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The rest of the day, or had it been night passed almost like clockwork. It was hard for the young woman to get her head around anything that happened after seeing her old friend again. Because when she got back home, her parents near cornered her, asking if she had seen Azrael and what had happened and 'blah, blah, blah'. So she got stuck in spending time in telling them and once she had, the girl went directly up to her room and found herself somehow falling asleep once she lay on her bed.
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A small laugh did escape her lips as he poured a drink for her. Something made the young woman know that he was right about the alcohol being needed and it going to become a "close friend". Her eyes then went to the drink as she lightly shook the glass, watching the liquid move back and forth. "Thanks..I'm sure it will be.." She said and then once more looked up at him as he took his seat and took a sip from the drink that he had in hand.
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How long have we truly been trapped in this place? Even if it seems to be only years, a short time to most of us because of the 'creatures' and 'beasts' that we are..or at least that is how the humans see it.. It feels like an eternity. Everyday, the memories of having once been free to roam and do as we please. The chance to run wild. The chance to play in the rivers and the streams. All of it, another lifetime ago now.. But all of it I still miss. I wish it could be like the days before we were found out about. The days before all elders went to the humans and agreed to this.. And I sure as hell wish it was before the days that my mother and father had been captured and killed right before me. The only reason I hadn't been was I was only a child of about eight and they thought putting me in this place would be good for me.. Thought having me hear would tame me... And it has.. But, I can never forget what they made me lose. The young woman thought, slender white gloved fingers running over the cool stained glass window.

Aubrey slowly shook her head and looked around the room, eyes being drawn to the clock. It was nearing the time where all, well most would be awake and out. It was nearing the time when Malus Tullius, 'Prison of Evil' would come to life. A soft smile traced her lips and she shook her head. It was always amusing to hear or think of the name of their 'home' and know what it meant. Always slightly funny to see how different all the 'creatures' were and how none of them, well very few actually suited the name given to the community. But she knew that thinking about that might actually cause her to switch between wolf and human, as whenever she did for long amounts of time her emotions would run wild. And when her emotions did, she didn't have any control over her change. She didn't even have control over what she did and if she hurt anyone. And that there was what scared her.

No.. you can't think about that. Not now. Tonight you work, and you don't need to be all down and depressed. The El Dorado Bar is meant to be a 'happy' and 'fun' place for everyone to drink and just have some freedom. To dance and to be silly. At least that is what happens when the night gets later and more and more decide to come out before the dawn. And with that, she pulled brown tinted gold eyes away from the window, taking a few breaths to calm her nerves, fears, and even her anger. When she knew that she was more calm, the young woman turned to the window she had been looking out to see her eyes were just the natural chocolate brown colour that made her seem to look almost 'puppyish' to the others. And though she hated being called puppy, it did grow on her and it was a look to her eyes that she liked.
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Intro for New Blood

Brown eyes stared out the glass balcony door in attempts to ignore the rules and regulations that he had heard time and time again. If he had heard them once, Grayson felt as if he had heard them a thousand times. And quite frankly, he was tired of hearing his "father's" voice droning on and on about responsibility and family honour. Oh yes and the last thing of not letting New Orleans fall to ruins while the adults were away on a well "deserved" trip.

Damn it, Grayson, look at me when I am speaking to you! This is not to be taken lightly or as a joke. We are trusting you and Lori to take care of our home while we are away. I do NOT was to come back to New Orleans and find that it has been burnt down in flames or destroyed by some sort of nuclear explosion. Show me for once that you can 'behave' yourself. And do NOT make me regret this." Klaus said, eyes on the young man who had by now torn his gaze away from the glass door enough to at least gaze in his direction.

"Father, have we given you any reason not to trust us? Yes, Lori and I have been known to cause trouble, but New Orleans is our home. We've no reason to run it into the ground. And we've no intents on soiling your 'good' name. So do try and have some faith in us." The young man of eighteen muttered, the slightest of smirks tracing his lips as he knew very well that he was trying his "father's" patience.

"Grayson, how many times have I told you not to try and provoke your 'father's' temper? And Klaus, how many times have I told you that you need to learn patience?" Caroline said as she walked into the room, crimped blonde hair bouncing in soft waves down her back and perfectly manicured nails now clenched into fists and resting on her hips as bright blue eyes went back and forth between her 'son' and husband. The woman loved them both dearly, but it was times like these which 'exhausted' her. Granted, they weren't as bad as Klaus and Klarissa, but they were still bad just the same.

The lectures had been a month ago, and now it was the morning that their parents would be leaving them. It was the morning where New Orleans would be under his and Lori's 'eye' until such time as the 'king' and his 'queen' returned from their trip. But the thing with him was, the sun was just barely up and so he didn't want to be up himself. Grayson could hear the soft padding of feet running off down the stairs and knew that Lori was up and off to finish some last minute details. She had not told him what, but had told him that she would be out in the morning and if worse had come to worse to distract their father from noticing that she had slipped off.

He had been about to try and fall back into sleep, but that was when he heard a swishing sound from the hallway and soon felt himself being gently shaken. Of course he knew that it was his mother from how gentle it was. "You might as well be getting up now and at least getting ready. We will be leaving in a couple of hours or so and would at least like you and the others up so that you can hear one more time the rules and everything that we expect to be the case while we are gone. And do remember, no back sassing your father, though I know you don't exactly agree with his methods." The woman said as she gave him a small smile before she was soon gone, going to wake Klarissa, or something. He didn't much care what, but knew now that there was absolutely no way he could get back to sleep even if he had wanted to do so.
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He remembered like it was yesterday. The light of the woods and the blonde walking and looking for someone. Well one of her friends who had been dead up until the recent time. He remembered clearly those bright blue eyes falling on him as he had flashed before her, looking down at her. He had asked her if she were curious as to why he had come out there, but she had flashed away, but he already knew that she knew that he would follow her. It wasn't the first, nor had it been the last that the two had done this. A sigh escaped the man as he had managed to once more flash before her, and then a slight smirk formed over his lips. "Damon told me that Katerina Petrova's state has taken a turn for the worse and so I had come to see about that for myself." The man said, eyes on her, listening to his words about the woman who had made his life and the others lives hell for quite sometime. "If not her, then how about we talk about Tyler?" He asked, watching her expression and seeing the look that flew into them. And at the mere look, something in him stirred and he couldn't bring himself to truly mess with her on the topic. "No, I didn't kill him, love. I just merely sent the little wolf away with more then a bruised ego. The lad truly does hate me. Poor boy consumed by his hate and want of revenge. I heard that you and he broke up." The man said, eyes once more going back to her face and studying her lovely features.

