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don't fucking bother me.

i'm saying i wonder what it's like when we're both dead // i always need to keep a level head


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мonιca || wrιтer || geт aт мe

σηℓιηε ∂σεs ησт εqυαℓ ρσsтιηg

ι ℓιкε ℓυякιηg εs ғяεqυεηтℓү

ι ∂σ ησт ℓιкε вειηg яυsнε∂

ι'м gσηηα вε үσυя вυввℓεgυм вιтcн // returning from hiatus

another bubbline from sav
  SantaMonica / 5y 152d 7h 18m 59s
[pic http://static.gifpal.com/uimages/TQg3QGieVYG.gif]
[center she told me i wasn't allowed to move]
  SantaMonica / 5y 297d 9h 49m 21s
[center [size20 IDEA:] svengali-like relationship]
[center elaboration later]
  SantaMonica / 5y 302d 6h 53m 0s
[center "spirit week" has been eventful, i suppose. i've dressed up every day so far--i get extra credit in the math class i'm FUCKING FAILING if i do that. so why not??]

[center my fucking laptop screen cracked and i feel like killing someone tbh]

[center american!!! horror!!! story!!! freakshow!! IT WAS FUCKIN AMAZE, I S2G. FROM BEGINNING TO END.]
[center what was the song jessica lange sang bc i will honestly download the shit out of it]

[center collegehumor's youtube is the actual best]

[center am i an honorary white girl yet??? i've drank my ass off w/ french vanilla cappuccino.]

[center alana asked me to sit with her at lunch but i'm so awkward and i never know what to do.]

[center thug life more like shrug life]

[center delenn messaged me and i was a total bitch and i'd say i'm sorry if i truly thought i meant it. we're not really friends. not really. we never speak to each other, and whenever i try to initiate [i something], time always passes like wind eroding away mountains and it's like it never even mattered that i tried. alora doesn't speak to me period. whatevs forevs.]
[center for what it's worth, sarah never messaged me back. i see she's logged on and whatnot, but is it really my business??? no. have a life bruh whatever this is not a new feeling or situation]

[center seeing prominent veins is so important]

[center RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Empty Space by The Story So Far]
  SantaMonica / 5y 307d 5h 55m 22s
[center ALSO]
[center [size20 [i TUEBOR]] means "I will defend.]
[center it's on the seal of Michigan, where LD is from. this song is for and from their city]
[center and i just really, really love the meaning of that word]
  SantaMonica / 5y 314d 7h 23m 12s
[center i forgot to mention that my braids are out. (!!!!) but bad hair day is every day]

[center fun party prank!!! kill me]

[center sarah messaged me]
[center //sighs for 100000 years]

[center RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Safer in the Forest/ Love Song for Poor Michigan by La Dispute]
[center i think this song is so romantic in a different kind of way... i don't know how to write it out. it's something i'd just have to say. it's something i feel and it's just so strong that i can't put it in text the right way.]

[center i don't have enough sweaters or enough hats]
  SantaMonica / 5y 314d 7h 24m 13s
recovering from my little hiatus; my bad

{ Monica || Writer || PM Me }

Just because I'm on, doesn't mean I'm posting

I like lurking ES frequently

Don't be a lil bitch and rush me to post

If you don't like bat farts, don't talk to me

"Oh... You don't like that?

Or do you just not like me?!"

"Well I shouldn't have to be the one that makes up with you...
...So, why do I want to?"

(right (#e882b7 (size9 By (http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=17279 (#E882B7 KissTheRayne

bubbline profile from court
  SantaMonica / 5y 317d 16h 14m 13s
[center [pic https://38.media.tumblr.com/876b07d51ce8bd82e2be9f3578b5e921/tumblr_n9y7tnWBfB1tiue71o1_500.gif]]
  SantaMonica / 5y 325d 18h 29m 30s
[center i think about texting you sometimes, but it's just like "hm, better not, already tried that and it was shitty"]
[center I DO NOT MESSAGE YOU BECAUSE I LOVE/D YOU. i do it because you were my best friend and it's really hard to believe that you'd just treat me like i'm dead, like some chain you can't quite shake. you can't just talk to me like a regular person? like "Hey, how was your day?" "Great!" "How's the weather?" ??? you just can't. or maybe it's not that you can't--you don't want to. and it's really fucking retarded that i try/ied so hard for someone who isn't even pretending to try. you just can't. you just won't.]


