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I'm looking for roleplay partner who is interested in a yaoi roleplay, I want to brainstorm ideas together. I'm bored lately and my work is quite slow.

I'm into;

Blood and Gore.


I also like Wolf and bunny themes.

I prefer anime pictures, I normally play Uke but I don't mind seme

Please pm me before asking to join, Tell me if you're interested in any of these themes and We'll brainstorm a plot together.


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Your Existing Situation

"Is sensitive and easily influenced by other's thoughts and emotions. Looking for friendly, easy-going relationships and jobs that help develop them."

Your Stress Sources

"Demands to be noticed by others as an important individual, needs attention and recognition. His current situation is leaving him dissatisfied. He feels he needs to make friends with those who hold the same high standards he does. Wants to stand out as someone at the top of his class and be admired by others. He needs to feel in control which makes it difficult to give of himself to another person. He feels isolated and alone but refuses to appear weak and continues to be emotionally distant from others in order to keep his attitude of superiority. "

Your Restrained Characteristics

Current events leave him feeling forced into compromise in order to avoid being cut off from affection or future cooperation.

Has strong emotional demands and is picky when it comes to choosing a partner. He chooses to remain emotionally distant and uninvolved in relationships.

Giving more than he is getting back and feels misunderstood and unappreciated. Feels he is being forced into compromising and even his close relationships leave him feeling emotional distant.

Current situation is leaving him doubtful and cautions about becoming intimately involved with others.

Current situation is leaving him doubtful and cautions about becoming intimately involved with others.

Your Desired Objective

Lives life to the fullest. Has a high energy level and is always on the go. He is very active and his actions often lead to success.

Your Actual Problem

Is afraid he will be held back from obtaining the things he wants leading him to act out with a hectic intensity.

Your Actual Problem #2

"Enjoys making new plans and goals, but needs to be respected and admired for the things he accomplishes."
  Morphinebreakdown / 6y 129d 13h 1m 14s
Aija laid there soundly, a pale glow to his skin, his breatheing slowed. flowers had been braided into a crown that laid upon his head. Children gave flowers in hopes he'd recover faster. Even the other kingdoms king brought the best of medicines and food, though since medicines weren't advanced yet no one knew that the prince would recover just fine with rest and plenty of food.

The king listened to Cadorius, then began to speak,"This is something that Aija would've never told you, when he was younger and we had found out where he had gone during his lessons..he promised he wouldn't do it anymore as long as he got to see you..that necklace you have around your neck..he brought that back one day and tried to make it out of jewels and he hid it..I found it and took it..he never found it and even cried..I took it so that he wouldn't be distracted by it all day with a love I thought could never work. He was suppose to grow into a kind, humble, and strong king....but what I realized was that I was condemning him to a life of never know what love was and this would hinder his growth as a king..but after that I saw that he only opened up to you..his heart poured out it's full story..I forced him to believe that it was just a friendly type of love."

Aija peeked his eyes open to see Cadorius' he jumped up, his arms falling around the male's neck as he kissed him deeply. The king startled by his sudden recovery, but he cuddled with him."You are more than worthy to be his soulmate, not only standing up against a man who falsely accused you of causing bodily harm and condemning you to death. But to have stayed by my son all his life and even make him keep his faith in you. If it is your wish to unite with my son I will happily give you my blessing."

Aija looked to his father stunned but he smiled, his body suddenly rigid and sore as he moved slowly towards his father kissing his head,"It's okay, if you feel ashamed for thinking that Cadorius was a criminal..I'm not mad. All is forgiven, I'm happy that my foolish faith and last minute ideas kept Cadorius alive. I think I would've gone crazy if he died..Cadorius' your knighthood is not gone if you are to marry me it would be higher rankings for you, but stuff like ranks don't matter as long as a knight is willing to defend his country."

Aija began coughing harshly, he then laid back down,"If it's alright can you keep me company Cadorius..I know I should be sleeping but I really want to talk to you..and sleep next to you I'm scared you'll be taken away again.." He mumbled.
  Morphinebreakdown / 7y 36d 23h 4m 3s
Cadorius watches as Aija makes his stand. Although he's worried about how pale the Prince is turning, he knows that Aija needs to finish this. He needs his closure. He keeps near the Prince, ready to catch him when he falls. When it happens, Cadorius is there to catch him as he always is. And, he swears, as he always will be.

