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Disclaimer: This RP is based on real-life situations. If you have an eating disorder, find someone to talk to. It's a serious condition.

The Thin Commandments:

If you aren't thin, you aren't attractive.

Being thin is more important than being healthy.

You must buy clothes, cut your hair, take laxatives, starve yourself, and do anything to make yourself look thinner.

Thou shall not eat without feeling guilty.

Thou shall not eat fattening food without punishing oneself afterwards.

Thou shall count calories and restrict intake accordingly.

What the scale says is the most important thing.

Losing weight is good/ gaining weight is bad.

You can never be too thin.

Being thin and not eating are signs of true will power and success.

If you are thin, you will be loved and accepted.

This roleplay centers around six college students, starting their new year at the prestigious University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom. Three of the students, no matter their intelligence, suffer from eating disorders.

The disorders are crippling - and what can the students do? They're not stupid; they know what they’re doing. And yet, they can't, or won't, stop. They are supposed to be perfect, and nothing less, as the latter is not accepted among the former.

So how do you plan to save yourself from such an effectively deadly thing: your own head? Your own mirror, scale, extremist ideals? Is there such a safe haven? How do you change somebody that is so content with being how they are: self-hating? How do you possibly deal with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and orthorexia nervosa if you don't think there's anything wrong?

I need shelter from myself;

If you can hear me, please send help.


Name: What's on your birth certificate?

Gender: What do you use the bathroom with?

Age: Candles on the cake. 19-25

Eating Disorder: Only applies to the three affected. Choose from Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, or Orthorexia Nervosa. Please know your eating disorder.

Current Weight / Are you happy with that? / If not, where would you like to be?: Self-explanatory.

Username: Do not fully link it.

Sample Post: Show me what you have. Not your best, and not your worst. Two separate ones are preferred.

There isn't a lot to fill out. Your characters will unravel throughout the rp, don't worry.


Name: Dani Atchison Holmes

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty-Three

Eating Disorder: Anorexia Nervosa

Current Weight: Dani is very upset at herself at being stuck at 103 pounds. She wishes she weighed as much as her little cousin and weighs about 78 to 83.

Name: Vince Lasting

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Eating Disorder: Bulimia Nervosa and also excessive exercising.

Current Weight: Not really any of your business and no I am not happy with my weight at all.

Username: Brand New Bitch

Reserved: Orthorexia Nervosa.


Name: Parker Ellis

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty

Current Weight: 120 lbs. He's a bit on the thin side but is perfectly content with his image.

Username: Nirvana

Name: Gwenith Stacy

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Current Weight: 106, very happy with it.

Username: Butterflywings

Name: Avery Lise

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty one

Current Weight: 136, yes quite actually, I'm quite fine where I am thank you.

Username: Thumpkin


001. This is a 3x3, no more, no less. Once a spot is filled, it’s gone, sorry.

002. The three suffering from the disorders are open-gender, as are the people set to help them get over it . Yes, they are meant to lead up to romance sometime, so if you don’t want a homosexual pairing, in case there is an outweigh of one gender to another, please let me know.

003. The character limit is set at 1500. If you don't like it, please PM me.

004. If you are helping someone with an eating disorder, your character must be persistent and headstrong! This isn’t an easy subject, and the ones with the disorders are thoroughly convinced there is nothing wrong with them. You are there to help them get over it.

005. Real pictures.

006. This is a mature roleplay.

007. You will probably be background checked.

008. No first-come, first-serve. You’ll be considered.

009. PM applications.

010. Most importantly: this isn't prison, so have fun! I want you to enjoy this rp despite the topic. The OOC will be made when the rp is up and running, so we can all talk to each other and hopefully be friends. Thanks for reading. c:


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Roleplay Responses

'Oh, sweetheart. We'll miss you so much.' Lie.
'Yeah, I'll miss you guys too.' Another lie.

It wasn't that Parker didn't love his mother and his, uh, step father. It was just that their relationship had gone to fucking shit after she'd left their father and dragged him along. But that's not the point of the story, we'll get into that later on.

Parker's acceptance into the University of Cambridge was a bit surprising to say the least. In fact, he had never even recalled applying. He suspected that his mother had had something to do with it, but never bothered bringing it up. Since he was in middle school Parker had planned on attending mortuary school and getting his embalmer's license. Sadly, Cambridge didn't include Mortuary Science as a course option. Though Parker decided that he'd make an exception. If he didn't end up passing/thoroughly enjoying whatever course he'd end up taking at Cambridge then he could always just drop out and fulfill his original plans.

Although Parker was leaving, he still hadn't given his course options much thought. He figured he could just select whatever it was that would catch his attention. I mean, he could always change his mind. Parker was one indecisive little fuck.

Another bit that had convinced him to chose Cambridge over Mortuary school was its location..Cambridge. It wasn't that Parker didn't like his hometown of Baltimore, MD. It was just after being stuck in the same place for so fucking long he ached to be somewhere new. Somewhere with more happenings and things to keep him constantly interested.

He'd come to be very nostalgic. He longed for the days before he'd grown up, before his parents had grown apart. All Parker wanted was to return to times that were a bit happier and made him want to get out of bed in the morning. The boy hoped that college would bring him these things was looking for.

But the goodbyes and soul searching of some sort had happened a bit ago. Two weeks to be exact. Classes had already begun and now Parker was all moved into his dorm on campus. He even had a roommate, a petite Chinese boy who went by Charlie; he was pretty friendly. As for his courses he selected Ancient Empires, Literature, History, Shakespeare and Medieval Studies. He decided he might as well take the complete five available courses rather than half-assing it and he was pretty content with his decisions.

