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A Roleplay for Papi and myself.

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Roux- lol now I am copying axel's sister. Fran- Fran shrugged her..I looked those arms were toned. It looked like she could possibly beat me in an arm wrestling contest. i have no idea why the thought excited me so much.

Tora took the blunt from me and sat in between us. Her legs touching mine sending all type of forbidden thrills up my body. I pressed my leg against her just a tad as if on accident.

"You keep mine and I keep yours" The look they shared scared the bejeesus out of me. This two girls were like mafia bosses- they probably took tea...nah they didn't seem like the hypocrite type. I bet they just knew how the other worked and tried to stay as far away from each other as possible..But hell what do I know.. am just another drugged up asshole.

"Ugh" Continued fran sitting beside axel "you don't mind me sitting here right dreadlocks?" and she continued on without waiting for him to reply "She has a pole so far up her ass its a surprise she can even walk"

Man..I think I am starting to miss cherrywood least some had class not like this jock girl who talks
  Francis Roux / Apple / 7y 128d 2h 11m 53s
Of course he would be skipping class, when was Axel not? How he managed to pass his classes was still a mystery to me, but he was a prodigy when he actually took the time to apply himself to his work.

I walked through the halls before making it outside. The sky above was a dull gray, and the smell of rain was in the air. Maybe today wouldn't be so bad after all. I continued to walk towards the football field before coming to a stop next to Fran. I looked over to her, and gave her a small wave before my attention went to the two idiots sitting before me. Andrew offered the blunt to Fran, which she turned down.

"Don't you know that weed's bad for ya?" I said sarcastically, before taking the blunt out of the blonde's hand. I looked Roux straight in the eyes as I took a hit from it and passed it back. "Our little secret, Roux? Right?" I smiled a little, and almost wanted her to say other wise. She and I were two of the most powerful girls in school. If she dropped the bomb that I was a pot head like my older brother, I could come up with some nasty shit to fire back at her... but, maybe things wouldn't come to that. After all, me and her were on civil terms, anyway.

My eyes went to Axel, and I sighed. "Are you too baked to do this interview? Because if so, I'm going to kick your giant ass. You're the new star athlete here at Melbourne, so fuckin' act like it, okay?" I was such a loving sister wasn't I?

I climbed onto the bleachers and sat down in between the blonde and dreaded male, and looked to Roux then. "Why's the ol' hag makin' you run today anyway?"
  tora||bentley / LockAndKey / 7y 129d 16h 45m 5s
The anal coach was having us do laps around the football field because she just felt like it. I think she is on her period. Nothing gets a middle aged woman going than her bleeding vagina. ugh.
Good thing I like to sweat and the feeling that running gives me is even better than sex. No, no scratch that. Nothing beats sex.

I finished and grabbed my water moving towards the two potheads sitting on the bleachers. Really what a nasty habit these two had. Of all the addictions one can have they choose pot? How very cliche. Real men choose coke or some more manly drug and real women choose shopping.

They have shit eating grins on their face. My lip curls up "andrew." He raises a brow and offers me the blunt. "no thanks. I am above the influence" His laughter rings out and I turn towards the other one "dreadlocks, should our football star be skipping class?"
Why do I even ask that. As a soccer and volleyball player I gotta be in class and pull out grades out of my ass to be able to play- but since the school is all into football they can do as they please. In our last game we didn't even get the crappy band at our pep-rally but they got a damn parade though they keep losing games.

Why is the world so unfair?
  Francis Roux / Apple / 7y 129d 17h 56m 0s
If I could get a grade for skipping class, that bitch ass teacher would be giving me an A-plus. I didn't just skip class and mess around. I skipped class at school and smoked weed the whole time while I was doing it. Andrew and I found ourselves outside sitting on the bleachers. We passed a blunt between the two of us, and I stared up at the gray clouds menacingly... I thought that if I glared at the fuckers long enough, they would get the fuck outta here. I had football practice later, and with this shit weather, I might skip out on that too.

The blunt was passed back to me, and I glanced down to see that the blonde was spending time watching the girls in their skimpy outfits jog around the track. I gotta say, some of them girls were DAMN FINE. I wouldn't mind getting in on those sugar walls, heh heh.

He pointed out Fran and I zeroed in on her like a damn hawk. Damn, baby. Ass. Ass. Ass. Ass. I grinned widely and handed the blunt back to him, exhaling the smoke slowly. "Gotta hand it to ya, bro. She is damn fine."

My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I pulled it out to see that Tora had sent a text message.

Where the fuck are you? I have to interview your stupid ass.

Football field. Chill out. Come smoke with me and Andrew.