"Shh. It's okay, I'm alive. I'm here, I always will be. It's alright." He murmurs, picking up the Prince. He follows after the King as they rush him to the hospital wing, and now it's all he can do to hope the Prince will be alright. He doesn't want to leave his side, but he's ushered away by nurses. They tell him that Aija just needs time to heal, and that there's nothing he can do. He guesses there isn't, but he still wants to be there. He makes them promise that they will keep him updated, and they agree. He's uncertain after that. Do they still consider him a criminal? Should he be returning to his room, or to his cell? Does he even have a room anymore? He is no longer a knight. Will he have to go through his training again? Prove himself?

Cadorius knows he will do anything within his power to clear his name. He hears through the grapevine that Prince William and Aija's marriage as been annulled due to William's all-but-confession of being a traitor. His country, when it heard of the news, asked for him back with the intent of stripping him of his name and power. There is talk of exile. He almost feels bad for the fallen Prince, but at the same time, he is glad that the man is getting what he deserves.

When he is brought back by the King, and asked the most important question, Cadorius knows how to answer. "He has been there for me since the very beginning. He has such a powerful presence, such a wonderful, kind personality, it is a wonder more people are not confessing their love for him. I cannot believe I am the only one to feel this way for him, but I am glad that I am. I know I am not worthy of him, being at the status I am, but I promise you that I do love him as truly and honestly as I am capable." He replies.
  Cadorius Dindrane / silversilence / 7y 100d 20h 39m 22s
Aija smiled, blood dripping onto his pants then to the ground, the blood of an innocent touching the soil. He took his other hand and breaks off the front of the arrow, biting onto it harshly as he removes the rest.More blood dripping into the ground,"Cadorius is an innocent man! He would never lay a hand on someone I was bound to, he knows it would upset the people and the kingdom. He'd rather kill himself before doing something as useless as harming the bride. It was a fiend excuse to make the kingdom fall, the bride has done this to himself. He is upset with the happiness and peace we have!"

William stares blankly at Aija, finding himself boiling with anger as he lunches himself out into the fields as if coming to harm him."Let me finish what you've started dear prince, wouldn't you gladly take your Knights place of death?"he started grabbing a knights dagger and shoving him aside. "Show us how serious you are about your accusations! let us see this foolishness." the bride flung the dagger towards Aija, then walked towards him,"If I am a threat, kill me.."

Wiliam walked right to the dagger, but Aija lifted it and dropped it,"I much rather let you suffer in the blood of an innocent man you've harmed." he stated, taking a hand covered in blood and touching it to the brides hand,"You have innocent blood on your hands, you will suffer will it for the rest of your life." he said aloud, before stumbling to the side and hitting Cadorius' body his blood pouring down onto Cadorius' chest. The bride sitting there stunned, paralyzed by the horror in his mind.

The king pointed to the bride as knights dragged him away, Aija was breathing heavily, clutching all he could of Cadorius,"I almost lost you,I almost lost part of me. you were almost gone..." he kept whispering out, his bloodied body un-moving from the warmth of Cadorius. The king ran down to his only son, clutching onto him and Cadorius,"We'll recover somehow."

All they could do now was try to get Aija to heal as fast as they could and get Cadorius back into knighthood. The King brought Cadorius to Aija while he slept,"Do you really love him? What made you so infatuated with my son?"
  Aija Traqulois Feng. / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 106d 15h 43m 47s
It turns out that they're not letting him have last words. He doesn't mind, he couldn't find the right ones to say, anyway. He's marched out, and he exhales heavily in relief when he sees not the gallows, but a single knight. He has been granted a part of his wish, at least. There is still a crowd, though no one is laughing. Everyone looks somber as they march Cadorius across the field. They stand him in front of the post, but they don't bind him to it. They know he won't move. The thought never even crosses his mind. Moving would just make it worse for him. They would probably make him hang if he tried to run, or they would bind him to the post, and he doesn't want that. He stands tall, his hands at his side. They removed his shirt, for aiming purposes, but allowed him to keep on the stark white pants of the accused.

Cadorius takes a slow, deep breath, and finds Aija in the crowd. When their eyes meet, he smiles softly, letting him know that he's okay with this, and saying good bye. He knows that Aija will know what he's saying. He will understand.

