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Taste the Rainbow. Fear the Rainbow.

Note: This is a remake roleplay. The original idea was mine, but it has been re-made. If you were loyal to the old one, I will accept you again.

This is the story of eight people. Different lives, different social circles, different reasons. All gay.

One week. One week on lockdown in a church with each other, the necessary supplies, and a single priest.

How straight can you get?

The Gaybobs.

Name: Mattie Roux

Age: Eighteen

Reason for Wanting to 'Pray the Gay Away': Mattie honestly doesn't want to. She loves women, and women love her. She's content, but the people around her are not. Her parents and 'friends' often ruin her relationships when she tries to introduce a partner. They make her feel like an outsider. To please them, she's taking this course. She plans to wreak havoc.

Sexuality: Very Lesbian

Relationship Status: Single. Again.

How Opposed Are You to Being Straight?: Very opposed, but it seems she has no choice but to attempt to be.

Name: Andrew 'Pierce' Joseph

Age: Sixteen

Reason for Wanting to 'Pray the Gay Away': His parents have requested that he attempt to be rid of this disease. And if the church is unable to help him, well, then no one can.

Sexuality: Gay.

Relationship Status: His heart remains empty.

How Opposed Are You to Being Straight?: Quite.

Name: Alex Beckham

Age: 16

Reason for Wanting to 'Pray the Gay Away': To be accepted by the way society works now. Tired of being shunned, and frustrated everyday by being humiliated by his classmates. He couldn't help who he loved so why couldn't they see it? He didn't want to be like them he just wants it to all go away.

Sexuality: Gay

Relationship Status: Single

How Opposed Are You to Being Straight?: Not as opposed as others but still willing to change to be accepted. Anything to be accepted by someone.

Name: Rylee Greyson

Age: Seventeen

Reason for Wanting to 'Pray the Gay Away': He's merely looking for acceptance. He's tired of feeling alienated for feeling uncomfortable in his body.

Sexuality: Homo romantic Asexual

Relationship Status: Single

How Opposed Are You to Being Straight?: He's curious, but still opposed to anyone who tries to change him.

Name: Ally Syphe

Age: 16

Reason for Wanting to 'Pray the Gay Away': Her mother has never been...very supportive. Now that her parents are divorced, her mother has become very vocal about what a mistake Ally is making. She wants her to stop, think, and make sure that God actually wants her to be a girl. The need to feel normal is what made her agree to do this.

Sexuality: Transgendered

Relationship Status: Complicated....

How Opposed Are You to Being Straight?: Not quite sure yet.




Reason for Wanting to 'Pray the Gay Away':


Relationship Status:

How Opposed Are You to Being Straight?:


There are zero spaces left open for boys and two for girls. Doubling is allowed, but only for two different genders. You can't have two characters of the same gender.


000. Everybody controls the priest. And on that note, whether you decide to be straight or not in the end is up to you.

001. Bring in and use as many characters as you want. Don't make it ridiculous. This rp will carry on after their week in the church; that of which is left up for all of us to decide.

002. I'm expecting some people somewhat literate. Whatever you ask for, I can most likely give. It won't be below 1300, at the absolute minimum. The limit is set; it will only be changed when suggestions are given and with a logical reason.

003.Real pictures. I will approve yours and you can approve mine.

004. If you're faint of heart with love, lust, and violence, go away.

005. Godmodding is a no-no.

006. Have a dynamic character.

010. Romance will surely find its way, but there will be cracks, hitches, and bumps. Nothing instant.

011. Don't steal this idea. It's mine. I own it.

012. Let's be friends and follow my rules, huh? PM me with questions, criticism, praise, a request to join, and anything else you might want to say. All listed above are not necessary. Except the skeleton and request to join. That's necessary.

013. This will be relatively slow-moving. The roommates may not get along at first because they're so different.

014. Posting will be in rounds. I will not rush you to post, just make sure you don't take advantage of that. Otherwise I'll have to let you go.


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"Damn it, Kira, I'm sick of your bullshit!" A pissed off blonde screamed into her phone. Another argument with her girlfriend, "I'm doing this for my family, it has nothing to do with you," Dakota hated the way her girlfriend nagged her about coming to the program for a week. She wasn't doing it because she believed it was wrong to be a lesbian, she was doing it for her family. With that last statement made, Dakota hung up her phone and slipped it into her pocket, making sure to turn it off as she walked to the church.

Skinny and frail looking, the beautiful southern blonde made her way towards the church as multiple thoughts raced through her mind. Her parents; could they even be called family? They tormented her worse than the children at school had. Stifling a sob, the woman crossed her arms. Everything in her life was going to hell and she knew that her parents thought Dakota would go with it.

Dakota finally got to the entrance of the church wearing ripped up skinny jeans, black converse, and a band tank top with a flannel shirt to go over. She was determined to be accepted by her parents. There was no turning back now. Dakota pushed open the door and was immediately greeted by the secretary, "Dakota Wright." Her lips spoke her name, but her eyes spoke hatred. She knew everyone around her were speaking about her clothing and facial piercings in hushed whispers.

