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Addison nodded, she was glad nothing was broken or majorly hurt. She just knew she would be in pain. She sat up readjusting herself with a whine of pain escaping her mouth. She took a deep breath and continued moving the rest of her body till she was comfortable despite the pain. She nodded "I know Lukas, But I honestly don't know. Hell you know I can defend myself. Your the one who taught me how to fight and defend on my own. Those girls were big and there was like 4 or 5 of them" she said looking into his eyes. Just by looking into his eyes, she could see the pain and sadness he was feeling for her in this moment. She sighed.

She reached over grabbing the water bottle on her stand beside the bed. She looked at him "Did they say when I can leave?" she asked him. She hated hospitals and always had. She only came here when it was absolutely necessary.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 90d 15h 6m 56s
Lukas shook is head confirming his words, "Nothing's wrong with you. You just went into shock. You'll be really sore and in pain, but beside's that you should be fine." he said with a tired sigh. Running a hand through his hair he looked at her body, the cut's and bruises she received from the beating she got. The thing was, he knew she was a good fighter, a damn good one at that but the fact that she couldn't defend herself from the attack she got was meant that something or someone had something against the Blood's and the Crips. Knowing this he looked at her.

"Addie, something must be done about this and you know it." He said with a frown on his lips. He pulled out his phone as he heard it vibrate. Checking it he widened his eys 'Why are you with a Blood.'
Opening his phone he texted back,
'She was jumped by some gang. And you know at circumstances like these we help each other out.'
It was an original gangster, they never liked it when the both gangs were hanging out with each other. It was just against their rules. Though when it came to stuff like this they had to have understood what was at stake.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 90d 21h 19m 21s
Addison looked at him, and was glad and really happy everything was okay. "So no broken bones or anything?" she asked in a weak voice, all she could feel was pain despite the medications they probably had her on. She looked at him with pain in her eyes, she was glad he had some to her rescue. She looked up at him as he rested his head close to hers, she smiled but said to him "Lukas don't be sorry you didn't do this, and I don't think it was your people either, I don't know who it was, they broke into my house, and they were a lot bigger than me, I was down almost right after they busted through my door" she said to him. She looked at him, she knew at one time Lukas had really cared for her, and she knew Lukas still cared a little bit, but couldn't really show it.

Addison nodded, she wanted to figure out who did this to her, and have them brought to justice or deal with it herself and a few friends.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 91d 21h 28m 54s
Lukas looked up at the girl who began to open her eyes, “Yes Addie? Your fine, they said that your body went into shock and it ended up shutting down on you.” He repeated what the doctors had told him and took her hand into his. Blinking his eyes her stared down at her hand staring at the bruises that began to coat her skin. “I’m sorry…” He whispered lowering his head to the bed where her hand rested against his. He couldn’t believe that she was injured like this. He knew she was bound to get hurt, but not something that was petty and worthless.

Looking up he frowned, “You DO understand that something like this will not fly with me.” He said after he looked up staring at her with empty eyes. Now he would need to figure out who was responsible for this and why they were attacking her. Everyone knew that the Blood’s and the Crip’s were always against each other, yet they might help each other depending on the reasons at hand.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 91d 21h 42m 38s
Addison smiled despite the pain still, she nodded to him when he asked for her car. Addie remembers being put in the car, and than blacking out. In her mind of blackness several things ran through it, and soon she could feel be body waking up and her eyes fluttering open. She was in a white room, as she looked around, she saw wires on one side, and Lukas on the other.

She looked at him "what happened, am I okay?" she said asking after remembering she blacked out. She held out her hand, hoping Lukas would hold it, to comfort her.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 93d 18h 21m 33s
He nodded his head at her question, “Of course I came… When you need me? Like really need me I’ll come for you.” He whispered stroking her hair gently. He looked around the room and found a towel on the floor. Grabbing the towel he removed the blood that slide from her wounds.

