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Kori was within himself just screaming at the scorching fires that burn in his dormant body, he grumble or twist in pain, but his body seemed only to look more and more perfect. Scars disappeared and the paleness wore away, but he still did not wake. It seems that his condition relied only on his mind and how much he was willing to fight for the life that he once had. Nothing was too hard at first but then the burning set in, it was as if his stomach had become a burning chamber that was building up power for the world.

After a few days, his eyes slowly opened and he looked over to see the man from his dreams. He sat in shock, he was resting on the bed as if he had been waiting for the males safe wake. He didn't know how to begin with the male or at that, even wake him. Kori shifted his hand over weakly and put it on Oliverś head and then began, ¨Are you okay?¨ he inquired, then continued so he could get use to speaking again but his voice quaked with such weakness. It was going to be a long time before he would ever regain his full health but he at least wanted to thank the male who saved his life. At least he thought so.

Kori then tucked his fingers into the male´s hair and frowned, ¨why was it short?¨ he pondered. The other shifted and startled him, he looked at the other as his form began to rise up taller and taller it got as Kori was only laying.
  Lezeu Castranof / Morphinebreakdown / 6y 272d 15h 39m 10s

It was torture to stay around waiting for Kori to wake up. Sure the hear monitor told him that the other was still alive, and even the doctor's had come in earlier in the day telling Oliver how much of a recovery Kori had done. But as he looked over the body lying on the hospital bed.... he just looked dead. Chewing on his lip he sat down beside the bed and held on to Kori's hand.

"I'm so sorry Kori, I know you have gone through so much pain. But either way it goes you will at least avoid it for a while." Oliver said pressing his forehead to their connected hands. Using up his magic took a lot out of him, a bit too much. He had become so nervous that he ended up cutting off most of his hair, "Kori... please survive the transition." Oliver said again kissing the other's hand before he sat up. The doctor's entering they looked surprised to still see Oliver there. "Um, sir you do know that Mr. Kori had been doing well for the past few days, but now it seems that things are not functioning right."

That was part of the transition. Not that he could tell them, all he could do was nod and smile on the inside. Soon Kori's heart won't be beating at all. A scary thought yet one that made him excited.

  No_Face / 7y 49d 5h 55m 25s
Kori felt the sudden pain in his arm, he looked down in his dream world as two holes appeared they were bleeding he stared for the longest of times before feeling a burning sensation uproar throughout his body the pain was enough to shock him to full alertness. He launched up in the hospital bed, screaming as the pain went up and throughout his body. He didn't want to feel anything like this, he looked over tears in his eyes as he saw the other, his body strained and he fell back into the bed. the wake up was only temporary. His heartbeat was back to normal, he breathed in and out faster though seeing the pain inside him making him feel as if someone lit a fire to his body.

He knew that Oliver did something but what was this, was he magic or did he just give Kori medicine? what was this pain in his body when would it go away, two days, threes day, or more? he didn't know anymore but he knew Oliver did with all his power save his life. Kori owed him, he slowly remembered some of the words Oliver said,"You'll have to be mine till' the end." Kori was willing to do this.
  Isana / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 55d 15h 40m 5s

Watching as Kori started to cringe even more in pain, Oliver decided that he needed to do something he thought he would never do ever again. "O-okay there is one way, but I'll need to disappear for a while... and it might cause you even more pain along the way." Oliver said nervously. He wanted to live with this person forever but he didn't know if this was the right way out. "Y-you'll have to promise me that you'll stay strong and that no matter what happens that you'll be mine til the end." Oliver said, but now he was rambling. Did he even remember how to do this right? He knew that Kori's blood was sweet, it was something that drove him crazy, would it be too much for him? He bit his lip, "Kori, I'll need to wake up for you to get better."

He most certainly did not want to leave while Kori was like this but even now he could hear Kori's heart beat slowing down. Oliver knew that Kori was not hearing his words, he sighed before waking himself up. Kori in real life looked so pale, and by the second he was turning paler. The doctors were all scourging around his body. Using some of his power he knocked all of them out, grabbing the other's arm he unsheathed his teeth and bit down. It was so sweet, was he going to be able to pull back in time. The venom in his teeth were slowly letting out the poison that would make the other live forever.

Pulling back, he looked down at the other. He was still breathing just slightly. Did it work?

  No_Face / 7y 55d 18h 39m 45s
Kori felt his head hurt, he felt the whole event play back to him, it was too real. His whole body feeling the pain o the accident once again. His breathe grew heavy,"Why does it hurt so much Oliver? Please never leave my side..even when I die..please at least visit me." he mumbled, he felt so lonely everything was going dark in his mind, he really couldn't feel anything. Were they putting him out of his misery? Was that why the needle hurt so much this time, was he dying?"I feel like I'll be going very soon..." he whispered before closing his eyes very tightly, then let go of Oliver his memory of the crash laying over in his mind.

