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Everybody Wants A Summer Romance.

Schools Out, The Beach Is Open, The Weather Is Right, And It's Time To Just Let Loose. It's The Time For Friends To Get Together, Hop In Their Swimsuits And Splash In The Water. But What's Better Than A Summer Romance?


Seven Friends Go Off To A Family Beach House, A Day Or Two After Their Graduation. They Have Decided To Get To Know Each Other On A Personal Level, And Plan Their Later College Lives.Secrets Are Held From One Another, As They Learn More About One Another. What Will Happen To These 7 Friends? Will Theirs Bonds Get Bolder Or Break?


There Are Seven Friends, Four Girls And Three Boys. The Characters Are Based Off Of Their Personalities. The Girls: Shy, 'Bad Ass', Girly-Girl And Tom-Boy. The Boys: Quiet, Cool, And 'Rebel'. All Characters Are Taken! :D

Rules And Applications


.:Blah Blah Blah Usual ES Rules.

.:Send Skeletons Through PMs.Sweet Love Is The Subject. :D

.:This Is A Drama. Romance, Violence, Etc Is Allowed.

.:This Is A Mature Roleplay. Cussing, Sexual Themes, Drugs, Etc Is Also Allowed.


.: Anime/Drawn Pictures Please.

.:This Is Semi- To Literate. Try To Post Every Week And Be Creative! I Understand Writer's Block.





Character Name:

Age: 17-19








Accepted Characters

Aiyanna "Yanni" Johnson






Personality:Aiyanna is a calm and intellectual person. She doesn't really get nervous when in bad situations and is usually optimistic. She loves to help other people out, but may forget to help herself out sometimes. Despite her optimistic and friendly characteristic, if she doesn't like something, she will not hesitate to speak her mind. And if she doesn't like you, she isn't afraid to show it. She is also very artistic, athletic, loyal, truthful and playful.

Bio:Yanni was born in a peaceful community, with her mother and two older brothers on October 7th. One of her brothers was a writer, the other an artist. Her mother was a vet, and wasn't at home often, so she was usually taken care of by her brothers. The three of them would either be wrestling, playing basketball together or having weird contests. She basically grew up around guys, which is where her tom-boyish personality came from. Her mom would occasionally take her on shopping sprees and by her cute things, but she stuck with the guys and her big brothers.

Enemies/Friends:No enemies/All Currently Friends

Crush:No One At The Moment<3


Autumn Toler

Username: Akiho

Age: 19

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Female

Role: 'Bad Ass'

Personality: Sarcasm central; a clever mind and a sly tongue to match. Autumn always is ready for anything, well, besides the loss of people she knows and actually cares for. Putting up a cold wall, she seems to be laid-back and careless and only really close people tend to trust her, but maybe they're right. Betrayal isn't entirely out of her mind. Though she is also quite the protective one over people even she doesn't know, and isn't afraid to say what she thinks bluntly or even get a bit physical.

Bio: Age four, parents divorced. Autumn lived with her mother and her one older brother all her younger life, though at the same time, as soon as she came to 15, wandering around was a hobby. The girl practically lived outside of her home and in other people's. Her friends were her family, not her actual family. Her personality came from people she looked up to on shows she would watch when she was actually home, and people seemed to look up to her as well once she became a legit bad a**. Of course, she also made friends with people that didn't seem to want to go, such as people that acted kinda like puppy dogs to her. They may be cute, but you usually are the one that has to clean up after them is how she sees it.

Enemies/Friends: N/A for enemies; everyone is a friend, though she doesn't quite get along on all terms with everyone, and she usually dislikes the girly-girl.

Crush: None so far, but possible later~ ;3


Kenzo Evans

Username: TheTrueInuzuka

Age: 18

Sexuality: Gay

Gender: Male

Role: Quiet Guy

Personality: Even though his looks make him seem a little more outlandish than shy, Kenzo is actually quite the opposite. Bullied throughout middle school, he found himself becoming more of a recluse, only hanging out with a certain group of people; not even his siblings got to see him often because he would shut himself in his room. Great at art and music, Kenzo became quite creative and found a new meaning in life. He is kind, loving, and a lot of the times sheepish; Kenzo also can be quite clumsy which plays into his embarrassed demeanor.