For a few moments, the man was silent and let her speak. Let her tell him why the two had broken up. After a moment and quick calculations, Klaus nodded. "Would you do the same for me?" He whispered, eyes on hers. A sigh escaped his lips and then he spoke once more, telling her what he had meant. "If I gave up on wanting to make Katerina miserable...would you give me the same choice that you had given to Tyler?" The hybrid asked, his voice quiet as he spoke the words. As soon as he had asked, Caroline had tried to dodge him as he knew that she would. A chuckle escaped his lips and he shook his head. "Your friend is already safe, and I am sure quite happy with his rescuer." He said. He was not going to let her out of this. Not so easily. "Yes, I do, but love for you I won't. I will give up wanting my revenge on the Petrova woman. But, in return, I do ask that you give me a confession Caroline. I ask that you tell me your true feelings. If you do that, then I will walk away. I will walk away and never return and you will never have to lay eyes on me again. I will not come back here. All you have to do is be completely honest with me about how you feel." The man said not taking his eyes from her.

When she spoke her words to his request, Klaus froze. The pain he had felt from her words had really hurt, though he tried not to show her just how much. "Just tell me.. and then I will be gone. Never shall you see me again." The man said, as she walked closer to him, kissing him and whispering 'Good'. Against his lips.

The man shook his head and pulled his brown eyes from the window. He had been watching as the sun slowly set and his mind had seemed to go with it. The man almost couldn't believe it had been fifty years since that day in the forest. But then, it wasn't like he had had much time to think on it either. He had taken his daughter, Arabella in to live with him and had become very protective of her. It didn't help that as she grew she became more and more rebellious.

"And just where do you think you are going, love?" He asked and flashed before his daughter. Brown eyes looked down at her as her hands went to her hips. This was normal and had become normal over the years since her mother had died. And it was also why he waited until the girl was asleep before he let himself remember his time in Mystic Falls. And remember that one special last time with Caroline. "Answer me, or you won't be going anywhere but your room." He said, a glint coming to his eyes which meant he was serious and didn't want his patience to be tried.

"I was going to go out with some friends. Don't worry.. I will be back before eleven this time, 'Scouts Honour'." Arabella said, eyes on her father. He was always overbearing and that was why she did the things that she did. It was when he nodded to her did the young woman turn on her heel and run down the stairs, black heeled boots clicking on the old stones as she ran out the front door, passing a blonde on her way out. She was already late enough so didn't pay her any mind as she ran out the gates and hopped into a black sports car that had been waiting a little ways away.

Nik shook his head as he watched the girl go. Heaven knew that he could be overbearing, but that was only because he loved family and they meant everything to him. And it was as he was about to retire back to one of the chairs in the room before the fire to read did he heard a voice. Not just any voice but her voice. At first, Klaus had thought he was imagining things, but as he heard it again and again calling to him, he knew he wasn't.

Instantly, the man was up and flashed the the courtyard where already she seemed to be retreating back to the car that she had acquired. "There was no need to shout love. I could hear you no problem." And with that, Klaus was standing before her, brown eyes meeting the same bright blue he remembered from fifty years ago.

May 26 7:30pm

Brown eyes fell on the bus that she had decided it would be fun to be taking to tour New Orleans. She had lived there as a child for maybe the first five years, but when she had been nearing her sixth birthday, her mother and father thought it would be a good idea to move her, her slightly older brother, and themselves to England because it would be safer. At the time, the young woman hadn't known anything about her family or their secrets. She had been only a child, wanting simple things. Wanting to grow up, find her dream job, find a house she liked, get married, and just have kids. Yeah, she had been young, but those had been the things she had wanted. She hadn't known what was to come.

The young woman shook her head as she slowly walked up the steps of the bus and took a seat towards the back. A shiver ran through her and for a moment, Jamie didn't know why that was at first, but then her eyes landed on the man who was meant to be their guide. The moment brown eyes fell on him, the young woman with the short, almost pixie-like cut could tell that he wasn't human. In fact, the wolf in her could sense the wolf in him. She had not been around many others who happened to be wolves and so, it was a real 'treat' for her. And so, the young woman leaned back in her seat, arms crossed and one leg over the other as she listened to the words he spoke, telling them about the history about New Orleans.

After a couple of hours, the bus slowed and stopped. The man, Ian she guessed he had told them his name was at the beginning of the tour was the first off and was helping the elderly and children off the bus. It was when he had taken her hand did she feel a shock and stiffen herself as her eyes met his for the briefest of moments. "I did enjoy the information.. You do seem very well informed." She whispered through her English accent as soon she was gone, going towards the shadows. Without knowing why, Jamie's curiosity was on overdrive.

So she continued to watch the man from the shadows until the last of the passengers were off the bus and he began to walk. Once he was on the move, Jamie pushed herself off the wall that she had been leaning against and followed after him. Mentally, everything was telling her this was a bad idea. Something was telling her that she could get hurt, but her body was overriding her mind and was not listening. Though he brain was screaming to stop, her body kept going. Kept following after the man until coming to a bar that was about a block away from from they had been dropped off by the bus.

For a moment, the young woman stood still, watching as the young woman walked out. It was once the young woman had walked out and she saw the glowing 'OPEN' sign become dark did she slip in, watching the man from the shadows. As soon as he spoke, the girl cringed. She hated the name he was already calling her. "I can take care of myself thanks. And my name isn't 'Little Wolf'. It's Jamie." She nearly hissed as she slipped out of the shadows, hands on hips as she looked at the man.
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Scarlet had tried her best to pay attention to the details spoken to the small group once the introductions had been made, but it was hard for the young Mediwitch. Her mind continued to go to all those who had been hurt and she couldn't help but wonder how many would end up hurt if the small group couldn't do what it was that they were meant to be doing. But she knew that she had to toss those thoughts to the wind. Knew that if some of them weren't sure now that very little or nothing would be accomplished.

