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Alaska smiled pulling out her phone ordering pizza online. "what do you like on your pizza?" she asked him. She was a very picky eater.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 290d 1h 26m 53s
Xavier smiled when she fell asleep and held her while she slept. He hardly moved. When she woke up and asked if he was hungry he thought about it, "Uh.. I could eat." he said and shrugged.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 290d 1h 55m 46s
Alaska nodded and soon fell asleep in hid arms from the pain medication. She woke up some time after feeling a lot better "are you hungry?" she aske as her stomach growled at her
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 290d 2h 1m 41s
Xavier smiled and put his arm around her, "Alright then, just let me know." he said.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 290d 2h 37m 21s
Alaska smiled "thanks, and no thanks im good for now" she said cuddling back up to him
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 290d 2h 40m 40s
Xavier was surprised by her question and nodded, "Uh.. sure I guess." he said walking into her house with her and sitting beside her on the couch. "Do you need anything?" he asked and looked at her.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 290d 2h 47m 10s
She had a sad look on her face, "ya i guess I will" she said walking with him to the car. She took two if the pain killers them hittin her automaticly. She was feeling dizzy and stuff, . Once they arrived at her house she got out barely able to walk straight but she made it to door unlocked it. And sat on the couch "would you mind staying, possibly the night?" she asked him unsure of his reply
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 290d 2h 52m 29s
Xavier waited for her to finish up with the doctor and met up with her in the hallway near the pharmacy. He smiled and looked at her walking cast, "Looks like you're getting out of dance class for a little bit." he said and walked with her toward the car again to take her home.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 290d 3h 15m 45s
Alaska smiled at him and nodded. She explained to the nurse what happened as she examined her ankle. She looked at her with a frown at the doctor told her it was broken but they would do x rays to make sure, and she would at least be able to wear a walking cast. They did the x rays and confirmed it was broken and gave her a presciption for a pain killer, she picked it up while leaving the hospital in her walking cast.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 290d 3h 31m 6s
Xavier smiled and just picked her up and carried her over to the nurse who had called her. "Time to find out about that ankle," he said to her.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 290d 3h 40m 3s
Alaska looked at him "I hope I didn't" she said pouting a little resting her head on his shoulder. As her name got called to go in, she looked over to him pushing herself out of the chair not even going to attempt to walk knowing Xavier would pick her up anyway.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 290d 3h 52m 24s
Xavier sat with her and smiled. "So hopefully you won't find out that you broke you ankle." he said.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 290d 3h 59m 55s
Alaska smiled he was being so sweet, and she just felt something towards him she had never felt before in her life. She nodded than the next thing she knew she was being picked up. When they arrived at the desk, she got him to let her out of his arms so she could give the girl her health card, and get the paperwork she would have to fill out. Once filled out, she got her bracelet, and sat in a chair next to him, as she waited to see a doctor.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 290d 4h 10m 39s
"No problem at all." Xavier said with a smile then got out and walked around the car to help her out. "You know, you're not helping anything if you walk on it." he said and picked her up then carried her inside the hospital.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 6y 290d 8h 49m 49s
Becca smiled taking her wallet from him "thanks for all of this" she said to him as they drove to the hospit. When they arrived Alaska tried to get out ifthe car on here own but let out a yelp of pain. She hated this not being able to do things for herself.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 6y 290d 17h 1m 25s

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