Bio: Growing up knowing that he was different, Kenzo Evans found himself struggling throughout school. In Elementary school, a kid threw a glob of glue into his hair because they found Kenzo spending time drawing during recess rather than playing with other kids. They picked on him, they teased him. They made him cry on multiple occasions. Finally, after fifth grade, his parents pulled him out of public school and put him into private school, hoping that would alleviate the pain. That didn't work very well. Discovering his strange sexuality startled some of the kids around him, including himself. Kenzo became a shut in, knowing that if he didn't do anything to alert the other kids, he wouldn't be hurt at all. High school came around and he met his 'social' group, if you could call them that. They were the only ones who seemed to not mind him being there. During his sophomore year of high school, his younger brother was injured by an incoming car. He became paralyzed from the bottom down, leaving him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Kenzo was devastated and that added to his depressive state. But nonetheless, he graduated with an honors diploma (somehow) and found himself sticking to art and music, nothing else. His friends would call and call for him to hang out, but he would never reply. Finally, he got one last call and Kenzo decided to accept their offer: Summer break.

Enemies/Friends: Absolutely despises Aizen Alerion . His best friends of the group are Kirika and Yanni.

Crush: Aizen Alerion


Kirika Meroka

Username: Latsyrc

Age: 17

Sexuality: Bi

Gender: Female

Role: Shy

Personality: Kirika is really shy, and doesn't like attention, whenever she talks, she also stutters, because she barely talks much. She is also a nice person, but no one knows, since Kirika is not good at expressing herself.

Bio: Kirika's parents died when she was really little, and she doesn't even remember her parents faces. After, that she went to her aunt who made her work whenever Kirika didn't have school. That was also one the reasons, that Kirika is the way she is, she never had time to hang out with anyone outside of school. When Kirika was 16, her aunt died, and she had lived alone ever since that, with an online job as the moderator of certain sites.

Enemies/Friends: Kirika has no enemies. She had started to talk to Aiyanna, but she doesn't really know if she is a friend, or if Aiyanna wants her as a friend.

Crush: None for now~


Charlotte Stone

Username: CandyApple

Age: 17

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Female

Role: Girly~Girl

Personality: Charlotte has always been one of the popular girls, her bubbly, fun personality made people attracted to her. She's charismatic and some-what irresistible. Charlotte easily makes friends, so even the polar opposite of her has a hard time not liking her.

Bio: Charlotte's family is a picture perfect one, consisting of her stay-home mother, her father, who's a business man, her older brother, older sister and their ancient dog Buddy. They live a large single family home, and live life simply. Her small town began to get to her head and her summer vacation is a perfect way to escape her "dramatic" life.

Enemies/Friends: Charlotte does't seem to have many enemies, but on this trip she doesn't have any friends with this new group of people.

Crush: She kind of has a thing for cool guys...but then on other days rebels catch her eye.


Barry Krillers

Alias : Kain Michizuki

Age: 19

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Male

Role: Rebel

Personality: Can be rude, blunt, straightforward, has his moments of kindness, tends to go off by himself,but overall he is a good person at heart and has the best interest in all of his "friends"

Bio: From day one, Barry has always been the rebel. Despite his high intelligence, he has always gone against teachers, police, anything that he considers "authority". At the mere age of 12, he was suspended from school for a few weeks due to him bringing cigarette's and openly stating that he smoked . Barry has been sent to countless therapy sessions by his parents, but to him, none of them actually help as Barry is seen going back to the mess he just got out of. When he met his friends, he tends to show his caring side every now and then, but he tries his best to conceal his compassionate side. Barry calls them his "friends", but deep down inside, he isn't sure if he trusts any of them. This can be seen from time to time.

Enemies/Friends: N/A

Crush: N/A


Barry Krillers

Character Name: Alerion Aizen

Age: Eighteen

Sexuality: Narcissistic Asexual

Gender: Male

Role: Cool Guy

Personality: Alerion always thought of himself as the 'alpha male'. He's condescending, patronizing, and may sometimes belittle people. He hates being looked down on or judged negatively. Past all that, though, Alerion is a very sensitive, romantic guy. When he's vulnerable, things said to him can be buried deep in his mind. Other than that, he's confident, too, almost to the point of arrogance and honest even when honesty wouldn't be the good move to make.