"You're here for the session, Ms. Wright," The woman began with a fake smile, pointing over towards the door, "The others are expecting you, they've already started. God bless your soul." With that, Dakota took her leave towards the group and shuffled her way through it, gripping the hem of her band tank top. Walking with her head high, she made her way towards a seat seeing that everyone was telling their stories. What would she say her story was? Was she even going to speak to the others?

Dakota's eyes shifted over towards everyone who was now in a circle. She waved to the priest then glanced all around. There were so many beautiful women here. All lesbians, maybe? With a smug smirk, Dakota crossed her arms and relaxed in her chair as everyone talked. Guessing that her name was Harlow, Dakota stared at the woman. Or what she thought was a woman. She was beautiful, everyone in their own way was beautiful. With a giant sigh that people could interpret as boredom, Dakota took out a cigarette, lit it, and began to puff on it, having snuck it in, in her pockets as she awaited for everyone to introduce themselves.

  Dakota Leann Wright / MutilatedCorpse / 7y 49d 5h 52m 46s

Valentine pulled her loud clunker truck into the church parking lot, wiping her face free of tears and checking to make sure the little amount of makeup she wore had not run and made her face into a war zone. She didn't care about impressing these people, but she didn't want to look like a bloody mess. After taking several minutes to fix herself, to wait for her eyes to stop looking so puffy, and to stall as long as possible, she finally got out, raggedy old red duffel bag in tow.

As she walked past shiny, sleek little cars littered around the parking lot and into the cooled church, Valentine took a deep breath. There was no holding out now; no going back. Not that she would have, anyway. She had to do this. Had to. Skipping out was not an option, not now, not ten minutes ago. It had never been an option. She had to "straighten up," as her mother put it, or else she just wasn't allowed back home. Heaving out a sigh, she walked toward a room she heard raised voices coming from. There had been a small hush, then another yelling voice, and another trying to calm them all. As she got closer, the voices got louder and louder.

Opening the door almost silently, she slid herself in the tiny crack she created between the door frame and the heavy ornate door and stood with her back against the wall. Everyone seemed so intense at the moment, so... hostile. Some seemed indifferent towards what the priest--or whom she assumed to be the priest--was saying, and others seemed almost murderous in their anger. There were several empty chairs, but she made no move toward any of them. All of the people in the room seemed to be so focused on each other and what everyone else was saying that no one seemed to notice she had even entered--or maybe they just ignored her.
  Valentine Lowe / ocicat / 7y 49d 9h 21m 39s

Sounds of angry yells began to fill the room and then suddenly someone spoke up. Someone who was another transgender male who was speaking about how they wanted to change for the better. Every word the young man said was hard to take for Harlow.

The looks on everyone else's faces where not pleasant ether, not many people seemed to really want to be here. Hell Harlow could even said that he didn't want to be here ether, but he had came under his fathers threat. It seemed now it was his turn to speak, the priest's eyes had fallen on him expecting him to speak up.

"My name is Harlow, Harlow Jones. I'm here because my father asked me to come. I personally see nothing wrong with being the way I am. I don't care if it's a sin in the book of god." Breaking in heavily Harlow knew the priest was giving him a look of anger and shock, clearing his throat to speak again though Harlow cut him off before he could have time to speak about how he should take an example from Alek and change who he was to become this perfect person.

"If we are supposed to 'love' everyone then explain to me how my uncle was murdered for being gay by your so called loving people. I don't want to hear this bull shit about we love everyone, because if you did then you wouldn't kill those different from you."

Dropping down into his seat the blonde crosses his arms over his chest. He really didn't care if people where staring at him or not. Harlow couldn't stand the thought of anyone telling him that he was in the wrong after witnessing what he had as a child.

"We do love everyone Harlow, what you witness was probably false Christian's trying to right the sins that god should be righting." Glaring ever so slightly at the priest, Harlow bites his lip keeping his eyes down on the ground.

He wasn't going to respond to that oh no he was just going to sit back and wait for the next person to take their place in talking about themselves. He knew his outburst had been somewhat violent after they had all been asked to calm down. Yet something inside him wouldn't let his temper boil down. He was far to irritated for that.

  .R. / -YouAreLoved / 7y 54d 16h 17m 42s
Everyone here was so hostile. That was all that Ally could keep thinking. She felt more and more uncomfortable by the second. Swallowing hard, the young ladyboy wished that she could just sink back into the couch and disappear. Clearly, there were only a few of them here that actually wanted to be here. Or...sort of wanted to be here. Deep down, she wasn't sure anyone was excited to be here. She knew that she wasn't. Though she had at least agreed to come. For this alone, she seemed to be in the minority.

"That is a very good question, Alex. In God's eye, no sin is greater than any other. It is not His eye in which you are hated. God loves all of His children the same. What he does not love, however, is the sin in which you commit. That is why it seems like everyone hates you. Does that make sense?"