Fuck Andrew. I'll come smoke though.

And just like that, I was back on my sister's good side for the time being.

"Hey, Tora's headin' over. Said something about interviewin' me 'n shit. She' gunna smoke too. Don't boggart the blunt." I said as I leaned back against the metal bleachers.

A few minutes later, I could see the bright red hair from a distance, and she was coming over fast.
  :Axel:Bentley: / LockAndKey / 7y 129d 18h 31m 16s
Axel kept staring at Fran's behind and for a second there I wanted to growl like a pack dog- but then he mentioned getting high. Shit I was no longer a stupid secretary and I had nothing to prove- except that I was not great at being a goody two shoes.

"yeah. This school is giving me a headache" And more the girls in it. There was one I couldn't stare at because she was Axel's kid sister and tho she had grown up into a babe- I just couldn't hit that. Forbidden fruits excite me the best.

We skipped class like a boss- no one even said anything when we walked out of the cafeteria and went out to the football field. It was a gray day and I just knew later in the afternoon poor Axel would have to be practicing. Might as well mooch some of his pot before he was too busy to give me a hit.

We were sitting there sharing- cus you know what they say- sharing is caring, when some girls in tiny skimpy shorts passed in front us running. They were doing laps around the football field. Their hair high up in ponytails. In the front was Fran, running. Her legs toned and firmed. Imagine what those could do.

A pervy ass grin appeared on my face and since the pot had relaxed me as heck I pointed her out to Axel "well someone likes to keep in shape"

Real Good Shape.
  Francis Roux / Apple / 7y 135d 38m 26s
Damn, this girl wasn't like the ones at Cherrywood! She slapped the apple from my hands, and then continued to eat it while giving me this sexy ass look like she wished that apple was me instead. Hell yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

I tried to look angry at her, but it didn't really work. I looked more like I was curious and a little turned on. Damn it, I can't be having that shit goin' on around Andrew. He'd flip shit.

Tora came just in time to save the day, handing over another apple and calling me her favorite word. I should really kick her ass for calling me that all the time, but, ehh.

She smiled at Andrew like she had some dirty little secret with him, and I looked at the two of them suspiciously. What in the hell would they have a secret about? He didn't even remember who she was until I pointed it out a few minutes ago. Oh well.

My attention went back to the two girls, and I grinned slightly. They didn't seem like they were friends, but they didn't seem like they wanted to rip eachother's heads off either. That's good. I'd really hate to have to tell Prez that my kid sis got into a fight with his sister.

Fran got up, dusting herself off and saying good bye. Damn it, my name is Axel!

"It's Axel, not dread locks." I grunted, and turned to watch her leave. Alright, she's got a nice ass. Quit staring. Quit Staring. My eyes move over to the clock, and I sigh.

"Bro, should we just skip and get high? It's not like they'll notice anyway..."
  :Axel:Bentley: / LockAndKey / 7y 136d 16m 6s
I was trying to get my apple back when I noticed Andrew was totally checking out Bentley. Who i can't say I was friendly with, but at least we did not clash like a bad curtain with a carpet. We always went our separate ways. She usually interviewed our team when we won and that was fine.

But now tho. Andrew was staring at her like she was some delicious piece of steak that he would not mind eating up- no fork or knife included. Just grab that chunk of meat, put it in his mouth and chew away.

Disgusting. He has not changed at all.

I turned to the dreadlocks dude who had stolen my apple and slapped it out of his hand. Some polite words were exchanged and I bit into the part where he had taken a piece of. Sinking my teeth into the apple I sent him the message that any guy with half a brain and a dick should get.

Tora came our way and informed me that this was his brother. Lol, what? Was she trying to tell me to stay away or some equally retarded shit like that? Girly I do what I want, when I want and with who I want.

Of course I smiled and said nice to meet you to the drealocks man while I finished my apple.

But I am not scared. I have hanged around assholes and dicks for the better part of my life. My brother is not an exception, though lately he has changed. He even stayed at Cherrywood, following some girl's skirts more than likely.

Guys are like that. After one thing always. And we all know my brother always liked kitties.

I stand up brushing a few crumbs from my skirt.
"See you later dreadlocks...and you"
Andrew gave me a sneer and shooed me. Ohh the darling he was annoyed because of the thing with the apple?

Nope. I should know better. He was probably worried about his friend. Cus like he has said before. Bros before hoes.
  Francis Roux / Apple / 7y 136d 19h 20m 17s
I'm trying to wait in line, but before long, I just shove my way through the boys and girls. A few give me dirty looks, but none of them dare to stop me. That's right, bitches. Being one of the main reporters for the school newspaper meant I could fuck your world up without even having to lift a finger. Fuckin' beware.

