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People have been disappearing from different points of time going as far back as a hundred years ago. Suddenly, a large ball of light descends to earth and all of those people return, not having aged a single day... 4400 of them. Over time, they all discover that they have all have a power.

Humanity is put into a giant mess. Some people who were left behind, not taken, think it's a miracle while others think that the 4400 are dangerous and should be in a confined area, a lock down. Because of this, 4400's are being targeted as the reasons for most major crimes and natural disasters. This, has caused the 4400 to split into two groups.

One half believes they are just a part of a miracle, a way to help humanity and that the humans who weren't taken just need time to adjust. The others, believe that they were sent back to take over and fix the world themselves due to humanities incompetence. The ones who believe they're meant to be in control have broken off and made their own organization called the Guardians, trying to create a way to unlock 4400 abilities in everyone across the world.

This experimentation has lead to them discovering something called promisen, a substance that once injected into one's body, has the possibility of giving an ability. The catch? There's only a 50/50 chance of survival. Now, it's come down to a war. Those who believe everyone needs to take the promisen to make sure everyone in the world can have a power, and those who believe they are only there to help, and not force the promisen on the world. Which side will you choose?


4400 or Left Behind:
Regular 4400 or Guardian: ~~
Ability :
Small Bio:

Accepted Characters

Username: HeadlessGummyBear
Name: Skye Delacroix
Age: 19
4400 or Left Behind: 4400
Regular 4400 or Guardian: Regular 4400
Ability: The power of persuasion. She can make people do whatever she wants.
Small Bio: Skye was taken during the Holocaust. She was in a concentration camp, and right before she was about to be beaten, she disappeared. When she came back, it felt like no time had passed, she hadn't aged, and she was free. The thing was, everyone she knew was now long dead and she was completely lost. She heard of the group called Guardians, but she isn't sure if she believes that they're right. Skye is on the fence, not knowing why the 4400 were taken and brought back to this point in time.

Username: Awesomness
Name: Gabriel Mason
Age: 28
4400 or left behind: 4400
Regular 4400 or Guardian: Regular 4400
Ability: Enhanced Strength and Reflexes
Small Bio: Gabriel had recently left college with a major in films, when he was taken, in 2002. He was on his way to California when he vanished, which caused his car to swerve through three lanes and kill a driver and his son.

Username: AfroBrent
Name: Landon Sawyer
Age: 19
4400 or Left Behind: 4400
Regular 4400 or Guardian: Guardian
Ability: Post-Mortem Power Absorbption
Small Bio: Ripped from the present day and Age Landon is the embodiment of teenage rebellion and was proud of it. When he was pulled from time and given a power he was unsure of what he was given at first. It wasn't until a small fight broke out among the "Guardians" that caused a few casualties. Landon had absorbed the powers of the now dead individuals and he realized that he could take the powers of the dead. He was a swiss army knife of super powers. Agreeing with the Guardians though he knew that regular humans were incompetent and can't be trusted with earth.

Username: NeoCross125
Name: Alex Harris
Age: 21
4400 or Left Behind: 4400
Regular 4400 or Guardian: Guardian
Ability: Self-Replication
Small Bio: Alex was taken in 1943. He was a Colonel for the US Army when their base was attacked during World War II. He had succesfully gotten everyone out of the base before he was taken. The Military perceived him dead and promoted him one ranks for "dieing" in the line of duty, making him a Brigadier General

Username: ZakTheFlash
Name: Joseph Daniel Fallon
Age: 39
4400 or Left Behind: 4400
Regular 4400 or Guardian: Guardian
Ability: Tactile Telekinesis
Small Bio: Joseph Fallon was a CEO of a very large company before he was taken. He was very successful and very good at his job. He made most of his profit by taking over failing companies and raising them from the dead, making them even better. He was an extremely smart man. When he came back he realized he was given a great power. He decided he would do man a favor and help raise it from the ground up as a superior race with the Guardians.

Username: sexybird
Name: Kina Blackwell
Age: 20
4400 or left behind: Left behind
Small bio: Kina believes that the 4400 were an abomination to mankind, and has yet to trust any of them. However, she hates the Guardians most of all, and is planning a rebellion to stop them from controlling the human race.

Username: Zebra
Name: Valarie Greene
Age: Twenty two
4400 or Left Behind: Left Behind
Small Bio: Valarie saw the strange happenings as a beautiful thing, a religious embodiment of God himself. She thinks the 4400 are sacred and would do anything to get close to them.

