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Alaska nodded. She wanted to get to know more about him. "So there's nothing about me that you want to know?" she asked him. She wanted to know whatever he would tell her for them just meeting. Usually Alaska was shy and to herself, but there was something about Xavier that pulled her in, that made her feel he could trust him.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 61d 3h 2m 4s
"Um... not really..." he said. He couldnt' tell her what he was, she'd never believe him or she'd be scared of him. The last thing he wanted to do was scare her away, he was interested in her.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 61d 3h 6m 37s
Alaska smiled and nodded."Thanks" she said cuddling into him more, resting her head on his chest and one of her tiny hands on his lap. "So anything you want to talk about?" she asked him.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 61d 3h 36m 16s
Xavier nodded and smiled, "It's fine, I don't mind at all." he said and put his arm around her again. "I'm a little surprised but I don't mind it." he said and smiled.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 61d 4h 56m 34s
Alaska nodded, cuddling up to him hoping that he wouldn't mind, she looked up at him "is this okay?" she asked referring the to cuddling and the movie in general all this.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 61d 5h 28m 27s
Xavier nodded, "I can understand that but sometimes being paranoid isn't such a bad thing..." he said thinking about all the monsters out there, like himself.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 61d 5h 34m 5s
She nodded "yea, I've lived on my own since i was 14, I hate it, I hate being alone all the time. I get overly paranoid" she told him, moving back beside him, throwing on her tv, putting on a random movie.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 61d 7h 18m 6s
Xavier listened, "I'm sorry... That explains why you're not living with your family though.." he sad looking at her.

  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 61d 7h 33m 8s

Alaska looks up at him, and instead of cuddling sat beside him facing him, she took a deep breath in, and let it out "Well from the ages of 4-12 my dad abused me sexually and physically" she said thinking back to when he used to, as tears formed in her eyes.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 61d 10h 34m 34s
"What did he do? I mean if it's alright for me to ask.." he said looking at her. He liked having her this close even if he just met her.

  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 61d 10h 41m 31s
Alaska smiled not expecting him to place his arm around her, she had never been cuddled or held in anyway by anyone she had never had a boyfriend before ever. It felt amazing. She looked up at him with a huge blush tinge to her face. "After what my dad did to me as a kid, trust is hard for me" she said looking up to him.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 62d 1h 10m 43s
Xavier put an arm around her when she rested her head on his chest, he was surprised by the closeness of her. "You seem great to me, I don't understand why you wouldn't want to let people see that." he said and shrugged a bit, smiling at her.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 62d 1h 22m 0s
Alaska giggled " well i grew up on it so ya, ya they are" she said "I know from experience now" she said smiling at him."It was good. I'm not very social so I guess the rest of this year will go by a little slower than normal" she said looking at him, gently resting her head on his chest hoping he wouldn't mind.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 62d 10h 25m 20s
Xavier watched and smiled a bit, "I don't know anything about dancing, but the gym floors are hard." he said and shrugged. He watched her move closer without moving any closer to her or away from her. He smiled at her, "Well, aside from getting hurt and having to leave early, how was your first day?" he asked.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 62d 10h 31m 50s
Alaska looked at him as he walked around to get the ice pack. She smiled cringing a little as the ice pack was put on her ankle, she looked at him and nodded "Yeah, I'm clumsy all the time, not usually when it comes to dance, but dancing on a gym floor is different than a dance studios floor, its harder" she said in her defense. Smiling to him, she moved closer to him, hoping he wouldn't mind.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 62d 10h 53m 21s

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