So, I made it to the food. I give the lunch lady a "don't you fuckin' dare" sorta look, but she still hands me the cardboard thin pancakes with the watery water shit that is supposedly syrup. Fuckin' disgusting. I grabbed two apples, and a carton of milk. I dump the pancakes into the trash. I would rather eat last week's apples and day old milk that that shit.

I take a look around the cafeteria and my eyes landed on Andrew. He was staring me down like a dog did with a juicy steak. Fuckin' pervert. Yeah, keep lookin'. You know that I'm Axel's little sis, now, huh? There's this hint of fear in your eyes, dude. It's sexy and hilarious.

So, just to put on a good show, as I walked over to an empty table I swayed my hips a little more, and yanked my skirt up just a tad so there was more leg showing. Oh, Axel, if you knew what the hell I was doing to your friend's pants right now, you would have a bitch fit. Times five.

I slid into my seat, and crunched down on the apple while watching Axel interact with Roux. She wasn't my favorite person in the world, but we were on good terms. Well, if good terms meant that we stayed the fuck away from each other, and only talked to one another when it was necessary.

Axel had snatched her apple away, and I chuckled. Can't do that shit here, bro. We girls are pretty lethal here at Melbourne. You think Cherrywood was bad? We're like, the mafia compared to them.

She slapped the apple from his hand, and I shook my head. Wow, she even began to eat it after he took a huge ass bite from it. She's trying to reel him in. Good luck, Roux. He's a dumbass. More so than the blonde he hangs out with.

I got up, and walked over. My eyes looked over to the blonde, and a small smile curled on my lips. I looked over to Axel, and held out my other apple. "Here, dumbass. Next time, just fuckin' ask for a damn apple."

I nodded at Roux, "I see you met my brother. Don't hurt him too much, will ya? He's got football and shit. You know how the school loooooves football."

I'm walking away now. I'd just thought I'd let you know who jungleman was related to, so you knew what you were going to be stuck with. Especially if you associate with the likes of Andrew.
  tora||bentley / LockAndKey / 7y 136d 19h 36m 14s
The look on Fran's face was precious. Something along the line between frustration and outright annoyance mixed with a side of fake civility.
"that's my apple" She said nicely extending her hand towards Axel.

Oh man this was going to be cute. Cuter than Axel's kid sister. Not that I was going to tell him that. He would probably castrate me. But damn the girl was packing in all DA RITE PLACES. Did she drink "grow some boobs" protein shakes? I turned away from Axel and Fran and checked out dat behind. Pretty legit.

Okay, okay, turn away. Forbidden territory man. Forbidden Territory. It was total guy code. You don't touch your bro's sis. It's practically incest.

I turned just in time to see Fran slap the apple out of Axel's hand. "I said that was my apple dreadlocks." She took it though Axel had already bitten it.

"Fran it's moldy..just leave it for the way Axel this is Fran. Francis Roux. The prez' kid sister."

And yes I have broken guy code before- but you gotta understand the Prez wasn't really my friend. He was just the Prez.

"it is still my apple" She said smiling like she was just an innocent little girl claiming what was her "and I always keep what is mine" She added and suddenly there was a small wicked smile on her lips as she bit into the apple.

Pink lips with pearly white teeth sinking into the white flesh. Total erotic fran. Good thing we are meeting later at your dorm.

Though I was not liking the look she was giving Axel. Like he was the apple and she could devour him with her mouth. Tho I am probably reading too much into it.

It has to be.

  Andrew Claire / Apple / 7y 136d 20h 20m 3s
Tora bitched and moaned about something related to tampons. TMI, sis. I really don't wanna know that you're on the rag. She turned and walked away towards the line. I waved at her innocently, before turning my attention back to the blonde before me.

"Who's that broad? You fuckin' her?"

My eyes widened, and I busted out laughing. There were tears streaming down my face. It's funny to see that Andrew didn't remember Tora. Then again, we were stuck at Abingdick for so damned long, that she sorta grew up on us.

"No, dude! That's Tora!"

Blank look.

"My younger sister?" Sigh. "She used to be flat chested, and had that dumbass hair cut that made her look like a little boy? Her hair used to be blue?"

That seemed to click, and Andrew was off talking about how much Tora used to look like a dyke. Trust me, bro. I know.

We began to walk over to a group of girls sitting at one of the tables, I looked at each one of them inwardly smiling as a few of them stared at me in awe. What? Never seen a tree of a man with dreads? I'm sexy. I know.

