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Xavier looked at her and nodded, "I can understand not trusting people." he said and shrugged. He noticed the tears in her eyes and pretended that he didn't see anything and looked at the front of the class, pretending to listen to the teacher. He flipped through the pages in the book only slightly skimming over the words. He wasn't really reading. "So where did you move here from?" he asked out of curiosity. He knew he moved around lot but he didn't know of humans who did.
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Alaska smiled at him "true, but thanks." she said to him. Writing some stuff off the board down just to be safe, she continued to take small glances over at him, he was just so handsome. Not being social this was a big step for her. But there was something about him that drew her to him, like he could be trusted. She looked up at him "I don't care about the other people, I'm not really that social, and trust is a huge thing for me" she said blushing, but almost crying at the same time, thinking back to the memories of her dad being drunk and beating her. She looked away from him as the tears threatened to leave her eyes. She closed her eyes and shook her head of the thoughts, and took a deep breath, opening her eyes again.
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Xavier smiled a bit and nodded, "I have no problem walking you to biology, it's not as if I will be going out of my way." he said and shrugged, "And this school is small compared to some that I've seen." he said and chuckled slightly. "You'll start getting to know more people in no time at all, by the way. They only seem bad when you first get here, soon they'll chill out and warm up to you some." he said and smiled reassuringly at her. He liked the idea of being able to spend more time with her but he wasn't sure that would be good for her, it's not as if he were a normal guy.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 63d 3h 51m 11s
Alaska wrote down some notes for the assignment. She was than handed the book they were reading. To Kill A Mocking Bird. She sighed she had read the book several times, this would be a breeze for her. I have Biology, Dance, Lunch, Music and Math. So we have this, Biology, and Math together. It will be nice to know someone" she smiling at him. "that means you can walk me to Biology.?" she said kind of asking him " I got really lost on my way here. The other school I went to was tiny compared to this" she said blushing a little bit.
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Xavier halfway listened to what the teacher was saying, he could easily get the assignment done in time for the due date so he wasn't stressing it. "I have Biology next, then PE, lunch, study hall and math." he said and shrugged. "What about you?" he asked. He thought about how she said she had been getting dirty looks, him talking to her certainly wouldn't help her any. He ignored all the other girls but she didn't need to know that. He heard the teacher say something about the book they had been reading and opened his to the page they were on in class, not paying any more attention than that. He had the book memorized anyway.
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Alaska was writing something down the date for an assignment that she would be getting on her first day. She was not at all upset about this. She listened to him and nodded with a smile "Yes, Alaska like the state, my parents are fucked" she said. It was true, her mother was a drug addict of several types, and her father was a major alcoholic who used to abuse her physically and sexually. She nodded "I kind of figured they didn't like new people due to all the dirty looks I got when I walked in here" she said. She glanced over at him, she couldn't help but stare, he was gorgeous. She gave him a little smile and looked at the time. Class was almost over, than she would have to wander around trying to find the classroom. She looked at him "Whats your schedule class wise like?" she asked him, hoping maybe they would have more classes together, or he could at least show her around.
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Xavier smiled a bit, "Alaska? Like the state?" he asked, joking a little bit because he could tell the she was nervous about something. "Well, a new person in Brantford is rare, most people don't like it so much because of the size. Or at least that's what I was told when I moved here, last year." he said. He kept his voice low but he knew the teacher wouldn't be upset with him for talking, most teachers and faculty loved him for his exceptionable good grades. Then again why wouldn't he have good grades? He's learned the same thing in school year after year, it's just that no one else knew that about him, yet.
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Alaska was in her own little world listening to the teacher rambling on and on about stuff she already knew. Alaska was very intelligent girl, and knew most things before she learned them in school, and she was always on the honor roll. She was slightly startled by hearing the male beside her talk. Alaska wasn't very social, it took a lot to break down her walls for trust her dad had ruined that for everyone. She looked up jumping a little bit "Hello. I'm Alaska Jane, Nice to meet you" she said said in a hushed tone. She took his hand and shook it "Yes. I am new I actually just moved here like 2 days ago" she said giving him a slight smile. She didn't trust people very much but there was something about him that drew her to want to know him, and she got a feeling she could trust him.
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Xavier looked at the girl when she sat next to him. He was used to sitting by himself because he usually didn't talk to many people in the school, they just didn't interest him. He watched her take out her things and smiled a bit politely. "I'm Xavier Malcolm." he said and held his hand out to her in greeting. "You must be new here, I haven't seen you around before." he added. She was cute, and she got his attention, most human girls didn't attract him in the slightest. It wasn't that they weren't good looking, just that they weren't what he'd say is interesting to say the least.