"I understand it...."

Though she wouldn't look up to see if it were true, Ally felt like every eye was now on her. Why had she spoken up? All of these people were fighting to remain who they were and Ally? She was ready to give in and do what her mother wanted. Was that a way to be hated around here as well as out in the real world?

Clearing her throat, Ally sat up and tried to look a little more comfortable with herself. "Um...I'm All-" She looked back down to her worried, clasped hands in her lap. "Alek. I'm transgendered. I've been comfortable with who I was since I was four-years-old. My aunt bought be my first bikini for my fifth birthday and it made me happier than I could ever remember being. And...when I was kidnapped and forced to do male sexual things on film when I was six.... I think this solidified my want to be female. And I think that's where I went wrong." Ally looked up to the pastor, only able to meet his eyes over anyone else's. "I know that I've made God angry with what I've done. Just last night I...laid with a man. I can't help but to feel guilty for what I've done. And that's why I'm here. Yes, I said I'd do it for my mother. But I do want to see her proud of me again. I've been selfish when I should have been there for my mother. So I want to do this for her...but I want to do it for me, too."

Ally swallowed back tears and pushed the aquamarine bangs out of her eyes. She felt like she had rambled, but she didn't know what else to say. She just wanted to be honest and start healing. To start feeling like a boy - like she was supposed to feel.

"Thank you. That is very inspiring, Alek. See, children, this is where you all need to be. You are all here for one reason or another. Accept it and then maybe we could get somewhere with your treatment. Just like Alek, here."
  Ally Syphe / JessicaDoom / 7y 71d 21h 13m 32s
When he sat down, others had already started to file in one by one, one right after the other and soon the last one, known as Harlow, stepped in and the priest followed shortly. The first girl in there stood up and spoke her mind, and Alex found himself agreeing with some of her words, but others were rather harsh. Soon the talking turned to yelling and some words brought the thoughts of his friend back to mind. He found himself getting a headache already from all the yelling and the thoughts. As soon as Rylee was done he realized his headache had become worse than it started out, and he needed to let off some of the steam stored up in his head.

"Hey... Here's an idea, why don't we all act civil about the things here and maybe we'll get along better." He suggested before barely thinking of what he wanted to say as his introduction, "Any how my name is Alex. I actually do want to be here so I don't crush my friend's feelings. Second fact... I suppose is that I like to be treated my age." He said, though the second fact was more towards the priest treating them like children than anyone. It was an interesting group alright, many obviously did not want to be here.

Alex, himself had mixed feelings about this whole ordeal. "And I have a grand question for you 'priest' if no sin is any greater than the other, and God loves everyone, why... exactly are we so hated?!" He asked angrily to which the priest was dumbfounded and taken aback. "Just ponder that in your little fantasy world where everyone is perfect and farting rainbows and glitter, why don't you." He finished, sitting back down in his seat. Right at this moment he realized how badly he just flipped, but everything he said was true. He doesn't regret it, yet he felt as if he should just sink into a different universe... far away from this church.
  Accepted / ShikiNiki / 7y 75d 14h 57m 4s

After Rylee had introduced herself to the rest of the group, a girl with dark hair exclaimed that she was the first one to say anything. She nodded and gave the girl a smile. “It's nice to meet you. Nice to know that I'm not the only one that already hates it here.” She wasn't all that happy that someone here was calling her Ryan either. Why did she ever agree to this in the first place? Taking a seat, Rylee watched the others come into the room before looking out at the faces that were here. They all seemed so odd- not that she was one to talk; she probably looked just as weird as the rest of them.

After a blonde- introduced as Harlow- entered the room, the Priest did as well. The man wore an eager smile as though he was eager to get started. How disgusting. He seemed like he was happy that he was draining these teenagers of their individuality. Some of them were legal adults, even. It made her so unhappy that this many parents thought of their children as lower than them just because of the gender that they liked rather than what they could become if they were pushed to achieve their goals.

Rylee couldn't help but snicker at Mattie's outbursts. She seemed to be able to say what they weren't able to. She was rather brave, and she felt as though if they were going to be here a while, then she might possibly be a close friend by the time this was over and done with. After Mattie, it was Pierce's turn to be the smartass in the hot seat. Cursing. How lovely. Not that Rylee wasn't guilty of it too. After Pierce was finished, Rylee couldn't help but open his mouth. This could only end badly. “Fuck your 'God'. What does your invisible sky man ever really do? It's people that get things done not some invisible force of will. You waste your breath on prayers and hymns and get nothing out of it but doubt. I know, I used to worship your God.” The man was dumbfounded by what she had just said.

