It was just insane to him, and he was dreadfully curious. But behind that curiosity, in a part of his brain he didn't always fully pay attention to, but nonetheless it was there, telling him that there was something he wasn't good at, and the comparison was strikingly obvious. He could be a repo man and reposess things. He could... He could probably even be better than this guy!

And that's why, when he found a thin and almost empty file on this mysterious Repo Man, he came up with a plan...

A plan that involved him coming up with a story for a new Repo Man to apprentice under this one. Christopher Murdoch...

It had been a blow to his self-esteem that such a young person could be such a success, but it only fueled his plans. Now he was standing in front of a house, luggage next to him, posing as an apprentice.

He knew he had to make sure everything was in place, and he took this time before he approached the house to gather his thoughts.

Adrian hadn't made an elaborate lie that would easily be forgotten, instead he stretched the truth. He had even formulated an official job for himself, with a second income and everything. His story was his own. He had joined GeneCo's ranks to pay for surgery, as he was constantly changing his looks.

Yeah, there had been rumors that he was related to the previous owner's Daughter, Amber Sweet, due to their shared love of the scalpel, and there was even talk that he might be one of Pavi's or Luigi's grandkids, but all was untrue. He hadn't known his grandparents. All he knew was that his grandmother was a single mom who had raised her twin daughters by herself. Nobody knew who the father was, and Adrian was always told how lucky he was to have known his father before he passed away. He disagreed, but that wasn't something he often talked about.

He was his own man, despite his own issues, and he was determined to learn the secrets of this Repo Man!
  Adrian Russel / CreativeRed / 3y 68d 21h 19m 14s
[font "Andalus" [size16 The hologram projection of an eviction notice springing up at three in the morning would have been more than enough to put anyone in a rotten mood, however it only added more stress on the shoulders of young twenty-two year old Kax Locke, whose mother had just “passed away” as some say. Though Kax didn’t see it that way; No, she would see it for what it was, cold-blooded murder. But that was the world she was born into, a dying sickly world where one signature on a contract could almost guarantee one had given themselves over to the devil. GenCo… What would the world be like without it?

Sighing the porcelain skinned woman leaned back against the old stained leather seat of the back of the cab she found herself in. A strange sour smell rose up from the cracks of the cushions, something she was sure she didn’t want to know the cause of as her nose scrunched up slightly. Outside rain pelted down on the bright city she found herself in, almost as if nature was trying to cleanse it for her arrival, though she was never so petty as to believe such a thing. She had always loved hearing the rain; it had been the first sounds to resonate within her since she was six years old and had unknowingly at the time signed an agreement with the same corporation that had taken the life of her mother. If only her grandfather hadn’t detested her late mother in the end of his days…

[b “Almost there, miss,”] came the raspy voice of the driver, causing Kax to turn her bright silver-blue eyes to meet muddy brown ones covered in black rings and hollow cheeks.

The girl studied the driver for what she could see, however her mind was not on him, but on this estranged uncle she was going to stay with – hopefully that is. Though the letters she had found in what had been left of her mother’s things clearly showed some animosity between the siblings, Kax hoped for the love of her grandfather, her uncle would take pity on her. Perhaps he would need someone to do chores around the house or help him move about; after all she knew nothing of his age or looks. She only had an address and a name, Mr. Murdoch.

[b “Here miss. That will be fifty dollars and thirty-three cents.”]

Kax closed her eyes tightly a moment before sighing. Leaning forward, she slid her small hand through the window between the cabby and herself, money tightly clenched in her fist. She tried not to shutter as his cold calloused fingers gripped at her fingers to greedily take what she offered, his unkempt nails slicing her fingers in the process.

Sucking in a breath at the sting, she jerked her hand back to her side before throwing her door open, all the while the cabby staring at her with a strange expression she cared nothing for.

[#800080 [b “My things,”]] she spoke, though it came out almost in a whisper.

Nodding, the cabby popped the trunk and stepped out of the car into the pouring rain with the girl, his body now in view as his overly large clothes began to stick to his thin body.

[#800080 [b “I can get them-”]]

[b “Nah, miss, let me help you,”] the cabby spoke again, his muddy brown eyes flickering to her face then to the trunk.

Biting her bottom lip, she returned his nod and moved to take her things from the man, her eyes glancing away from him to the looming mansion she found herself in front of as black silken tendrils of hair stuck to the back of her neck and sides of her face.]

[i [size12 OOC: You don't have to post this much, but you can if you like. This is semi-lit after all so I won't demand long posts.]]
  Kax / MakiOnyx / 3y 70d 12h 51m 38s

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