He mumbled softly,"If there was a way I could stay with you I'd do it.." he thoughts echoed, he was in a coma even in his own mind now.
  Morphinebreakdown / 7y 60d 17h 25m 52s
"I know... and I'm sorry, it takes a lot of energy for me to stand here. Even for small amounts of time." Oliver told him truthfully. "But donkey's have their own feat. Just like you~" He complimented the other nuzzling his head in the other's shoulder. He felt the other playing with his hair, and although he never let anyone do that, this guy was a special case. He felt the braid once the other was done and hearing the question he quickly clenched it and let go.

"Well... It seems as though you are in critical condition, a few years back you were in this freak accident. They won't tell me what exactly happened, but they tell me they are trying their best to make you better." Oliver told the other as he curled into a ball. He crouched down on the ground and held the other. "I know it hurts, but they are trying their best. Sometimes health comes with pain." He said nervously. He didn't want the other to be like this, in pain. He looked like he was hurting everywhere. He sighed and lifted the other up into his lap. "Just... close your eyes." He told the other and started to sing a little lullaby. He hoped this would work.

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  Psycho / No_Face / 7y 77d 19h 38m 52s
"Yeah, but the last time I saw you was three days ago..It felt like eternity."He stated, he sighed not knowing that in his dream world days moved by faster than in the real world in reality that it had only been since yesterday when the other had came to see him."Oh, shut up I'm not any better looking than a donkey." he stated, before tangling his fingers into the other's hair, braiding it a little before looking back at his kingdom, though every dream was different and someday he knew that Oliver would be put in danger. But in every dream he knew who Oliver was.

"Can you explain why I feel these?" he asked, wanting to know why his arms felt sharp pains inside of them. then why he was always so tired and laggy after feeling the pain. Slowly his dream dimmed, night fell quickly upon him and he walk inside blood dripping from his mouth and arms as he screamed, the sensation he couldn't breathe falling on him like a hammer. it all went away within a matter of two to four minutes but afterwards he was land down on the ground curled up and silent.
  Morphinebreakdown / 7y 96d 8h 2m 13s
"Tch, of course I'm back! I always come back don't I?" He asked smiling. Even in the other's dream he could feel the movements that he felt and the heavy blanket that no covered them felt warm. "Hmm, if I look good what makes you? A god?" He asked smiling as the other felt all around him. "I can't say I really missed you when I never leave your side, but I missed talking to you." It took a lot out of Ollie to come in and out of dreams. And not wanting to leave the other left him powerless while he recuperates.

He made a face as the one before him winced, "Shit, I promise that it won't be any longer than it should be. I'll make sure of it if I need to." He told the other. It wasn't even a matter of his blood anymore, he truly liked the human in front of him. Of course the other had no idea what kind of monster he really was but it scared him. He liked the other maybe more than he should and the more he hung out with the other the more his like for the other grew. "I promise I'll be here even if you don't want me anymore." He told the other. Always always in his dreams. He hugged the other tightly, "Even if you have to see the dark side of me." He whispered. The other male was nothing like his appearance, he was rather warm and cuddly. Whereas his appearance gave off a stay away from me vibe. Even in his sleep, but Oliver never did pay attention to it.
  Psycho / Thumpkin / 7y 97d 9h 33m 11s
He Could Hear the faint sound of the heart monitor in his dreams, the poking of needles, the voices. It was all too familiar to him, in his dream world he was a wanderer, never staying in one place for too long he thought that he was sick. But ever since the other began to come into place he dreamed he was a king, the beauty of the male in his dreams was unreal. Just as he looked over the landscape of his kingdom,warm arms found their way around him, then a gentle voice poured itself into his ear."You're back!" he stated turning around as his hands clutched onto the others robes,"I've missed you my friend." he found himself playing with the other's hair as they held each other,"You're still as lovely as ever."

The nurse came in sticking the male with a needle, in his dream he jumped and clenched the other tightly,"My pains are getting worse.." he mumbled to the taller male. Back in reality the nurse was covering them both up so they slept soundly.
  Morphinebreakdown / 7y 97d 9h 46m 46s
Breathe in... breathe out That's all he could think to do as he stood beside the person he longed for the most. It had been awhile since this person had been in a car wreck, maybe that's when he started showing up but that was so long ago. The familiar beep of the heart monitor told him that the person here was just barely alive, a miracle. It had grown gradually over the year that he was thrown in, but it was all just a lie to keep things under wraps. Kneeling down he kissed the hand of this person, "Soon, we shall meet for real." He murmured, before closing his eyes. "But for now, let's just meet in your imagination." He told the other, using some of his power to enter the mind of the male.

It always surprised him when he entered another person's mind, especially when his was so muddled with thoughts of being alive was drab. This one was such a contrast, something new. Looking around he searched for the person that controlled this dream. Smiling he found the other looking over something like a mountain. Coming behind him he wrapped his arms around the other and whispered in his ear, "Missed me?" He did this everything single day since the beginning of August... three months ago.
  Psycho / Thumpkin / 7y 97d 10h 27m 24s

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