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Lukas couldn't help but smile at her. He was happy. It had been a long time before he had figured out his feelings for her, yet that never stopped him. He held her and felt like his world had changed for the better.

What had once been black and white hand now been changed into a much colorful perspective. He watched as her face flushed from either embaressment or happiness he wasn't sure. Yet a smile graced his lips as he watched her. He couldn't deny his feelings for her anymore. He smiled at her and said,"I love you.. I think somewhere in my heart I always knew that." he kissed her forehead. Despite the fact that he had other girlfriends he was rather amazed by the fact that he hadn't slept with all of them, perhaps one.
And that was only to ease the pain he had when she had gone to the other side.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 6y 342d 18h 57m 29s
Addison smiled into the kiss she was sharing with Lukas, it was a feeling she had longed for year after year from him. She didn't think she'd ever get it though. Sparks showing inside her head, the butterflies she felt flying around in her stomach, the racing of her heartbeat and the sweatyness of her palms. This was what she had been waiting for, and it was her first kiss. Addison had never dated or seen any other guys, she couldn't bring herself to do it when she was inlove with Lukas. She had been raped twice, but that didn't stop her from loving Lukas.

Soon into the kiss, she pulled away needing to catch her breath. She smiled at Lukas and turned away slightly as she could feel her face heating up, it burned, she tried to imagine in her mind how red her face was.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 6y 344d 1h 55m 57s
Lukas was amazed by how much he was putting at stake for her. His heart was slowly leading him astray from what he was suppose to be doing and what he knew. This girl before him was changing him. And maybe it was a good thing, but all he knew was that it somewhat scared him. He wasn't afraid of the gangs, he wasn't afraid of dying, but he was afraid for her. Those words meant something to him. His heart beat erratically as she leaned in closer to him.

He cupped her face in the palm of his hands,pulling her in for a deeper kiss. His lips brushing against hers gently, not wanting to hurt her.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 6y 358d 16h 31m 31s
Addison could tell Lukas was thinking of something, he probably agreed with her. Their gangs were their families, Addisons mother and father left her at a early age, and she turned to the gang at a young age, and was now a leader of one of them. She looked down at him to see him look up at her, and cup her face in his hands.

Addison wasn't sure what was going to happen next, until she heard the 3 words she was hoping to hear back. Her heart started beating faster, butterflies in her stomach came to life, Addison didn't know what would happen after this, she slowly leaned forward through the pain, to let her lips meet Lukas'.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 21h 12m 33s
His heart clutched slightly as he watched her in pain. His eyes lowered as he took her hand into his. She was indeed the female leader of their generation. Yet what was to say about the families was true. He loved the Crips dearly. They stood by his side when he was down and hurting. In everything they did, they did together. He was thankful to them, yet he still longed for Addison.

He rested his head against her hand and he stiffened slightly as she heard his words, She loved him. It was those words he had waited for his entire life of knowing her. He smiled and cupped her face in his hands. "I love you too." He whispered with a small smile on his lips.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 1d 2h 15m 0s
Addison looked over to Lukas, as a shooting pain ran up her neck, she ignored the pain. Addison was becoming annoyed. She hated the fact she became the leader of the Bloods, she regretted it now. She wished she could go back and change time, she should have chosen to stay by Lukas's side on the Crips. Maybe than she wouldn't be hurting so much. She just sighed and rolled her eyes at him.

Addison looked at him "what do you mean, you want what I do?" she said than listened to the rest of what he had to say "No I don't care, I'm their leader, and I've known you almost my whole life, and I've loved you since, I know their out families, but I just don't know anymore" she said to him. She just told him the fact she had always loved him.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 2d 39m 46s
Lukas smiled at her words and held her hand in his, "You know this will cause problems for you Addison. I don't want that for you. You know how I feel about you being hurt. Or the fact that they will hurt you because you care about me." He said, knowing that her feelings for him are shared. Yet he knows they wouldn't be returned.