The knight pulls back the arrow, and Cadorius just focuses on Aija. He's the only one staring at the Prince, and he's the first to notice him leaping to his feet, sprinting for the field. His smile drops, and a look of confused horror appears on his face. "Aija, no!" He cries out. He can't jump to stop him, the knights at his side forbade that. He gasps, horrified as Aija falls against him, an arrow sticking from his shoulder. His arms wrap around the prince, and he's all that's holding him up.

He's frantic as he brushes Aija's hair from his face, staring into the Prince's eyes. "You idiot." He mutters. "You cannot die for me, do you not understand? I will not allow you to die."

Cadorius froze as Aija lifted his hand, revealing their secret in one phrase, while also revealing the Bride's true intentions. Everyone looked horrified at the Bride's words.

"Admit it, William!" He shouts, linking his fingers with Aija's, feeling empowered. "You framed me! You want to take this country for yourself!" He shouts. He knows it's probably making it worse, him accusing the Bride of something like this, but he had already come to terms with the fact that he was going to die, so there was nothing worse they could offer him.
  Cadorius Dindrane / SilverSilence / 7y 106d 21h 27m 9s
Aija was scared by this trial, no matter how much he tried persisting that the judge should give the knight a equal stand just as the prince. He was rejected and removed from the trial, his face contorted into a painful scowl that didn't seem to fade until the other prince fell before him,"I'll give your knight a fair play, I'll allow him to die the way he wants to die." This only made Aija freak out more and more, how could his father allow this to go forth, he knew Cadorius and the way he worked better than anyone except for Aija. All the prince could do was plead for the knight's innocence but the trial continued for three days until the death sentence was final.

It would occur two days after today the final sentence day, the death would not happen by lynching yet of another knight with an arrow and bow as requested by Cadorius but it'll still occur at a public watching.the sentence that Cadorius was to attend seemed to make the prince fall further into the hole he had dug. He should've proclaimed his love to the world and that'd be the end of it.two days of silence occurred from the prince nothing was said to the king or the bride. All Aija did was try to accept the fact that his only friend and once upon a time love was to die Infront of him.

But when the day came along for Cadorius to be shot to death, Aija failed in his conquest to accept the fact that he'd be gone forever. Only two hours until the death of his friend and he could only watch. In that time he went to plead to his father.

"I'd like to take the most fleeting of moments to tell you of Cadorius' innocence, you know he wouldn't do this to the bride. He wanted me to be happy, he didn't believe that I loved him. He wouldn't hurt the bride if he thought that it sorrowed me." He stated.

"Aija, love makes you do crazy things. No matter how much you try to convince yourself that he couldn't have done that. You'll only be poisoning yourself with lies. If he didn't do it who did?"

"Father, do I come off as a complete imbecile to you? He's my childhood friend, I know he isn't one to do this for love,he had loved me his whole life and if love does these things he would've done this long ago."

The king was hesitant at these words but excused himself due to not being able to make a comeback, the time was there for the execution. As the townspeople filled the stands, all Aija saw was Cadorius' smiling face and he wanted to cry. As they announce the start of the shooting. Aija began to panic,out of nowhere the most idiotic plan came in mind. He flew down the stands and straight In Front of Cadorius as the arrow was let off. He was harmlessly shot in the shoulder with the arrow as he held Cadorius.

"I will not let this happen, even if I must die to save you so be it..." He mumbled, he felt lightheaded blood was was pouring from his wound. Yet he refused to go of Cadorius,"I should've told everyone I loved you sooner."

The bride yelled out in anger,"This isn't suppose to happen like this!" but as those words dripped from his mouth Aija lifted Cadorius' hand,"This is the man I love, if he is to be sentenced to death I will gladly take his place." the bride bite his lip then shouted back in reply,"Then so be it!"
  Morphinebreakdown / 7y 106d 21h 46m 57s
Cadorius doesn't understand.

He doesn't understand what's happening.

He did not do anything. He knows he did not. He knows Aija knows he did not.

But he is being dragged from his room by silent knights. He knows them. He tries to ask what is happening. One of them hits him. Hard.

Okay, so talking is bad.

He's confused as he dragged all the way to the throne room, and tossed before the King. The King looks pained as he speaks. "Cadorius." He says slowly. "I... I do not understand."

"That makes two of us, sire. Why have I been brought before you? What have I done to warrant such treatment?" He asks.

Suddenly, he feels a sick worry in his stomach. Do they know of his feelings for the Prince? Is that what this is about? Do you get executed for loving your Prince? He does not know. With his luck, probably.

