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Hi :>

Yep. It's Another One Of Those Journals. I Felt The Need To Make One When I Felt the Need To Write About My Life Without Anyone's Criticism Or Public Judgement.

Got A Problem? Well, Lemme Just Tell You This. This Is My Fucking Journal. Not Yours. Don't Like It, Shoot Me A PM. Then I Could Further Explain To You.

Stalk Me If You Like, Ignore Me If You like. Do Whatever You Want. Just Don't Talk About Me Until You Come Face To Face With Me. Love Ya'll. :D <3


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"I'm Baaaaaack." >:D

I haven't posted in this in a long time. And when I say a long time, I mean a looooooong time. But it's okay. I'm still that crazy kinda cute funny smart enthusiastic person that didn't feel like using commas while typing that whole thing as I was 346 days, 20 hours, 51 minutes, and 45 seconds ago. But anyways, My first year in highschool is surprisingly almost over ... and I'm gonna be 16 in like .... 6 months! :D I'm happy, but at the same time I'm not. I Guess I'll Explain It Later, But For Now ... Ciao!♥

  • ღ • / YommiNoms / 6y 89d 2h 6m 50s
"Well Shit."

-Sigh- ..... Today Was Really Like A Roller Coaster. First Off, I Stayed Up A Bit Late And Was Tired As Hell This Morning ... But Thank God I Didn't Fall Asleep During My Test. Every time I Lay My Head Down, It's Like A Pair Of Eyes Are Staring Through My Soul .... Well, Most of The Time At Least. But Moving On ....It's Almost Over .... At least I Get To Sit Next To The Guys .... And Close To My Best Friends .... But Still .... All This Stuff Is Just Annoying ...

THESE DAMN LITTLE BOYS NEEDA GROW DA FUCK UP. They Playin Around Too Damn Much .... I Will Show Them A Libra's Angry Side. Ad I Don't They Want To Experience That Much HELL In One Day ..... THEY GON MAKE ME LOSE MY MIND. UP IN HERE. UP IN HERE. Anyways, I Hope Friday Will Be A Lot Better. Okay, BAI NAO.♥

  The Best Couples <3 (And More) / YommiNoms / 7y 70d 23h 9m 1s

OHMAIGAWD. Summer Is Coming SO FREAKIN FAST...... I Gotta Lose Weight. e_e Buuuut Anyways ..... ITS TESTING TIME And Now I'm Basically Gonna Have A Lot Of Time To Just relax And Maybe Fix Up Some Stuff. I'll Probably Do Something To The Room I Sleep In .... It's All Plain And Blah And Shtuff. D: I'm An Artist. And A Libra. This Is Not A Good Environment For Me. Not. Good. At. ALL.

Annnnd Today, I Just Found Out About Another AQUARIUS. Oh Sweet Sweet Aquarius.♥ If Only He Was Taller, And A Bit Less Chubby, I'd So Ask Him Out. Or Even To My 8th Grade Prom ..... Well, I Take That Back. I"M ALL FOR MY BABES. If Only My Twos Besties Would Let Me Fucking Rent A Damn Limo .... DAMN THEIR COMPLEXITY AND EMPTY WALLETS.Moving On ... These Few Days Should Be Interesting. I Hopes So. I Need Some .... Excitement In My Boring Ass Life. D: BAI NAO.

  Raven :> / YommiNoms / 7y 74d 1h 39m 55s

"Even Death Can't Cure Idiocy"

OHHMAIGAWD ajkhdhsj;♥ I Just Finished Watching The Last Episode For Angel Beats ..... I Don't Cry When Sad Endings Come, BUT THAT WAS TOTALLY A SAD ENDING!!! Actually, I Almost Cried During The Series, And Laughed My Ass Off Because Of The Random TK Quotes I KISS YOU And Just The Overall Feeling Of Me Being In A Video Game Of Some Sort Almost ..... Whoever Said It Wasn't A Good Series, Is LYING. Or At least To Me, I Think So. But I Do Think That It Should've Been A Little Bit Longer. 13 Episodes Is NOT ENOUGH! D:

Anywaaaaays, I Enjoyed Angel Beats And The 'Graduation' They Had. It Was Truly Sad. I Would've Liked If Ontanashi To Go With Yuri Instead Of Yui, But The O-Man And Yui Is Still A Cute Couple. AND IT SO SAD CAUSE>>> CAUSE SHE DISAPPEARED AND HE CRIED AND I WAS LYKE OHMAIGAWD FEELS MAN THE FEELS! ;u; Moving On .... I've Got A Profile To Change. Bai Nao!

  ♥black.and.white♥ / YommiNoms / 7y 78d 21h 4m 29s
I Still Wonder ...... If I'm On Your Mind Sometimes.