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Alaska wandered around trying to find the classroom, for a such a small town they had a huge high school. She was used to a small school. She finally found the room a few minutes late, she walked in and handed her papers to the teacher. Ignoring the looks of the students, she was guessing they weren't used to getting new students.

She looked up to the teacher who was telling her where to set. The desks were in pairs and by what she could see there was only one last desk left. It was beside a guy who appeared to just be sitting down himself. The man was very attractive, muscular you could see it from the tightness of his shirt, wavy brown hair and gorgeous eyes, and that was from where she saw standing. Alaska nodded to the teacher and made her way to the desk, taking out her binder, notebook and pencil case.
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Xavier was already up and walking around the house when it was time for him to start getting ready for school. He walked to the bathroom that was connected to his room and took a quick shower. After he was finished he walked out in with a towel around his waist and started getting dressed. He wore a tight fitting black t shirt with blue jeans and boots, along with his ring that protected him from the sunlight, because he was in fact a vampire.

He walked to the kitchen and got a piece of toast only since we was now running late for school, not that he was really worried about it. He lived on his own and had been a vampire since the late 1920's when he as changed. He had been eighteen when he was turned. He's attending high school in Brantford now mostly just to keep up appearances so too many people would start wondering about him. Though it was hard for him to stay under the radar in these times.

He walked out of his lonely house to his green Camaro and drove to school. Once at the school he got his bag from the back seat and headed inside just when the bell rang, which he shrugged off and continued on his way into the school. Walking into his first, English, class just a few minutes late he glanced around. He walked in to class room 543, ignoring the flirty looks he got from girls in the class and annoyed glares from the other guys the girls were ignoring. He sat in his desk in the back and pulled out his English book, which would go un used.
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Alaska Jane was your normal fun and outgoing teen but a very shy 17 year old teenage girl. She may have seemed completely normal but she wasn't Alaska had gone through a lot as a kid. Her father abusing her sexually and physically, than abandoning her when she told the authorities, Alaska had been living on her own for about 2 years now. Half of her family probably thought she was dead. She moved from the town where she grew up to a new one, just to be safe. She had just moved to a small little historic town by the name of Brantford. She was new and knew no one.

Alaska woke up on the Tuesday morning the sun shining through her curtains, she looked at the time, she sighed she was awake early, and was still tired, but if she fell back to sleep there was no guarantee that she would wake up to an another alarm to get her up on time. so she got herself out of her bed standing up doing her normal stretches, heading to the bathroom.She stripped of her clothing looking into the mirror seeing all the scars around her body from her father, some being self inflicted. She sighed, Stepping into the shower helping her wake up. She soon stepped out and wrapped a towel around herself than her hair. The perk of living alone she could walk around in a towel or minimal clothing and not have to worry. She dried off and got dressed her a length purple dress, with a elastic band under her boobs. She put on her black flatts,and started drying her hair, and brushing it straight adding a few curls here and there. She slowly put on a thin laywer of make up.

Alaska grabbed her bag and cell and went down to make some toast. She made the toast putting peanut butter on it, eating it than heading out to catch the bus for school. Today was her first day. When the bus arrived she got on, getting off at the school and heading straight to the main office to grab her locker number and her time table. She looked at it English, Biology, Dance, Lunch, Music and Math. It was an alright schedule. She went to her locker after looking to find it and put a few things into her locker and went to find her first class at room 543. She wandered as she looked for it.
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