"What you have done?" The King repeats, frowning doubtfully at the look of pure confusion on Cadorius' face. "You assaulted Prince William." He says.

"I... What? I did not lay a hand on Aija's bride!" He protested. "I have been in my room since before the end of the ceremony! I left just before the toasts began, until just a few minutes ago when I was escorted out by these men. There are... There are servants who could vouch for that!" He says, desperately. He knows assault on a royal means death. No exception.

"Servant's word? Cadorius, you know we can not accept their word. They would lie for you as easily as you would lie for yourself." The King says. "I am... truly sorry this is how this worked out."

"Worked... out? You mean you are going to kill me? Your best knight, over something that did not happen?" He asks slowly.

"As far as that... Well, you will have a trial."

Trial. Cadorius slowly turns his gaze to the ground. "Ahhh." He says softly, an exhale of pain. "So you mean to have me hung." He says weakly. "You cannot just send forth one of these knights to shoot me with an arrow? I could die with pride. Not with a rope around my neck, a bag on my head and a crowd to laugh as I die."

"It is the proper way. I am sorry, Cadorius."

The trial was weak. They asked for witnesses. Ignored the servants who volunteered. Ignored just about every scrap of evidence that proved the knight could not have done it. All in light of a bruised Prince claiming Cadorius had done it. Eventually, when Cadorius realized there was no chance of winning, he leaned back, set his gaze on William and said, in his coldest voice, "I did not do this. If I had become angry enough at you to lay a hand on you, it would be to snap your neck. Two short movements. My hands on your face, and a quick turn, do you understand that? I would not waste my time hitting you in all the places it could be seen, I would not waste my time taunting you as you say I have. I do not do things half way. That being said, you had better hope that ghosts do no exist. If I am given the chance to linger, I will do so. And you will not have a single waking moment of peace or clarity in your life ever again."

That got the reaction he fully anticipated. He got a sharp crack across the cheek from one of the other knights. He didn't flinch, just turned his gaze on the man. "Hit me if it makes you feel better. I am condemned anyway, you are the only one who is going to have to deal with it after."

And now, now Cadorius was in his holding cell. He was sentenced quickly, something he fully anticipated as well. That was okay. He could sleep in a holding cell. So he did. He sleeps fitfully, torn through with dreams of his toes dangling above the wooden stage he will meet. He wakes up to his neck aching, and covered in sweat. He is terrified, but he knows he will not show it when it is finally time. Aija will be there. He knows Aija will be there. Aija would kill to be there, if only to hear his last words. And he has been planning them. He does not have them yet. The right syllables and sounds just will not fall together to make a lovely last speech. What words could you end a life on? The language just doesn't have them. Either way, he knows that until the last minute, he will fix his eyes on Aija's. He knows he will smile to him just before his face is covered. He knows how he will leave this relationship, the only one that matters.
  Cadorius Dindrane / SilverSilence / 7y 135d 1h 16m 39s
The prince continued to cry, at some moment they were loud enough to echo throughout half the castle but he fell asleep eventually his heart aching with loss. When the sun finally shown in and woke him up to see the bride laying in the bed his nose was bleeding and his lip was swollen. Aija was curious but to him there was no concern, when Aija woke the male next to him William flipped out and grabbed his arm with incredible strength and freaked out. The calling of Cardorius to stop occurred many times, Aija fell back and stared at the sobbing male. Aija called for his father since William wasn't responding to his calls, the king heard Carious' name and assumed the male assaulted the bride.

This triggered a trial which the bride would make Cadorius lose by a hell fall, Aija knew that Cadorius didn't do anything. The bride was more than happy, maybe even humored by the pain in Aija's face. He wasn't thinking his plan through too well.
  Terigas / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 140d 19h 39m 51s
Cadorius freezes, his hands dropping to his sides, his expression confused at the Bride's words. He realizes that it's not what he did, but how the Prince reacted. Maybe the man is just jealous, and that is why he's getting such bad vibes? Well, join the club, dude. Cadorius was bursting with jealousy. At least William had the ring.

Cadorius leaves, then. He can't stand to listen to toasts telling that awful man and his Aija how they are going to last for a life time and how wonderful they'll be together. He goes to his room, walking through the empty halls of the palace. Everyone is at the ceremony. He showed, and that's really all that matters. He knows at least three knights will vow to having seen him there after he left, whether he was there or not. He goes to the knight's quarter, and flings himself into his bed. He's not taking his usual watch of Aija's room. He can't. The married couple will probably be expected to sleep in the same room, and having a knight slink in just doesn't quite seem to fit.

