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//Agh... Sorry... TT____TT Been kind of busy.//

She looked up and tilted her head, obviously thinking for an answer. Her eyes then browsed the books in the shelves. The blue-eyed girl sure was having a hard time thinking of one. Well, there were books she liked the most but she couldn't quite categorize them from her most favorite to the least. With a sigh, she faced her companion. "I don't know... exactly which one..." she answered, "Sorry..."
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 6y 329d 7h 14m 14s
<<>Took longer than expected @_@<>>

He looked around seeing the large amount of books and few readers, "Well, then which one's your favorite?" he asks without hesitation and then turns to meet her answer.
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 6y 350d 16h 43m 54s
//Okay~ :D//
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 6y 357d 5h 48m 34s
<<>Alright, uh... gimme a little bit, we can do long term posting, I'll post here as soon as I can :P<>>
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 6y 361d 20h 10m 44s
//No worries. It's fine. :) I'm kind of busy myself too, hehe. As for the job, how unfortunate. :( I know it's hard even if I never experienced it (lol). Do your best! (*___*)/ //
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 6y 362d 6h 11m 3s
<<>Sorry... I kinda lost track of things here... I haven't been on much and when I have I usually just work with what's all at the top of that little bar on the side there :P<>><<>Again, sorry.<>><<>Oh... and I still haven't found a job T-T<>>
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 16h 24m 11s
// Hmmm.. =w= Good luck! xD //

With a faint smile, she held his arm (again) then gently pulled him to a certain isle of the bookstore. It consisted of mostly teen fiction of different genres ranging from fantasy to romance. "I've read most books here..." She pointed to the fantasy and supernatural section of the isle.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 51d 8h 56m 6s
<<>Jobless... still :/<>>

He nodded and then followed her. He gawked at the books and looked down towards all the different books, "What type of books do you like?" he asked her and then turned with a small smile.
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 53d 20h 8m 13s
// So how's life? =w=? //

Lillian felt his hand. He's right. It is rough. She looked up at him though her gaze held no unreadable emotion at the moment. "I don't think anything's wrong with that. It just shows that you're a hard working and I'm more likely to slack off," she said with a small smile. She then motioned to the store. "So, shall we?"
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 54d 7h 15m 50s
<<>same here :P<>>

He took her hands slightly and made her feel of his. They were battered, rough and coarse, "I do a lot of work with my hands, and yours are so soft in comparison, its like silk almost, where mine is like sandpaper."
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 56d 16h 29m 7s
// I need a job first. LOL. xD //

She tilted her head with what he said, question obvious in her eyes. ". . . What did you mean with 'soft'?" she asked. She then looked at her hand then touched it with the other, verifying what he had said. 'Well, it's still the same.'
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 57d 14h 44m 16s
<<>one day :)<>><<>you've got a goal set, all that counts is acheiving it, no matter the costs!<>>

Yu got closer to her in the crowds and they soon reached the bookstore. He was looking kind of flustered at the moment and stared at the girl slightly, "Your hands are very soft." it took quite a bit of courage to say that.
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 58d 17h 8m 29s
// Still studying though. xD Might take years. xDD //

Lillian nodded slowly in response to what the male said. As she noticed the crowd thickening, she grabbed his arm then pulled him to the direction of the bookstore as fast as she could. When they were in an area where there weren't much people present, she let go of his arm. She simply hated being in crowds.

"Follow me," she said once again as they went up an escalator then made two turns. After a while, they reached the front of the bookstore.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 59d 8h 6m 50s
<<>That must have sucked :P<>><<>But well, you'll be able to fully enjoy it now, won't you?<>>

"I wonder if there's a book store here, back where I use to live, I'd have to travel to another town or go to the library to get anything to read." he pondered to the girl and then began to get closer to her as the crowd thickened slightly.
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 7y 60d 6h 2m 50s
// YES! >w< My dad went there for his job... but I wasn't an otaku that time. TT^TT -sigh- I'll go there once I finish school. *fiery eyes* //

She nodded slowly to what he said about getting lost. She's short and has little presence so it would be hard for him to look for her if ever they get separated. And honestly, she really didn't memorize all of the mall. She's just really familiar of a certain area since that's where she buys everything she likes to do when she's bored.

And when he asked where they should go first, she didn't have a single idea. If she was alone, she could've gone straight to the bookstore or the video rental store. But she has a stranger with her. "Uhhh... Do you have ideas?" she finally asked.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 7y 61d 11h 51m 50s

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