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<<>I hear Japan is loads of fun XD<>>

Yu followed the girl with his bike to the mall. Soon off it seemed the place was quite crowded for the day, "Hey, lets try not to get lost now." he remarked with a little smile and then headed toward the doors with the girl. "So where in the mall first?"
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 76d 1h 55m 28s
<<>I hear Japan is loads of fun XD<>>

Yu followed the girl with his bike to the mall. Soon off it seemed the place was quite crowded for the day, "Hey, lets try not to get lost now." he remarked with a little smile and then headed toward the doors with the girl. "So where in the mall first?"
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 76d 1h 55m 47s
// But I'll go to Japan first. x)) //

Managing a small smile, she nodded her head. "Off to the mall, then?" she practically asked the obvious. Realizing what she just asked, she said, "Err ... Let's go." She walked over to her scooter which was waiting for her as it was parked. She sat after placing her blue helmet on her head. "So... maybe you could follow me?" she suggested.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 76d 11h 44m 58s
<<>Maybe one day, you'll have lots of fun :3<>>

His bike skidded across the road and he raced from behind the girl. He gave a cool look and then stood all cool like and got off, "Hey, see I said I would make it." he waved his hand slightly and approached Linn. "So, we goin'?"
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 76d 21h 11m 29s
// Then a visit would be good. xDD //

After a few minutes of waiting, she received his reply. 'Then maybe I could wait a little more,' she thought to herself as a family, consisting of a mother, a father, and a little girl about Lillian's knees' height, were passing by. They looked so cheery and gleeful. Letting out a small sigh, she remembered the time when they were like that - when her parents weren't such workaholics. Going through those thoughts were quite depressing, but that was a way for her to kill time.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 77d 13h 58m 24s
<<>hey, it gets real cold then real hot over here, so don't count us out of the bad weather pool. Natives have a hard time getting use to it<>>

Yu was on his way and noticed the text as he road his bike at an immense speed. He slowed obviously in order to glance it over. He replied "On my way" as he sped infront of a car, barely making it without noticing.
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 77d 20h 27m 0s
// Yep. =w= It's much cooler in that part of the globe. It's friggin' hot here! TT^TT Plus, I have to go out every single day because of cram school. -_- //

She arrived home in less than fifteen minutes. After putting away all of the groceries that she had bought, she just changed her shirt and was ready to go. But what if her mother would get home earlier than expected. She shrugged. Even if it was impossible, she wrote a note about her going out for a while. She then left for the meeting place with the same scooter.

She arrived a few minutes later. She parked her small vehicle then waited under the shadow cast by the store's building. Then, remembering how small presence she has, the sent him a text message saying that she's already there, near the entrance.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 78d 12h 9m 2s
<<>Ah... no family there, but I know plenty of friends who are from there. They all tell me they like it here better though :P<>>

He looked up at her and took back his phone, "Alright, back here in thirty minutes sounds great, but I might be a little late." he scratched his head and saw her little tilt kinda cute, "I do have a more 'old fashion' bike." he pointed out the little bicycle with actual wheels on it and a pedal. "So, a little more than thirty minutes." he reassured.

Then she began off, "Alright, in just a little bit, ok? Don't be late!" he said with a little more enthusiasm than he had before.

Soon he returned home. It was long for him to change his clothes and then get back on his bike to return.
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 78d 18h 54m 3s
// Philippines. =w= //

To her surprise, his contacts weren't as she expected. He has few like hers, only there were other numbers. 'Maybe because he's living alone? Or just for safety purposes?' she wondered in her mind. Well, it was none of her concern anyway. She was anything but a busybody who meddles with people's lives. It's one of the factors why she doesn't have any friends. She typed in her number into his phone then saved it with the name 'Lillian' before giving it back to him.

"Maybe we should meet here later," she answered before placing her phone into her pocket. "See you in thirty minutes. Is that good?" she said, tilting her head - a habit of her when asking people. Well, she doesn't do it all the time, actually. There were times when she finds herself doing it.

