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Come here cuddly buddy and bad girl! please tell me you have one....

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Roleplay Responses

yes i do...
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 44d 9h 12m 15s
do you like this pic
  Mitsuki / Kezi16 / 10y 44d 9h 48m 16s
okay honey....
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 44d 11h 1m 39s
do you like it
  Mitsuki / Kezi16 / 10y 44d 11h 1m 42s
alright honey ^^
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 50d 14h 56m 30s
hehe *snuggles* lets go to old es
  Kezi / Kezi16 / 10y 50d 15h 9m 52s
"wraps arms around you and kisses your cheek" i can see that honey ^^ your awesome ^^ you got pm xD
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 50d 15h 19m 30s
hi there i just wake up *crawls in your lap*
  Kezi / Kezi16 / 10y 50d 15h 22m 40s
hey baby girl ^^ "kisses your cheek and smiles"
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 50d 15h 26m 57s
hey hunni
  Kezi / Kezi16 / 10y 50d 15h 30m 37s
Yaya!!!!! hey emily!
  Saynot / 10y 50d 17h 59m 43s
*pops into the room to mark it*
  Kezi / Kezi16 / 10y 51d 2h 3m 16s
sorry love, i am sick and have been resting....
  Saynot / 10y 67d 5h 28m 38s
well well looks like you have join this one as well.
  Shasha / kikio26 / 10y 67d 8h 27m 29s
hey! anyone can join!
  Saynot / 10y 67d 9h 39m 56s

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