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Welcome to Music Collector

As the tittle says, this place is all about music. Post any songs you wish to recommend.


When posting your songs, simply link it with the tittle and singer/band so the thread page can load faster. Make sure the character picture you are using to post isn't too large either, or better don't use one at all. We want this place to load nicely and allow as many posts in one page as possible.

IMPORTANT: Don't judge on other people's song preference.

This place isn't much of a chat thread. You may use the real-time chat section for some small talk but generally would prefer for you to pm any user you really feel the need to talk to. This thread is more about collecting music and perusing through the recommendations. Any post on role-play section with intent of chatting with no music relation at all will be erased while the real-time chat section will also be wiped from time to time.

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