When the 'ancient' witch and wizard had finally dismissed the small group and told them where they would be staying, Scarlet did stay seated for a moment, watching the others go. The youngest of the group studied the others and she couldn't help the soft sight that happened to escape soft pink lips. From the looks of things... I don't think it looks like any of us really have anything in common.. But.. I do think some of us might be able to break past that... And we might even get to know one another... I don't know who would be easiest for me to talk to... Or to try and get to know.. Though I can seem a little chipper and friendly... I am a bit shy too.. But I can get on with others well enough.. The young woman thought as she slowly stood, getting a sharp glance from Tabitha, telling her that she needed to get going.

An apologetic smile traced her lips before she soon disappeared and soon appeared in a dark shadowed area near the little brown London home that they would be staying in. Blue-green eyes studied the small, yet pleasant looking little home and for a moment, Scarlet did feel a pang of being homesick. It did remind her a lot of home, aside from the creepy little gnome and the fact that the house was brown. But the structure and some of the flowers going up the pathway seemed almost familiar to her. So, a faint smile traced her lips and the young woman slowly walked into the house, her bag still over her shoulder and went to the room where either she would be on her own, or sharing with one of the other young women.

What will the outcome of this be? She wondered as she slowly sat on one of the bed and looked out the window, watching as muggles seemed to walk past the small home, a sigh escaping her lips as she did hope that they would be able to help as they were more her kind than witches and wizards as she had been muggleborn.

The blonde male gave the other a faint smile of his own, letting him know that he had not meant his words to be rude and had only meant that he didn't really care one way or the other. He was also in his own way telling the other male that though he seemed like he could be a tad unobservant it was just his way of taking things easy and just watching who and what was around him. Taking everything in without others knowing that was what he was doing.

And now that he did think about it, the man did kind of see the sense in how the other male felt. The Russian male, Aronoff though he had not been rude did have the slightest edge about him. An edge that he wasn't exactly sure about and so if he were going to play it safe, David almost did believe Dominic to actually be the better choice if he were to room with one of the others and to even possibly make friends. But it wasn't like he was going to admit to feeling nearly the same way. Why should he?

"I can kind of see your point.. Sometimes it is nice to get away from what is familiar to you and to just explore.. To meet others with a new personality of sorts." The blonde male said quietly as somehow, Dominic's words had made him think of his two younger sisters that he helped his mother look after. He knew that they had been against his leaving as even with him telling them it was only a vacation of sorts, the two girls had been convinced that it was something more. A sigh escaped him and he shook his head slowly, trying not to think about his mother and sisters as he knew that it would in some case end up a distraction for him and being in the little group that he was in now it was the last thing he needed.

"I think sharing a room with would be nice." He said slowly as he put his own bag which was a bottomless pit with everything he would need in it on the bed.
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Selena gave Sabrina a slight smile as she slowly took the seat across from the other girl. She knew that the other liked it much better when there were more of their friends around, and so did she if she was to be honest. Slowly the girl took her mouse out of her pocket and let it crawl around in her lap.

"My summer was okay... Mom didn't really let me study magic because of dad... So I had to spend the summer acting normal, which we know is something that I'm not." The girl said with a small smile and then looked to the other. "How about you? How was your summer?" She asked, head canting as her little mouse gave her a small nip.

Lena bit on her lip, twitching a little in her seat. Her eyes went to the glass window and she could make out Angel and could see that the other girl seemed to be hurrying off. Her eyes then went back to Sabrina. "Should we go and check on her?" She asked slowly as she stood, waiting for the other girl as she knew Angel's temper and quite frankly if the other girl was in a mood didn't want to be found alone with her.

Risa shook her head slowly when the other girl had mentioned Keith. She knew that she had a huge crush on the boy and couldn't help a giggle when she had mentioned what a klutz she had been in front of the cart. "Silly, you should know to watch your step, especially when on the train and things like that can be seen by certain crushes." Risa teased, giving her friend a smile.

Before she could use her long golden blonde hair as a curtain to her cheeks, Mireya had already seen her blush and was teasing her about it. Slowly she nodded, biting on her lip. "Yes... I saw Morgan..and he's even cuter now than he was!" She squeaked and blushed more.

She had almost had a crush on the boy since she had first seen him. And over the last few years, though he was a major jerk, Risa's crush had only become more intensified. Even she didn't understand it and gave up trying to explain why she had a crush on Mireya's brother.

"Umm...honestly.. I don't know why I can't crush on the others... For some reason...there is just something about your brother that interests me... It's kind of like you and Keith..." She said and gave a mock look of horror when the other girl had teased her about hexing her if she ever thought to crush on Keith. The truth was...though Keith was cute, Ris liked bad boys.

Jake gave Nicole a light smile as she seemed to try and reassure him about things with Angel. It seemed that by now, everyone knew that the two were in some sort of fight. And most wondered why the two stayed together. Hell, sometimes he even wondered, but the boy knew that he loved her.

His eyes were on the girl as she spoke and a light smile crossed his lips. "Well, it sounds like you at least had some fun..." He said slowly to the girl and then looked to Keith, head canting slowly. Jake then smiled when he heard what the other boy had done and gave a slight smirk. "You like being 'normal?' To me that doesn't sound like too much fun...But then does sound like a lot less trouble too." He said, giving the other boy a smile.

He then sighed as brother and sister both asked him what he had done during the summer. It had started out okay for the most part. Angel and he had been turning out and then like always, something happened and they got into another fight. But he didn't really feel like talking about it. "It was okay for the most part I guess... A lot more interesting since I can actually use my magic outside of school...And I can hold things over Ris' head." But that was all that he said.

Lance gave a small smile to both Angel and Connor as the two had said that he could join them. He was a little timid, but at the same time, the boy knew that the two were harmless. Well for the most part. "Cool, thanks..." He said and walked in, taking a seat.

As Angel happened to leave them, Lance's eyes went after the girl for a moment, wondering what was wrong, though she was trying to hide it. He decided things like that were best not to ask about and so didn't. He then looked over to the door again as Matthew asked to sit as well and nodded, meaning there was more than enough room.

He then turned his attention back to Connor for a moment. " was boring and I have to admit that I am happy school is back.. Though I do wonder what this year has in store... What about the two of you?" He asked, head tilting as he now turned the question to the other two boys as Angel still had not come back.
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Blue eyes stared out the window, out over the yard of the old manor. A small hand reached up and touch the cold glass which sent chills through the young woman. Her eyes seemed to be glazed over as she looked to the lawn and the old swing that was tied to the branch of the tree in the farthest corner of the yard and tears began to well in dull blue eyes.

