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Alaska nodded and walked in the doors finding the teacher handing her the transfer papers. She was put right into the class to see were her level of dance was. She out danced all but 3 people in tap,lyrical, hip hop and acro. She was in the middle of a dance when her ankle rolled. She was about to ask to sit out but the bell rang. She got changed back into her dress and limped out to Xavier trying to hide the limp from him.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 65d 10h 9m 22s
Xavier nodded and smiled, "Of course, can't let you get lost." he said and closed the door after she walked inside. After he left her he went to his own class, it was gym 2 in the school. He hated the class because he had to hold back in order to not draw attention. They had to run today, he sighed and went to the teacher to them that he didn't feel good. He pulled the act pretty well, it was obvious that he was fit. Normally he had no trouble but they were inside and he would have to run at the pace of the others in the class and would have to hid the fact that he didn't sweat, so he just sat out for the day. After class was over he went to meet, Alaska where he left at to begin with. He leaned against a wall and looked around for her as the class exited.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 65d 10h 18m 19s
She smiled "thanks" she said. She looked up at him and nodded "I danced as a kid to let my emotions out, I danced for 9 years" she said looking to him. She giggled and smiled "I know, I'm too tiny" she said, as he held the door open for her. She looked to him "Meet me, out here at lunch so I don't get lost trying to find you?" she asked smiling to him.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 65d 10h 28m 10s
Xavier nodded and walked continued walking down the hall, "That's near my class anyway." he said and looked down at her, "Do you like to dance?" he asked. He moved around a couple in hallway then got back beside her and smiled. "With all the people around here, you might get lost in them." he joked. He walked up to Gym 4 and stopped in front of the main door getting the door for her like a gentleman.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 65d 10h 31m 28s
She smiled at him as he stood and she realized how short she really was. Xavier was probably well over 6 foot, she stood a measly 5'2 standing next to him. She looked up at him and nodded "If you wouldn't mind. I have Dance it was says gym 4" she said looking to him. She wasn't sure what to expect from the dance class.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 65d 10h 40m 3s
Xavier nodded, "That's fine, with me." he said and stood up from his seat after putting his things up, "Do you need help finding you're next class?" he asked as they walked out of the class room. He had PE but the coach didn't care if they were late if they had a good reason. He walked down the hall and glanced at her as he waited for her to answer. He wasn't paying attention to where he was going but at the same time he knew he wouldn't run into anything, he never did.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 65d 10h 55m 25s
Alaska looked at him "can I explain that one at lunch or after school maybe?" she asked not wanting to tell him and break down in tears in the middle of class, but before she got an answer the bell rung and she stood waiting for Xavier.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 65d 11h 6m 55s
Xavier looked at her, "Why would you want to get away from them? If it's alright for me to ask." he said. He liked talking to her, it had been a long time since he last spoken with someone like this and he was glad of it. She was interesting to him, and he wanted to know more about her, a feeling he hadn't ever gotten toward a human before now. It was strange but he didn't mind it, he was open to it actually.

  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 65d 11h 53m 40s
Alaska smiled at him, "thanks" she said smiling to him, she couldn't help but smile. Alaska ad bought a small cottage like house on the outskirts of town, just before you hit the forest. "I live on the outskirts of town in the little cottage like house before the forest" she said "I moved here to escape my dad, and well my family" she said sighing again. Alaska at this point wasn't even paying attention to the teacher, but just talking with Xavier hoping to get to know him a lot better.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 65d 12h 1m 38s
Xavier smiled, "You're more than welcome." he said and thought about what she asked. His house was located a little ways in the forest near town so he could get to his source of food easier. "I live a little out of the way, I guess." he said and shrugged, "It was land that ran in the family so I just moved there when I came here." he said. He wasn't lying, his family did buy the house a long time ago before he was turned. He had been the only one who had survived, well mostly survived the massacre that killed his family so long ago.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 65d 12h 21m 51s
Alaska talked with the teacher for a few minutes before being sent to her seat once again beside Xavier. She smiled walking back to him sitting in the stool. "thanks, just till I get used to thinks around here" she said blushing.

Alaska wanted to know him it was like her mind was telling her she could trust him. She had never felt so happy and giddy to be around someone. She looked up at him "So what part of town do you live in?" she asked hoping that wasn't too personal she didn't want to seem like she was creepy or stalking him or something.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 65d 12h 33m 41s
Xavier walked with her to the next class, he walked beside her in the hallway, and lead her to the classroom. "I don't mind you sitting with me today," he said with a smile, he actually like her company for some reason. He as at his table in the biology class room and knew she'd be beside him again, he sat alone in that class too. He looked at her before pulling out his things for this class.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 65d 12h 38m 53s
Alaska smiled as the bell rang she gathered her stuff putting in her bag, following him to their next class so she wouldn't get lost. "Well do you mind if I join you, at least for today?" she asked him. "I kind of figured there wasn't much to do" she said with a giggle to her voice. She continued to follow him, hoping he didn't mind she her following him around. When they finally arrived at the classroom she walked up to the teacher and handed the transfer papers, once again being told to sit beside Xavier. Did people not like sitting beside him or something? she wondered to herself, she didn't mind it.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 65d 12h 46m 46s
Xavier listened to her and shrugged, "Just sit around I guess." he said. He didn't socialize too much at school. "I eat, study, whatever everyone else does." he said and smiled at bit, knowing that his answer was boring and not what she was expected him to say. "There's not really much to do." he said letting her know ahead of time. The school was boring and to be honest the only reason he was even there today was because he already missed enough days out of school and didn't need to draw anymore attention to his absences.
  Xavier / CrazyCasey / 7y 65d 13h 8m 37s
Alaska turned back to him and nodded "I have reasons and their not the best" she said to him trying not to cry again. Alaska opened the book to where the class was and just sat there until Xavier spoke she listened to him "I moved from Toronto, its not far but its a lot bigger than here" she said. She looked at the clock, this period was almost over. She looked over to him and gave him a light smile. "So what do you usually do at lunch?" she asked him.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 65d 13h 15m 28s

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