Frowning he looked at the girl who lay before him. “Addie, I need your car… I’m taking you to the hospital.” He whispered and held her hand, and picked her up gingerly, he wasn’t going to have her be scared. Standing with her in his arms he took her to her car. Grabbing her keys gently from her pockets, her placed her into the car and turned on the ignition driving rather quickly to the hospital, fear gripping over him as he dashed through traffic. “Hold on Addie…” He muttered more to her than himself.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 93d 21h 15m 25s
Addison waited and waited for him to answer or show up, it had been 15 minutes. Addison couldn't feel her legs, and knew there was blood coming from somewhere. She fell into a state of unconsciousness she felt someone pick her up and try talking to her. She let her eyes flutter open seeing it was Lukas, despite the pain a small smile came to her face, he came.

She looked up to him "You came" she said looking up at him "Lukas, I can't feel my legs they feel numb" she said scared. She knew that was the first sign of possibly being paralyzed. She looked up at him tears streaming down her face. "I'm scared" she said to him.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 94d 19h 35m 16s
Lukas laughed with his friend's as they left the classroom. He nodded a good bye then walked to his locker. Putting some stuff away he grabbed his back pack and turned walking out of the school ready to go and buy his mom's stuff. The woman! She could never go out and buy her own groceries always telling him to buy things. Sighing he got to his bike and climbed on driving through the street's till he got to a store. Parking his bike, he stood putting his key's in his pocket and grudgingly walking to the store. He walked through the isles and picked up the stupid milk and walked to the counter and paid the stupid person and left back to his bike when his phone vibrated.

Frowning he opened his phone and frowned at the number, it was Addison's number. Looking around he opened the text and his eyes widened. Running to his bike he put the milk in the compartment and sped off towards her house, ignoring some of the car's honking at him and his speeding.

He came up to her house and found her lying on the ground. Anger ripped through him. Of course it wasn't his people. His gang weren't as low as to do something as this. Parking his bike he went to her and picked her up gently, and held her to his chest. "Addie... " He whispered and took her into the house, opening the unlocked door and setting her on the couch. "Talk to me please?" He asked with a slight pout.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 94d 19h 44m 28s
Addison sat there and listened to the teacher as he spoke, she noticed Lukas walk in she sighed and went back to the diagram sheet and filled in what she was missing she knew most of it, but some parts were odd. She thought about why Lukas would try to distance himself other than the fact they were in rival gangs. Addison went to working on her assignment ignoring everything around her. Soon the bell rang and they were released for lunch.

Addison went to her locker, and grabbed her stuff. She was going to go 'home' and deal with some stuff. She was going to get stuff ready for tonight, and debate if they should try to get on the crips side of the neighborhood since they were going to be patrolling.

Addison walked out to her car, and drove to her home. She grabbed herself something to eat, and chilled out as she ate, before trying to figure something out. She heard noises outside her door, and got curious and went to her door opening and within those few seconds of her door being opened she was on the floor being punched and kicked by who she didn't know. After 10 minutes of being beat on, they just left her there. Alaska couldn`t really move, she couldn`t feel her legs, or one arm. With all the energy she had she reached into her back pocket, and pulled out her phone. She knew she might regret this or he might not even come, she texted Lukas. Hey, I don't know if you can do anything or want to. I was just jumped I don't think by any of your people. But I can't move, and can't feel my legs, can you come? she sent the text message hoping he would come.
  Alaska Jane / xLyrax / 7y 96d 14h 40m 56s
Lukas sighed as he heard the other bell ring, “Let’s go guys. Report at lunch.” He said then walked off to Biology class. As he entered he took note that Addison’s seat on the other side was the only one open. Growling inwardly to himself he walked over and sat as far away from her as possible. Though deep down, he secretly wanted nothing more that to sit next to her, his best friend. His favorite person, when they were younger. He pulled out his sketch book and began to draw once again ignoring whatever the teacher had to say.

He glanced at Addison through his hair every so often but looked away, he wasn’t ready to talk to her in public. The things that could possibly happen to them both was something they weren’t ready for and he knew that. Though the question was, Did she know that? As he drew in his book he could feel his phone vibrating, frowning he pulled out his phone and read the Spanish text, “Bring home some milk – mom” frowning her groaned and slipped his phone back into his pocket, “Stupid woman…” He muttered and rested his head against the table and sighed tiredly.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 96d 15h 26m 6s
Addison sat in class till it was finished and gathered all her stuff and walked out of the classroom and headed to her next class which is Biology. She stopped at her locker grabbing her textbook and heading to class, this one also with Lukas. Wether he'd be in class or not after that was a different story.