I Want A Cuddlebear. Tryin My Best To Wait Till Highschool. xD Ohhh Middle School Memories. After Bridging .... My Journal Is Gonna Be My Main Focus. And I'm Glad I Have This Journal. I Could NEVER Keep Up With My Other Journals ..... They Always Got Lost Cause I Didn't Have Time To Write In Them. e_e


  .:OOC / YommiNoms / 7y 74d 1h 39m 34s
I Blame The Illuminati ....

Dammit ..... I Need To Hurry Up And Get A Job So I Can Go Places. e_e I've Done Basically Nothing Over Spring Break And I Could've Went With My Friend To Florida .... But I'm Thinking Me, My Dad And Lil Bro Are Gonna Go Around And Get Out The House, But No. We've Just Been Sitting Here. And When I Wanna Go Somewhere Like .... Dave And Busters ...... It's Either The Damn GAS PRICES ..... Or The Place COST TOO MUCH. I Could Care Less About Eating There, But Playing A Few Games Is ALL I FREAKIN ASK FOR. Not My Fault I Was Born In The Generation Of Gamers And Otakus And And And ...... iPods And Apple Phones Blah Blah Blah Etc Etc...... This Is Really .... The WORST Spring Break. I Hope Summer Isn't This Bad. e_e


  - Rebellious - / YommiNoms / 7y 74d 1h 39m 17s
Such New Beginnings

Wow. Looking Back To Me Old Account Here On ES, I Was So .... Different. It's Almost Eerily Creepy To Me. I Mean HOW MUCH CAN A PERSON CHANGE?! Well, I Think It Was A Change For The Better, So I'm Good. :D

Speaking Of Change, ES Sure Is Different. I Wish I Would've Stayed On When All The Good Writers Weren't As Secretive And Hiding As Much. Some Of The Newcomers On Here Have A Lot Of Work To Do. e_e I Bet They Won't Last Long. And They Know Who I'm Talking About. But Anyways .... I Think There Should Be Some Contest On Here. It'll Attract More People And Keep More People On ES Here.Photo-Editing, Poetry-Writing, It's ENDLESS.

  Lucky ★ Star / YommiNoms / 7y 84d 2h 28m 31s
Laaaa La La Laaaa~♪♫

I'm Bored Right Now. I Have To Clean Up The Living Room, Do The Dishes, And Work On Some Of My Homework. And Yet, I'm Here. -Flails- DAMN YOU PROCRASTINATION!!!

And It's Still Hot In Here. WHY THE HELL IS IT SO DAMN HOT!?! D:< It's Not Even Summer, But Yet It's Burning Up In Here. I Don't Get It. Oh Yea, I Forgot Another Thing To Damn. DAMN YOU GLOBAL WARMING!!! Half Of The U.S. Is Experiencing Snow, While The Other Half Is Experiencing Blazing Hot Days. And The Rest Of The Southern States .... Well, I Don't Even Know What We Are Experiencing. Apparently, We Are Supposed To Be Getting Tornadoes And High Temps. Well, Fuck. It's always Tornadoes. BRING SOME SNOW DAMMIT!!! -I Said Please- :x

  •black.and.white• / YommiNoms / 7y 86d 18h 48m 37s
Welp, Here Goes Nothin'.

My Spring Break Is Totally Fucked Up. e_e My Cuzo's Not Here. I'm Stuck In The Hot House On The Computer, And When I Try To See My Friends, The Car Either Doesn't Have Enough Gas In It, I Don't Have Enough Money, Or Something Else Pops Up On The Agenda. And Everyone Is Going Out Of Town And Leaving Me Here .... Empty And Alone. -Flails-

Ahh Well. Guess I'll Have All The Time To Deal With This Damn Homework. e_e Let's Just Hope I Can Go Somewhere Before Saturday. Maybe Then, I'll Have A Seed Of Sunshine Through These Thick Clouds. And My Dad Is Right .... I Can't Deal With Boredom Well. Hope I Don't Become A Psychopath. That Or A Popular, Academically Failing Whore. >.< Well, I Doubt Either Of Those, But Still.

I Wish I Could Go To The Dentist. I Wanna Steal One Of Those Key Chains They Have There. xD I'll Never Have The Guts To Do It, But I'll At Least be Able To Hear Them Talk About My Height And My Future Possibilities As A WNBA Player . I'll Give Them Some Of My Volleyball Winnings Though. ;D Just Wait, World. I'll Be The Best Volleyball/Veterinarian/Author/Poet/Singer/Voice Actress/Inventor Out There. Just You Wait! BELIEVE IT! -Does Naruto's Thumbs Up-


  •black.and.white• / YommiNoms / 7y 74d 1h 38m 55s

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