She didn't mean to do this. Didn't mean to become so emotional and so detached at the same time, but yet it happened. And here she sat, letting herself wallow in self-pity. Wallow in pain that she knew would always be there but would dull with time. But still, it couldn't be helped. She missed her father and wanted him back. After all, most her life she hadn't gotten to be with him. And now he was gone to her forever. Just that thought killed the young woman.

Dad was taken from us a couple of years ago.. And for what? All because of a promise that he had made.. I can understand promises...but sometimes, when they bring about your end... Kill you like this, are they worth it? The young woman thought, just imagining herself as a small child on the swing and having her father push her, though it had never been the case. Just a dream she had had over and over again since she had been a little girl.

For her's and her brother's life had never been easy. The two had lived with their grandmother who thought their father a traitor and would have loved had he never met James Potter or Lily. She had never liked muggle borns or anything that was not pure... It disgraced the family name as far as the woman had been concerned. And since Pixie and her brother were the children of Sirius, the woman had taken an instant disliking to them as well. She only kept brother and sister so that way they would remain in the family. That way they would not be taken and happen to be in an orphanage.

Both the children had never known their mother. The woman died the same night that Lily and James had. All of it had nearly killed her father as he lost his best friends and wife. And then he had ended up in prison for a crime he had not even committed.

Slowly, the girl shook her head, trying to get the thoughts out of her head. And as she pulled herself from her thoughts, her eyes filled with life again and were no longer glazed. All of what she had been thinking about was from the pain that she kept pinned up inside that she never let anyone in on. Not even her own brother.

It wasn't long after she had pulled herself from her thoughts did she feel pressure in her lap and squeaked. She then giggled softly as she looked down and there in her lap was a chubby tuxedo kitten, whom she named Socks because of his white paws. "You definitely gave me a scare Socks. You know not to do that to mommy when she's been in her thoughts and is still not fully back." She whispered, stroking the kitten's head affectionately.

Her eyes went around the room as it was left with the bed made, the papers and quills on the desk organized and the books all in a neat pile. All the clothing she had left about the room were all picked up and gone and even her cds, pads, colored pencils, and stuffed animals had been rearranged. A soft hiss escaped her lips as she knew the elf had been cleaning again against her wishes. She had told him again and again to stay the hell out of her room that she liked it how she liked it. But no he couldn't do that and it pissed the girl off.

"CREATURE!" The young woman shouted out, a growl in her voice. Yes, Pixie was a sweet girl, but piss her off and there was hell to pay. And the elf, Creature had pissed her off. Cleaning the room when she had been 'daydreaming'.

The elf appeared and looked to the girl. His eyes showed that he knew what was coming and he was sure he didn't like it. For Pixie could be even more cruel than her grandmother and father when she was angered, and now, the girl was angered. "Do you know why I called you in here?" She hissed out, her hand still going through the kitten's soft fur.

"Creature thinks it be because he cleaned Miss Black's room.. But, it had become such a mess, and order was needed." The elf tried, earning him the deadliest of looks and causing him to cringe back from her as the girl's hand wen to her wand which was on her hip.

Her eyes were still ice-cold as she pulled her free hand back from her wand and looked at the house elf. "You very well know what I can do to you. That when I choose the curses they are farm more powerful than grandmother's and father's. So I would watch it elf." She hissed out, venom in her voice. Her eyes remained on the elf and she smirked. "And for punishment, you get to feed Patches. He's been missing his 'chew toy' she said with a smirk, referring to their pet wolf which she and her brother had found over the summer and had been taking care of.

"No, miss Black, not Patches! Last Creature fed Patches, he was scared for weeks." The elf said with a tremor in his voice as the wolf liked no one but Jennifer and Shawn and the select few whom the children liked. But because neither child liked Creature, the wolf didn't and so used him as a 'chew toy'.

"Well you should have thought about that before you decided on cleaning my room against orders." The young woman muttered out and then gave a gesture, telling the elf she was done with him and to go feed the wolf before she fed him to the wolf.

"Sometimes I just don't know what to do with that nasty elf." She whispered, her voice soft as she spoke to the kitten, warm affection back in her voice. She then stood, gently setting Socks on the window seat and then walked over to her closet. She knew the train would be leaving in an hour and so knew that she had to finish packing and get dressed. A smirk crossed her lips as she took her wand out, flicking it and her trunk was soon on the bed, all her clothing, books, and broom filled it perfectly and then it closed, locking itself.

Once 'packed' the girl began to go through her clothing and see what she wanted to change into. She then shrugged as she finally settled on a powder blue top, black skinny jeans, and her leather boots. Quickly she changed into her clothing, brushed her hair, putting it into a messy ponytail and then walked back over to her kitten, picking him up.

"Time to go into your carrier sweetie. We have another exciting year ahead for us." She said softly, putting sucks in his carrier and then getting her trunk and kitten down stairs to wait for her older brother.

"SHAWN HURRY YOUR ASS UP! YOU KNOW WE HAVEN'T LONG BEFORE WE NEED TO GET GOING!!" She shouted, smirking a bit as she closed her eyes, shifting into a big white wolf-like dog and scampering up the stairs and jumped on her brother, licking him and pestering him to get his lazy ass up.

"Urgh! Morning to you too, brat. But did you have to wake me like this? I was having such a nice sleep for once. And only to have it ruined by a pesky younger sister." Wolf muttered as he tried to cover his face from the assault of the warm pink tongue that was on his cheek.

He loved his little sister dearly, but he really did wish she could wake him up in a normal manner. Not become a big 'puppy' and then lick and tug the blankets like she was doing now. Just because the both of them could turn into animals and had not been registered did not mean she had to take advantage of it. He hated the slobber left on him every morning when he overslept.

OVERSLEPT! "Pixie, dear.. what time is it?" He asked as he finally pushed the wolf-like dog off him and turned over to face the blue-green eyes of his sister now back in her human form, a smirk over her lips as she looked up at him, all dressed and innocent-like.