Addison's phone had gone off and she pulled it out to check. It was a text saying the crips would be out patrolling tonight and to call off the plans. The bloods were trying not to bug the crips and be on their side of the neighborhood, but they had been asked to see something out and they never turned around. Addison nodded heading to her class.

She sat in her desk, beside her best friend Torrin. Torrin was also on the bloods side and was the only one who knew about her still being in love with Lukas. She thought it was cute, it was kind of like forbidden love. Torrin had actually told Addison just to tell him most the time. Addison had almost told him several times but could never tell him, in fear of pain and hurt from him. It was hurt enough that their friendship is basically ruined.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 96d 22h 12m 21s
Lukas could hear his fellow Crip members follow after him as he began to walk out I the class, smirking as he heard one of his members say that the teacher began to flush with anger. They walked through the halls, glaring at anyone who got in the way of their walking. Running a hand through his hair he lead them towards the regular lunch tables where they always sat. It made him laugh when he saw one of this Blood's get caught by the teacher...

Addison, she was his bestfriend when thy were children, though the thing that upset him was that she was on the wrong side if the gangs. He used to care almost alot for her, but it was t something he would say now. There were a few times when he would sit and draw her in his notebook or watch her from afar. Still it was just something that was frowned upon. Shaking his head he looked up at the sky closing his eyes. He always feared for her sometimes, praying she wouldn't get hurt, but he wasn't really one to say anything.

He chuckled when his friends began to fight and bicker amongst themselves. "Come on Lukas, I say tonight we should patrol the areas... I mean Miguel told me that some of the Blood's have been coming to our side of the neighborhood. Lukas glared and shook his head," We'll now... That's going to change soon isn't it...?" He asked around with a taunting smirk.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 98d 2h 5m 54s
Addison sat at her desk and pulled out her stuff. Yeah usually people got the wrong idea about leader of gangs and their education, but Addison balanced school work and that gang quite well. She kept up her grades and had been on the honor roll every year. She was very smart, but sometimes made the wrong decisions. Addison was also a writer, she wrote a lot of stories in corpertaing parts from her life into them. She was working on a new story when the teacher asked for their attention, she dropped her pen and looked up at the teacher.

She knew the story of Romeo and Juliet very well, and was surprised, happy and upset all at the same time when she said their partners would be the person seated behind them which was Lukas. She was taken back by Lukas' reaction but ignored it seeing as he walked out of the classroom. Addie ignored it, and looked back to the teacher a blush on her face, unsure of what would happen. She knew they were on rival gangs, but they used to be best friends she missed that a lot. She missed Lukas, she wished she would have exposed her feelings for him, to him when she had the chance.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 98d 23h 57m 56s
Lukas sat in the back of the room staring down at his sketchbook, not noticing that Addison sat in front of him. He was drawing the face of a girl, but her face was never finished, it was the face of the girl he always cared about but he knew he could never have her. He sighed and colored in her hair, shading in her with a his pencil. He only looked up and noticed her when the teacher called the class for attention.

Taking a deep breath he looked back down quickly, she the one he wanted, but could never have her. "Now boys and girls, we will be reading Romeo and Juliet. Now the person behind you will be your partner for the rest of the school semester." A few audiable gasps were heard, this woman must have a death wish if she though that the leaders of the Bloods and the Cripswere going to be partners in a project. He sneered at the older woman and shook his head," That's no going to work. You see, the reason your here is because your here to teach. We may go along with most of what you have to say but you do not rule here woman." He snarled the last words standing from his seat," Crips... Class is now over, to the tables.." He grabbed his things and walked out a losing the one gaze he knew would be starin at him.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 99d 22m 3s
Addison thought about the past times they had, had together as children before they got involved in rival gangs. She sighed putting her head down continuing to walk to her locker. She opened it, grabbing her books, sadly most of her classes were the same as Lukas so there was no way of getting away from him, not that she wanted to.

For her with her love for Lukas to her it was like Romeo and Juliet, bound to be apart because of family but brought together, by fate. She just wished the being brought together part would happen. She grabbed her English and Biology text books and headed towards her English room where she sat in front of Lukas.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 99d 19h 48m 23s

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