Bio: Alerion had a simple life growing up. There was hardly a thing he asked for that he didn't get, except for attention. His mother was a recovering drug addict away in rehab a lot of the time, and his father a workaholic. He had the dream life - parents away, big house, lots of money, plus he was handsome. Life was great! What wasn't to love? That outlook, and the fact that his only friend at home was himself and his thoughts, led to his narcissism. Alerion didn't see any kind of flaws in himself except maybe he was too perfect. Maybe that was why his mother was away: trying to be perfect like him. Or maybe his dad was at work all the time so he could stay perfect, and if Alerion let his perfection slip, things would be ruined. So now that he has friends - or mostly friends - he's just happy to share his perfection with them.

Enemies/Friends: He likes most of the people around him, though he keeps certain thoughts of them to himself. He'd like to figure the rebel out, and when that guy goes all brooding and soul-searchy, it kind of irks Alerion. He doesn't really get the quiet guy, either - men are supposed to be tough and stand straight, not scamper off for whatever reason in fear!

Crush: Alerion seems to change his crushes daily according to how he feels . On adventurous days, he likes the bad-ass, on slow days, the shy girl, and on his usual confident, holier-than-thou days, the girly girl. But who can ever know for sure?


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Roleplay Responses

Kirika was quite happy for the fact that Yanni suggested that they would go to the beach. She continued to drink her coffee as she listened to the rest of her friends talk.

"I can help clean up..." Kirika said when Yanni asked.

Kirika didn't mind helping out since she was already so use to it from living alone. She then realized, she shouldn't be proud of it, and started getting some of the utensils and such to the sink.

Kirika hummed the song that was playing as she continued to help cleaning. She wasn't that familiar with the current songs, but she so happen to know this one. She hope she wasn't being too loud, since she didn't think she was a good singer/hummer whatsoever. The song ended a few seconds later, and a new one that she didn't know play, so she didn't worry about it anymore.

There was more to clean than Kirika thought, but that was to be expected since there were many people here after all. She wanted to get this done though, so she fasten her pace a bit. She couldn't wait to get to the beach.
  Kirika Meroka / Latsyrc / 7y 3d 23h 32m 24s
Smilling, Yanni had fiished her plate. She looked at Charlotte who had walked down. She was surprised at how much food she had got, knowin how much she wants to keep that "perfect image". Aiyanna just shrugged it away. "Good Morning Charlotte .... We're Supposed To Be Going To The Beach After Breakfast .... And Maybe The Movies Or Some Type Of Park Close To Here ...." She said, pouring some orange juice in an empty cup.

She was glad they're going to the beach ... She worked her ass of all school year to lose her last few pounds to reach her weight goal. And now she can wear a bikini. She chuckled at her thought, and was ready to see the other girls in their bikinis. "Heh ... So Who Is Gonna Help Me Clean The Table Off? It Won't Take Long ... Promise." She didn't expect anyone to say anything, and she didn't care about cleaning it herself. Yanni was just ready to go swimming. It would probably be faster if she cleant up herself .... She wouldn't mind offers though, Unless they really did get in her way.

Aiyanna picked up her plate and a few other dishes that no one used and walked to the kitchen. Remembering Autumn's comment, she started washing her dish. "Hey Autumn .... Do You Know Any Amusement Parks Around? I Don't Wanna Have To Drive Too Far...?" She said loud enough to hear. She changed the station on the t.v. to the music channel and turned it up a little bit louder. Cleaning with music would always help her go faster ... Always.

  YommiNoms / 7y 4d 9h 54m 12s
Autumn's eye twitched slightly at Alerion's comment on her flowers that she had made. With a sigh she shook her head and didn't bother giving a response. As long as he didn't screw them up, she didn't quite care. That and the idea of getting paid for her art did almost bring a smirk to her face. She took pride in her talent. A quiet pride, yet one that understands that she could be professional with her art if she wanted to be. Of course, that would take a lot of effort, and right now, all she wanted to do was relax.

Quietly she continued to eat her food after having filled her plate with bacon slices and one small pancake and small egg. She never really did eat much. Only whenever she was really hungry would she eat a lot, and usually she'd only eat one meal a day if no one reminded her to eat. Autumn was so delved into her drawings and music that the rest of the day was nonexistent. It was just her and whatever she was doing and nothing else. Problem? Around her friends here, there wasn't any of that solitude. Okay, so maybe it wasn't a problem per say, but more so something that helped her. Would she ever admit to that? Maybe, but only to the ones that she trusted and cared about most here.

Finishing off her plate quickly, she wiped off her mouth with a napkin then got up and took her dishes away to the kitchen and threw away the napkin. There, she washed her dishes. She may not speak politely to everyone, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have any manners. Having stayed at other people's houses more than her own, she learned to do her own dishes in a way of thank you for letting her stay.