A groan escaped his lips as he looked at her. And from the look in her eyes, Shawn knew that he had really overslept, especially if he had not heard the usual yelling at the damned elf they were stuck with whom they hated and who also hated them. A smirk formed over his lips as he looked to his sister. "So, Patches getting to play with his 'toy'?" He asked, not being able to help the slight laugh that escaped his lips as his sister nodded to him, a devilish gleam in her eyes.

For a moment as he looked down at his sister, a pain shot through him. It hurt him knowing that he and Pixie only had the other left really. Their mother had died the same night as Harry's parents had and their grandmother had taken them in after their father had been arrested. The two had to stick together now more than ever. And what hurt him more was knowing that his sister kept her emotional pain all locked away from everyone, even him. He wished she wouldn't as she wasn't alone. He understood the pain she felt in losing their father nearly right after they had gotten him back.

Slowly, the male shook his head and then gave his sister a pointed look. "Get the hell outta my room now, brat. I have to get dressed, unless you want to see me naked." He said, smirking at his sister and then watching her up and bolting from the room. He couldn't help the laugh that escaped his lips as it got his younger sister every time.

Once his sister was out of his room, Shawn was up and walked over to the dresser. He dug around in his drawers and then finally found his skull tee-shirt, black jeans and his beanie. He quickly got into his clothes and then went to his closet, pulling his leather jacket over his shirt.

After he had dressed, Shawn put his trunk on the bed and then waved his wand, watching everything fly into the trunk. He smirked slightly and then closed his trunk, looking around the room to make sure he had not forgotten anything. And that was when he heard a screech from the window. As he heard it, the boy ran over and opened the window, his pet owl Crow flew in and landed on his shoulder. He pet the owl and smiled a little. "Long time no see, where you been all summer?" He asked as he usually let the bird roam and have fun since he and his sister were often bound to the house.

He then walked over to the bird's cage and opened the door. "In you get. I would let you stay out longer, but we don't have much time. Pix didn't let me know to get my ass up earlier and so we are in a bit of a hurry now." He muttered with a roll of his eyes, closing the cage once the owl was in and looking at his with bright yellow eyes, partially closed, showing that he was happy to be back with his owner.

His eyes were on the owl and he sighed once more. He then walked over to the window and looked out for a moment, touching the cool glass. Dad...why did you have to leave us so soon? You don't know how lost we alone. Pixie is worse off than I am... And yes, I remember my promise to watch her. The boy thought and then shook his head, walking over to his trunk and owl cage, taking both down the stairs to meet his sister.

"CREATURE WE'RE LEAVING NOW! BEHAVE YOURSELF AND WATCH PATCHES!" The boy called out and then took his sister's hand as both apparated(sp) to a dark alley near the train station.

Soon, he walked with his sister through the platform and into the train, both taking an empty compartment.

When they were in the compartment, he watched as his sister sat across from him and seemed to curl into herself. He hated to see her like this, but he knew that he couldn't really help her either. "Pix, think of it this way.. It's a new year of magic and fun. We'll be okay." He whispered softly, moving to sit by her side, gently wrapping an arm around her shoulder as she leaned into him, burying her face in him.
  Jennifer (Pixie) Lily Black / AngelofLove / 5y 264d 13h 38m 26s
Smokey blue eyes looked around and then fell upon the full moon. A sigh escaped his lips as he ran his hand through black hair. It had been fifty long years since he had been back to the small town of Mystic Falls, and he honestly couldn't believe he was back here, but he knew that his brother was as well. No matter how much he and Stefan fought, no matter how much both claimed to hate the other, it seemed that the brothers were always drawn to the same place.

Slowly he shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts of the last time he had been in town. How back then, people had still been slightly fearful of vampires and others creatures. The thought almost amused him, but not quite. If anything, the male had come back to see just why his brother was drawn back to their darling home, and because deep down, he too missed it and wondered what had become of the place where it had all began.

It was as he stood in the moonlight did the vampire male, Damon, notice that there was a young woman walking alone. She seemed rather upset for some reason, and from what he saw, the girl was on her phone and he heard her conversation of how she had been at a party but was not wanting to be there and wanted her family to come get her. And since she was alone, Damon figured there could be no harm in talking to her.

As he got closer, the vampire male stiffened for a moment before he spoke. "You shouldn't be out here all alone. Something bad could happen to you.. And I'm sorry to talk to you so suddenly, but you really do remind me of someone I knew, and I thought that you were her." The vampire said, eyes still on the girl.
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 291d 9h 17m 33s

Finally, another year back at school. It means I can be free and can actually study magic without being in trouble. I know mom wouldn't care if I studied...but my dad hates the fact that I am a witch... That I took after mom and that side of the family. But it was bound to happen.. Too bad it had to be me...the youngest daughter whom he now hates and gives all sorts of crap too just because of being me. The girl thought as she looked out up at the ceiling just waiting for her alarm to go off as she really didn't want to get up yet.

When she finally heard the shrill ringing of her alarm cutting through the still silence of her room. Her blue-green eyes went to the numbers on the clock and she hissed softly as it was about five in the morning. A time she very much detested, but knew she would have to get used to once more if she was going to make it at school. So she did the only thing she knew would be acceptable to her mother and father. She turned the alarm off and got up, getting dressed into a simple black tank top, jean jacket and a black mini skirt. She then got on a pair of long black boots and found the necklace her grandmother had given her three years ago for her birthday.

Once dressed, the young woman took a look around her room. She needed to know that she had everything that she would need for the school year, and so checked her closet, her dresser and even her desk. And when she stopped at her desk, a sad smile traced her lips as she looked at a picture of her grandmother. The woman had been the one to first tell her about magic and everything since her mother had wanted to seem normal for her father and non of her older brothers or sisters seemed to be a witch or wizard like their mother and her side of the family. It seemed to skip them and come to her. I miss you grandma.. The girl thought and soon heard her mother calling her.

"COMING MAMA!!" The girl called and took a hold of the handle to her trunk and also picked up her mouse, Butter. She giggled softly and put the mouse in her jacket pocket. "Be good.." She whispered and soon went down the stairs, smiling to her mother. "Ready." She said and walked with the woman out to the car.

During the drive, Selena and her mother were silent. Though the two didn't talk much, the silence was a nice one. They were able to understand the other without speaking. And when the car finally stopped, Selena bit her lip and looked to her mother. "I'm going to miss you mama." She whispered softly and leaned over and hugged the woman. "I'm going to miss you too, Lena. But remember, you're going to have fun. And please be good. I'll see you when you get home." The woman said and kissed her head.

