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Lukas parked his bike and climbed down, nodding his head to his fellow member’s. Smirking he slung his backpack over his shoulder and began to eat the other burrito that he had taken from the kitchen. Glancing up he made eye contact with Addison. The one girl he used to admire when they were younger. They were even friend’s, but that was all in the past. All in the past before he joined the Crips and she the Bloods. Glaring at her he turned his head and continued his way towards his locker.

He placed his bag by his feet and pulled out his out his lock’s key. Inserting the key he twisted the key and removing the lock, moving the look he looked through the locker. Grabbing his English book he moved his eyes through the locker, with some stickers and picked up his sketchbook. Closing his locker he turned his body slightly and ended up being hugged by a very curvaceous girl, with black curled hair, with a blue tube top to show off her figure. His best friend and ex girlfriend, “Oh, Catalina… What do you want?” He whispered as he one arm hugged her back.

She shrugged her shoulders and sighed and flipping her hair over her shoulders, “Lukas, Leader has been asking for new recruits.” He laughed and noticed some Bloods were crossing their path. Glaring he pulled his friend closer.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 103d 15h 59m 15s
Addison woke up to her alarm clock screaming in her ear she looked over to see it was 645 she groaned not wanting to get up, she hadn't slept well the night before. She was sore, she was debating staying in bed and going into school in the afternoon. She sighed finally getting up and heading to her shower. She started the water as she stripped from her pjs looking in the mirror seeing all the scars and bruises from past and recent fights, along with the tattoos covering her body. She stepped into her small shower and let the warm water hit her aching body.

After cleaning herself and her hair she stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel around herself and her hair. She walked into the kitchen and started her breakfast, she could walk around like this since she lived on her own when her parents abandoned her. She was doing okay for herself. She ran back up stairs and got dressed in her red short shorts, red tank top, and black hoodie, her bandana sticking out of her back pocket, as she put on her red toms, and grabbed her cell phone and book bag and running back to her cooking food.

She finished cooking her breakfast and quickly ate it, grabbing her stuff and running out to her car trying to be on time. She parked in the school parking lot and headed towards the school when she noticed Lukas. Lukas was on the crips and she was on the bloods, it was feud between the two of them, at one point they used to be friends.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 103d 16h 54m 29s
Through the streets of LA, two gangs were at war with eachother. One group the color of blood, the same crimson color that flows from the body as the person does. The other group the color of the veins that run through every body, the color of blood before oxygen hits. The two gangs fighting for the top title. Regardless the top members have sent their children to the high schools to regroup, an ask for new gang members. Now the streets of La are covered with graffiti showing the others to stay away.

Lukas woke up to the sound of his mother's voice,"Lukas despierta te y vete para tu escuela." Lukas, wake up and go to school. Groaning in annoyance at his mother for waking him up at.... Checking the clock by his bedside he glared," Mom it's fucken Six in the damn morning!" He angrily called out and looked through his room for something decent to wear. He pulled on a blue tshirts and black jeans that hung low on his hips, noticing how the tshirt clung to his well toned chest. Tattoos residing on his chest and arms, the inside of his palm in small cursive writing read," Crips."

Making his way towards the kitchen he trapped a burrito from the stove where his mother was cooking, as he reached for another on to take for lunch she slapped his hand with her spatula," Pinche carbón! Cómo me vas a decir que yo te desperté. Andale apodare ya vas a ser tarde." She scolded as he winced, shaking his hand from the smack and the scolding she gave him about being a fucked and how he's going to be late for school. Kissing her cheek he walked out the door eating half of his meal as he walked to his motorcycle. Climbing on he started the engine and drove his way towards the school.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 104d 9h 42m 28s

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