And when he mention something about them being friends, the girl felt something not common. Friendship brings happiness, according to a book she read. Then was she... glad to be one of his few friends? Shaking it off her mind, she managed to smile a little and nod. "I'll be going then. See you later." She went to her scooter then drove off.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 79d 10h 27m 32s
<<>That's cool :)<>><<>What part of Asia? I might have family over there<>><<>Well, probably not, but I gots family that married into asians :P<>>

Yu looked to the girl's contacts, very similar to his, but he had more along the lines of Emergency contacts and several different emergency phone numbers. He handed her the phone and then added his in hers. "Well, we could meet up back here, or I could look up a map on my phone and meet you at a spot you mark?" he said with a little confusion. He was definitely a new boot. Then he patted her head, "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll make out alright, to be honest, you might be one of my only friends too."
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 79d 21h 50m 0s
// Let's just say I live in Asia~ xD //

"Uhhh..." she looked away, "... Thanks ... I'm not the 'friend' kind of material though. I'm 'invisible' in school so... I guess that explains a lot," she said, promising herself she'd never tell what happened this moment to her mother. She might actually explode with joy with the fact that her daughter made one of her first friends. She might say, "Oh! My little Aquamarine finally found a friend! We gotta invite him for dinner!" Well, that is, if Lillian catches her home. She seldom see her parents at home.

She handed him her phone to put in his number then lent her hand for his. It could be seen that in her phone her only contacts were her mother, her father, and her grandmother who sometimes texts her messages requesting for her visit and maybe bring her something she liked. Her grandmother was more like a best friend than a relative. "So where should we meet? Is there a place you know? You don't know the way to the mall, right?" she asked, tilting her head.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 80d 12h 32m 52s
<<>Then where from?<>>

"No friends?" Yu tilted his head, "But you look like the type to have many friends?" he said and then smiled, "Well, I'll be your friend." he said to her with a little smile.
Then she mentioned going later, "Well, alright, I didn't get much at all, but could I get your number and we meet up at the place and we'll go shopping."
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 80d 21h 42m 4s
// Unfortunately, I don't live in America to watch those channels. xDD //

"I don't have friends. I have online ones, but none in real life," the words came out of her mouth as if they're the most natural thing in the world for a teenage girl her age. Those online friends also lived in different countries so hanging out and meeting wouldn't be an option.

She also noticed his lonesomeness. It was somehow ironing; he's a friendly person and yet he doesn't have friends. Or maybe because he's just new to the neighborhood? She was certain he'd make a lot of friends on the first day of school. And, yeah, maybe see her as other people always did - invisible. "You'll find friends on your first day of school," she stated with a small reassuring smile she tried to manage. Well, these kinds of things were never her cup of tea.

She looked up to him with relief in her eyes when he agreed to her suggestion. "I'll lead you there. Why don't we go ---" She then remembered the groceries she had to bring home. "Can we just go there later? I have to take those..." she pointed to the bags of groceries hanging on her scooter, "...home. And I think you should do the same with yours."
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 81d 11h 32m 12s
<<>Just watch Spike every now and then :P<>><<>Or Red Box<>>

Yu smiled to the girl, "You've got a pretty cool name, I've never really had any friends till now, I bet you've had all sorts of friends?" he said with his same voice. By the information he gave, it was clear that he was sort of socially awkward and kind of lonely. His attitude though seemed to contradict in him really wanting to start a new beginning, "The mall sounds great, but I know not where it is." he shook his head, "And if you do want to buy anything, I wouldn't mind buying."
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 81d 20h 51m 34s
// LOL. xD I'll try checking the video rental stores... = v = //

"Lillian Farrow," she introduced herself, shaking his hand. She didn't really want to mention her second name since it seemed so... uncommon. She knew it wasn't normal for people to be named after their birthstone or the color of their hair. There's only a few people who knew her full name, as a matter of fact.

As he mentioned something about her appearance, she forced herself to look stoic though a slight tint of pink was obvious on her face. 'Was that a compliment or just a nicer way to say "short" or "small"?' she thought to herself. "Errr... Thanks..." she said anyway, wanting to add the phrase "but it wasn't necessary for you to say such thing."

'Now, where to? Where do guys want to go?' she wondered, thinking of a place to start their so-called tour. She doesn't really have a lot of guy friends. Well, she didn't have any if you wouldn't count her cousins. Being the invisible girl she was, it was impossible. Then she thought of the teen movies she watched to kill time. 'The arcade? Then maybe... the mall?'

"How 'bout the mall? Don't worry, I'm not going to shop. I don't shop, actually," she suggested to the male, trying to read the expression his face if her idea was really lame of just okay.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 82d 11h 56m 23s

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