A small smile came to her lips as she heard her mother's words and she nodded slowly. The girl then got out, grabbed her trunk and walked into the station. She waited for the people to go past and then walked through the barrier, seeing the others already there. Quickly, Selena walked onto the train and found the compartment that Sabrina was in.

When she saw the other, a smile came to her lips. "Mind if Butter and I join you?" She asked the other girl.

Risa had been looking for her friends as she had not really seen any of them. Well..she had seen Angel who had been dating her brother, but as far as she knew, her brother and Angel had once more had one of their famous fights and so were not on good terms. But that didn't mean that she couldn't be friendly towards the other girl. In fact, Risa liked Angel and often wondered why the girl put up with her brother and his shit. The girl loved her brother dearly, but he could be a complete pain.

A sigh escaped her lips as she continued to wander through the compartments and look in. She knew that sooner or later she would stumble across someone, and that was when she turned to see Mireya heading her way. Before she could even say anything, the other girl very nearly tackled her when hugging her.

Risa giggled and hugged the other girl back. A bright smile came to her lips. "I know how you feellll. I've been looking all over for you or one of the others. And are you okay? Your face is REALLY red." The girl asked, her head canting to once side as she looked at her friend. A small twinkle was in her eyes as she had an idea, but wanted to be told what had happened to get her so red.

"Ohhh! I forgot that I got you something. It's in my...." The girl's own cheeks lit up now as she remembered that she had left the friendship bracelet for Mireya in her trunk which was left with Mireya's brother. She bit on her lip and looked down. She liked the boy, but she was timid around him. VERY timid.

Jake's eyes were on the other two in the compartment, a slight smile tracing his lips, but not at all meeting his eyes. He knew that he should have never said those things to Angel or about her, but just seeing her with a new boy.. It had hurt him and because she had been with the new guy, Jake couldn't help letting those words slip out.

Lightly he shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. His eyes first went to Keith and he couldn't help a small chuckle as the boy had said he was looking forward to the year back, but his sister was more into the book and Quidditch if anything. And in a sense, Jake could not blame the girl. It was something that kept friendly competition among the houses, but at the moment he hated the game as it was what had caused all the shit between himself and Angel.

"Actually.. I don't know if I am looking forward to another year or not." The blonde said as he nodded to Nikki and slowly took a seat. "What have the two of you been up to this summer?" He asked, now wanting to know more about them. But more than that, the young man was trying to avoid talking about himself and Angel.

Crystal orbs opened and then went to staring at the clock. And as the bright red numbers only read three in the morning, the young man groaned. He had thought it to be later than that, but that was always the case when the first of the school year came about. For Lance actually loved his school unlike those his age. His school was a place where he could learn to fly, charm things, and even see creatures unknown to those who were non-magic. To him, school was a wild dream come true.

Five more hours...And then you are free. You can go back to your home. Can go back to your friends. And you won't have to think about this hell anymore. The boy thought as he stared up at the pitch black ceiling of the foster home in which he stayed and had been in since he had been five.

As he thought about it, Lance now realized the place he had grown up in was not at all a home. It was merely a place to keep children who had no homes. More like a prison as they were forced to clean and go out and make money to bring back to the house. He was the only one that got away with it because he was 'magic' and they were scared that if they crossed him that he would hex them or something. But in a sense, that didn't bother the young man. It just meant he could do what he wanted.

His eyes slowly drooped and in a few moments, the young man was once more back asleep. His dreams changing into nightmares of the night both his mother and father had been murdered before him. And before he knew it, the boy woke himself screaming, with cold sweat pouring down his face. Just a nightmare... He kept repeating again and again in his head in hopes of calming down.

Once he was most of the way calmed, Lance's eyes went once more to the clock and he could see that three hours had passed. See that it was now six. And since he knew that after that he would not be able to get anymore sleep, the boy tossed his covers from him and walked over to his closet and got into a pair of black skinny jeans, a white shirt, and a jean jacket. He then packed the rest of his stuff and left the house without saying a word. He knew it wouldn't matter as they couldn't care one way or the other about him as it was.

So, the boy walked the long walk to the bus station with his black cat, Smokey and trunk and got on the bus, earning odd looks. A small smile traced his lips. "I'm sorry... Smokey is very old and the last thing I have of my parents.." The boy muttered, not exactly lying. And with a nod from the driver, Lance walked to the back of the bus and sat, petting the cat, his mind drifting.

An hour or so later, the bus pulled up to the bus stop outside the train and Lance got up with his trunk and Smokey and walked off, walking into the station. He was careful to make sure that no one was watching and when he saw his chance, the boy walked into the barrier and began to look for a place to sit. He passed a few people and soon noticed that the only place that seemed not all full was with the ones he believed to be Conor and Angel.

Slowly, the boy opened the compartment door and popped his head in. "Mind if I sit?" He asked slowly, almost prepared to have his head bitten off because of who he had asked.
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Winter's cheeks were slightly pink as she realized that the girl who had just walked in must have seen the tear stains on her cheeks. Softly, the girl bit on her lip and almost waited for something to be said about it. But when nothing came, the small, shy smile came back to her lips and she noticed that the other had returned it. Maybe she and I can get along... at least for now.. The girl thought and then her head canted slowly to the left as she noticed the girl perk and begin to search through the only bag that she had brought in.

The young woman's head stayed canted to the side as all sorts of weird objects began to emerge from the bag. And the longer that the other girl shifted through the bag, the more curious she became. She couldn't help but wonder what the girl was looking for. And by the way things seemed to be going, it seemed that she was mere seconds from sticking her head fully into the bag.

A small smile came to her lips and she couldn't help the soft giggle that escaped her lips. "No, I suppose it's not a party without them. And yes, please.. I would love one." She said softly and slowly took out a red one. Her head canted. "I think it's apple." She said slowly and put it into her mouth. The girl then made a face as it was cinnamon and burnt her mouth. "Cinnamon." She muttered, wincing as she finished it.

The girl thought the other had forgotten about the apparent mood she had bit in and so was a taken a back when asked about it. She bit her lip and looked down. Did she dare tell this girl? Well...she did come in here...and she hasn't run yet.. So...maybe.. The girl thought and slowly looked up.

