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<<>O-O watch it... XD<>>

Yu looked at her, "I'm not sure, but my name is Yu Narukami," I gave a little smile and stuck out my hand to shake hers. "I just wanted to hang out, I don't have much else to do and you seem nice and cute." he said quite bluntly.
  Yu Narukami / Alum / 7y 82d 20h 20m 9s
// LOL. xD I dunno... >w> //

"Uhhh... Thanks . . . I guess," thanked the girl in a hesitant manner with a small smile as she took the candy then paid for it. "Be right back," she said to the boy. Carrying two bags of groceries, she secured them on her scooter then rushed back to where the gray-haired male is. She looked up to him with curiosity in her eyes then asked, "Where are you going, anyway...?" She tilted her head. "You told me to lead the way, but... I don't know where to go," she stated, a sheepish smile visible on her face.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 83d 15h 29m 29s
<<>Watch it o-o<>>

Yu looked down to her, "I kinda figured you'd be a junior, I'm actually a Junior too, we might end up having the same classes." he smiled a bit and then walked up a bit, "I'd enjoy your help, I'm not very use to this area, I've only lived here a week." he turned and followed her to pay for the food, he handed her the candy, "You can have it." he smiled and followed in suit. "And please lead the way."
  Yu Narukami / Alum / 7y 84d 20h 25s
//I know about it, but I never watched it. xD//

Considering the fact that she could be such a glutton when it comes to sweets, sharing is not an option. "Don't bother. I'm fine..." she said with a slight smile, looking away as she shook her head and her hands in front of her. Something was new: the stranger actually noticed her presence.

As he verified if she was a high schooler or not, she let out a small sigh. Being likened to a middle school student wasn't uncommon to her. A few people even thought she was a tall elementary school kid. But it was getting tiring, having to explain that she's already in high school. "I'm currently a junior in high school. I'm simply short for my age," she answered nonchalantly. So, should she help or not? Yes, she didn't have anything else better to do, but she just wasn't tour guide material. "I'll try to help..."
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 85d 10h 8m 53s
<<>not familiar with star wars? but its a timeless scifi movie o-o<>>

Yu looked at the girl, "I could wait, unless you want to share it?" he said looking upon the cute girl. He moved to hand her the box, "You aren't a high schooler too are you? I'm sorta new here and would like some help." he gave a little confused frown to her.
  Yu Narukami / Alum / 7y 85d 23h 46m 53s
//Okay.. :3 I'm not really familiar with Star Wars though.. xD//

The female parked her scooter then rushed to the market. She pulled out a shopping cart then went on with the list, deleting each item listed once she got it said. And since she got nothing else to do and wanted to kill time, she took her time doing so.

Time flew by and she took the last item. At the end of the list, it said that she could get anything she wanted as long as it would fit in the remaining budget. Being the girl that she is, the only thing that came to her mind was sweets. It's a simple favorite since childhood that never got out of her system.

On a shelf, she saw the box of candy she liked. She rushed towards it then reached, only to discover that someone else had his hands on it. He was tall. Or is it that she's simply short? She looked up at him simply as she gave the box a short glance. Sighing, she decided to let the stranger have it. It was not like her to argue. Besides, she only wanted it, not needed. She could always get another kind.

"I do, but you could have it," she responded to his question before starting to walk away with the shopping cart in tow.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 86d 6h 59m 41s
<<>Well, I was thinking around Star wars or Negima, some blend of a modern/future with magical experiences<>>

Yu sat up after falling asleep watching the tv last night. He lived alone, and his new apartment was in this small town away from the bustling city, though even as a small town, this place was quite large.
He moved to get up and shower himself. The steam fogged up the mirror as he stepped out and dried off.
His fridge was empty, so this day of Saturday was market day. He decided to take his bike, no this wasn't some futuristic bike, it was a plain old peddle bike and was a dull grey color with a little light in the front.

Soon he arrived at the market, next monday would be his first day of school here. He was a Junior in High School. Milk, eggs, and the assortments. There was a small box of candy on the shelf he reached for but was not the only one who reached for it. A similar impulse buy for two people is alright and all, its just natural. A blue haired girl stared him down as they sought the sugary treat. "Sorry, did you want it?" he asked in a much more blunt and expressionless voice.
  Yu Narukami / Alum / 7y 86d 19h 32m 56s
//Okay~ ^^''' I'm not sure about the futuristic factor about this post though . Could I put 'alchemy' as her ability? :3 Not like the one in Fullmetal Alchemist though. I'm going to base it on this alchemy game I played. Hehehe//

It was a Saturday. The blue-haired female got up from her bed lazily then got herself ready for the day. She didn't have anywhere to go for the day but she had nothing else better to do. She doesn't even have much friends who always made plans to hang out on weekends. Let's just say she's kind of the 'Miss Invisible' of her class. Most of the time, her classmates wouldn't even notice her presence so it didn't make much difference if she was absent, tardy, or was actually there. She's also kind of short for her age, which may be one of the factors why she isn't noticeable like the others.

She went downstairs, deciding to find out if her mother or father was at home or not as usual. She first went to the living room, then the kitchen. A sigh came out of her. No one else but her was home. That's when she noticed a piece of paper and a few paper bills beside it on the table.

"Please go to the supermarket for me, dear. I don't have time to go buy the groceries. I sent the list to your phone. Thanks! -Mom."

Being the obedient daughter she is, she went straight to the supermarket riding a small vehicle resembling a scooter, only it didn't have wheels to get her to go. It floated. It used some gravitational technology to do so and run fast at the same time.

//O~kay. I'm out of ideas. xD//
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 87d 10h 24m 56s
<<>well, we got that cleared up :P<>><<>A futuristic fantasy, you may start your day like any you might would<>><<>exception of it being a little more futuristic<>>
  Ferus Olin / Alum / 7y 88d 21h 19m 51s
I don't do both. I'm perfectly straight!! xD
But I'm fine if you want me to play as a boy. I have no problems with it. I'm used to it, anyway. XD!!

A futuristic fantasy... right?

<---Still has no concept formed as of yet. Sorry! ^^'''
  ShirayukiEru / 7y 89d 14h 46m 59s
<<>well, only if you wanna be a girl, but I'm no good with yaoi, I'd prefer yuri over it :P<>><<>meaning I can play a girl if you want<>><<>now, I don't think it'll be all action to begin with. You play whoever you want and make the first post. Where ever you place the setting is fine with me, I can work off anything<>>
  Ferus Olin / Alum / 7y 89d 21h 26m 27s
Mhmm.. That'll be nice. xD But I couldn't promise I could come up with twists. I'm still working on that. XD
Anyway, maybe we should make the setting and the characters first. =w=
I'm playing the female, right? :3 Am I going to make someone who could fight back or a damsel in distress? XD
  ShirayukiEru / 7y 90d 14h 41m 57s
<<>figured we'd make that up as we went along XD<>>
  Ferus Olin / Alum / 7y 91d 11m 33s
Plot? xD :3
  ShirayukiEru / 7y 91d 11h 13m 7s

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