A tint of red tinged the man's face; it was clear that he was angry. “Ryan-” She stopped him before he could continue on. “It's Rylee, if you please.” This seemed to piss the man off even more. “You are in the house of God. While you are here, it will do you some good to respect it! While you are here, I'll here none of that foul language anymore.” Oh, he would hear plenty of it. Rylee could curse enough to make a sailor blush. And, while they were giving out introductions, this seemed like the perfect time to do it. “This program is ridiculous, and you want to know something interesting? Most of us don't want this; we're happy the way we are. Why change someone who's perfectly happy?” There was a pause between the question and the answer that she knew was coming. “Because it's not the way God intended it to be. Your gender is male and you are supposed to be attracted to females. It is the natural order of things.”

Jesus Christ Almighty Oh the irony this man was insane. Rylee said nothing else, though it was clear that he wanted so badly to say something more. This argument would go in circles if he opened his mouth once again. “Anyone else?” The Priest asked, looking around the room for someone else. Maybe the next person wouldn't be as vicious as the previous three.

[OOC: Sorry about this post. Kind of rambly. Hopefully, it's not too 'out there'. > <]

  -Titanium- / 7y 76d 4h 20m 6s
As the rest of the say-no-to-homo support group entered, his wicked looking smirk never faltered. No one in particular had caught his attention, so he sat silent. For the first time, in a long time, he had nothing to say. Yet.

Finally, the last of the victims were there. A rather thin looking strawberry-blonde, who's sex he was unaware of. So at this point, he figured he'd just refer to this Harlow person with gender neutral pronouns, such as they or them. Until, if, he actually got to know the other well enough to find out their sex.

Just after Harlow had stepped into the room, came the priest. He made the suggestion of introducing themselves, followed by a fact or two. A dark haired female was the first to object. She and the priest had a bit of a disagreement, but in the end he had one by forcing her to be the first. Once Mattie had finished, Pierce decided that it was his turn to give the priest shit.

He stood, taking a moment to dramatically clear his throat, then he began. 'I'm Pierce, sometimes they call me MetalFace.' Along with his largely stretched lobes, his septum was stretched, each nostril was pierced, double monroes sat above his top lip, and two silver rings pierced the left side of his bottom lip. 'If it isn't obvious to you why, then you're a dumbass.'

'Young man, we are in the house of God. Please, watch your mouth.'

Ignoring the elder man's interjection, he continued. 'I can fit a glowstick in my lobes and I like sucking dick.'

'Hopefully, we'll change that while you're here.' The Father shot a dirty look towards the boy as he returned to his seat on the floor. 'Unlike Pierce,' the man said his name with such a distaste. It was hilarious. 'Please try to keep things appropriate. Remember, God is always watching. And listening.'

Even as he was being made into an example, that smirk never left his face.

  ▲Pierce▲ / Nirvana / 7y 76d 5h 19m 52s
Mattie was bored.

She'd been sitting alone in that room for quite a little while before a little brunette walked in, a girl. Mattie was going to try to smile and ask "So what are you in for?" but the girl didn't meet her eyes; nor did she say anything. She just sat her bags down and popped herself in a seat politely.

Mattie took that opportunity to do a self-check. She smoothed down her hair, blew her breath in her hand, sniffed her shirt; she was trying to figure out of maybe there was something wrong with her appearance that made the girl not want to talk?

Seeing nothing out of place, the brunette gave up and slouched back into her seat. This was probably going to be an unbearably long week.

Mattie only looked up again after she noticed that someone else had entered, a male with long hair and guages and an I-don't-give-a-shit attitude that Mattie could sense right from the start. Judging by the way he threw his bags down and sat on the ground with a wicked smirk Mattie could already tell that guy was likely to give the Padre a heart attack.

Mattie had a feeling that she and him would either be great friends or bitter enemies. She didn't care either way; they would both mean interesting outcomes to her. The program could use some more drama anyway.

People started streaming in. First there was a dark-haired boy with high cheekbones who sat, and again said nothing. Mattie was starting to get frustrated with the lack of conversation.

Mattie was gathering up her wits to just leave everything and walk out when a blonde walked in, not too bad-looking. Didn't look too petite like the first brunette female that came in, nor too attitude-y like the blonde boy. In fact, this person even talked!

"Thank you, God, someone who can fucking talk around here," she exclaimed, exasperated at the silence that had weighed down on her since she arrived. "Anyway, though, --it's Rylee, right?-- welcome to this shithole. I'm Mattie, by the way." She flashed a smile and relaxed back into her seat, feeling a little more comfortable now that the silence had been broken by a sound other than breathing.

After the blonde came another blonde with blue hair, then a redhead, followed by yet another blonde which seemed like the last person to enter; intrduced as Harlow Jones. Hm. What a pretty name.

Finally the priest came in, cracking the door slightly behind him and beaming at the young people around him. Mattie made a grossed-out face at his smile; he seemed much too eager to get everything started.

"Since we're all here," he started happily, "why don't we introduce ourselves? Anyone can start. Just stand up, state your name, and it would be really nice if you could give us two interesting facts about yourself."

Mattie scoffed, mumbling, "What are we, in third grade?"

The priest didn't miss her comment. "Miss Roux, then, since you have so much to say, why don't you begin?"

