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Xavier nodded and quickly went inside to picked up her wallet from where she said it was then walked out the house and locked the door behind him, hoping she had the key. He walked back to the car and handed it to her and got behind the wheel. He smiled a bit at her before he started the car and headed toward the hospital.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 335d 6h 59m 51s
Alaska nodded as he picked her up, When she was in the car she thought about it for a second, "my wallet it's on the table right inside the door" she said to him.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 335d 8h 35m 52s
"No problem." Xavier said as he picked her up, bridal style. "Hope you don't mind but it looks like you can't walk on it so I'll just carry you to the car. Okay?" he said and headed toward the door. He managed to open the door and put her in the car without having to trouble at all. "Do you need anything from the house?" he asked.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 335d 8h 42m 8s
Alaska smiled "thanks" she said "Im sorry for all this, I just don't wanna seem like annoying or anything." she said taking the ice off her ankle, and putting a sock on her foot, and putting on her other shoe on her good food, standing up and almost falling back down with a yelp of pain. She couldn't even put pressure on it.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 335d 10h 1m 17s
Xavier nodded, "I can go with you, I don't have anything else to do today." he said with a small smile. "I'll take you to the car if you want." he said.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 335d 10h 9m 49s
"thanks," she said taking the water bottle from him. She was in pain from even having him lift and look at her ankle. She frowned "ugh, I guess can you come with me to the hospital, I don't want to keep you from anything" she said looking at him wanting to cry.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 335d 10h 30m 16s
Xavier walked back into the living room with her and handed her the water bottle, "Sure." he said and picked up the ice pack slowly and looked at it. "It looks like the swelling and bruising is worse now... You might need a doctor to look at it.." he said and looked at her with a worried expression.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 335d 11h 37m 46s
Alaska smiled "Nope, Can you double look at my ankle?" she asked him "its getting more sore" she said to him.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 335d 11h 44m 16s
Xavier listened to her and nodded, "Sure, no problem." he said and smiled before getting up off the couch and heading toward the kitchen, "Need anything else?" he asked before he grabbed the water bottle for her.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 335d 11h 56m 31s
Alaska giggled, "yeah I kind of figured you wouldn't let me show, sometime I will though" she said looking back to her ankle, taking the ice the swelling was still really bad, and the bruising was still pretty bad. She frowned looking at him "can you do me a favor? Can you go into my fridge and get me a bottle of water, and yourself one if you would like, please and thank you?" she said, ready to cry cause the pain in her ankle was getting worse.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 335d 12h 2m 21s
Xavier nodded, "That's understandable. I wouldn't let you show me now anywhere with your injured ankle." he said and smiled at her.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 335d 12h 10m 31s
Alaska smiled "yeah I do tap, lyrical, hip hop, and acro, I'd show you but not right now" she said smiling remembering her ankle was injured. It was still quite swollen she could tell by just looking at it.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 335d 12h 15m 12s
Xavier smiled, "I'm sure you're good at it by know if you've been practicing that long." he said and smiled.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 335d 12h 29m 14s
Alaska smiled at him "I've been dancing since I was 5 so about 12 years, I love it, it helped me as a way to vent my emotions with what my dad was doing to me" she said looking up to him.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 335d 12h 48m 24s
"When did you start dancing?" he asked curiously with a smile. Now he was trying to make conversation and get to know her better at the same time.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 335d 12h 50m 30s

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