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Gabriel was confused. He broke the table, and was called a salvation? He wasn't the best with 'normal', but he knew that wasn't it. "Yeah, another table'll be nice. How much do I need to pay for..."
He trailed off as the four men came in, and started calling names, including his, and, by a glance to her name-tag, the girl who was getting him another table. "Are they..." What are they called? Grazers... Grapplers... Guardians! "We should probably leave, these guys look dangerous."
And when the men pulled guns out, Gabriel knew they were Guardians. He grabbed the girl and pulled her along, into the back and out of a door. "Keep going, and get the police here." He turned and went back in. Not to be a hero. He just felt something important was about to happen that he needed to be a part of.
Spmething that could get him killed, but he took the risk.
  Gabriel Mason / Awesomness / 5y 349d 1h 18m 26s
Skye had been about to go and tend to the customer who had apparently destroyed one of their tables when Valarie showed up. Skye always felt strange when the girl talked to her as if she were some kind of sent miracle, but the girl was really sweet and kind. "Good morning Valarie" She said softly, smiling to the girl as she moved passed her to deal with the customer instead. She smiled softly and just went about running through some cleaning before her shift would end.

That's when a man walked in wearing a rather bright outfit. Glancing over curiously, she watched as he moved and sat down at the same table that had just been broken. When she overheard his words, she blinked in shock, quickly moving her hand to take off her name tag and shove it into her pocket. She wasn't sure why someone would be looking for her, but she didn't want to get any trouble started.
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 349d 21h 12m 32s
Alex was currntly out doing some scouting for Fallon. Fallon was no doubt Alex's favorite person in this new time is Fallon. Alex han't had children during the war. He had a girlfriend, who he found out killed herself after he was "killed". Now, Alex had nothing holding him back.

He walked into a cafe in a yellow suit with a yellow fedora and a white button-down shirt under with a yellow tie. 3 identical copies followed him in and the four of them sat at the table with a man who had just ripped it off.

"I am looking for three 4400s: Skye Delecroix and Gabriel Mason. Turn them over to me and I will contemplate not killing all of you," as Alex said this he pulled out a Taurus Raging Judge, one of his other copies pulled out a revolver, the other a tommy gun, the last a mini uzi.
  NeoCross125 / 5y 351d 3h 29m 15s
"Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with the. Blessed are thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus..." Valarie Green ran her hands down over her freshly washed face, her body wrapped in a towel as she stood in her steamy bathroom. She exhaled, her hands moving to wipe away the fog on the mirror so she could make eye contact with herself. "Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen."

The redhead walked from the balmy bathroom into the cool bedroom where she removed the towel and dressed in a simple knee length black skirt and white blouse. A uniform for the cafe she worked for and had for three years. Before they came back to Earth. The 4400's. Valarie just KNEW they were God's gift, returned to instill love and hope and faith in all humanity. But it seemed as if Valarie was the only person who existed who thought such.

She worked with one, a 4400. Her name was Skye and she was quite sweet, helping Valarie out when she was swamped by calming down her customers. The power the girl had was a gift from the Lord and Valarie recognized it as such. The girls became fast friends as Val tried to keep Skye's hopes and spirits up, reminding her daily that she was a gift, a blessing and nothing like the government said. She was NOT a monster. She was a sweet, kind, wonderful girl with purpose.

Hair in a ponytail and makeup on her face, Valarie left the house after touching the brass cross on her way out. She walked to the cafe and saw Skye working already. She smiled, clocked in and greeted the girl. "Good morning, Skye. Peace be with you." She grabbed a coffee pot and went off to serve a rather impatient looking man who had just broken one of her tables. She gasped before recognizing him.

She went to him, holding her hand out. "You are a gift. You shall bring salvation upon us all... Sir, may I find you another table?" Her smile and attitude was genuine, not an ounce of fakeness.
  Valarie Greene / Zebra / 5y 352d 8h 33m 25s
Landon still wasn't completely sure what had transpired when he was ripped from his home and appeared along side a couple thousand other people in a place none of them seemed to recognize but he knew that in that moment his life had changed forever. That group of people all from different points in history had been granted extraordinary powers.

At first Landon had no idea what he had been given and for a while felt ripped off since others knew almost immediately what they could do. It wasn't until the group began arguing about whether or not they were to protect humanity or replace them that he learned what he could do. There was a fight between the people who wanted to help the humans and the newly formed group of people who called themselves "Guardians" and there were several casualties in the fighting before it was calmed down. Landon was overtaken with a warm feeling as if he had just stepped into a desert. He then realized that he held the powers of those that had died recently.

Landon was more excited than ever now knowing that he could take the powers of other 4400 the only catch was that they had to have died first. Although it was grim it wasn't something that really bothered Landon much. When he returned not much time had passed, he was able to continue with his life as it was before. It was mandatory for the 4400's to make it public that they were such but Landon was never one for rules and lied about not being one. When things had calmed down some more Landon began to do what he did best, nothing; Landon came from a very rich family who didn't mind Landon doing absolutely nothing but taking their money and doing as he pleased.