Mattie rolled her eyes and rose to her feet. "I see the Padre has already set his bias against me. Fine. My name is Mattie Roux. Two interesting facts about me... hm... Well, I'm eighteen, and I guess my second interesting fact is that I have a weakness for flannel or plaid shirts." She shrugged casually and sat back down. "My turn's over, then."

"All right! Who's next?"

"What is this, an Overeaters Anonymous meeting? Can we just pick rooms already? It's not a rocket science."

"Shush, Ms. Roux, some of us are trying to listen. Thank you."

  RecklessIIRelentless / 7y 76d 13h 34m 27s

"Harlow! You will not ruin my life any-longer! Do you want to be like your cousins? Do you want to make my life hell? I already get enough shit about my son looking like my daughter. Your going now get your ass out of bed." Soft hazel eyes peaked out from under the covers, his blonde hair falling into his face as he pushed the blankets down. His father standing before him with his arms crossed over his chest, eyes baring down onto his son with an evil and angry look.

Things had not been easy for Harlow since his family had come over from Switzerland into America. His father had been straddled down with not only himself, but his cousins for their father had died of illness before they left, and their mother had committed suicide on the way over. She did not want to go to America without her husband, a man who wanted nothing but the best for his family. Twisting out of his sheets, Harlow steps down onto the ground feeling the disappointed look upon his fathers face at how small and meek he was born.

"Yes Father, I'll get my things ready. I'm sure you want me to head there as soon as possible." Slowly the brunette man turned on the ball of his heels and stalked out of the room. Harlow's hazel eyes following his fathers retreating figure until he couldn't see him anymore, the blonde shaking his head to snap himself free of his thoughts. Bare feet scrapping the cold wooden floor as he walked towards the door pushing it shut.

Slowly making his way to the closet, Harlow grabs out a pair of shorts and a long sleeved shirt to pull on. The blonde dressing himself before throwing random clothes down into the bag, the sound of It's Raining Men filling the room as his cell-phone lite up on the night stand. The blonde flipping the phone open, "Hello?" Soon the sound of a loud voice filled his ears, his brother Lionel on the other end. "Is dad still making you go to that looney camp? Can't you just come stay with me, and we pretend you went?"

"You know as well as I do he wants me to go. He already has plans to call the church to make sure I pray the gay away. He doesn't want any more disappointments in this family you know. He's already not happy with your life choices, worse off with our cousins." The sound of a long heavy sigh filled the other end of the phone, before his brothers deep voice came into the receiver again. "I chose to become an writer and live my life like this. I don't care how disgraceful he thinks it is, its my choice. Look I got to go bro, but try to have fun alright? Don't be easily persuaded."

With a quick goodbye the line went dead, Harlow snapping his phone shut and putting it into his pocket. The blonde swinging his bag up and over his shoulder as he went into the kitchen snatching up a pop-tart and making his way towards the door where he knew his father was already waiting. The two heading to the car in silence, and the drive was no louder as they approached the church. Harlow slipping out without a word to his father and making his way into the church up to the man at the desk. "Harlow Jones." "Ah Mr. Jones, down the hall into the waiting room. Everyone else is waiting in there."

Making his way down the hall, Harlow takes a deep breath before entering the room. His eyes bolting from person to person, afraid to really speak out to anyone. It seemed true that he was the last one there, which made the entrance a little more unnerving. The blonde mustering up the courage to even speak to the group of people, unsure if anyone would even be listening. "Hello, I'm Harlow."

  .R. / -Ohana / 7y 89d 19h 8m 7s
Ally was less than sure what she was. Going into this while ordeal, she was...scared, apprehensive...and maybe a little bit hopeful. Bur overall, she was confused. And she just wanted that feeling gone. More than anything.

Biting her lip, the petite blonde rolled over in the bed that was as good as hers. Lately, she spent a lot of time here. Which was both a comforting and disheartening fact. Especially when she had to hold a blanket to her body as she escaped the sheets, stark naked. A warm hand caught hers as she exited, but she didn't stop her exit. "You don't have to go, Ally. You can stay here...with me."

The invitation sounded much too...inviting. Frowning, the young girl leaned down to kiss the boy's cheek. "I promised my mother. You know this. I'll.... I'll call you when it's finished." Ally forced a smile, dropped the blanket, and proceeded to dress without another word. She didn't even bother with a goodbye when she left. It would have only made things more awkward.

Contrary to what one might think, what made this ordeal awkward in the first place had nothing to do with what the two had engaged in the night previous. No, that was nearly routine by now. Instead, it all came about when Ally had expressed an interest in becoming 'normal'. Something she had never claimed to have wanted before. Something neither of them knew how to handle exactly. But this was what she was supposed to want so...she was supposed to give it a shot.


Gasping softly, Ally turned sharply towards the kitchen. She involuntarily snapped shut the front door and winced at the echoing sound it made throughout her house. She had been startled in the middle of attempting to sneak back into the house. And, of course, she had been caught. She wasn't quite as stealthy as she would hope to be. "Morning, Daddy," she whispered softly, stepping towards the kitchen and leaning up on tiptoes to kiss her father's cheek.