Andrew mentioned something about this girl getting us breakfast, and I glanced over to her. Why the hell did she look familiar? It was creepy as hell!

"Yeah, I'd go for something that didn't look or smell like dying fetus."

A few of the girls made disgusted faces, and pushed their food away. I reach over, and plunk the slightly bruised apple from one of the trays.

"Thanks, chickie. Looks like you didn't need it anyway. What with watchin' yer weight and shit. That's what girls worry about right?" And I grinned slightly before straightening back up and taking about out of the apple.
  :Axel:Bentley: / LockAndKey / 7y 136d 20h 37m 39s
I am Francis Roux- pretty derpy name for a girl. Frankly couldn't they have called me Francine or Frachesca? Just Francis. And then it was shortened even more to Fran. Not something cute like Franny, or Cissy not just Fran.

We headed towards the cafeteria smiling at everyone, waving to people, being exactly what I am supposed to be. A pretty, down to earth, innocent girl who does not open her legs for everybody.

I don't do it for everybody. But you see sometimes I get the itch and I have to scratch it. Sure I scratch it with a stranger's dick but that does not make less of me. Because that would make the world terribly unfair and I am so very against double standards.

You see that blonde asshole from back there. Yeah I thought I was his girlfriend, sharing my body with the love of my life, finding time in between soccer and volleyball and going at it all the time like two horny dogs. I should DTRed with him way before he put his thing in my thing cus when I realized I wasn't the only cave he was exploring it was kinda late.

In a jealous fit I broke all ties with him and a few fingers of the girl who was all over my cake and eating it too. Then I regretted it because there was an itch that I couldn't scratch and believe me I tried.

Now that he is back and I am not as emotional involved as before..maybe we can get back to business.

We sat down- the girls and I. Usually preppy girls don't eat breakfast but with our club activities we do not have the time or luxury to say no to breakfast.
Sausage and egg and biscuit if you know how to work the cafeteria lady and I know how to work her. Her daughter is in our team after all.

"Hey get me some of that will you sweetheart" Lo and behold the ass again that I plan to use later on. But please don't make yourself at home.

"Hey axel this girls can get us a good breakfast" And fuck another of his buddies coming our way.

I smile nicely "yes of course.." Because there are people looking at me and they all expect me to be nice. Ugh.

Sometimes I just want to tell them I am a dirty slut. See how that goes.
  Francis Roux / Apple / 7y 136d 20h 58m 28s
Me? Be excited about my older brother goin' to school with ME!? Hell fuckin' no!

Do I look like some little flower that follows her big ol' brother around, hoping that he'll chase away all the meanie heads, and bad guys?

Actually, let's not answer that question, because... I did look like a damn flower. Yeah, and you know what? Roses are flowers. Roses have thorns. I'm pretty to look at, but harmful to touch.

Why? Well, let's just let the lovely student populace answer that question, eh?

After getting ready, I walk back into my brother's room to see him sprawled out on his bed. He was blasting his stupid ass rap music that was about as pleasurable to listen to as listening to pigs get slaughtered. Actually, that sounds like something I'd listen to...

He's laying there, holding my bong that I left in here so mommsie and daddsie wouldn't find it. Oh, no, if they knew their beloved daughter was turning into her older brother, I'd have hell to pay.

I walked straight to him, and snatched it out of his hands. This weed smelled great, and no doubt my brother was very good friends with the same guy I got my own stash from. I take a hit. Another hit. Cough. I hand it back.

Axel's all goofy faced, and seems so proud about seeing his kid sister smokin' the ganj. Oh, get the fuck over it, dumbass. It's not like it's that amazing.

So, after he and I smoke this bowl, I return to the bathroom to use the eye drops. I held them out to him, and he snorted while mumbling some shit about "Motha fuckas best know I'm high, cuz they're gunna hate seeing me sober."

Whatever, dumbass. I'd rather keep my little appearance as the goody two-shoed girl who was in the Chess Club, and Journalism. I'm also a heart-heart-heart breaker! Well, most of the guys at Melbourne don't have hearts, let alone souls. So, I give them a taste of their own medicine... Anyway.

We get to school, and I'm dragging Axel behind me like he's a lost little puppy. He's crackin' up, and pointing at people who he thinks look funny. Bro, have you looked at yourself today? You look like damn Tarzan, and your eyes are redder than the Devil's dick on the Fourth of July. Wait, that didn't make sense... Fuckin' weed...

Axel stopped dead in his tracks, and pulls out his phone. He's got this derpy lookin' smile on his face. Probably texting his brofriend. I swear, him and Andrew are secretly gay for eachother... and I have a feeling that Andrew would be the one on top. Hahaha.