He's shaken awake by knights and servants throughout the night telling him that Aija is calling for him. He gets formal, and tells them that the Prince needs nothing from him, that his bride should be able to comfort him, and that it's not his place to enter the Prince's bedroom. Eventually they leave him alone, and he returns to his fitful sleep. The castle seems empty, the world seems empty. He can't be with the one he loves, and that hurts him more than any wound ever could.
  Cadorius Dindrane / SilverSilence / 7y 141d 1h 50m 29s
Aija would see Cadorius looking at them time to time and it made him uneasy, was the mere sight of them together putting the male in pain? As they continued to argue his knight came over capturing his attention with full speed he forgot all about the bride.Which in turn made William speak up,"Don't touch my husband so carelessly." he said before dragging over to the table that was set up for them, tonight he'dstart his plan and tomorrow Cadorius would die. The male looking at him in strange ways was a sign he knew that he was up to something and this caused a threat. As it neared night time they all went to bed and he went down stairs to start the self inflicted injuries. During this time Aija slept in his room, calling for Cadorius and none of his pleas were answered to.

He couldn't tell weather he was still dreaming when he woke up to find himself all alone in his room, the waterworks already apparent since they covered his pillow and blanket. Aija felt like he had just lost a best friend. It was slowly depressing him, he rolled over his side continuing to cry as all he heard were his echoes that called back to him, in the lonely, dark, silent room that was an abyss of sorrow in the castle.
  Terigas / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 145d 12h 12m 14s
Cadorius watches the couple from afar. Something about the way the bride moves just... gets under his skin. He doesn't like it. He watches as the man initiates a kiss, practically forcing Aija's lips against his own. Cadorius goes rigid as he watches, frowning. Why does this bride look like such a predator?

He dismisses it as his jealousy, and focuses on other guests. Through the entire time, his eyes drift back to Aija. He sees something is... wrong. Wronger? William is seemingly trying to talk the other into something, and Aija isn't having any of it. Aija doesn't seem to see the anger on the other's face. Does he? It's hard to tell from this angle. Cadorius frowns. Why is everything about this man just saying threat threat threat?

He shakes his head harder. His jealousy can't take down the Prince's marriage. It can't. He crosses his arms, watching the couple through narrowed eyes as they alternate between speaking to others and each other. Finally, he can't stand the distance. He returns to their side, tapping Aija's shoulder. His free hand hovers over the part of his shirt that conceals the necklace. He has to think quick for something light to say. He tilts his head towards the podium.

"It is time for the toasts, my lord." He says, the picture of a formal knight. People are gathering around the platform where the two had been wedded. They are to stand there and listen to silly speeches about how they will be together forever or whatever.
  Cadorius Dindrane / SilverSilence / 7y 146d 10m 59s
Aija watched as Cadorius leaves the brides side as soon as he enters the garden, upon further questioning the bride it seemed he already knew the feeling between him and the knight. This completely pissed the bride off and he'd find a way to get rid of him if this relation continued.

"Aija, you know that you are sworn to me and me only?" the bride asked.

"Yes, I know William.."

The bride was set off by the heartless answer, he pulled Aija's head down towards his own and kissed him deeply,"Stop thinking about that knight, he is nothing, a no one.." William stated in a split second before dragging Aija closer,"I want to become one tonight, let's be connected forever..Aija" But one thing Aija didn't know is that William didn't care for him, only to get rid off Cadorius since he was a potential threat to his plans for the prince. He make it seem like Cadorius injured him and that he should be sent to death. Once this was complete the Prince would be weakened and his kingdom will fall and in that time he'd kill him.

Though the bride's country's armistice was true, the bride prince thoroughly hated the small kingdom and how happy it was unlike his nation that was reigned by wars. If the prince were to fall he could watch the nation fall and be in more despair than his own.

Aija shook his head,"I' tired and it isn't even the night that we are to become one, it is a week after our marriage William."
  Terigas / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 146d 13h 17m 48s
Cadorius' jaw clenches when he hears Aija's response to the light hearted question. He hates this man he does not know. It's not rational or even sane, but he hates the man before him. He hates his delicate features and his high voice and his girly eyelashes. Suddenly Aija is gone and he's stuck with this man.