After a quick look at the stairs, to make sure they were alone still, the man smile warmly and pulled his daughter into a hug. "Go change," he said softly, pain and regret clear in his eyes. "Your mother will want to leave soon."

"Yes, Daddy." It was hard to look up into her father's eyes. Ally quickly tore herself away, doing as she was told. He was right. They were scheduled to leave soon. The church she would call home for a week was a couple hours away and she knew she didn't want to be late. That was about the only thing she knew for sure....

And three hours later, it was still about the only thing that Ally knew right now. Right now as she and her mother sat side-by-side in the car, staring up at the foreign and beautiful church. "Are you nervous, Alek?" the woman beside the young girl asked.

The use of her birth name didn't even phase her anymore. Sure, it stung a little.... But the last year had taught her not to be touched by it. It only made things harder. "No," she muttered with a half, pathetic attempt at a smile. "No, not nervous. Just...unsure."

"I know you can do this, baby girl. Your daddy and I both do."


With a nod, Ally reached behind her and grabbed the backpack sitting so carefully in the backseat. One backpack - it was all the girl had packed. Once her mother had gone through and removed all of her makeup, dresses, pretty tops, hair products, and style mags...she hadn't needed much more than this. "Thanks." Ally sighed softly and exited the car, her footsteps much heavier than normal. "See you in a week...."

"Call when you can!"

Again, Ally gave a nod. And then she was alone. All alone and feeling more lost than ever. Why was she so sure this would make her feel less lost?

"Hello, young man." All that Ally could muster in reply was a brokenhearted keening sound. "Can I get your name? I have to take roll."

For a moment, she wasn't sure how to answer the man at the door. The man who was most likely the lead priest on this operation. Did she give her birth name? Or the name she had adopted since four-years-old? What was her name? His name...? "Um...Alek Syphe," the blonde choked out and looked down at her toes. Her poor toes that were squished into lifeless trainers.

"Right. There you are." The man grinned at Ally a moment, but sensing her unease, moved on quickly. "Everyone else is down that hallway, okay? Why don't you join them while we wait for the last few to arrive? Then we can figure out rooms and things."

Sighing heavily through her nose, Ally did as she was told. She took the long stroll down the hall and to the intended room. The room already filled with people she didn't know. She hung her head immediately, sheepishly sitting in an unoccupied section and keeping to herself. Being the complete opposite of her usually bubbly self. Why? Because that was what she was here for. Right?
  Ally Syphe / JessicaDoom / 7y 104d 6h 59m 43s

Metal music blared loudly as the blonde haired female moved around the room- packing her belongings. Her mother had thought that the chance to 'pray the gay away' would cure her. Rylee was very skeptical that she could change. She had been this way for a while so who was her mother to change her? This priest would be no different. If you put several gay teenagers together, you were bound to have problems from the start.

“Ryan Greyson!!”

The sound of that name made the blue eyed girl wince noticeably. She absolutely hated that name. And it was her own name- her legal name. Rylee stood, going to the door of her room, adjusted the sound of the volume, and went downstairs to see her mother standing there as if she was waiting for her. “I thought I told you never to call me Ryan,” she hissed angrily. Her mother hated the fact that her son was transgendered. She begged Rylee constantly to cut the blonde hair that now hung down in one long braid over one of her bare shoulders. Or that he should stop wearing skirts and dresses because he was a male child, and those things were only for females.

“Your name is Ryan. That's what I named you. That's what I am going to call you as long as you live in this house!”

Blue orbs narrowed at that spiteful comment. Anger boiled inside of her, and the words she wanted desperately to say almost didn't find those perfectly glossed lips. Words as spiteful as the ones that her mother had just uttered to her. “Well, it's a damn good thing I'm leaving to go to this stupid church, isn't it? You're so damn convinced that this will change me, and I'm almost sure that it won't. Just give me the money you promised me, and I'll gladly leave; you won't have to deal with your dysfunctional son anymore.” The girl practically spat the words in her mother's face. It was probably the first time that Rylee had referred to herself as male in years. The woman pulled out a small wallet, and handed over a wad of cash which Rylee snatched from her, and all but ran back up the steps to gather the rest of her belongings.

With one suitcase in tow, Rylee marched down the steps, stood at the front door, turned to her mother and stared her over. The scowl on the woman's face was obvious. Teenagers were never easy to deal with, and he knew that dealing with a Transgendered teenager was even harder. “Good bye and good riddance.” Was all that she could think to say as she continued out of the house- giving the door a good slam behind her. She threw the suitcase in the trunk of her car, and set out for the church that unfortunately for her, wasn't far enough away.