"I'm just thinking about my mother and little sister.. I'm going to miss them while at school.. And me being the only witch in the family...Well...yeah.. it's kind of a mess at home." She admitted and blushed. She then smiled faintly. "It is so nice to meet you."
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The little girl kicked her small feet back and forth as they dangled off the floor from the chair that she sat in at the kitchen table. Her mother was fixing lunch for her, but Jo couldn't seem to stop fidgeting. She didn't want to eat. She was so excited and just wanted to go to her best friend, Jake's house to play. It had been the only thing the little girl could talk about for the last few days and since now it was only an hour away she could barely contain all the excitement bubbling up inside her.

"Jo, you need to be patient. I know you're excited and can't contain your excitement. But now you need to eat your lunch before it gets cold." The woman scolded the five year old lovingly as she watched her daughter bouncing up and down in the chair before her. It always amused the woman to see her daughter's excitement at the prospect of spending time with her best friend.

"Mommyyy I ate most of ittt, can I pleaseeeee got and get ready?" The little girl chimed, her big brown eyes looking up at the woman and pleading with her. She REALLY didn't want to wait the hour and she was trying to push her mother into taking her to Jake's early. She knew that if she continued with her begging that the woman would crack and take her early. She continued to look up at the woman all cutely and with the pleading look in her eyes.

The woman laughed softly and shook her head. Her daughter was just too cute and she knew what she was up to. But of course, she couldn't tell the girl no when she was like this. She hated to see her sad. "How about you go grab what you want to take with you and then we can go?" She said and couldn't help laughing as Jo squealed, hugged her and ran from the room. That girl is so funny. The woman thought and waited for her daughter to come back down the stairs with her small back pack.

It wasn't long before Jo was back with her small back pack stuffed with toys she hoped to play with while at Jake's house. Her head canted as she took her mother's hand and began to pull on her hand. "Mommyyyy" She whined and soon was being lead by the woman out to the sidewalk and then walked the next block to Jake's house. Soon, they were on the front porch and her mother rang the bell, standing with her daughter, waiting for Jake's mother and Jake to appear. The whole time, little Jo danced anxiously as she couldn't wait to see her friend. Couldn't wait for the fun to begin.
  Jo&Jake / AngelofLove / 5y 338d 8h 31m 38s
"Jacob, you still haven't told me why we're coming out here. Why can't you just tell me, you know I hate surprises." The girl chimed as she walked at his side through the woods and underbrush to the meadow. Her big chocolate brown eyes went to the wolf boy beside her who had not said a word since asking her to the meadow, which was odd as usually he was more talkative and opened with her.

When the two got to the meadow, Jacob gently took her hand. "Nessie, look at me. There is something that I have to tell you." Jacob said as he looked at the girl, hoping that she would be understanding in what he had to say to her. "There is someone else. It seems that another girl is my actual imprint.. Now know this.. this does not mean that I don't love you and want to be your friend, but I can't love you like that." He whispered to her.

At his words, Renesmee gasped and tears filled her eyes. The girl pulled her hand back from him, the tears sliding down her cheeks. "J-J-Jacob, h-h-how c-c-could y-y-you?" The girl cried, snatching her hand away from the wolf, hopping back as he wanted to wrap her in his arms and try to comfort him. The girl was heartbroken and didn't want to see him, or be touched by him.

And before she was thinking about what she was doing, Renesmee bolted from the meadow. Running as fast as she could without giving a glance back. She didn't want to be around the liar and the cheater. It wasn't long before the girl stopped and was soon before her old best friend's house. Her eyes fell on the house and she bit her lip as the two girl has not been around the other in so long. What brought me here? We have not been around the other in the last couple years... The girl thought.

Slowly and cautiously, Renesmee walked forward and up the steps. Her hand gently rested on the door, a sad smile coming to her lips as she remembered all the times she and her friend had had together as young children. Well... I know this is dumb.. but.. I need more than ever.. She thought and knocked, hoping the other girl was home. Hoping that maybe, just maybe they could at least talk for a little bit and hang out.
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"Miss Natalie are you almost ready? You know your father is not a very patient man and he has a lot of work to do. He was reluctant to even agree to see you off on your first day back to Camp Justice." Alfred said to the girl as she stood by the window in the shadows, staring out he assumed over the whole estate which the eighteen year old girl knew quite well. Miss Wayne, are you listening to anything I am saying to you? Or are you simply putting me on ignore?" The older man asked.

A soft almost cat-like growl slipped past soft pink lips as Alfred had resorted to calling her by her last name. The man knew that she hated it when he called her 'Miss Wayne' and even knew that the girl was lucky if she could tolerate her own father. Bright blue-green eyes snapped over to the old man and a glare was in them. "How many times have I told you NEVER to call me that, Alfred? And you know full well I was listening. I just don't see why it matters if I go to this stupid camp or not. It's what SHE, girlfriend number..what seventy-something wishes, not me." She hissed softly as she pulled her gaze away from the man and once more looked out the window to see her father walking the latest bitch out.

The man sighed as now he understood what the girl's bitter attitude was about this time. The girl never seemed to like her father's choice in women, and he could quite understand as he happened to dislike them very much himself. "You know I wouldn't do that unless you truly don't give me any indications that you are listening. So, see you down at the car in, twenty minutes?" He asked now being more gentle towards the girl.

A small, sad smile traced her lips as she slowly looked back to the older man. She had come to really value the man and almost thought of him as a grandfather. He was the one she turned to. The one she talked with when she needed someone to talk to. In a sense, though she wasn't very open, one could call Alfred her best friend. "I'm sorry.. I know you wouldn't. But when I see him with her.. My blood just boils.... And yes.. tell 'father' I will be down in twenty minutes." She said, giving a respectful bow of her head to the elder man as he gave the bow back and left her to finish whatever last minute things she needed to be doing.

Once the man was gone, Natalie walked over to her bed where her half packed suitcase was sitting opened and a smirk played her her lips as she slipped a very costly pearl necklace beneath the rest of the blouses, shirts, jeans, yoga pants, shirts, and everything else she had not packed. She then looked over to her bed and noticed her old black cat. "I'm going to miss you Baby.." She whispered to the cat, petting her softly and smiling when the cat leaned into her hand and purred. A sad smile came to her lips as she realized for the first time how old Baby really was. The cat was fifteen as Natalie had gotten her back when she had been three. "Be good.." She whispered and finally walked over to her desk and collected pens, paper, notebooks, colored pencils, and a few of her favorite books, putting them into a back pack.