So, I'm still dragging his giant ass to the cafeteria. The food here was far from amazing, but the breakfast was alright. I'm hungry because I have the munchies, and I skipped out on eating breakfast at home so I could look nothing like my older brother. Although, with my red hair and short height, it wasn't hard to think we weren't related. The only give away was our eyes and attitudes.

Axel catches sight of Andrew, and is now dragging me. Which pisses me right the hell off. We stop, and he's blabbing about something stupid. I cross my arms over my chest. "Axel, dumbass, I'm here for food. Not to fuckin' talk about tampons with your boyfriend." I growled slightly, and turned to walk towards the line.
  tora||bentley / LockAndKey / 7y 136d 22h 47m 55s
I didn't get expelled. Fuck you if that's what you think. I just got...transferred with the help of handy dandy shady father. Without Axel things just got a tad boring. All the assholes were getting expelled left and right and I was standing there in the middle wishing there was some normality slapped on it.

I guess once an abindong always an asshole.

What I did not certainly enjoy was going to the same school as the prez's sister. She was nothing like the prez. She was one scary bitch that I totally would bend over and go at it all night long. She was just that hot.

Though when I once more found her she was-different? Almost too perfect. Nice grades, ironed clothes, prissy make up and heels that made her look taller than she actually was. She was not the student council president- god save me from that.

But she was the leader of the volleyball team and was very popular around school.

I instantly wanted to hit that. Again. And Again. And more than likely again.
She was just that hot. Except she treated me like any other faggot.

Or worse.

"Oh. It's you" She said pursing her strawberry glossed lips into a bow. "well look what the cat dragged in. Cherrywood couldn't handle you. How sad"

"Oh you are hot stuff fran. Real hot stuff. Makes me want to bend you over-"
"hmph" she gave a rather sarcastic chuckle "once a dick..always a dick. be a sweetheart and move. yes?"

And she passed by me with her click of girls behind her leaving a scent of berries in the air. A few minutes later I received two texts. First from Axel.
Dude.. let's rip this school a new anus
And then another one..from. well, well.
Meet me at my dorm later. -Fran-

I shouted jubilantly getting odd looks from people. She wanted me too. Fuck yeah.

Now it was time to find the cafeteria with its nasty food- only thing I missed from cherrywood- and then see about getting Axel to share some pot. Bastard was stingy.
  Join them / Apple / 7y 136d 21h 14m 53s
Well, it turned out that Cherrywood High just couldn't handle us boys from Abingdon. Within a few weeks, most of us got expelled, and we had to transfer to another school. I wasn't too bummed out about it, because the damn Pepto Bismal school gave me a headache, and now I was going to be going to the same school as my kid sister Tora.

That's a good thing, because that means I can watch over her, and make sure that no one tries to defile my precious little sister. What? You thought I was a heartless guy? Well, I am... except when it comes to Tora. I'm well aware the kid can handle herself... But, I can't sleep at night unless I know I smashed at least one jerk's face into a locker for even looking at my sister.

She's just so damn cute, and she shouldn't date douchebags. Well, she shouldn't date at all... because dating means she's having sex... and Ugh! I don't wanna think about that shit!!


So, here it is, the morning of my first day at Melbourne Academy. Sure, it may have a fancy sounding name, but the place was anything but. It was almost like Abingdon, except... There were girls. Hot girls.

I'm sprawled out on my bed, in my uniform. I woke up over an hour ago, much to my dislike, because Tora decided to pick my door's lock, and dump freezing cold water on me. "Good morning, Axel! Get the fuck up!" She had yelled, sounding way. too. damn. cheerful.

She's not even finished getting ready yet! The damn girl took over my bathroom so that she could get ready. She said something about her bathroom being too small or some shit. I'unno. I hope she likes the smell of weed, because I'm taking rip after rip outta this here bong. I don't fuckin' care if I'm going to school in thirty minutes. I am not starting out my day without a good ol' wake and bake.

Dude. You ready for school? This shit is gunna be funny as fuck.


Well, the one good thing about going to Melbourne is that Andrew some how talked his parents into letting him go with me. Gotta have my bro.

Another toke, and my bathroom door busts open. Tora's staring my down with her grey eyes, and heads right for me. She yanks the bong from my hand, and then... WHAT? She takes a hit. "Whoa little sis, I didn't know you partook in the ganja."

She glanced to me, and handed the device back. "There's a lot of shit you've missed while you were gone, dumbass.

Aw, gotta love my sister. Such a little bitch.
  :Axel:Bentley: / LockAndKey / 7y 136d 23h 48m 10s

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