Landon decided he had wasted enough time sleeping for one day and decided to go to a popular nightclub that he was a regular at. He walked right past the lineup and entered the club without a hassle and was immediately greeted by the bartender and a few women he knew that were also regulars. Landon never really had any intention of getting with either of the girls but it was fun to play around. He moved to a couch and sat down with them on both sides of him. He began his nightly game of seeing just how many people he could piss off before the staff had enough of him. As mad as they got they had never actually kicked him out yet. Not too long after though he saw a man walking towards him who looked like he had never been in a club like this before.
  Landon Sawyer / afrobrent / 5y 352d 10h 47m 48s
Joseph Fallon was what most people would call a... opurtunist. When he came back, his powers granted him many feats. He called it Tactile Telekinesis. It was heavily based on touch, however, it still worked like regular telekinesis but he could do much more with it. It allowed him to go down to the molecular level on the things he touched and it gave him a better understanding of what he was looking at. He could 'feel' everything he touched.

When Fallon returned to his work, when him and the 4400 returned, he returned immediately, before the government had instilled any laws or kidnapped any of them. He had a brilliant excuse and they let him back in. They made him re-register some time later and asked him if he was a 4400 and he said no. He thought admitting that would be stupid, and pretty much permitting the government to come find him and kidnap him to do experiments.

Fallon knew what kind of experiments were going on. Why? Because his company was government funded and when he discovered that they had found a serum to grant people powers, he made his company capitalize on that. This promisen was an in-genius idea. So what if a few humans died? The ones who survived would help create the new race of 'homo superiors". What ever was left of the humans would have super powers. Fallon was a firm believer that they came back help improve the human race.

Fallon had left his office, when he finished a meeting with the government. They had given him access to the project and allowed him to run his own experiments. He had a new way of looking at it, but he was going to keep that to himself. He decided it was time to go to a club. He wanted someone by his side who was young, reckless and a bit of an asshole. It would help with keeping people off of his back and bring new and youthful experiences to the project. Fallon believed young people could bring new light to his project.

Fallon entered the club. No one seemed to stick out at him at first so Fallon headed to the bar and ordered a scotch. He sat there and drank for a few minutes, scanning the bar until he noticed someone. The perfect candidate. This boy had two women, one on each arm and he was giving the the bartenders and bouncers a hard time. Fallon decided he would approach and speak to this 'promising' youth.
  Joseph Daniel Fallon / ZakTheFlash / 5y 352d 11h 7m 14s
Gabriel awoke in a sweat. The nightmares came, ever since he had returned. It wasn't where they went he dreamed about; he couldn't remember where they went. One second he had been driving his car, the next he was in a giant group, all as confused as he was.

No, his niightmares where about the things. His doctor had diagnosed him a schizophrenic/delusional, but Gabriel refused to believe him. He KNEW those things were real. The ones that hid under his bed. He knew he was safe in his bed. If he got up before the sun came up, he woyld be attacked. He could FEEL it.

After waiting, he got up, and went to the kitchen. Being one of the 4400 had it's perks; allowing them to research him got him a lot of money. He ate quickly, got dressed, then went to the cafe.

"Waitress! Coffee, please." He sat at the table, and caught his arm on the edge of the table. When he yanked, to free his sleeve, the table splintered, and the top came off. Sometimes he would forget to play down his strentgh. "I... I'll pay for that."
  Gabriel Mason / Awesomness / 5y 352d 23h 9m 27s
Skye Delacroix sighed softly as she looked at the clock, eager for the end of her shift. It had been hard to find a job that would hire a 4400, especially since the government had made it a requirement for them to put it on any applications, including resumes. A lot of people were still scared of the 4400's, and it had taken her forever to find a business owner that didn't mind.

Now, here she was, working at a small cafe. Her shift was nearly over, so she went through to make her last round of the tables, carrying a filled coffee mug in her hand to refill anyone's mug. She didn't mind this job, and her power was rather useful when dealing with more difficult customers, but she couldn't help but feel like something was missing.

She could remember the day that they all reappeared on earth together. It had been a rather scary moment. Everything looked different, she wasn't in the concentration camps that she had been in before she'd been taken away... The government had taken as many of the 4400 as possible into confinement for a while to try and figure out what was going on. They spent time interviewing each of them, and during these, she'd been told it was a good idea for her to go and get counselling.

So, that was her life. She worked to keep up payments on the tiny apartment she lived in, and she went to see her counseller to try and help her get her mind off of all the horrible things she'd seen before she was taken to try and help her get over things.
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 352d 23h 24m 50s
Alright, we're ready to start now. If anyone wants to double up, just send me another profile. We'll still be taking people throughout the RP, so if any of you meet someone who might be interested, then invite them ^^
  Skye Delacroix / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 353d 58m 22s

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