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<<>Yeah, and lots of stress<>><<>Though, we need to move the rp a bit<>>

He looked over the book and handed her the other. His eyes moved across the book's cover and then he opened it to look at the pages, "This one is new to me." he said to the girl. "You think it's a good read?" he asked her with a smile.
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 6y 153d 11h 28m 30s
//Okay~ XDD//

"I don't know. It's just that. . . It's the first time I've seen this book..." she responded, her eyes examining every detail on the book's cover and behind it. There was nothing written on the back of the book to say what it's about. On the cover was some unknown word she had never heard of before. She handed him the book, her eyes filled with curiosity. "What do you think...?" she asked softly.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 6y 163d 21h 27m 1s
<<>I'm slow too :P<>><<>Don't worry.<>>

He looked upon the book diligently. He looked it over again and then thought, "What's it about?" he asked her as he turned to her and admitted he didn't know the book.

<<>Short post XP<>>
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 6y 175d 8h 39m 21s
//Sorry. TT___TT//

Her baby blue eyes scanned through the titles of the books. Most were familiar; she also saw those that she had already read. Just then, a new book caught her eye. It has a unique title and a really sci-fi-ish cover as if it was made from technology. She walked towards the book then pulled it out, showing it to her companion. "Have you read this already?" she asked as she tilted her head with questioning eyes.
<<>Well, I try not to.<>>

He gave a smile and a nod, "Lets try the scifi and fantasy section right quick, they've always got tons of those." he turned the bin and looked at the different labels till they found it. "Here we are. Are there any you like in particular?"
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 6y 222d 10h 10m 15s
// Don't push yourself too hard. ^^'' //

Remembering that she was about to finish the book she was reading, she thought it was a good idea to find another. Besides, she haven't spent on anything for herself for the past few weeks. Taking his hand with a small smile on her face, she answered, "Okay. What kind should we get?"
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 6y 231d 22h 29m 33s
<<>Hopefully I won't break my back :P<>>

He turns to her and smiles, "Well, I do like comics, but right now I'm kinda just wanting to browse." he said to her, "Maybe we could find something cool together?" he gave the suggestion and held out his hand to her.
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 6y 232d 11h 22m 3s
// Oh... good luck then. xD //

"I guess it's popular then," she assumed, giving the thought another light shrug. After a moment of silence, she asked, "So. . . were you interested in any of the books?" She looked at him with eyes full of curiosity.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 6y 233d 5h 34m 44s
<<>yep, I'm doin' some tough stuff<>>

He looked down to the one she pointed at, he gave a small laugh, "I read that one too." he said out of the funny coincidence.
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 6y 233d 7h 39m 23s
// Ooh~ You found one. Nice! :D //

She simply shrugged. After a moment she finally answered, "I find them interesting . . ." She pointed to a manga she already read. "That one's nice..."
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 6y 233d 8h 39m 9s
<<>No I gots a job<>><<>Construction<>>

He was lead to the graphic novels and mangas, the girl commented thinking guys liked these, "Well, I knew plenty of girls who like comics too, you know." he replied to her, "But yes, I do like them, what about you?"
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 6y 233d 13h 20m 15s
//Well, school's kinda harsh these days...//

The aquamarine-haired female stopped towing her companion as they arrived at the destination she picked inside the book store - the graphic novel section. With an almost expressionless look on her face, she said, "I heard this section's popular with guys... or am I wrong?" She tilted her head upon finishing her question.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 6y 233d 21h 12m 19s
<<>Eh, it ain't that bad<>>

Yu got pulled all through the store. It was less crowded than anywhere else, and the girl seemed to know her way. "So where are you taking me?" he asked her politely.
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 6y 237d 11h 48m 27s
// *nods twice* //

"Okay," the girl responded. Tugging him by the arm, she took him to different areas of the bookstore. She's been there for countless of times so she kind of memorized each area from the classics, to the magazines.
  Lillian Aquamarine Farrow / ShirayukiEru / 6y 239d 54m 16s
<<>same here, college and all starting up, I'm stuck all over the place and everything.<>>

He gave a blank smile to her. "Well, any one you pick out, I bet it'll be great." the smile got brighter and then he turned to the books, "Just direct me around, I'm as use to this store."
  Yu Narukami(2) / Alum / 6y 244d 9h 25m 46s

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