Slowly, the girl made one final round of her room to make sure that she had everything and when she knew that she had and her time was almost up, she once more walked over to her old cat and pet her lovingly. "I'll be home after camp..please wait for me.." She whispered softly and leaned down, kissing her head. When she turned, Alfred was there in the doorway. His eyes asking if she wanted help with her bags, but she slowly shook her head. "There isn't a need... besides.. you can't help me on the walk into Camp Justice, so why help me now?" She asked and then grabbed her bags, walking with him down to the shiny black car which her father was already sitting in back of.

"Hand it over now, Natalie." Her father muttered holding out his hand to her as she got in. His eyes were cold as he gazed down at his daughter. "And don't play innocent, it was caught on the cameras in the mansion. Now give me your grandmother's pearl necklace." He said to her before the girl could even say anything.

Her arms crossed over her chest. "How about this. I'll give it to you after camp? That way I know bitch number seventy-something doesn't get her dirty hands on it. She is like all the rest. Snobby and only using you for your money. That woman couldn't give a damn about you or about me. This was her idea after all, sending me back." She muttered,a slight growl to her voice as she looked back up at the man.

"That isn't the point Natalie. I am fully capable of keeping the necklace safe and making sure no one gets it." Bruce said, his own temper clearly rising and showing in his voice now.

A smirk came to the girl's lips as she heard her father's words. "Clearly not.. You couldn't stop my mother when she stole. And you couldn't stop me. So what makes you think this bitch isn't going to get it?" She muttered, her own temper now flared as well as she continued to look up at the man.

When his daughter mentioned her own mother, that was a sore spot and she knew it. "Just give it to me now. I don't want it lost and it means a lot to me." He said, his voice softening as he was now subdued by his daughter's smart mouth.

"I don't think I will. Don't worry I'll still have it by the end of camp. And if the bitch is gone, I'll give it back to you. Simple as that." She muttered, looking away from her father and staring out the window as by now the car started up and Alfred began the drive to the airport where they would be dropping Natalie off and where she would take a private plane the rest of the way.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the car stopped and her eyes turned back to her father. There was a sadness in them. "I just want someone that can love us daddy.. and that was why I took the necklace. I have been watching her and she has been trying to get it at any chance she can. I just wanted to make sure it stayed in the family." She whispered, sounding like a little girl. Before her father could say anything, Natalie hugged him and pulled away. "Bye.." She whispered, opening her door and getting out.

She then looked to Alfred who had gotten her bags out for her. "Have a safe trip Natalie, and do behave yourself. We don't need anymore letters coming back from Camp Justice about different items you have stolen." The man said and she hugged him.

With that, the girl was off and on her own in the private plane. Since there was at least a couple of hours to kill before the plane landed on the old dirt path that led up to the school, the girl pulled out a book and began to read it. As she read, Natalie became lost in the world of the book and the time passed almost like magic because before she knew it, the plane was landed on the dirt path. A sigh escaped her lips and she put her book away and once more grabbed her bags, making the long walk up to the camp.

When she got there, the girl noticed others there already. She looked at each for a moment and then continued on to Gothem Cabin where she put her suitcase under the bed and her backpack on the bed, claiming the bed that she wanted. Once she had gotten her things into the cabin, the girl looked to the clock on the wall and noticed there was still time to kill before dinner and decided that she would explore some. There was no telling what she would find this year and if gave her something to do.
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You are the reason that he lost his life you know. Had you just come with me without crying or trying to fight, your father would still be alive. I would have never had to kill him. But, you wouldn't do it. You wouldn't promise to be a good little girl and do as Master Aro and the others wanted of you. Instead, my darling you chose the hard way. Well, it makes no difference to me. As you can see I honestly don't care. I have learned that humans and their lives are completely and utterly meaningless. Look at it like this all of them are born, they live if you can call what pitiful lives they have living, and then they die. It is all part of the cycle Nevaeh. And all I did was speed up the process on your father. Now..don't make me as you again, will you promise to be a good girl? Or will mother have to kill all your precious little humans to get you to comply with her wishes?

The cold chilling voice of the short, red-eyed vampress rang in her head as she recalled the words that had been said to her back when she had been five. Back when her mother had killed her father right before her eyes. Nevaeh had always hated her mother from what she had been told about the woman by her father, but after she had killed the man whom had raised her, killed the man whom she had absolutely adored that had was taken to a brand new level. The girl after her father had been killed had had no other option. She left the small home that she had known with the huge garden to be with her mother and the Volturi. She worked hard to 'perfect' her gifts and learn to use them, but when she became seven, her obedience ran out. She would fight with her mother and didn't want to be the 'blood-thirsty' demon that all the others were. And that was in turn how she had ended up locked away. Almost completely forgotten about for the last what was it now, five-hundred years?

A cold fist went into the stone wall as her mind was going back through her past. Was going to how she had come to live in the castle and how she had come to be locked up. But not all of it was so bad. Had in not been for being locked away as she had, the young woman would have never met the other three whom she had come to love like sisters. They were a lot like her in the fact that they too had been locked away. They too were wanting to get revenge on their parents and wanting to be free. And with their wishes of such things being so similar, it wasn't hard for her to form a bond with the other girls. Wasn't hard for her to see them as not only friends, but also as sisters.

The girl quickly pulled her fist from the wall as she knew the others hated when she lost her temper and did stupid things like that. They were all half human, but Nevaeh was the one that had a shield which made her appear completely human and when she was using it, she was as fragile as well. And as the moment, that was no exception as after she had punched the wall, the young woman had put her shield up, allowing herself to feel the pain of the impact. Her eyes went to the other three and then she looked down. "I'm sorry.. I couldn't help doing that. I never like hearing mother's words in my head like that.. And I sure as hell don't like to think about the past.. But with us being locked away like this, it gets harder and harder to fight those thoughts. When will we be able to get out of this? When will we be able to actually take over? We have been talking about it for so long... I just want to do it." She muttered, her eyes going to each of the other girls in turn.
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