Sighing to himself he looked her in the eyes and didn't say anything for what seemed like forever to him. "You know Addison, I want what you do. And I know you don't care. But the Bloods are your family. And the Crips are mine." he whispered into her ear as he leaned in close to her, closing his eyes as she rested his head on her shoulder. Yet he kept most of his thoughts to himself at what he was thinking at the time.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 26d 22h 4m 54s
Addison smiled as Lukas sat back down, she didn't want to be alone especially at this type of time. She sighed and looked at him, she just wished they could be together, she wouldn't care what the gangs thought, but she knew it was everything to Lukas. So she left the idea alone in her mind for the time being. She smiled "Yes, I would. Lukas you mean more to me than my gang ever will. I've known you a lot longer than I've known them" she said to him. Trying to get into a comfy position without feeling pain, but it soon became apparent to her that, that wasn't happening.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 28d 23h 33m 31s
He ran a hand through his long hair slightly un certain yet nodded. "Very well..." He muttered and sat back down next to her. His eyes never leving her face. He chuckled slightly and shook his head, "You'd do that for me? Hmmm... Are you sure you would?" He asked, because the last time one of the Blood's said that he was basically beat up and didn't go to school for a week. He merely couldn't stand the pain again. At least not now, since he was going to have to find the people responsible for hurting her/
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 34d 21h 51m 1s
Addie looked up at him and sighed. It wasn`t his fault he wasn`t there for her, she hadn`t told him, and it was her choice to switch gangs. She wish she hadn`t sometimes, she often though about giving up the power of the bloods to someone else and going to the crips to be with Lukas, but she doubted he`d ever even want to be with her. "its okay, theres not much you could have done, and they can't do shit, your here helping me, none of them know im even here" she told him. If any of them showed up she could easily tell them to back off.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 35d 20h 19m 57s
He bit his lip, as he did recall her not being at school for a while, but he thought it was for a different reason. Lukas looked down at her and cupped her face in the palm of his hands. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you." He whispered and pressed his forehead against hers and sighed slightly. "I'm sorry." He whispered again and looked up at her.

"I know I shouldn't be here... Your gang will be coming for you." He whispered again and released her face and stepped back looking at her and meeting her eyes. Lukas ran a hand through his hair and sighed softly again, he knew it wouldn't be good if the Blood's walked in and found him here.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 35d 22h 47s
Addison looked at him, with a expression of pain spread across her face. She didn't want to be here, for for Lukas to get into trouble for being around her. Addison looked at the side table and smiled seeing her phone. She picked it up and checked it. No one had really called for texted her. She let her gang know what had happened and that she was alright, but would be out for a few days.

Addie looked up at Lukas when he asked about her parents. They had been so far from each other since the gang thing,she hadn't been able to tell him about her parents. "Lukas, my parents died a few months ago. Remember that week back in March where I missed like 2 weeks of school? Thats why" she said trying to keep the tears from stinging her eyes.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 37d 22h 40m 6s
He nodded his head yet didn’t know what to tell her. Lukas ruffled her hair with the palm of his hand, messing up her hair slightly. Lukas merely chuckled at her reaction to what he said about her staying in the hospital. He looked at his phone and shook his head, “I don’t have to leave right now. I can stay.” He whispered sitting down next to her and leaned against the chair. “Gosh Addie… It just sucks. Wait, aren’t your parent’s or other Blood’s going to come?” He asked staring at her with a confused stare. He merely shook his head and stayed in his seat. “I won’t leave.” He whispered once again holding his head in the palm of his hand’s tiredly.
Yet he still he still felt the guilt. Maybe had he called her sooner or got to her on time, this probably wouldn’t have happened. Yet to him it was something a bit personal, since she was his childhood friend. And even though she went to a different gang in the shadows he would still protect her.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 50d 19h 35s
Addison looked up at him in pain unsure of what to say. “it doesn’t make sense to me either” she said looking at him. She moved again a slight sharp pain shot through her ribs. She sighed and looked at him “this isn’t your fault” she said looking at him, with a slight smile across her face.

Addison looked at him in shock, “what you’re kidding right?” she basically as yelled She stared at him, him not saying anything she smack him as she speaks saying she would only be stuck in here for 3 days hopefully. She just wanted to go home, and sleep in her own bed. “when do you have to go?” she said looking away and frowning.
  Addison Robichaud / xLyrax / 7y 52d 4h 43m 7s
He nodded at her words. He was the one that her how to fight. He taught her everything he knew before they grew distant. Shaking his head he couldn’t say anything further. With a sigh her blinked and nodded. “That still doesn’t say why they came and attacked you. This is something that doesn’t make sense to me.” He said with an annoyed frown, his hand ran through her hair and gently caressed her cheek. “I’m so sorry Addie…” He whispered with a sigh.

He nodded his head and thought for a moment trying to remember what they said, “Oh you can leave in about seven months.” After a few minutes he waited for her hysterical shocked face and began laughing. “I’m joking!!! You can leave in a few days. You should see your face!” He exclaimed laughing with a smirk.
  Lukas Gabriel / ZombiesMayRise / 7y 54d 22h 2m 45s

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