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Okay... ^^|
  Lost-soul / Lost-soul / 6y 331d 20h 44m 48s
Oh! Well, you'll need to PM yomminoms about that ^^ That was just in case some people had dropped out we've already had one replacement, and I don't know if we need anymore ^^' You'll need to talk to her~
  Autumn Toler / Akiho / 6y 331d 20h 45m 30s
Idk.. o-o

I saw you guys talkin' about positions.. 0-0
  Lost-soul / Lost-soul / 6y 331d 20h 54m 55s
Is what still available? o3o
  Autumn Toler / Akiho / 6y 331d 20h 56m 9s
Is it still available?
  Lost-soul / Lost-soul / 6y 331d 21h 7m 55s
You're post is fine ^^ I liked it
  Autumn Toler / Akiho / 7y 21d 6h 36m 12s
:T My Post Is Pretty Lame .... >.< No Creativity In It.

  Yanni♥ / YommiNoms / 7y 21d 6h 41m 7s
  Autumn Toler / Akiho / 7y 21d 6h 46m 35s
Yeah .... I Hope So Too, I Don't Want this To Die. e_e

  Yanni♥ / YommiNoms / 7y 21d 6h 48m 14s
I just hope those positions are filled soon -v-' It may be a bit strange to pick up with new people, but hopefully, we will be fine~
  Autumn Toler / Akiho / 7y 21d 6h 55m 29s
:O Since There Are Less People, For Now, I think I'll Take That Rule Away.

  Yanni♥ / YommiNoms / 7y 21d 7h 52m 22s

I would love to post but, it's wait every two people~
I'm still waiting, in case anyone thought I quit.. ^_^
  Kirika Meroka / Latsyrc / 7y 21d 8h 10m 14s
e_e People Are Still Dropped, I Just Haven't Had The Chance To Post ....

  Yanni♥ / YommiNoms / 7y 21d 10h 16m 43s
-_-' Soi-chan, that wasn't a scheme. That was only in case people dropped out.
  Autumn Toler / Akiho / 7y 21d 10h 45m 11s
So I guess the scheme to kick everyone wasn't followed through.


  [..Summer..] / RecklessIIRelentless / 7y 21d 17h 45m 12s

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