He unwillingly learns that the man's name is William, and that he actually was thrilled for this marriage, unlike Aija. He supposes this man didn't love another, like Aija did. Does. Did? He doesn't know. He is completely torn between hoping Aija still does and hoping that he doesn't now. He doesn't want Aija to hurt, but at the same time...

When Aija reenters, Cadorius has to resist the urge to go to his side. He sighs softly, and looks back to William, meeting his speculative gaze.

"You are aware that he'll be mine now, aren't you?" The bride asks. Cadorius blinks.

"Yes, naturally. You are... married." He says slowly, unwillingly. Since the man already seems to know, there's no use hiding it anymore, now is there? Cadorius sighs and turns on his heels, walking away. He has no reason to speak to the bride anymore. He rejoins the knights, where he can keep a blank expression and not be out of place.
  Cadorius Dindrane / SilverSilence / 7y 146d 14h 21m 40s
Aija sat there, frozen stiff in a standing position, he couldn't reject the marriage it was much too late. his heart ached as he was married away to his bride, as the wedding ended and it was time for cake and dinner Cadorius came up to them. His bride took his arm smiling as Cadorius congratulated them on the marriage. No matter how hard the knight hid it, Aija could see the pain in his eyes. "Isn't he the knight you talk about all the time Aija?" he bride had asked before Aija looked down,"He was." The king looked at his son before pushing through and laughing with joy,"Ah, Aija let us have a talk in private as your bride gets more acquainted with the knights, shall we?" Aija nodded his head lazily and upset.

It took no more than the first nod before he was pulled from the wedding and inside to the throne room,"Why are you so gloomy my son, are you unwell?" the king asked, Aija looked at his father.

"It must've been something I ate."

"I know when you're lying Aija, what's really on your mind."

"It is nothing father, even if I told you it'd ruin our affairs with the bride's country."

The king scowled before kneeling in front of his son, "Our kingdom is small, but our love and care for eachother is strong. If my son is unhappy that love will die and our kingdom will fall,I much rather you be happy than you force yourself.." Aija frowned at his father's words knowing that he wouldn't be able to avoid his persistence.

"I have fallen for another whom you know of, it is my knight..we had a fight yesterday and he seems just as pained as I." The king stood and looked down, he was thinking a little too hard.

"I'll resolve this somehow.." he mumbled before bringing his hand to his Son's shoulder,"For now make the bride feel welcome.."

Aija nodded before leaving the throne room and going back to the Garden where cake was being portioned out to everyone who had come to the grand wedding.
  Terigas / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 146d 15h 38m 13s
Cadorius feels literal pain in his chest at the other's words, and his hands clench over the necklace. He watches Aija run away, and he knows he won't follow him this time. He won't grab him, because the decision has been made. It is over. He is no longer Aija's second, no longer his trusty knight. He is nothing.


Cadorius returns to his room, and lays on his stomach, replaying the conversation over and over again. He thinks of what he could say to make this better, but there is not a single thing he can think of that will make this better. He does not sleep that night.

The next day, he does not move when he hears the rustling out his door. He does not move when the other knights right to rouse him by yelling through the door. He does not move when the trumpets sound loudly, letting everyone know that a royal wedding has begun.

An hour later, he decides to move. He changes into his best knight clothes, and makes an appearance at the wedding. He cannot stay in his room the entire time, someone will notice that he is not at the wedding. Someone will notice that he is not in attendance, and it will bring attention to all of them. He doesn't want that. He sees Aija almost immediately, but it's not like he looking or anything. [He totally is.] Aija's... husband, he supposes he is, is beaming at everyone who walks within a ten mile radius, and it makes him sick to his stomach. He walks to where the other knights are, taking a steady pose with the rest of them. That lasts all of three minutes when the King comes to him, claps him on the back and asks if he has spoken to Aija yet.

He makes to bow to him, as the other knights have, but he doesn't let him. His hand is strong on Cadorius' shoulder, not allowing him to make even the slightest bow. He tilts his head forward instead. "No, your majesty, I have not. I am afraid I have only just arrived." He says regretfully.

The King frowns. "Well, you're not on duty, so go chat with the couple." He says, almost like an order.

"But sir, I am on duty." He objects.

"If you only just showed up, there's no point in being on duty, Sir Dindrane." He says almost mockingly.

He sighs gently and nods, walking over to the married couple. "Congratulations to the happy couple." He says in his smooth voice, keeping his strong pokerface on, one he has perfected.
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