Even it only being two weeks into the school year things were a bit difficult. Their professors took no pity on them even in the beginning. Parker barely had a spare moment to breathe. He was buried in homework, he was constantly being invited to shit by the few friends he made [who constantly made fun of his dodgy accent], then he stayed up most nights with his eyes glued to the telly and his thumbs attached to his game controller.

Although he groaned as he dragged himself out of bed in the morning, he had to admit he would be looking forward to the day ahead of him. He kicked off his sheets, swung his thin legs over the side of the bed and pressed his feet against the cool, wood flooring. He shuffled towards the bathroom, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he kicked at nothing. The dark haired boy shivered some when his bare feet made contact with the cold bathroom tile, he made an unsatisfied noise as his reflection came into view; the ends of his hair had curled, said curls were sticking up in spots were they certainly didn't belong, and it looked as though he was getting bags under his eyes. Fucking great. Parker made a disgusted face at his reflected self as he attempted to smooth down the kinky bits of his dark hair.

After getting his hair as straight as he could manage, he hair sprayed it in place, receiving taunts from Charlie in the other room about how flaming he was. 'Fuck you, my hair is beautiful.' Parker shot back, reenterting their sleeping area. Charlie simply snickered in response. But Parker ignored this as he was dressing himself, not wanting to start another, playful, shouting match with the kid.

'See ya', Faggot!' The smaller boy called with a giggle as Parker was on his way out the door and to his first class of the day, Medieval Studies.

This isn't the best, sorry. ;n; It's late and I've been crying over Jalex fan fic all day.
  Parker Ellis / Nirvana / 7y 12d 1h 53m 31s
"You're eating, right?"

Dani was so tired of that question. That constant question, straining the very essence of her being every time it was asked of her. They expected some alternate reply. As if she'd tell them she wasn't.

The blonde smiled into her webcam, though it didn't touch her eyes. "Of course, mom," she answered in perfect German. After all, her home country was Germany, but she'd left it when she got accepted into Cambridge. "Look, I've got to go now. Classes will start soon."

Her mother looked quite flustered. Her father wore his trademark concerned expression as he observed his daughter's unnaturally skinny limbs. She knew what he'd say to his mother. He'd tell her they never should've let Dani leave when she was struggling with her eating disorder.

Except it wasn't a disorder. Dani was fine. She was skinny.


Dani signed off with her parents, their eyebrows furrowed with sadness for their daughter. Their eyes overflowed with a sadness deeper than tears. They were sick. Sick of her delusions of being skinny-- impossibly so at that. She could wrap her hand around her wrist, she had collarbones, hipbones-- why wasn't it enough yet? Why wouldn't she get help? Whenever they hounded her about it, she closed them off completely. Once it had gone on for as long as three months of no contact whatsoever. They learned not to question her motives.

But really, they were afraid. They knew what the doctors said about anorexia nervosa, and neither of them were ready to lose their little girl.

The blonde sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose as she gathered her books. The dorm room was yet to get another occupant, so for now, Dani was by herself. Which was what was generally feared for her.

As she exited the room, she thought about her lack of a normal lifestyle. People always asked her how she got so small, what her secret was. But she got those strange looks when her answer was the same: don't eat. When you think of eating, drink some water. Then take a shower. Then do some sit-ups. Repeat.

They would cover their girl's ears and shush them and hurry along down the way. They tell their kids that the blonde with the thigh gap was lying, that she was joking, that she was problematic. And perhaps, for two seconds, Dani would believe them.

Then she'd realize their idiocy for so quickly casting her aside and go about her merry way.

The female sighed as she rubbed her arms against the English air. The chill of the morning was just passing over.

Cambridge University was beautiful. It wasn't like anything she'd ever seen in Germany or anywhere else. She'd never heard British accents before arriving, so it was all pretty exhilirating. It was a very welcome change in scenery. Maybe people would stop looking at her and instantly judging and hating her. Ridiculing her for her choices.

After all, wasn't she their monster? They projected, in their media and ideals and thoughts, that skinny people were better. You didn't turn on a TV without seeing a guy with abs or a girl with a small waist. You didn't open a book without the girl who falls in love ending up skinny.

Normal people didn't cut it anymore. All Dani wanted was to fit in.

That was so cliche. She felt so stupid a lot of the time; this want to be accepted was slowly consuming her, drowning her, taking her into its hypocritic scheme and turning her into something else.

Outside her first class, she sighed. and ran a clammy hand through her hair. She was nervous.

It didn't take long to get over it. Dani reached out a thin arm and pushed the door open, making her way to the back of the class.

Hey guys! I apologize for the crap post. :c Writer's block hit me hard. Sorry it took so long, but finally we have our orthorexic, owned by Nobs. Post whenever you want to now! Also, I think it'd be ideal if the characters met in their first class or something. ouo Maybe somebody borrowed a pencil from another character or asked if they could scooth, I dunno. Carry on, my wayward kids. <3
  [ D ] ISEASED / RecklessIIRelentless / 7y 31d 3h 43m 57s
Hi! Thanks for joining Greyscale. I should be posting my intro soon after I get the orthorexia nervosa skeleton, owned by DeadBite.

In the meantime, have this OOC for anything you might want to talk about. c:

Before we start, please make sure you have everything in order! Your pictures are what I capitalize with this message. Make sure they fit the rp! They're intelligent kids who go to the most prestigious college in the world, not depressed high schoolers! If they've got a disorder, why not try to find a picture that fits? Thanks in advance. If your picture doesn't fit, I'll probably notify you.

Remember: the character limit is 1500 and probably won't be lowered ever.

If you ever have a hard time with the subjects in the rp or otherwise and want to drop it, I won't hold you back. I understand so don't be afraid of me.

I look forward to rping with you. c:

  RecklessIIRelentless / 7y 53d 2h 44m 18s

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