After putting away her now clean and dried dishes, she looked to the group. Everyone seemed content this morning. Even Princess Charlotte seemed bubbly and happy underneath the make-up that clung to her. Nothing about the girl really annoyed Autumn. She just had a hard time getting along with people that were so able to be friends with everyone and so open about everything. It was almost a shock that she got along with Yanni, but nonetheless, she did care for her tom boy friend.

She went back to her seat but instead of sitting just stood behind the chair and leaned her folded arms on the top of it with her legs crossed. Her cheek pressed on her arms as she tipped the chair back some then let it on its four legs properly at a slow repetition. She was bored and felt like being up and not sitting, and unlike most, standing this way and leaning some of her weight on this chair was comfortable.

"The beach sounds good. A way to kill time until we think of something more entertaining." She closed her eyes a moment then glanced around the table and mumbled, "Maybe something like an amusement park or something more inland..." Really, she wasn't expecting anyone to hear her or really pay attention to what she had just said.
  Autumn Toler / Akiho / 7y 8d 6h 27m 16s
Kenzo ate his breakfast happily then watched as Charlotte entered the room. He hadn't seen all of these people in so long that it almost seemed like they were strangers to him. At least Yanni had said something. The redhead nodded in agreement, then quietly said , "The beach sounds fun..." He finished up his food and put his plate back in the kitchen and shoved his hands in his pockets, leaning up against a nearby wall. He scanned the room to see how everybody had changed so far. There, at the table, was Alerion; his blonde hair, smug look, and cheap ass clothing. It made Kenzo sick...sort of. In all truth, he envied the boy's looks and confidence that he had...no matter how annoying it got.

"What are we waiting for? Charlotte, get your food and then we can all go, yeah?" Kenzo asked nicely, smiling a little bit; he started to get comfortable now as time passed.
  Kenzo Evans / TheTrueInuzuka / 7y 8d 7h 9m 0s
Charlotte was laying on her large, queen sized bed. Her phone buzzed while she kept getting messages from a bunch of people. Lots of, "Happy summer!" messages that she had trouble keeping up with responding to. Her empty backpack was limp at her feet, and her books were overflowing in her trashcan. School was out. Summer had just begun. A message from Yanni caught her eye. "Summer vacation?" Laughing, Charlotte quickly typed, "Count me in:D". That was the adventure she was waiting for.

Charlotte woke up to the sweet smell of food that filled the house. Her empty stomach growled as she got up. She had gotten home later then everyone else that time, and was exhausted, and clearly slept in later than the others. She went into the bathroom and washed her face, brushed her teeth and hair. She didn't put on any foundation, but added the smallest bit of mascara and then light pink gloss to her lips. In her room, the curtains danced at the breeze, letting in the morning's bright light and the ocean's salty aroma .

She put on a purple v-neck shirt after realizing she had slept in only a sports bra and denim shorts. Smiling, Charlotte ran down the stairs, chasing the smell of breakfast. On the table were sausages and pancakes. Eagerly, Charlotte sat down int he empty seat and filled her plate with two sausages and one large pancake.

"Sorry I'm so late guys...I was exhausted from the drive. So what are we doing today?"

  {:Charlotte Stone:} / CandyApple / 7y 8d 10h 16m 56s
Taking another bite of toast, Yanni looked over to Kirika. She nodded. "Good Question .... How About The Beach? It's Right Outside. And It's Hot As Hell ....." She said. Thinking of other places they could go or things to do, Aiyanna didn't hear the sleeping red head that came down the stairs until he said hey. She looked up, her thought process breaking. Smiling, Yanni waved at Kenzo. "Morning Sunshine ...." Her voice was cheerful, and she chuckled. "It's Okay. I Hope You Don't Mind That We Started Breakfast Without You."

Yanni was finishing up her eggs, looking at the red head who sat down. She didn't really care about them oversleeping. She would eat breakfast by herself if she had to. As long as she ate something, she didn't really care at all.

  Yanni♥ / YommiNoms / 7y 8d 10h 31m 26s
The smell of fresh cooked food filled Kenzo's nostrils and stirred him awake. The redhead had no shirt on, showing off his bare chest and slightly toned abs. His hair was messy and his eyes groggy; he wasn't exactly sure on how he got into that bed, but it was definitely comfortable. 'Oh yeah...my friends...' Kenzo remembered, swinging his feet over the side of the bed. The cool, wooden floor stung his feet but in a nice way as he stood up and stretched. The sun was shining through the windows, barely restricted by the curtains that hung over them.