With pessimism in the transgendered teen's thoughts, she carried her suitcase up to the front of the church where a priest was waiting for him on the front step of the building. “You must be Ryan. Your mother does a lot of talking about you,” The man said- bringing a scowl to to blonde teen's face. No, he was not Ryan, she was Rylee and his life was fine until now. “It's Rylee, if you please,” She attempted to keep the hateful tone from that alto voice, but ultimately failed- bringing a hearty laugh from the man standing in front of the door. “Right, Please go inside and introduce yourself.” When he was allowed inside, the teen found the meeting room where the others were gathering. Rylee suddenly felt very out of place. Sure, they were all the same here; they were all gay and all had their problems, but he had more problems than just being gay. He gave a small sigh as well as a smile. “Hello, I'm Rylee,”

Well, this was certainly a start to make an awkward situation much less so.

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Home was where the heart was, but all of Alex's life his heart always seemed to slosh around not sure of what it really wanted. Maybe that was why when Alex got his license he didn't drive home he drove to a small garden and just laid there for an hour or two.

Today he found himself doing the same, only there was someone beside him. His friend Marie, the one that stuck closes to him despite knowing of what he was. At the moment they were just eating and resting.

"Eh Alex you gotta tell me what it is like!" She said smiling, "And if anybody does anything wrong to you just tell me and I'll woop their tell, okay?" She told him her smile growing more sinister by the second.

"Marie stop, nobody will do anything okay? I can take care of myself just fine." Alex said pouting, Marie just burst out laughing. After a few seconds passed Marie calmed down and got a serious look on here face.

"But really Alex, I just want you to have a good time. You don't have to change, I like you and if one person does then hopefully that can be enough." She had looked down the blush evident on here cheeks. Alex smiled sheepishly, he knew Marie had a crush on him, but he just couldn't return her feelings.

Looking down at his watch he saw the time and decided he needed to go. "Marie I have to go.... I'm sorry." He told her, he was sorry for everything. Marie just let a small sad smile spread across her lips as she hugged him, "It's fine Asian. I guess I will see you in a week." She let go.

Alex let his own sad smile cross his lips as he climbed into his car. The ride there was long when you have so much on your mind. Yet when he parked he couldn't help thinking that nothing was complete.

Sighing he knocked on the door, the door swung open and a bright smiling face came forth. "Hello and welcome, there are others here, but first I must know your name." The guy that Alex guessed was the priest said. "Oh um... Alex is my name." He said awkwardly, as the priest let him through. Stepping through Alex looked at all the small fragments off glass that were made to complete one big picture.

'... I hope I'm like that too and this is just a small piece to a bigger picture for me too.' He thought as he placed his things down next to the other bags and made his way to the room the other occupants were in, he could still hear the blabber of the priest but his heart beat covered almost every sound right now.

Looking at the others he sat down, hands in his lap as he waited for the others to come.
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'Goddammit Pierce! We finally have a break from the hell-hole that they call school and you're going to be at church? What happened to the plans?' Lara whined, dramatically throwing her hands up.

'Do you think that I want to be anywhere near,' He paused, taking a long drag from the cancerous stick between his fingers before continuing. 'the homos-in-denial support group? Or even a church? The dammed thing might burn down when I walk in.'

'Point taken, when it does, take pictures.'

After each of the friends finished off their cigarettes, they said their goodbyes. Lara taking an extra minute or two to jab her finger through Pierce's floppy lobes. Eventually, she grew tired of it, gave her friend a long hug, and departed.

'ANDREW!' What a pleasant way to be awoken. 'ANDREWW!' The shrill woman's voice repeated his name until he dragged himself from his perfectly comfortable bed and to the kitchen. 'You called?'

'With ears that damaged I'm surprised you heard me,' The red haired woman teased, placing a rather tall glass filled with a peculiar green liquid on the counter in front of him. 'And what the fuck is this?' Before the young man even had time to regret his slip up, he felt a hand to the side of his head. 'You watch your mouth.' His mother waved a manicured nail towards him, making clicking noises with her tongue.

'But to answer your question, it's um-' She actually had to take a moment to consider what it was had been put into the juice. 'I don't remember actually. Your father and I are going on a juice fast for the next week. And you get to be my guinea pig.' The middle-aged woman gave a sort of hand motion and an encouraging smile. 'Well, go on.'

He was taking no chances.

With a shake of his head, he backed away from the counter and served himself left-over pizza for breakfast. 'No offencesh mawm,' he paused, swallowing a mouth full of pizza. Yum. 'You aren't the best cook. In fact, last week I'm pretty sure you burnt cereal.'

Pierce wasted a good hour or so teasing his mother and regretfully testing her odd combinations of juiced vegetables. Until he decided it was probably the time to leave for the church.

He put little effort into his appearance. After throwing on a beanie, cut-offs, and a band shirt that smelled alright, he called himself ready.

Pierce's mother gave a teary-eyed goodbye. Wishing him luck and hoping that this therapy type thing would help him. This he doubted, very harshly.

Walter, Pierce's father, drove him to the church in almost complete silence. Though, quite randomly during their drive, he spit out an 'I love you'. Walter was not an affectionate man and he was unable to understand what it was his son was going through and had knew of no other way to try and help him besides through God.

