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Alaska looked up to him and nodded "thanks" she said following him, almost having to jog to keep up her short legs not letting her walk as fast as his longer legs allowed him to take longer strides. She laughed at him, than frowned a little "I wasn't expecting it to turn into a map, I'm glad you stopped to help, everyone else was too caught up that I'm a new student, giving me dirty looks or talking about me to stop and help" she said to him a little upset about that still. "Oh by the way I'm Alaska Jane" she said before the reached the classroom.

Once in the classroom Alaska handed her transfer papers to the teacher in change for a textbook and the book they were reading in class To Kill A Mocking Bird, she had read it before. The teacher pointed to the only desk not filled which was in a 3 group with Adam the guy who had walked her here and some other guy she nodded to the teacher walking to the desk on the end of the two guys.

She went into her bag and grabbed her pen, her binder and her notebook. She looked over to Adam trying not to make it obvious, but she couldn't help but look at him, he was handsome and was sweet to her, or well at least by the few minutes she had spent with him.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 142d 10h 32m 13s
Adam's smile grew more, and he plucked the schedule from her hands. He looked it over as she told him that she was looking for room 543. "Oh, well, just follow me. I'm heading to that class anyway."

He handed the slip of paper back to her, and shoved his hands into his pockets before leading the way to the class. "My name's Adam. Adam Turner. You must be new here since you had your schedule out, expecting it to turn into a map." He teased.

Once they arrived to the class, he held the door open for her and then walked in after her. He took his usual place in the back right corner, and leaned back in his chair. After that, he merely acted like he didn't even walk in with the girl, and went about his business of pulling his book from his knapsack.

One of the guys that was sitting next to him leaned over and whispered something. Adam's eyebrows scrunched together, and he shoved the guy back. "You're disgusting, Jonathan." He said, although there was a hint of humor in his voice.

He was planning on killing this guy eventually. He was an asshole to many of the girls at the school, and had caused enough of them to burst into tears in the middle of the hallway. Adam couldn't stand it when a man treated a woman so poorly. At least he took a girl out to dinner before killing them. He was a gentleman like that.
  Adam Turner / LockAndKey / 7y 142d 12h 21m 48s
Alaska roamed the hallways trying to find the room she was looking for, and through all the people staring at her and talking her being the new girls and rumors going around stating why she had moved here. She ignored them all, she was getting upset, people would rather give her dirty looks and talk about her instead of help her. She continued to walk through the school trying to find the classroom when she came around the corner she bumped into someone, she looked up to see a young man, with his hair tied back, and gorgeous hazel eyes, she was almost speechless.

She was brought out of her thoughts when he spoke to her. She looked up to him, her being alot shorter than him. "Help would be amazing. I am looking for English in room 543." she said in her shy and hushed tone to him.
  xLyrax / 7y 145d 3h 32m 46s
Adam Turner may have looked like your average teenage guy. Well, maybe not so average... He didn't have the clean cut look that most of the football team had, nor did he look like the gothic group that were in the Drama Club. Adam had shoulder length dark brown hair, that shone in the sunlight. His bright hazel eyes seemed to stare into your soul, and make you feel alive. His skin was a little pale, but he could easily play it off by saying that he didn't like going outside so much.

There was one thing that Adam never told a soul, and probably never would. He was a vampire. Yes, a vampire. No, he didn't sparkle, nor did he only take the blood from animal. He was a ruthless killer, and many knew of the murders that frequented the area. They were all unsolved.

Adam Turner was only a few years shy of his three hundredth birthday, or... would it be death day? Oh, the technicalities. He looked like an eighteen year old, yet he possessed wisdom and patience that were beyond his years.

He had settled into the town Brantford only a few years ago after he had another urge of wanderlust. So far, things were going good for him.

He lived on his own, and held a job at a book store. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When people asked about his parents, he merely stated that he had been a ward of the state, and left it at that.

Today was Tuesday. A day he never liked, being that it was a Tuesday when he had been turned. He rolled around in his bed, wishing that he could go back to his old nocturnal ways, but alas... Witches had mighty powers and the one he had long called an ally had given him the gift of a ring that allowed him to walk in broad daylight.

Gotta keep up appearances. Adam slid out of his bed, yawning loudly. The dark little house felt like a sanctuary. He didn't want to leave. Instead of crawling back into bed, he instead forced himself into the bathroom to take a shower. He stripped off yesterday's clothes, and stepped into the piping hot water, letting it flow over his lean and muscular body.

Once he was finished, he dressed himself in a white t-shirt, a pair of black denim jeans, and pair of checkered Vans. He rubbed the towel through his hair, and let out a satisfied noise as he hair became ruffled to his standard. There was no need to brush it, as he would probably end up tying it into a ponytail before he arrived at school.

He didn't take the bus. No, he tried that once. The smells of each person overwhelmed him, and he almost went into a feeding frenzy because of it. Instead, he walked out of his humble abode, and slid into the cracked leather seats of his old sky blue Volkswagen van. These things used to be everywhere, yet nowadays it was a spectacle to see one still up and running.

He arrived at school some minutes later, and climbed out of the vehicle. A few people waved to him, and some of the girls giggled and smiled in his direction. He paid them no mind. He just wanted to get the day over with.

First class of the day was English. Something he was rather knowledgeable in, but he had to "dumb down" in order to fit in with his peers. He walked through the halls while absently pulling his hair back, and securing it with a rubber band. He wasn't paying attention, and ended up bumping into a girl who seemed like she was lost. He glanced down to her, her scent hitting him full on. She smelled delicious. "Not now, Adam. That can wait. Help her out first." He thought, and smiled slightly.

"You seem lost. Need some help?"
  Adam Turner / LockAndKey / 7y 145d 4h 35m 20s
Alaska Jane was your normal fun and outgoing teen but a very shy 17 year old teenage girl. She may have seemed completely normal but she wasn't Alaska had gone through a lot as a kid. Her father abusing her sexually and physically, than abandoning her when she told the authorities, Alaska had been living on her own for about 2 years now. Half of her family probably thought she was dead. She moved from the town where she grew up to a new one, just to be safe. She had just moved to a small little historic town by the name of Brantford. She was new and knew no one.

Alaska woke up on the Tuesday morning the sun shining through her curtains, she looked at the time, she sighed she was awake early, and was still tired, but if she fell back to sleep there was no guarantee that she would wake up to an another alarm to get her up on time. so she got herself out of her bed standing up doing her normal stretches, heading to the bathroom.She stripped of her clothing looking into the mirror seeing all the scars around her body from her father, some being self inflicted. She sighed, Stepping into the shower helping her wake up. She soon stepped out and wrapped a towel around herself than her hair. The perk of living alone she could walk around in a towel or minimal clothing and not have to worry. She dried off and got dressed her a length purple dress, with a elastic band under her boobs. She put on her black flatts,and started drying her hair, and brushing it straight adding a few curls here and there. She slowly put on a thin layer of make up.

Alaska grabbed her bag and cell and went down to make some toast. She made the toast putting peanut butter on it, eating it than heading out to catch the bus for school. Today was her first day. When the bus arrived she got on, getting off at the school and heading straight to the main office to grab her locker number and her time table. She looked at it English, Biology, Dance, Lunch, Music and Math. It was an alright schedule. She went to her locker after looking to find it and put a few things into her locker and went to find her first class at room 543. She wandered as she looked for it.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 145d 5h 20m 9s

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