"Dammit, what time is it?" Kenzo muttered to himself, looking around for his stuff. His suitcase was found across the room, half unzipped. "Someone must've made themselves at home with my stuff..." The redhead shook his head and grabbed a new shirt from his suitcase. He went downstairs and rubbed the back of his head, his senses now coming into full effect. Everybody was down there, looking like they were in full discussion.

"Hey...everybody..." Kenzo muttered at an audible volume, blushing lightly from the awkward situation. "Sorry I overslept...long drive, you know?" He made an excuse. Actually, Kenzo had become so accustomed to sleeping in that it was a normal time for him to wake up this late. But he didn't let that show through. Kenzo saw the breakfast and helped himself to some of it. The view of the beach from the kitchen was quite nice and it made him relax a bit; after all, they were his friends. He shouldn't have been awkward in the first place.
  Kenzo Evans / TheTrueInuzuka / 7y 8d 18h 20m 6s
Kirika didn't really know what to do, so she continued to sit there and wonder where they were going next. She thought for a few minutes more, and thought they were probably going to the beach or something, but she wasn't completely sure, so she decided to ask the others.

"U-um... After breakfast, where are we headed to?" asked Kirika.

Kirika loved going to beach and wanted to, but they were going to be here for awhile, so it wouldn't have bothered her if they didn't go today. She mainly wanted to go because she liked taking pictures of the sea, since it was so beautiful. She also loved going swimming, even though she wasn't good at it whatsoever. She looked forward to her friend's replies on where they were going to go after breakfast.

Kirika took another sip of coffee, then to find that her cup was empty, so she went to the kitchen for a refill. When she came back, a couple of more people were starting to finish, so she sat back down, to enjoy more of her coffee.
  Kirika Meroka / Latsyrc / 7y 20d 8h 24m 47s
Yanni smiled when she saw that everyone started coming down for food. She realized a few people were missing, but she didn't feel like going all the way upstairs to wake anyone up or yell that breakfast was ready again. Oh well. More for us. She sat down once everyone else was seated and looked at Kiri. "Thanks Kiri ...." She took a sip of the coffee and sat her mug down. "It's Delightful ....." She said, now looking at Kain who walked in and sat down.

"Well, Goodmorning ...." She said, trying to get him to say something. She wasn't too big on the awkward silences when people ate .... hence why she would usually have to television on or a radio. Something or somebody had to be making noise. She fixed up her plate and took in a mouthful of eggs and sausage, and taking another sip at her coffee. Yanni looked over at Kirika and smirked at Alerion's comment. "Well, I'm Glad You Enjoyed My Cooking ..... I Hope You All Do? I Wouldn't Want You All To Be Disappointed." Taking another bite of sausage, she looked at the others. There wasn't much else to talk about, might as well take about the food.

  Yanni♥ / YommiNoms / 7y 21d 7h 32m 14s
Alerion, after his morning run of trying to rouse the other human souls out of bed, settled himself at a chair in the dining room. Then, thinking better of crowding the kitchen, went to look out the window at the beautiful beach they happened to be taking residence on. He'd never really been near large bodies of water before . It was kind of intimidating, but at the same time, so exciting to be there at the same time. Imagine all the things they could do! Maybe rent some bikes or buy those longboards or skateboards or whatever they were... go surfing, get a nice, even tan... eat ice cream, play beach soccer with strangers...

His eyes swam with the daydreams.

Dancing at night on the beach, partying with strangers... skinnydipping ... looking at the stars and trying to find constellations... It all seemed so surreal that he could be doing that with his friends. It all seemed too perfect.

Alerion went back to the kitchen when he heard Kirika asking who wanted coffee. He put his hand in the air, saying "Me." with a slight grin. He was starting to wake up more and more now, creeping back into his old shell. He guessed he'd woken up too excited because of where he was.

The blonde noticed that Autumn was putting little makeshift flowers into the vase in the center of the table. Once she'd finished, he plucked one out and twirled it around on his fingers, saying absently, "We should really pay you for decorations, Autumn. Whoever knew you made flowers? They seem a little... girly for you, huh?" He smiled at the flower, poking it, then kissing one of the petals and replacing it.