Hesitantly, Pierce returned with an 'I love you too' as his father stopped the car. And that was it. No eye contact, no motion for a hug. Pierce uttered a 'bye,' but wasn't sure if his father had noticed nor did he care to repeat himself.

With a duffle bag slung over his shoulder, he found his way in.

Upon entering, he was greeted by the man whom he assumed run this program, the priest. The man introduced himself, asked for his name, then pointed him off towards a room occupied by two young girls. He simply responded with Pierce, the man gave him a strange look, but accepted it.

After his awkward confrontation with the priest, he found his way to the waiting-area-like room. He threw his shit aside, sitting crosslegged on the floor, and greeting the others with a sort of half smirk.

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"But I don't want to go."

Dark eyelashes touched her cheeks as she closed her eyes, the dread of her situation dawning on her at last. All week, she had laughed about it as if it were nothing, but now that her bags were in the car and she was finally on the brink of departure, she was having second thoughts. Or, scratch that - these weren't second thoughts. They were the first thoughts she'd had that had gotten blurred over a little span of time.

Mattie Roux, that was her name. She was happy being that person; every single aspect of her was perfect, even her flaws, her face, her sexuality. Most importantly that.

"Baby, you don't have a choice. You have to go. You believe in God, don't you?"

Mattie stared up at the older woman, her mother, trying to preach to her and make everything right. It wasn't working.

"You believe in God. Doesn't what you read say that every person is perfect and unique?"

Mattie was led out of her parents' home and to her car, where her bags had already been packed up by her father. Even the engine was running by then.

"Sweetie, you know how it is. It was Adam and Eve, not Eve and Eva."

Those were the woman's parting words to her daughter. Mattie was wisked off then, forced to leave after her mother had turned away and not looked back.

All she could think while driving was that they were always messing everything up. Mattie wasn't entitled to happiness like they were because of the gender she liked. So what about it? Had being defined as homosexual ever killed anyone? Was she so wrong and unnatural that the man everyone loved, God, not take her into heaven?

If that was the case, she'd rather be in hell. Sexuality was no reason to condemn her.

But they wondered why she couldn't keep a stable relationship. Every time she tried to introduce someone, they acted like complete fools with no home training or manners! What was she supposed to do?

Mattie turned the radio on to ease her mind. She was really stressing herself out. Sure, she was going to have to go to the church and sit with the other homos in denial , nothing about her was going to change. Not her sexuality, not her attitude, and not her outlook.

Sadly, the drive wasn't too long. The brunette was pulling up a lot faster than she would have liked. It didn't seem like any other cars were there - was she the only actual idiot to sign up for something so dumb?

Gee, it was starting to look like it.

Mattie glowered for quite a while, hitting her steering wheel over and over before finally snatching her keys out of the ignition and slamming the door as she exited the car. The female took her bag out of the trunk and began what seemed the walk of a lifetime up the parking lot to the steps of the church.

She paused just outside the door, suddenly terrified, and not wanting to go in at all. The priest was going to judge her even more than her parents and tell her she was a failure and a mistake. She could almost already hear his voice - among many others, of course.

Mattie was just letting out a bated breath as the great doors swung open out of nowhere and suddenly, there was the priest before her, smiling much too warmly for her taste.

"Hello!" he greeted, shaking her hand up and down and looking her over as if in admiration. "I assume you're hear for the week-long program?"

Mattie was not in a good mood. "You could just plainly say I'm here to get rid of the 'homosexual disease'." She rolled her eyes. "No need to sugarcoat anything. I know what I came here to do."

The man's smile did not waver for a second. He was unaffected by Mattie's hostility. He didn't look to old - maybe he was new at being a priest or something? It didn't seem unlikely. He was far out of her age range, but still young, somehow. Maybe thirty or fourty.

"Can I ask your name, miss?"

Mattie was snapped back to reality, flinching a little at his words. She'd begun to slip into space. "It's Mattie. Mattie Roux."

"Thank you, Mattie, for attending like you were supposed to." He smiled again. "If you can just take your bags to that back room over there, that would be fantastic. I'm sure the other will be here soon."

Mattie almost choked. "Others? You mean more?"

He nodded solemnly. "You didn't think you were alone, did you? The room's that way. Your personal rooms will be shown to you later. I just think introductions are in order before picking a roommate."

Mattie let that sink into her head as she walked back, past the pews, stained glass windows and the Cross and tapestries, to a system of rooms she'd never known churches could possibly have. The first room she came to seemed big enough to maybe be a living room with a two hallways branching off east and west. She suspected other rooms to be on either side of them.

How conventional.

Mattie dropped her bag, taking in the scenery. It looked like a funky little room, nice wallpaper, paintings, carpet, couches, retro shairs, bean bags, and so on. It was like it had been decorated by a teenager. Mattie suspected no middle-aged man could come up with something like that.

Sighing, the brunette sat. And she waited.

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