[center in other news --ugh-- i got a new phone. !!!! my number's the same though so that's cool for me, i guess. i guess. :T]

[center ghost stories english dub has made my entire existence, i s2g.]

[center oh, adrie is such a babe. uwu]


[center RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Next to Ungodliness by A Lot Like Birds.]
  SantaMonica / 5y 325d 21h 20m 18s
[center [pic http://static.gifpal.com/uimages/q2O6iBhJs5G.gif]]
  SantaMonica / 5y 330d 7h 54m 35s

ғorever lυrĸιng

ѕυғғιcιenт wrιтer ιn dυe тιмe

[center another bubbline profile from sav. what a babe]
  SantaMonica / 5y 332d 6h 16m 8s
[center everyone is reinventing themselves]
[center even the smell of the ocean is changing]
  SantaMonica / 5y 333d 12h 37m 0s
[center [pic http://static.gifpal.com/uimages/zS6o98fsK5G.gif]]

[center i made sav a gif bc she thinks i'm pretty () and she makes me feel pretty]

[center i was thinking of making a gif for adri bc she's so fuckin nice to me and she makes me feel like a real human being and idk noticeable??? like less of a ghost of a person. idk she's so nice i really like her]

[center i haven't written in this journal for a long time bc i've really nothing to say. i've hardly done anything.]

[center i plan to join/influence the gsa with my first act being to change the dumb ass, exclusive name to the gsrm community bc gsrm sounds a lot better and way more inclusive]

[center brb failing my math course]

[center i really just want hoodies and for people to envy me]

[center 900% excited for my haircut!!!]

[center by this friday, i will have accumulated enough money for my new phone. !!!! new phone!!]

[center i'm thinking of maybe making a gif a day. when i'm 30 i can look back and say "what an ugly mug" knowing it was definitely an ugly mug]
[center but i've seen uglier mugs than my own and that is very satisfying]
[center there are these two girls at my school that look exaCTLY like catherine and brie and it is unsettling]

[center i'm sad and anais is my only friend. i'm mostly sad]
  SantaMonica / 5y 334d 9h 32m 10s

to be fleshed out

one pack of werewolves - the soccer team // girls

one coven of vampires - the (competitive) cheerleading squad


werewolves - lacrosse team

vampires - hockey team?? track team???

as natural enemies, each hates the other
furthermore: soccer players v. cheerleaders and lacrosse players v [ ---- ] has always been the prime rivalry in school

high school?? college??
  SantaMonica / 5y 339d 8h 11m 40s
[center she said she would be there for me but she left today and goddmnIT I'M SO FUCKING DUMB I FUCKING BELIEVED HER MOTHER OF A FUCKING SHIT I fUCking hate myself i'm such an idiot i will believe anything that comes out of her mouth and i just really wanted to think she'd keep her promise this time; i really wanted to think that she'd see past my fucking initial angry facade and just be there so we could be [i something] again and i am so fUCKGIN tired of getting my heart shattered by this girl but it isn't even anyone's fault but my own bc i shouldn't have believed it but i dID because she promised and i just]

[center sarah comes and sarah goes and every time there are car collisions behind her bc i can't fucking think straight and i tell myself that i don't care, that i won't fall for it again, but i do because i fuckiNGN know at some point this girl was the center of my gODNAM universe]

[center jfc i am so sorry i'm a sorry son of a bitch i s2g this will be my downfall i really can't take anymore]

[center not only am i fucking stressing about school every goddamn day, now i'm thinking about HER and how she promisED ME FUCKING PROMISED ME THat she'd be there i can't take all of this i am so overwhelmed i feel like someone threw me over a bridge and i broke all my bones so i can't fUCKIGN cope with any of this and i am so tired of getting attached to people because literally all they do ever is hurt you and i don't know why i keep trying people are fucking parasites like why do people do things to others??? why can't you just love yourself and each other??? why do we have to pluck the fucking petals off of helpless daisies just so we can call them beautiful when they benefit us]
  SantaMonica / 5y 343d 14h 8m 45s

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