Alerion grabbed a cup and filled it with the coffee that Kirika had made, sitting in a seat next to Kain.

"Morning," he said to the other boy. "Nice to see your lungs haven't completely given out yet." He got up once the food was set out to place a congeries of food on his plate. After he put his plate back at his seat, he washed his hands at the kitchen sink and sat back down, his stomach growling in anticipation of the food.

One last thing crossed his mind and he hopped from his seat again, rummaging through the cabinets until he found a roll of paper towels. He ripped one off and placed it at everyone's plate before he sat back down.

"Now," he said, "I believe we can begin eating... Well, the rest of us, I mean. Kirika ate it so fast I think I got whiplash."

  [..Summer..] / RecklessIIRelentless / 7y 30d 9h 53m 28s
Kirika looked at the coffee she brewed, it was just perfect. She heard Yanni ask how she was doing with the coffee she simply replied with a, "Y-yah, I'm done brewing it." She was quite surprised at the fact that she actually said that with a bit of stuttering only. She took the cups of coffee and gave one of the them to Yanni then sat down and an empty seat.
Kirika looked at all the food that Yanni prepared and was quite surprised and amaze at how amazing that had look. It all looked so delicious that she didn't even know what she should settle for. In the end she had some french toast and some biscuits along with her coffee which she ate happily with a smile. Kirika was quite a fast eater, so she eneded up finishing her breakfast first.
"I-it w-was really d-delicious, thank y-you for making the f-food, Yanni." Kirika said with a smile.
As she waited for the others to finish their breakfast, she started to wonder what they would do next. She continued to sit there was that thought in her head.
  Kirika Meroka / Latsyrc / 7y 30d 5h 40m 14s
Kain was busy sitting on the shore line of the beach, his eyes were staring out over the sea and listening to the many sounds of nature. He adjusted the eye patch on his eye, a sigh escaping his lips. He reached into his pocket, his fingers dancing along and feeling the cigarette box that stayed in his pocket. The males fingers then flipped open the lid and his fingers began dancing along the tips of the cigarettes before he grabbed one and pulled it out of his pocket. His eye never moved from looking out over the ocean, his fingers preforming a different action and putting the cigarette in between his lips. His other hand then reached into his other pocket, pulling out a small silver box that was sleek and smooth to the touch.

The male then flicked open the small silver box to reveal that this box wasn't a box, but a lighter instead. The males thumb flicked the trigger several times before an orange flame burst out of the tip of the circular opening. Kain moved the lighter up to the cigarette and the end of the cigarette lit up with an orange ash like texture. The male gripped the cigarette in between his index finger and his middle finger, inhaling the sweet poison before the cigarette responded as the end of it glowed with an orange ember. The male then removed the cigarette out of his mouth and exhaled a gray smog. He held the cigarette in his hand as he frowned a bit at the sound of Yanni yelling that his breakfast meal was done. He threw the cigarette down onto the ground and walked back to the entrance of the house opening the door and staring at the food on the table.

Kain sat down in a seat, removing his eye patch to reveal that his eye, as opposed to his cyan colored left eye, was a golden yellow. He suffered from heterochromia, dealing with two different eye colors. Sighing some, he took a plate of food and began eating quietly, not really giving any kind of greetings.
  Yasahiro / 7y 40d 6h 12m 41s
Yanni continued to hum, flipping pancakes and turning sausages over in the process. She watched everyone sort of file in and help. Glancing at Kirika, she smiled. "I Can Go For A Little Bit. Thanks." As quickly as the food got started cooking, it was finished as well. Everything smelled delightful. "Good Job, Aiyannah .... Good Job." She muttered to herself, patting herself on the back. She started putting the big servings of food onto platters and other dishes, doing her final chef-like preparations and started setting food on the table. She looked over to Autumn and smirked. "Thanks For Setting The Table! And Love The Flowers." She said and chuckled as she walked back over to the kitchen and grabbed the french toast, eggs and a few cereal boxes. Once she set the last of the food down, she stood back and smiled, giving a satisfied sigh.

"TIME FOR BREAKFAAAAAAST!" Yanni wanted everyone to hear, even if they were sleep. Missing out on her breakfast would be a mistake. It didn't matter if you didn't like it or not, if you eat it period, she is happy. If not .... She'll haunt you. Yanni looked around. "Hows The Coffee Coming, Kiri?" She asked, looking back in the kitchen.

  Yanni♥ / YommiNoms / 7y 40d 7h 46m 42s
As Yanni instructed Kirika went to look for the pan. There were many cabinets for the pan. It took a bit more time than she had expected since the place was huge. After taking the pan out, she went to the refrigerator to look for some eggs, which were way more easier to find.
After handing the materials back to Yanni, she wondered what else she could do so she asked Yanni, "Is t-there anything else y-you need h-help with?" Crystal said in a soft, but heard voice.
Yanni had needed someone to help pour the drinks, so Kirika helped her with that. She looked in the refrigerator for the orange juice and milk. She wondered if her friends preferred soy milk or milk? Instead of pouring it she decided to just take the cartons out instead so none of the liquids get wasted. She gathered 6 glass cups and headed to the table to place them down. She then went back into the kitchen and took the drinks out.
After doing that, she went back to the kitchen to look for some coffee beans, she had always preferred coffee in the morning instead. She found some in the cabinet next to the cups and she brewed it the brewer. A nice scent of the coffee almost woke her up instantly. It smelled perfect. Then she wondered if she was being rude and immediately asked, "D-does a-anyone else w-want c-coffee?"
  Kirika Meroka / Latsyrc / 7y 56d 23h 14m 13s
Long legs laid out in the morning sun, ear buds out and beside her with the faint static of music playing through them, Autumn rested after her run. Water brushed up to her bare feet now covered in sand. For a moment, she simply rested there and felt as if this moment would never leave. This peaceful moment where everything was calm and nice. Early mornings were amazing, besides the fact that they were morning. The sky was the most brilliant shade of blue, the moon still visible, even some stars, and it wasn't too hot either. This moment, this one sliver of a second, it was almost like the most relaxing dream. The best dream to ever have....though...something was still missing...

Autumn's right hand grabbed at sand gently, allowing the bits to fall between her fingers.
She didn't know what it was, but it felt like something really was missing.

Rising from her spot, she brushed sand off the backs of her mostly bare legs and began to make a paced jog back to the residence, her music now placed in the mini pockets of her running shorts. Once she made it back, Autumn stopped a moment and walked up the steps, brushing the sand off her feet by shuffling on the welcome mat below her feet. It scratched at her skin, but she didn't mind as long as she wasn't dragging these grainy specks with her. Contrary to popular belief, Autumn was actually polite. Sarcastic as all Hell, but polite.

Opening the door with a nod of acknowledgement to Kain who was smoking, she walked inside and closed the door behind her. Voices seemed to come from the kitchen and she listened in. Talk of food was heard, and she smirked to herself. Yanni really did know how to spoil people all too well. Out of all of her friends, she was one of the only that Autumn could picture surrounded by kids and with a loving husband. Sure, most of them could probably make a decent family, but Yanni was just great with people, and in a nice and legit way. The thought brought a genuine smile to the red head's face as she went back to her room, passing the kitchen.
In the almost empty room, she dropped off her music on the bedside desk and picked up her phone, replacing the empty space in her pocket. Usually she would've changed, but breakfast might take a while and it actually felt like a decent temperature. Tank top and running shorts would have to deal.

Going back downstairs, Autumn found herself looking to a room with many people. Four of them were in the kitchen, this including Yanni, Princess Kat, Sunshine, and Kirka. Autumn only shook her head with a sigh then looked around them to see the food. It looked delicious as usual and smelt delightful. Autumn only wished she could cook this well. How amazing that would be. Yet, she was not so lucky.
Walking away from them, she started to glance around the kitchen. Of her own accord, she grabbed plates from the cabinets and brought them over. Setting them on the counter beside the cooking, she told Yanni that she would put some more on the table if they need anymore.
Going to the table, Autumn did the only thing she really could do and set out the silverware and put extra plates at the center of the table. In the very dead center, there was an empty vase. Looking around, she shook her head in question of where you would find flowers on a beach. Deciding it needed something, she put her art into play and curled some spare wire from a drawer in the kitchen and bent them to make some fake flowers - like you would see in a child's drawing - and some swirly things to add some kind of decoration. Placing them in the vase, she whispered to herself, "I suppose the Princess and Sunshine would prefer better decor, though they will have to deal." Taking a seat, she turned the chair to face the kitchen, keeping an eye on what happened there in case she was needed for any assistance.

That perfect moment from before seemed so far away now...was it really ever there?

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